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FAQ's in Biometrics

(Version 1.0)
What is the biometric scanner used in 94 POS? UPEK Model :TCEF ! What are "eatures o" UPEK # $uthentec scanner? %e&el "or ES Miti'ator( )ma'e *esolution : +,Si&e : 1+2 5 1+26i5els( US% Po7ered What are ad3anta'es o" this scanner? Ma8or "eatures o" this scanner is %e&el 9 7hich acts as Conducti3e Metal Fin'er Module( FP Placement .uide : ES Miti'ator( can 7or; in an/ en3ironmental conditions : 6rotection "rom scratches< What all )SO#$=S) con3ersions it su66ort? )SO>!9?94>1 Features : !< Fundamental data element 9 minutiae( less stora'e 1< @ data "ormats "or interchan'e : stora'e a4 record>based( b4 normal ( c4 com6act "ormats 0b:c are used "or match>on>card a66lication4 What is minutiae? Ke/ 6oints located at the endin' or di3ision o" the rid'es in a "in'er6rint ima'e are minutiaAs< *id'es are the lines on the "in'er( so minutiaAs are 6oint 7here rid'es end or s6lit into t7o rid'es oes it su66ort M)=EB 3eri"ication? Ces it su66ort M)=EB "in'er 6rint 3eri"ication What is intero6erabilit/ : Standards? There are di""erent biometric 3endors : al'orithms minutiae#6atterns based "or enrollin'#ca6turin' the "in'er 6rints< =o7 these tem6lates should Deri"/ on an/ de3ice success"ull/ i<e< intero6erable amon' all 3endors< Which can be onl/ achie3ed 7hen there is common "ormat o" "in'er 6rintAs 7hich all bio>metric de3ices can understand i<<e de3ice inde6endent "ormat< Standards )SO#)EC !9?94 and $=S) @?- standards de"ines this "ormat "or inter )nterchan'e 0intero6erabilit/4< oes Fin'er 6rint scanner has $nti S6oo"in' "eature? =o current UPEK model doesnAt ha3e this "eature ata P)(.ra/ Scale : -bit 01+2 le3els4( $rra/

oes Fin'er 6rint scanner Su66ort Orientation "eature? =o current UPEK model doesnAt ha3e this "eature Eo7 to enroll#3eri"/ "in'er6rint? We are usin' UPEK 6ro3ided $P)As su66orted b/ librar/ 0libt"m4 "or enrollment and 3eri"ication o" "in'er 6rint< Eo7 to con3ert U6e; Pro6rietar/ to )SO Minutiae Tem6late? We are usin' UPEKAs $P)As Su66orted b/ %CFib Fibrar/ "or con3ertin' UPEK 6ro6rietar/ to )SO Minutiae( $=S) @?- and 3ice>3erse Eo7 to calculate =F)G 3alue o" Fin'er Print Minutiae? We are usin' UPEK 6ro3ided PTH.rab $P) and other determinin' the =F)G Eo7 to 3eri"/ M)=EB tem6late : WSG )ma'e on the de3ice? We are usin' UPEK $P)As su66orted b/ libo6en86e' : lib7sI librar/ "or enrollment : 3eri"ication o" M)=EB : WSG Eo7 to Po7er u6 Fin'er 6rint scanner? Fin'er6rint scanner is inter"aced on US% 6ort o" the de3ice( so 7e can 6o7er u6 either Fin'er 6rint sensor # US% Eost module< %/ de"ault u6on boot u6 US% host is 6o7ered on( this need to be 6o7er do7ned and Fin'er 6rint scanner needs to 6o7ered u6 and 7e need to ensure that this module is 6o7ered do7ned a"ter com6letin' biometric "unctionalit/< o the scanner su66ort !:= 3eri"ication? Ces( it su66orts but 3alue o" =J!, onl/( as the scanner has limited internal memor/ T/6es o" Fin'er Print Formats are Su66orted "or enrollment and 3eri"ication? %)*06ro6rietar/4 ( )SO Formats( WSG : Mine5 Eo7 the Fin'er Print Tem6lates 3eri"ied? %ased on MinutiaAs based 3eri"ication al'orithm onl/ Eo7 man/ MinutiaAs are used "or 3eri"ication? )SO "ormat s6eci"ies !1 minutiaAs are enou'h "or 3eri"ication o" "in'er6rints( but the de3ice uses UPEK al'orithm "or 3eri"ication Eo7 the de3ice#a66lication come to ;no7 7hich "in'er is 6laced i<e< $n/ identi"ication "or each "in'er? e3ice doesnAt ;no7 7hich "in'er is 6laced( $66lication needs to handle 7hich "in'er to be 6laced "or 3eri"ication usin' in"ormati3e messa'es< t onl/ 3eri"ies li3e "in'er 7ith su66orted b/ librar/ 0libt"m4 "or

alread/ sa3ed FP tem6late i""erence bet7een 6ro6rietar/ and )SO tem6lates and its si&es< Which one is 6re"erable? Pro6rietar/ Format 9 K !K% )SO Format 9 KJ!K% )" the "in'er is enrolled in one direction( Can 7e 3eri"/ the same "in'er b/ 6lacin' in re3erse direction # 7ith de3iation in an'le 0orientation4? =o( FP module is uni>directional scanner( doesnAt su66ort orientation Eo7 can 7e sho7 the FP>ima'e on .F>!! POS? $ddin' %MP headers to binar/ data ca6tured usin' UPEK Enrollment $P) 'i3es %MP out6ut