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Welcome to NewsGate 3

NewsGate 3 is a collaborative, team-based work platform for the NIC. NewsGate offers tools to create, manage and distribute content for targeted audiences in multiple media. Because NewsGate is a CCI product, some of the terminolog and concepts will alread be familiar to ou. !owever, much of it is different. "he look and feel is ver different from what we have now. But because it#s NewsGate, the idea of stor folders and packages is not foreign. !ow ou create them will be different. $ou might notice when ou log in that NewsGate 3 looks a bit like %utlook. "he left-hand navigation and folder s stem will seem familiar. &ost of us work with %utlook dail , so the look might make ou feel more comfortable in this new environment.

Basic concepts
NewsGate is the overall s stem. 'ithin NewsGate are several applications. !ere is a look at the applications and their function.

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!ere are some other )likel familiar* concepts+ Story folder: , place to hold related items for publication to print or online. "his can include+ te-ts, photos, graphics )new in NewsGate 3*, background information for graphics and links to videos )also new in NewsGate 3*. Package: In addition to content items, the stor folder can contain packages, which are groupings of content destined for publication either print or online. Team: "he person who creates the stor folder is automaticall on the team. %ther team members can be added at that time. "eam members are added when assignments are made or when a user opens a stor . In the new s stem, cop .design desk members are added to the team when opening a stor for editing. Parent and child packages: $ou will learn more about this later in the training, but NewsGate 3 does not have a /medianeutral0 version. Instead, the concept ou will learn is the /parent0 and /child0 relationship between packages.

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More abo t News!ccess

It#s important to understand News,ccess and its workspaces, which appear in the left-hand side of the window. !ere is a look at each. My Workspace: 2ifferent 344 feeds make up this workspace. In the Navigation 5ane, the thing ou will pa attention to the most is the & 4tuff. "his replaces the 6serBasket. Story "olders: "his shows a list of our folders and folders on which ou are a team member. Planning: ,lthough it looks different as stories are created and move through the flow, this is essentiall a publication list. !ere ou will be able to see all of the stories and their state in the workflow. 4ource editors, cop editors and designers will spend a lot of time in this workspace. "ollow #p: "his workspace can be used to move overset cop ahead or create new folders for cop used in the 7ones on different da s. It can also be used to create a new folder for an ongoing stor . "he benefit is that the stor folder contains a link to the previous stor folder, which is a hand tool for fact checking. !ssignments: !ere is where ou can view photo, video and graphics re8uests. "he 5hoto 2epartment in particular re8uests that checking the lists here becomes part of the regular process. Pages: 4ort of self-e-planator , although it is worth noting that the view of this workspace includes a preview pane. People: "his area lists CCI users. It will have cellphone numbers. Wires: 'ire feeds, including agate and regular wire content. ,5 wire photos now flow into the s stem. $esearch: "his is a browser inside NewsGate. $ou can save links to commonl used sites. "he browser runs Internet 9-plorer, so unfortunatel , 4earch is not available here. Tips % &'ents: 9vents can be noted in this area, and stor folders can be created off that calendar. , likel use would be a sports season. "he game dates are known at the beginning. "his area also contains an Import :ueue that we can use as a backup process for getting content into the s stem. Items such as the weather graphic and the bulldog ad will enter the s stem this wa . (ontacts: $ou can add our contacts here. $our list can be public or private. Set p: "his area is for e-pert users. NewsGate %verview (-3

Getting started
;og in to CCI NewsGate 3 using our e-isting network username and password. %nce logged in, ou will see a window like this+

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