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The formats

Minimum length: 30 seconds;

Maximum length: 4 minutes.
Productions should be saved as
a Quicktime or .wmv movie, and
submitted on disk, clearly named
and well packaged.
The dates
Deadline for entries:
Friday 28th March
Shortlisted producers notified by
email on Tuesday 6th May, and
shortlist online on Friday 9th May
Awards ceremony at NFT1 at BFI
Southbank on Wednesday 2nd July
for further info.
The categories
Work can be submitted in any
of the following categories:
Short film
Film or TV opening
Film, TV or event trailer
Music video
TV or cinema
advertising campaign
Animation in any genre.
This years special
BFI Education award:
Science Fiction!

Where possible use your own or royalty-free material.
Each entry must be accompanied by the official entry form, downloadable from the
MediaMag website from Friday 10th January, including:
a description of context of production, and your role in the production
a 25-word pitch for the production
a signed authentication that it is your own work
Entries can be submitted by both individuals and groups. If a group production, please
include all names, but chose one person to be the group email contact and make sure
names and addresses are legible!
Production Competition 2014
advert.indd 1 16/12/2013 11:33
Med|aMag roduct|on Compet|t|on 2014 Lntry Iorm
lease compleLe and lnclude Lhls enLry form wlLh your producLlon.
roducLlons musL be submlLLed:
- ln a CulckLlme or wmv movle formaL
- on dlsk Lo MedlaMagazlne roducLlon CompeLlLlon, 1he Lngllsh and Medla CenLre,
18 CompLon 1errace, London, n1 2un.
Dead||ne for entr|es: Ir|day 28
Lma|| contact deta||s:
1|t|e of your entry:
Genre of your entry:
|ease |nd|cate |f your entry |s for the 8II
spec|a| Sc|-I| category.


*lf a group producLlon:
please explaln your role ln Lhe producLlon and llsL any
oLher people lnvolved

School/college coursework
(spec & module,
plus your Leacher's name)

Work produced ln your own Llme
2S-word summary of, or p|tch
for your product|on

Deta||s of any copyr|ght
app||ed for

l conflrm LhaL Lhls ls my own work:
l have read and agree Lo Lhe Lerms and condlLlons (see below):
1erms and CondlLlons
- Cne enLry only per person.
- 1he maLerlal musL be Lhe orlglnal work of Lhe enLranL/s.
- All maLerlal musL be accompanled by Lhe offlclal enLry form.
- We regreL we wlll be unable Lo acknowledge recelpL of enLry or reLurn flles. lease ensure you keep a copy!
- MedlaMagazlne reserves Lhe rlghL noL Lo award Lhe prlzes or publlsh Lhe producLlons, ln Lhe case of no enLrles meeLlng
our crlLerla.