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Home Exercise Program

Doing these exercises will help maintain your: Mobility Strength Endurance Remember to adapt or stop doing the exercises if you feel any pain. Please contact your occupational therapist with any questions or concerns. ccupational !herapist""""""""""""""""""""""""""Phone number""""""""""""""""""""""""""

Exercise 1
Shrug your shoulders up towards your ears and then drop them down. """""repetitions:"""""times per day.

Exercise 2
#. Retraction $pull bac%& Squee(e your shoulder blades together. )old for """"""counts. Relax and repeat """""times. '. Protraction $draw forward& round your shoulders forward. )old for """"""counts. Relax and repeat"""""times per day.

Exercise 3
Roll your shoulders forward in a circle"""""times and roll them bac%wards"""""times. Relax and repeat the exercise. """""repetitions"""""times per day

Exercise 4 #. Extend your arms in front of you with your palms facing each other. Raise your arms up as far as you can go* and return them to your side. Repeat"""""times. '. Raise your arms behind you as far as you can* then return them to your side. Repeat"""""times.

*If one arm is weaker than the other, you may adapt this exercise by clasping hands together.

Exercise 5 'egin with your arms extended out to the side. Slowly raise your arms abo+e your head* then return to your sides. Repeat """""times. """"""repetitions"""""times per day.

Exercise 6 'egin with your arms at your sides. 'end at your elbow* palms up* and touch your shoulders. Return to starting position. Repeat""""times. """""repetitions""""times per day.

Exercise 7 Rest your forearms on your lap with you palms down. !urn your palms up towards the ceiling and return them palm down on your lap. Repeat""""times. """"""repetitions"""""times per day.

*If one arm is weaker than the other, clasp the wrist of the weaker arm, and rotate your forearm turning palms up and down. Exercise 8 Position your arms on a supported surface with your wrists free to mo+e. !urn your palms up towards the ceiling and bend your wrist up and down. Repeat""""times. """" repetitions """""times per day.

*If one wrist is weaker than the other, use your stronger hand to clasp the weaker wrist and bend it up and down.

Exercise 9 Position your arms on your lap or table. ,ithout mo+ing your elbow or forearm* mo+e your wrist side to side. Repeat""""""times. """""Repetitions""""times per day.

Exercise 10 #. 'egin with your forearm supported '. Slowly spread your fingers apart* on a surface such as your lap or arm rest. !hen bring them bac% together. Repeat"""" Ma%e a tight fist* and then open your times. hand until your fingers are straight. Repeat """" times. Do exercise # and ':""""""repetitions""""""times per day.