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Ministry of Foreign Affairs Arab Republic of Egypt


In the wake of the June 30 revolution, Egypt has found itself facing a vicious terrorist campaign aiming to destabilize the country and derail its democratic transition

Gun Attacks (March 13 and 15, 2014)

Killed 7 Gunmen stormed a security checkpoint outside Cairo Another group of gunmen attacked a military bus traveling in Cairo

Taba Bombing (February 16, 2014)

Killed 4 and injured 17 A suicide bomber targeted a tourist bus at the Taba border crossing

Cairo Bombings (January 24 2014)

Killed 6 Injured almost 100 Severely damaged Museum of Islamic Arts (including priceless historical artifacts) and Cairo Security Directorate

Egypts War Against Terrorism in Numbers

Civilian Victims: 57 Military Victims: 187

Assassination of Maj. General Mohamed El-Said (January 28, 2014)

Targeted assassination of Maj. Gen. Mohamed El-Said., head of the Interior Ministers technical office. Shot dead by gunmen while leaving his home in Giza, Cairo

Bombing of Dakahliya Security Directorate (December 24, 2013)

Killed 15 Injured 130 Severely damaged Directorate and surrounding buildings.

Police Victims: 252 Total Number of Victims:

Items Seized by Security Forces: Medium/Heavy Firearms: 84 Light Firearms: 3,785

Assassination of Lt. Colonel Mohamed Mabrouk (November 17, 2013)

Targeted assassination of police lt. Col. Mohamed Mabrouk, senior officer of National Security Branch in Interior Ministry Shot dead by drive-by gunmen

Assassination Attempt on Interior Minister (September 5, 2013)

Killed 1 and Injured 22, including severe injuries such as amputations Large amount of explosives detonated in in attempt to assassinate Minister of Interior

Melee Weapons: 96 Explosives: 500KG of nitroglycerin + 354KG of TNT

Church Burnings and Gun Attacks

Following the revolution of June 30, extremists began burning and vandalizing churches across the country in systematic fashion. More than 80 churches were burned and attacked. Terrorists also resorted to targeting churches with drive-by shootings, in one instance killing three people attending a wedding, including a child.

Terrorist Campaign in North Sinai

An organized campaign of terrorism is being carried out in Northern Sinai by militant extremists. They target civilians as well as security personnel and military facilities. The terrorists in Northern Sinai are armed with heavy firearms and use high-grade explosives. They have killed scores of Egyptians, both civilian and military.

Attacks on Police Stations and Checkpoints

Extremists have consistently targeted police stations and checkpoints, often in organized attacks and with the use of automatic firearms and explosives. In one incident, a group of gunmen brutally murdered all police personnel in a police station and left their bodies lying in their own blood. In another attack, bombs were planted amongst the dead bodies of officers to target first responders.
The Kerdasa Terrorist Cell
In October, security forces arrested five individuals in connection with the brutal killing of 11 policemen in the Kerdasa police station in August. They had in their possession heavy weapons including Rocket-Propelled Grenades (RPGs), machine guns, and a large amount of explosives

Al-Qaeda Flag Raised in Al-Azhar

In a gathering in AlAzhar University on Wednesday 18, the black flag of Al-Qaeda was raised, raising alarm in Egypt and displaying the true allegiances of those who wage war on Egypt.