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dolce ore home bakery

mount shasta, california


PRICES EFFECTIVE THROUGH JUNE 1, 2014 prices may vary seasonally --- please call for current prices / order at least one week in advance / ! these items require TWO weeks notice Other items may be available upon request. Please ask about other baked goods that are in dolce fiore's baking repertoire.
ITEMS BISCOTTI hazelnut almond italiani all'anice (anise) italiani con le mandole e l'anice (almonds and anise) PANFORTE ! classic (dark) classic (light) variations BROWNIES and BLONDIES surfer girl california original COOKIES chocolate chip peanut butter oatmeal molasses ginger (ginger snaps) lemon squares maple whiskey walnut squares jam thumbprints with raspberry or apricot jam ! chocolate crackle-tops ! CAKES chocolate wacky cake with fudge frosting chocolate almond torte carrot cake with cream cheese frosting ! CINNAMON ROLLS/COFFEE CAKE cinnamon rolls ! SAME DAY AS BAKED ONLY requires pre-arrangement for delivery lemon walnut bread with lemon glaze $2.50 each $1.75/slice 1 dozen whole loaf, 8 slices (4x8 pan) $25.00/dozen $12.00/loaf $2.50/serving $3.00/serving $3.00/serving 9 servings (9x7 pan) whole 11" cake, 12 slices 9 servings (9x7 pan) $19.00/cake $29.00/cake $23.00/cake $1.50 $2.00 1 dozen (includes "corners") (9x7 pan) 1 dozen (includes "corners") (9x7 pan) seasonal (Christmas) may be available at other times of year upon request $15.00 $19.00 2/$1.75 1 dozen (or whole batch, average 2 dozen cookies) $9 per dozen/$16 per batch scharffen berger chocolate cinnamon and brown sugar organic cocoa $1.50 1 dozen (includes "corners") (9x7 pan) $15.00/dozen $2.00 1 dozen (includes "corners") (9x7 pan) $19.00/dozen $1.00 per ounce half of 9 inch cake (average weight: 16-19 ounces/half cake; 32-38 ounces/whole cake) average $16-19 per half; $32-$38 per 9 inch cake 2/$1.50 2 dozen full batch usually equals about 36-40 biscotti $15.00/2dozen $23.00/full batch USUAL RETAIL PRICE MINIMUM BAKED-TO-ORDER PRICE

blonde ghirardelli chocolate chips and brown sugar

SEASONAL LEMON/ORANGE ITEMS: Items with a higher content of citrus may not be available during summer/fall. This is because while non-organic lemons and oranges might be available all year, high quality citrus that is CERTIFIED ORGANIC or GROWN NON-TOXICALLY WITH ONLY OMRI/NOP approved applications are generally available only seasonally, during winter and spring. Citrus is one of the ingredients that I insist be organic/non-toxic. PRE-ORDERS: Items are sold individually only at local venues. All items can be pre-ordered by the dozen, "by the batch", or by half/whole cakes. When you order a whole batch or whole pan/cake, you get all the cookies/pieces, including corners and the "less perfect ones." AND it will cost you less. See above for prices, or call if you have a special request.
revised 3-1-14 dmg/fvc