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By Iryna Volosianko St. Paul said in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in youtherefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are Gods. If we are to house the Holy Spirit, shouldnt we then be doing all we can to take care of our bodies? With u season in full swing, we should be taking extra measures to care for our temples to keep from geng sick. The following are some ps for strengthening our defenses so our immune systems are ready, willing and able to defeat viruses quickly. Bolster your defenses with garlic Eang one clove of garlic daily can cut your risk of cold by 20 %. Eang garlic can also trim a full day o recovery me if you do get a cold. Research suggests that this herb contains 70 dierent sulfur compounds, the raw materials needed to build fast, powerful, virus-killing white blood cells. Zap germs faster by having fun According to Appalachian State University sciensts, you can torch 100 calories in 15 minutes by dancing, ice skang, jumping rope, or in 30 minutes by doing a gentler acvies such as walking, bowling or playing with your children. Simply burning an extra 100 calories a day can smulate your immune system to produce interleukin-1, a hormone that helps quickly destroy viruses. That can help cut your risk of winter illnesses by 55%. Chase away germs with posivity People who have the greatest number of posive thoughts each day also have the strongest immunity. Researchers at the Logans Utah State University say this is because there are lower levels of a harmful stress hormone called corsol. To chase away upseng thoughts, try recing a mantra such as, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. People who regularly give themselves posive feedback are hit with 15% fewer viral infecons. As Chrisans, we have every reason to be posive. Just keep in mind, Rejoice alHave something to say? Want to share a story or a good message? Anyone wishing to add, request, or comment on the newsleer can do so by contacng Ann at God bless you all!

ways, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18). Up your defenses with pumpkin Pumpkin is loaded with beta-carotene, a nutrient that prods your immune system to produce 33% more virus-ghng T cells. Mix canned pumpkin with cream cheese and spices to make a yummy fruit dip. Add it to smoothies, or use it to make healthier baked goods by replacing half the fat with an equal amount of pumpkin puree. Its a delicious way to stay healthy! We should never forget to take care of the temple God gave us and remember that it belongs to Him. The temple Solomon built was magnicent. Many parts of the temple were even coated with pure gold (1 Kings 6:21-22). Our bodies, which are to be temples of the Holy Spirit, were fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14) by God. For that reason, lets do what we can to respect and care for what God has given us!
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menoned only once in the Holy Gospel of St. Mark and the Holy Book of Acts. The Blessed Virgin is never explicitly named in the New Testament Leers. The name of St. Mary is only referred to in two episodes wrien by St. John in his Holy Gospel. Why then has St. Mary carried a name that has long been remembered as the Joy of Generaons? It is through her enduring example of obedient faith, strong will, and spiritual purity that we come to understand why she is rejoiced of angels. It is through the Lord Jesus Christ's love for His mother and her complete trust in Him that we are capable of realizing the true meaning of, "Honor thy father and thy mother." With these thoughts in our hearts, let's explore the inspiring, heavenly nature of the Blessed St. Mary. Despite the Virgin's few Biblical references, we learn that she experienced many emoonal peaks and valleys within her sixty years of life. We are told of many hardships the Blessed Mary faced in her lifeme-- the possibility of a divorce, a long, long journey to Bethlehem while great with a child, giving birth to her Son in a shelter for animals, placing her newborn child in an animal's feeding trough for His rst bed, angelic warning that King Herod the Great wanted to kill her infant, and nally watching her only Son being taunted and crucied on a cross. St. Mary also experienced many joys in her life. Among them were: shepherds proclaiming the angelic hosts' announcement of the Messiah's birth; two aged and devout prophets in the Temple exalng her Son; wise men from the distant East kneeling down to worship the baby

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An excerpt from a sermon by H.G. Bishop Youssef As Biblical history has recorded, St. Mary is the central gure in two Gospel accounts of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. The "Mother of God" is seldom menoned in the New Testament outside of the birth narraves in the opening chapters of St. Mahew and St. Luke. The name of St. Mary is

Virgin Mary and Archangel Michael Copc Orthodox Church 87 Benham Street, Hamden, CT 06514 Fr. Abraham Azmy (203) 887-8865 Fr. Isaac Salib (203) 999-5043 Archdeacon Ibrahim Hefzallah (203) 258-1906

Jesus; and witnessing our Lord Jesus Christ's rst miracle at the Wedding Feast. We further know that St. Mary was present at the Day of Pentecost and lled with the Living Flame.

There is no known documentaon that alludes to St. Mary as being depressed, of her complaining due to the challenges present in her life, nor to boasulness as having given birth to the Son of If the Lord Jesus Christ, Himself, honored St. Mary, God. Rather, St. Luke gives us insight into St. so should we. Obedient Mary's quietness, strength faith, strong will, and uer and character. He writes, purity are just a few of the "St. Mary kept all these Awake, O My Harp, Your Chords, terms, which describe the things, pondering them in In Praise of the Virgin Mary! heavenly nature of St. her heart" (Luke 2:19). Li Up Your Voice and Sing Mary, a humble handmaid Due to St. Mary's obedient of the Lord that has beThe Wonderful History of this Virgin, and posive response to come the Mother of many the Annunciaon, our salThe Daughter of David, and of the One. The richvaon through her Son, ness and beauty of her naWho Gave Birth to the Life of the the Lord Jesus Christ, beture cannot be fully decame possible. Through World! scribed nor realized. St. her will and faith, she volMary was not a priest, she untarily submied to the did not teach, nor did she -St. Ephram the Syrian will of God. As stated in bapze anyone. She did not the book, St. Mary in the instruct the disciples. Yet Orthodox Concept, "Her the Blessed Mary was a sacred shrine chosen worfreely willed agreement with the Divine Plan anthy of the Kingdom. nounced by the angel was a fundamental and Through her motherhood we discover the nature of necessary condion of the union of God and man her Son as the Incarnate Son of God. The Blessed in Christ. The Incarnaon was not only the work Virgin's life aests to God's redeeming deed and of the Father, of His power and His spirit; it was through her life's example we can examine man's also the work of the will and faith of the Virgin." role in aaining the heavenly life. Our spiritual love Therefore when our Orthodox Church honors the to St. Mary is second only to that of the Savior Jesus "Mother of God" it is not just because God chose Christ. her but also because she herself chose submission to the will of God. St. Mary said, "I am the handTruly we adore St. Mary. She was wise and lled maiden of the Lord, let it be according to Your with the love of God. Her faith and devoon to the word" (Luke 1:35-38). Lord Jesus Christ superseded by no one. Her purity Along with her obedient faith and strong will, St. Mary was also profoundly percepve. Although she was young at the me of the Lord Christ's birth, the Blessed Virgin Mary was deeply aware of her "low estate" which had been elevated by a blessing from God that all generaons would henceforth come to recognize and remember. The humble, quiet, Mother of Emmanuel intertwined her own personal experience with her belief that God was now helping "His servant Israel" in conduct was that beng Heaven. May we follow her example of consecraon to God and direct our hearts, minds, souls, and senses toward the Holy Spirit in preparaon for the eternal wedding feast. "O Virgin Mary, Mother of God, holy and faithful advocate of the human race, intercede for us with Christ whom you mothered, that He may grant us forgiveness of sins."

since He had "scaered the proud" and "put down the mighty" while He exalted "those of a low degree" and "lled the hungry with good things" (Luke 1:48, 51-53). Therefore we are able to recognize the free grace of God because St. Mary played an acve role in conceiving Jesus Christ. The Divine Incarnaon was realized because she percepvely and faithfully accepted obedience.


On October 31st, the children dressed up as their favorite saint for the Chrisan Childrens Celebraon. They enjoyed many acvies including arts and cras, games and pizza! Thank you to everyone who helped out.


By Ann Giardino Bear one anothers burdens, and so fulll the law of Christ (Galaans 6:2). At one me or another, we nd ourselves needing something. It could be a physical need, such as a need for food or clothes. It could also be a spiritual need, such as a need to overcome a sin or spiritual struggle. What we oen neglect in these cases is asking others for help. Too oen we aempt to carry our burdens alone. Perhaps we don't want to appear weak or we feel ashamed. In any case, we oen carry things that God intended us to share with our brothers and sisters. Oenmes, God sends others to help who have the necessary skills to complete the task eecvely, yet we refuse to allow them to help. In addion, we can ask others to pray for us. Not because they're beer than we are, or because God might be more likely to listen to them, we ask them to pray for us simply because we know we are in need, and that God is pleased when we pray for others. Consider the Apostle Paul: He was one of the greatest followers of Christ, and if anyone might have felt he didn't need others to pray for him, it would've been Saint Paul. On the contrary, he repeatedly asked people to pray for him -- just as he was praying for them. He wrote, "Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may run swily and be gloried" (2 Thessalonians 3:1). If Paul sought the prayers of others, shouldn't we also? By not accepng help with your problems, you not only hinder the one oering help from fullling the law of Christ, you also cheat them of the blessing that comes from meeng someones needs. We all need help somemes. Be as willing to receive help as you are to oer help. Allow your brethren to sow forth God's love in your life.


This Thanksgiving, the Sandwich Run fed an esmated 100 people a feast of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stung, and apple pie. The servants arrived early that morning to begin cooking for when the guests arrived. In addion to the meal, the homeless and needy were oered clothes, coats, blankets, hats, gloves, and a new tooth brush. Thank you to everyone who generously donated and parcipated in this event.