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English Form 4G Hub BI 1 30th March, 2014 9.30 am 10.10 am (80 minutes) 27 students Intermediate to high How I define myself #1 Speaking Writing, listening Pupils have learnt 1. How to use construct proper sentences using appropriate words according to their classes.

Curriculum specifications: Level 1 i. ii. Talking about oneself to others, sharing information about each other that is of interest to both parties. Responding to questions politely by giving the required information

Learning outcomes: At the end of the lesson, students should be able to: 1. Tell their friends how the song and line of the lyrics they chose define themselves. 2. Describe themselves as an individual by stating their unique traits as related to the song they chose.

Stage / Time (minutes) Set Induction (5 minutes) Whole class activity

Content Questions: 1. Do you know what the word definition mean? 2. How do you define yourself? 3. Do you know yourself well?

Teaching-Learning Activity 1. Teacher asks several questions to students. 2. Students thinks of an answer.

Notes Thinking skills Generating ideas

Discussion 3. Teacher picks a few students to answer.

Presentation Questions: (20 minutes) Individual activity 1. Do you like music? 2. What kind of music do you like?

1. Teacher shows a TEDx talk video by Lizzie Velasquez. 2. Teacher asks students questions. 3. Teacher shows students how he defines himself using a song he find most suitable to his personality and picks a line from the lyrics and tells the students more about

himself by relating the information to the song via the LCD projector 4. Students listen and take note

Practice (10 minutes) Pair work activity

1. Teacher asks students to think of a song that suits them most. 2. Teacher asks students to write down 2 lines from the lyrics that would best describe themselves. 3. Teacher asks each student to write the name of the song, the chosen lines from the lyrics and a short justification for the chosen song on a piece of paper which is to be collected after class. 4. Teacher asks students to Multiple intelligences: - Linguistic intelligence

prepare to present individually. 5. Students listen and begin to brainstorm. Production (40 minutes) Individual activity 1. Teacher uses a name randomizer to pick a student out to present her song and lyrics. 2. Students who are chosen go to the front of the class to present. 3. Other students listen attentively to their friends presentation. Multiple intelligences: - Linguistic intelligence

Closure 5 minutes

1. Teacher wraps up the lesson by discussing about understanding oneself and identity.