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March 28, 2014


This Affidavit is being attached to this SHORT LEA E MOT!O" fi#e, $here %M& is 'ressing the iss(e that is addressed for redress or reso#(tion in a )* S('re+e *o(rt Hearing, -or c#arification '(r'oses %M& is a stand.a#one #ega# entit/ that is 0for #ac1 of a better ter+2 an incor'orated 'a'er individ(a#, 0as o''osed to a 'a'er 'erson,2 %M& is the #ega# na+e of3 4 anco(ver %(adra E#ectora# 5istrict of the Mari6(ana &art/4, and its fid(ciar/ tr(st is to direct and 'rotect o(r -REE5OM O- *O"TRA*T 05*L2 in order to e+'o$er a## its4 (nincor'orated individ(a#s, to benefit (nder it2 in order to create nor+ative order as o(r goa# to benefit fro+ A -REE A"5 5EMO*RAT!* SO*!ET7 0R v Oa1es2 05*L2, . $hich is defined as the 4genesis4 0guarantee to create positive law2 and as the (#ti+ate standard to ('ho#d o(r rights as a h(+an 'erson, 0and +ost i+'ortant it inc#(des the 'hrase23 des'ite its effect, 0cited as the fo(ndation of Sec 1 of the *harter (nder R v Oa1es 0a +edica# cannabis defence case2 This #a$f(# entit/ 0 %M&2 is e+'o$ered b/ E#ections *anada, to on#/ stand.(nder and o'erate (nder co++on #a$ 6(risdiction, /et can contract $ith an/one, 6(st #i1e an/ 4bod/4 can 0as o''osed to an/ one2 as #ong as it re+ain $ithin the 'ara+eters of 'rotecting 0in o(r case2 o(r +ari6(ana be#iefs [RUBRIC] This )O57 can and is see1ing to end a## encroach+ents that the *5SA has i+'#e+ented onto o(r +e+bers4 Sec 1, Sec 2, Sec 8 and Sec 19 *harter Right 0b(t not #i+ited too2 'rotection (nder the 1:89 #and+ar1 case #a$ 'recedent ca##ed3 4R v )ig M 5r(g Mart4, This case #a$ 'recedent is defined as the genesis of $hat the 5*L defines as -REE5OM, and -REE SO*!ET7, $hich %M& has deter+ined to +ean that3 ;e ho#d a g(arantee for ever/ one, (nder its co++on #a$ 6(risdiction, to +a1e a 'rofit fro+ 'rotecting o(r +ari6(ana be#iefs, 6(st #i1e an/ 4bod/4 can 0as o''osed to an/one2, as #ong as $e re+ain $ithin the 'ara+eters of R v Oa1es "AMEL73 a #a$f(# defence for +edica# need, VQMP holds this fundamental value as true and irrefuta!le that" <nder o(r caref(##/ crafted 'rescri'tion of 'ractices, it4s a given fact that no 4bod/4 ho#ds the right to den/ (s this g(arantee, . *ase #a$ 'recedent3 John Locke3 Second Treatise of *ivi# =overn+ent3 *ha'ter 18 On tyranny [quote] line-1: tyranny is the exercise of power eyon! right" which no o!y can have a right to#$ To sho$ its i+'ortance3 >ohn Loc1e4s3 %wo %reatises of &overn'ent (1)*+-1),+- is the fo(ndation of $hat o(r fo(nding fathers defined as the fo(nding 'rinci'#e of *anada itse#f "AMEL7 Canada is founded on John Locke's interpretation of the fundamental principles of Justice %M& see1s >(stice to be served, b/ res'ecting the fact that the )* S('re+e *o(rt *hief >(stice +(st address the iss(e that is contained in this attached Short Leave Motion, and act according#/, <nder the a(thorit/ of %M& as to for+, its *EO ? Mar1 Sa$/er, is 'ressing this +otion, in s(''ort of and (nder the inter'retation of the fid(ciar/ tr(st of its *-O ? Marc )o/er, ;e the (ndersigned are hereb/ a''ointed b/ %M& to re'resent its4 best vested interests at this Short Leave hearing, in order to create a case fi#e @, in order to 'ress this iss(e for$ard3