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The Strategic Choice


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Master of Business Administration

global contexts, and have the skills to create and manage sustainable business projects. Graduates will also develop the ability to think independently and apply reective and experiential learning. In addition to business knowledge gained through the program, group work is an integral part of the learning process. Students move through the program as a cohort, work in teams and benet from the additional insights and understandings that come from interaction with classmates who have similar aspirations but come from a diverse range of professional and personal backgrounds. Orientation and program activities encourage the development of study groups and instil the value of networking. Students often continue their associations after graduation and establish businesses together.

Program Overview
The curriculum is an integrated sequence of courses that combines teaching the principles of academic theory with the application of these principles to complex business problems. The curriculum includes:
An introductory course which examines a students management style and team role within their organizations culture and behaviour. Courses that develop a students capacity for making strategic decisions and judgments across all areas of their business.

In todays global business environment, professionals are faced with constant challenges that defy simple solutions. The Higher Colleges of Technologys Professional MBA Program will prepare students to respond to these challenges and to adapt to new markets. The program is dynamic and comprehensive, blending theory with experience and knowledge with application. The mission of the Professional MBA Program is to produce graduates able to function effectively in managerial and leadership roles in various sectors of the economy, in government and in private organizations. Graduates demonstrate a competitive level of functional knowledge of all areas of business administration, possess the intellectual ability to analyze and evaluate complex business processes in local and

Courses that summarize fundamental concepts and tools of modern business management.

Courses that operationalize key areas of business.

A nal capstone course that integrates a students learning experience applied to a dynamic, interactive project.

Core courses
Managing People and Organizations (diagnostic managerial skills course) Business Statistics Financial and Managerial Accounting Managerial Economics Marketing Management Production and Operations Management Enterprise Management

Advanced courses
Corporate Finance Strategic Marketing and Innovation Strategic HR and Leadership
Corporate Governance, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

(integrative capstone project course)

Global Strategy and Competitiveness

Program Structure
Courses are taught in weeknight evenings and/or weekends, in modular form where students typically take 2 courses per module.

Why HCTs Professional MBA Program?

- Diagnostic analysis of your personal management style and competencies - Develop leadership and business skills to advance your career - Improve your career prospects and enable career change - Build an extensive network of industry professionals - Part-time program that is designed to enable students to pursue their ambitions without unduly compromising their work-life balance - Small classes and close-knit learning environment allow our faculty to work with you personally to help you determine the areas in which you need to grow, and how best to accomplish your professional goals - Diverse and international faculty with extensive experience in the industry

Applying to HCTs Professional MBA Program

Admission to the program is based on a combination of academic and professional criteria. Candidates must meet the following: - A Bachelors degree from an accredited university or college in any major with a minimum program GPA of 3.0 - English Language prociency of IELTS 6.0 - Minimum 3 years of relevant managerial work experience Exceptions to above may be provisionally admitted subject to conditions as recommended by the Graduate Program Admissions Committee.

The Program is co-educational and open to all nationalities

The Professional MBA is currently oered in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

To apply to the program please visit or contact the helpdesk at 02- 6922550 or