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SCALEO P Multimedia Performance for home and office


September 2004


The SCALEO P is the ideal home and office PC for families. Boasting a new compact and funky design, the SCALEO P strikes the perfect balance between advanced multimedia, style and affordability. Featuring great digital connectivity - including FireWire and USB - the SCALEO P also offers all the power and performance you need for editing digital photos and movies, fast Internet and home office applications.

Reliability Use the profits from the experience as leading European consumer brand Profit by the strong cooperation with leading edge technology suppliers for latest technologies Utilize fast and reliable delivery and best support

Connectivity Several interfaces at the front side ensure a practical and convenient operation Easy connectivity through modem, LAN or WLAN

Tailor made We are able to be proactive on different customer requirements offering different logistic models You can even integrate two hard drives despite its small size. Great variety of technology platforms

Flexability Stylish new created design in silver with blue LED lights makes this SCALEO P to an pleasant part in your home. SCALEO P fits to all your and your family needs, gaming by the children as well as office applications.

Data Sheet SCALEO P Issue September 2004

Operating Systems (preinstalled and on recovery cd) Fujitsu Siemens Computers recommends Microsoft Windows XP Microsoft Windows XP Home Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition Housing Physical Features Size Dimensions SCALEO P

Optional Features (actual configuration may vary) CPU Intel Pentium 4 HT (Hyper Threading Technology) Intel Celeron D / Intel Celeron AMD Athlon 64 (CoolnQuiet Technology) AMD Athlon XP; AMD Sempron Memory Drives Hard Optical DDR333, DDR400 up to 3 GByte PATA (IDE), Up to 1000 GByte PATA (IDE) CD, CD-R, CD-RW DVD, DVD+R-R DVD+R/RW-R/RW Doublelayer DVD+R 3.5 Multi Card Reader/Writer PCI Express x16 AGP 8x PCI

ATX 373x200x435mm (H x W x D) 12,5kg fully assambled / with 2 x CDR +CR+FD 15C 35C (IEC 721)


Ambient Temperature

Standard Features (actual configuration may vary) Power Supply Size PS2 Voltage 200 - 240V Frequency 50 60 Hz Max. Output up to 350W Drive Bays External up to 2x 5.25 up to 2x 3.5 Internal 1x 3.5 Security Functions Disabling Serial and Parallel Port, Drives Password Protection Setup and Boot Certificates and Compliance Product Safty IEC60950, EN60950, EMC 73/23/EEC Electromagnetical EN55022/B, EN55024, EN61000-3-2/3, EMC 89/336/EEC Environmental FSC-03230 Hardware WHQL, Windows Catalog, IEEE1394 (Firewire), USB 2.0 Designed for Microsoft Windows XP Drivers and Utility Drivers and Utility DVD included. Updates downloadable at

Floppy Other VGA Discrete

Onboard Connectivity Modem LAN WLAN Accessibility Options Front Rear

56kBit 10/100 MBit 54 MBit (IEEE 802.11b/g) Audio, Firewire, USB, TV-Out, Video In, Video Out, VGA, Audio, TV-Out, Video In, Video Out, Firewire, USB, Serial, Parallel, PS/2 up to 1 PCIe x16 up to 1 AGP 8x up to 3 PCI up to 4 DIMM


Optional Software (preinstalled and on recovery cd) Microsoft Works Suite Microsoft Word Microsoft Works Norman Virus Conrtol Pinnacle Studio Intervideo Home Theatre Ahead Nero Win DVD

All rights, including rights created by patent grant or registration of a utility model or design as well as rights of technical modifications are reserved. Delivery subject to availability. Designations may be trademarks, the use of which by third parties for their own purposes may violate the rights of the trademark owners. Copyright Fujitsu Siemens Computers,09/2004

Published by Fujitsu Siemens Computers

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