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Columbus Methodist Church News

201 West Liberty, Columbus, IL 62320 April 2014

Church Calendar
Sundays Worship Service 8:30 am This Month 6 - Five minutes with Chaddock at Worship 9 - Bible Study @ 6:30 pm 13 - Palm Sunday 18 - Good Friday @ 7:00 in Mt. Sterling 20 - Easter Breakfast @ 7:30 am 22 - Church Directory Photo Shoot @ Mt. Sterling from 2-9pm 23 - Bible Study @ 6:30 Birthdays & Anniversaries 13 - Bob & Barb Kendrick 15 - Carol Lichtsinn 24 - Glen & Marilyn Heins

We received a thank you from Bunny Wolfe for the donation of $200.00 to the Great Rivers Conference Disaster Response Fund in the aftermath of the November tornado damage in Illinois

Faith and Grace Bible Study Columbus UMC. Faith and Grace bible study will continue in Columbus UMC every second and fourth Wednesday of the month. It is not too late to join since the lessons are modular. The understanding of Faith and Grace are basic to Christian Formation and everyone is encouraged to attend.

Please sign up for what food you would like to bring to the Easter breakfast. The sheet is on the table.

Christ Assistance Center donation for April is cereal

The cross for Easter will be decorated at worship time. Remember to bring some real flowers or fresh flowers.

Matt and Jane Jibben thank everyone for all the food. They were surprised by the amount we had for them. They said the community had been great to them. They appreciated it very much.

Thank you from Global Ministries for $150.00 in response to meet emergency needs in the Philippians.
Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness for the flowers you sent me in the hospital. They made my room very pretty. Also thank you for the cards I received. Evelyn Stultz

Prayer List
Marvin, Martin, Rocky Boling, Evelyn Stultz, Mary Lou Miller, Larry Daggett
Remember Our Members in the Nursing Home Doris Richards, St. Vincent Home, 1440 N. 10th St, Quincy, IL 62301 Rev. Jim Jenkins, Il Veterans Home, 1707 N. 12th St., Quincy, IL 62301

The Evangelism committee will be getting the church out in the community in 2014. We have some very exciting events planned for the coming months. The committee members will be asking all members to help us Prepare people to live a God centered life. Below are just a few of our upcoming events. Get a team together to walk in the YMCA 5k in June. Host an EMS appreciation dinner Walk in the Parade in Mount Sterling and also Versailles Church Dinner during the Mount Sterling Fall Festival Veterans appreciation and Flag dedication Christmas Caroling

Church Directory Photo-Shoot

The photo-shoot for a new Picture Directory will be April 22 from 2pm to 9pm. Please sign up for a specific time slot if you are interested in having your family or individual picture taken free of charge by a professional. Sign-up sheet is at the entrance to the sanctuary. The Directory company will take photos only if there are enough families signed up. You will receive one free copy of the photo of choice, no sitting fee and a free directory. Additional copies may be ordered. The Photo Directory is part of an effort to improve communications in church. Other projects being undertaken include: encouraging people to follow us on Facebook, and a new website.