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LayerZero Power Systems

Series 70 eRPPs
The Series 70 eRPP is a true Mission Critical Remote Power Panel
panel board design that responds to the needs of the modern,
always-on data-processing environment.

The Series 70 eRPP provides a high performance, safe, reliable

and convenient method by which electrical power to high density
computer server racks can be distributed and monitored.

High Performance Design

• Circuit breakers specifically selected for mission critical

• Circuit breakers are plug-in, high-speed, current limiting,
25kAIC; designed for selective tripping
• A bolted fault on one branch circuit breaker is interrupted in
less than 4 milliseconds
• As a result, the rest of the loads fed by the panel board
survive the fault. The voltage interruption on the main bus is
less than 4 milliseconds (half cycle).
IP-20 Finger Safe • Panel board designed with fault withstand rating of 25kA for
Coordinated For Selective Tripping robust performance in a dynamic environment

Designed for Safety High Density Application

As the awareness and enforcement of safety standards has Computer processor capability is growing exponentially; as is its
gathered momentum, the need for safer panel board designs has voracity to consume power. The Series 70 eRPP is ideally suited
become mandatory. The Series 70 eRPP incorporates a ground-
for this trend toward higher density application. It is available
breaking panel board design that is based on a resin/epoxy
coated bus network. in 400A panel board designs; 100% rated for continuous duty
The operator is not exposed to live bus under normal operating
and installation conditions.

Attention to design detail has ensured that unlike contemporary

bolt-on panel board designs, the new design ensures that
even the screw which holds the breaker in position is not live/
Panel Board Branch Power Monitor Panel Board Main Circuit Power Monitor

To support the total needs of an increasingly information In addition to the Panel Board Branch Power Monitor, each
centric data processing environment, the Series 70 eRPP Series 70 eRPP panel board may be optionally equipped to
may be optionally equipped with a branch circuit level provide aggregated power metrics at the panel board main
power monitor. The Panel Board Branch Power Monitor circuit breaker level. This power monitor measures the
allows site management to monitor power consumption at following parameters at the load terminals of main circuit
the branch circuit and hence rack/server level. This provides breaker of the panel board:
information that is increasingly vital to the revenue model
of many data processing units. • Voltage (V)
• Current (A)
In addition to measuring the main bus voltage of the • Frequency (Hz)
panel board, the power monitor measures the following • Power (kW)
parameters for each of the 42 branch circuits in a given • Apparent Power (kVA)
panel board: • Power Factor
• Power Consumption (kW-H)
• Current (A) • Waveform capture of power quality anomaly at mains
• Frequency (Hz)
• Power (kW) Connectivity
• Apparent Power (kVA)
• Power Factor Each panel board, with either the Branch Power Monitor
• Power Consumption (kW-H) or the Main Circuit Power Monitor, is equipped with the
• Waveform capture upon overcurrent at any branch ability to communicate measured information remotely to
the Building Management System using Open protocols. The
connectivity is Ethernet based and the design is plug-n-play.
Each panel board is assigned a fixed IP address. Information
Electrical Configurations
is accessed via:

• Voltage Ratings: 120/208V; 3-phase; 4-wire

• Web-browser (http://) service
• Current Rating: 225A (100% rated); or 400A (100% rated)
• MODBUS TCP/IP service
• Two panel board (84 circuit) version with one or two • SNMP service
main feeds • Bluetooth
• Four panel board (168 circuit) version with one, two or
four main feeds Mechanical Configurations
• Panel Board Main Circuit Breaker is plug-in
• Front-only access: 2-panel board/84 circuit configuration
• Each Panel Board may be fed by two separate sources
• Front/Rear-access: 4-panel board/168 circuit configuration
and may have two 4-pole main circuit breakers
• Viewing windows on doors
• Main Circuit Breaker is 100% continuous duty rated
• Door-in-door hinged dead-front covers
• Branch CB fault rating: 25kAIC standard
• Top/Bottom main cable access
• Panel board main CB fault rating: 25kAIC standard
• Top/Bottom branch cable access
• Panel board TVSS (Category B3) optional
• Circuit identification tags on panel board
• Dimensions (2-panel board): 24”W x 24”D x 96”H
• Dimensions (4-panel board): 24”W x 48”D x 96”H

Product Conformance to Standards: UL 60950

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