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Strategy Map

Theme Objectives Customer Perspective Supporters/sub Target generous and scribes loyal contributors/prospect s Focus on Board investment and requirement National/inter Build artistic national opera reputation for high scane standards Launch unique residency program for artists Present diverse repertory Promote collaborations Community Build community support Focus on education/communicati on programs for greater Boston

Balanced scorecard
Measurement Percentage of customers who agree that the BLO generous and loyal contributors/prospects Target 80%

Action Plan
Initiative Socialize to advertisement: -put in social media -website -survey Survey - conduct research on the art of artistic -Survey Compelling and evaluating new program from members -Repertory preparation in detail Survey -creating a community support program -Survey -make an annual education event for citizen Budget Xx

Percentage of customers who agree that the BLO Focus on Board investment and requirement Percentage of customers who agree that the BLO creating musically and theatrically compelling productions, events, and educational resources Unique residency program launched Repertory readiness Percentage of customers who know that the BLO creating innovative collaboration Percentage of people in Boston to support BLO Active collaboration with community art lovers and opera music in boston

90% 90%

Xx Xx

Min 2 new program / year 90% 80% 80 %


Xx Xx Xx

100% consistent participation from year to year


Enhance Customer Relationship

Streamline ticketing/gift acknowledgement process Increase one-on-one contact Improve board support system Develop web base service/product Contact best talent

Process Business Internal Ticketing leadtime

Max 2 minutes ticketing 90% 80% involvement Min 10% increase per year Min 2 best talent contracted in a year 100% readiness of review process Decrease 20% operational cost this year 80% Relationship with the Massachusetts Cultural Council

Observe ticketing service Survey CRM program Build proper media communication Program for create new best talent CRM program


Satisfied customer / sales person Involvement of board People access to web Best talent contracted

Xx Xx Xx xx

Ensure Operational Excellence

Develop innovation review process Indrease cost efficiency/quality assurance Develop strategic job competencies Provide staff with skill training Leverage board effectiveness with education and fundraising training

Readiness of review process


Operational cost

Monitoring expense


Learning and Growth Persentage of Increase in skills and abilities of employees Making long term fund-raising

-Training & Develop for workforce -Filed a support program dar Massachusetts Cultural Council and the National Endowment for the Art.

xx xx

Strengthen strategic aligment

Develop strategic communications plan

Organization have an effective communication


Build growthenabling infrastructure

Incorporate milestone evaluations Create HR plan Invest in strategic technologies Develop administrative residency program

Can measure progress towards ultimate goals -Index competencies -Percentage of error equipment -percentage of knowledge covering Percentage of artist who agree that the BLO is encourage the process of artistic production artist Financial Perspective Sales Revenue

100% 90% 5 % error 90% Partners: 70%

- Embodies all the necessary components of strategic communication - Evaluating success -Training & Develop for workforce -Investing Hiend technology and information Survey


Xx xx xx xx

Fiscal Health

Increase Revenue

Increase 10% sales per year 100% new financial process execute Increase 10% fund per year

Systematize financial process Built multi year support

Financial Process Readiness

Develop approach to gathering fund from supporter Budget controlling program Proactive to find funding support



Fund from multiyear support


Create long-term investment strategy

Long-term investment strategy readiness

Long-term investment strategy executed


Growth Planning

Develop realistic pro formas Institutionalize multiyear budgeting

Realistic Pro formas readiness

Realistic Pro Formas ready to execute Budget controlling system execute

Budget controlling system readiness

Develop approach to gathering fund from supporter Budget controlling program