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Bay Area Real Estate Agent George Saghafian Says Buyers Looking For More Luxury Home Inventory

The Bay Area is experiencing a shortage of luxury home inventory according to real estate specialist in high-end properties, George Saghafian. L S GAT S, !alif. - The Bay Area is experiencing shortage of luxury home inventory according to high-end real estate specialist, George Saghafian. Saghafian, "ho is a #$ALT #% serving all of the Area mar&et, including Los Gatos real estate, !upertino, Saratoga, Los Altos, and 'onte Sereno, says that (uyers are definitely loo&ing for more options than "hat)s availa(le on the mar&et. *+nventory has (een tight for the past several years nation"ide, not ,ust in the Bay Area. This "hat + call a tric&le-up effect on the mar&et, ma&ing a good selection of luxury homes even more scarce,* he says. a



According to Saghafian, there are still plenty of (uyers out there for Bay Area luxury real estate. *-e)re in a uni.ue position here in this part of the country, (ecause the tech sector continues to do very "ell. This means executives and even middle management in tech companies can afford the exclusive Bay Area real estate "ith vie"s, custom pools, or acreage* he says. /e also notes that interest rates are rising, ma&ing timing critical for (uyers "anting to get the (est mortgages at the lo"est rates. *+nterest rates ma&e a huge difference in afforda(ility for (uyers, especially in the purchase of luxury homes for sale,* according to Saghafian. *That)s even more reason for (uyers "ho "ant to sell to enter the mar&et no". +nterest rates, if they &eep rising, can reduce the afforda(ility of the luxury homes for sale.* About George Saghafian As a #$ALT #% and former mar&eting executive, George Saghafian utili0es an inventive mar&eting strategy that employs po"erful technology, net"or&ing and old-fashioned hard "or&. 1nderstanding the importance of the +nternet in his strategy, George is a(le to place the listing of your home to do0ens of local, national

and international "e(sites increasing the exposure of your home to potential (uyers around the "orld. Saghafian creates opportunities for all of his clients every day "hile adhering to a strict code of conduct. /is values of compassion, professionalism and honesty guide every activity throughout his day. /is mantra is *2eople don3t care ho" much you &no", until they &no" ho" much you care.* Saghafian serves the Bay Area)s real estate mar&et, "ith a special emphasis on the luxury mar&ets in !upertino, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Los Altos, 2alo Alto, and 'onte Sereno. George Saghafian, #$ALT #% Luxury Bay Area #eal $state +ntero #eal $state Services 45677 Saratoga Ave Saratoga, !A 68797 :7;-:58-465; B#$<74:=59;8 http>??luxury( info@luxury( http>??""".face(oo&.com?george.saghafian http>??$ALT #