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HR Consultancy Agreement

THIS AGREEMENT is made between SKP Resource Limited, 321 Upper Mall Lahore, Pakistan, represented by Ms. Samia Khan, Director business development SKP group of the first party and Olympus International, hereinafter referred to as Olympus International represented by Mr. Laeeq Ahmed, Chief Operating Officer of the second party. WHEREAS Olympus International desires to engage SKP Resource Limited as their HR Consultant. SKP Resource Ltd shall provide HR consulting services including HR sourcing, Training and Management development, Design and Implementation of policies and procedures whereas both parties hereby mutually agree on the following terms and conditions: 1.0 HR SOURCING 1.1 SKP Group is capable of providing HR Services with professionals in all most all the disciplines including Finance, HR, Marketing and other domains. Olympus International appoint SKP Resource Limited as one of its Consulting Agency in Pakistan, for sourcing Human Resources on behalf of Olympus International for its projects in and outside Pakistan. 1.2 Olympus International shall pay SKP Resource Limited for all recruitments as follows:1.2.a If the salary of the incumbent is under Rs, 250,000 Olympus International is liable to pay 100% of one months of gross salary means Rs, 250,000 to SKP Group. 1.2.b If the salary of the incumbent is from Rs, 250,000 to Rs, 500,000, Olympus International is liable to pay 75% of one months gross salary to SKP Group. 1.2.c If the salary of the incumbent is above Rs 500,000 an exceptional sub page will be added in the contract there and then and our fee upon that will be determined at that certain point of time. 1.3 The fee will be remitted through crossed cheque within one week (7) days from date of joining of the incumbent and upon receipt of Invoice(s) whichever comes later. 1.4 If an employee leaves a job or his services are terminated due to violation of company rules, regulations and procedures or due to poor performance within 90 days from the date of his/her joining, SKP Resource Limited shall provide its replacement without any additional cost however any positive difference in salary shall be adjusted accordingly.


After period of 90 days, SKP will be no longer responsible for replacing any terminated candidate. 1.4.b Skp Group is not liable to give more than one replacement per job.

2.0 ADVERTISING SKP Resource Limited will make all the efforts not to have post published/advertised in newspaper or internet, but if any need arises then SKP Resource Limited will publish/advertise it with your consent. 2.1 SKP Resource Limited shall make the advertising (as and when they feel necessary) on Nation-wide or International basis through print media to attract an adequate pool of potential candidates from which the required number of candidates can be further short. 2.2 The advertisement expenses will be borne by SKP Resource Limited


FINAL SELECTION 3.1 SKP Resource Limited shall identify suitable candidates matching Olympus International requirement and inform Olympus International of the availability of such candidates for further interviews. 3.2 SKP Resource Limited will prefer that all the interviews should be conducted within the premises of SKP Resource Limited. However, the venue of interviews can be finalizes with the consent of both parties. 3.3 SKP Resource Limited shall schedule interviews as specified by Olympus International and Initial response shall come from Olympus International within five (5) working days.

4.0 DURATION AND AMENDMENTS 4.1 This agreement shall be valid for the time SKP Resource Limited take to complete the task of finding the rightful candidate for Olympus International. However, this agreement may be extended on mutual consent of both parties for another year.


CONFIDENTIALITY & CODE OF CONDUCT 5.1 This agreement is considered in full confidentiality and both SKP Resource Limited and Olympus International will uphold all professional ethics and confidentiality to fulfill business needs of one another. Olympus International will not use / forward / disclose any information of candidates whose CVs have been sent through SKP Resource Limited without prior written consent from SKP Resource Limited. Rejected candidates information will also remain a property of SKP which shall not to be used /disclosed to third party. SKP Resource Limited shall also not pass on to any of its other client any CV which is under review at Olympus International without the consent of Olympus International. If either party is found to be in violation of the above, the other party has the right to terminate this contract with immediate effect.

6.0 TERMINATION 6.1 Either party reserves the right at any time to terminate this agreement upon giving thirty days prior written notice to the other party.

7.0 SETTLEMENT OF DISPUTES 7.1 Any dispute(s) arising from implementation of this agreement shall be resolved mutually by both the parties.

8.0 CORRESPONDENCE 9.1 All correspondence between the parties in respect of this agreement shall be deemed duly received if sent by Registered Mail on the following addresses / faxes / emails:

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the two parties have set their hands on the day and year first mentioned above.

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SKP Consulting Limited

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Olympus International
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