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APRIL 2014

a FREE Family Event saturday, April 12 - 9:30 to 12pm @Sharp Creek Elementary
The times for the egg hunts are: 10:00 (0-2 years & Children with special needs) 10:30 (3 years & pre-K) 11:00 (K-2nd grade) 11:30 (3rd-5th grade)

Join us for a great day with the Southern Hills and Sharp Creek Community. Fun for everyone - egg hunts, games, hot dogs, cotton candy, snow cones, inflatables, rock wall, and more!

No Wednesday night service

Celebration Sunday/SHCC Bday

9:30 - 12PM
Volunteer Appreciation Banquet 6-8pm
Family Dedication & Mothers Day
404.788.9487 770.832.1446 770.328.0695

Treehouse Volunteer Meeting 12:30 - 12:45

Easter Sunday
Last Wednesday Night of the semester

Family Dedication Parenting Class 9:15 & 11am

Corey Jones Melissa Bradley Hollie Adams

Lead Childrens Pastor Childrens Pastor Student & Children Administrator

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Reasons to attend
The Eggstravaganza

Holy Bible


Southern Hills loves kids and their families! We are committed to partnering with parents as they raise children to love and honor God. Family Dedication, formerly called Baby Dedication, is an opportunity for parents to pledge before God and His church their commitment to intentionally shepherd their children. Our next Family Dedication event is Mother's Day, May 11th. Pick up your information pack, prior to the Family Dedication Class on April 27th, at the information center! We look forward to celebrating with families!

Celebrate Easter with your children!

in tains o ered b the lood Youll Need: white cloth, plate, small scoop or spoon, trash can, used coffee grounds (still wet) Place the white cloth on top of the plate and gather kids around it. Tell children that sin is doing wrong things. Ask kids to take turns giving an example of sin, such as disobeying or hitting. As each child gives an example of a sin, he or she will scoop coffee grounds onto the cloth. When everyone has had a turn, say: Sometimes we realize what weve done is wrong, and we stop doing these wrong things. Dump the coffee grounds into the trash can, leaving the white cloth on the plate. Show kids the stain, telling them that even when we stop doing things we know are wrong, the sins leave a stain on our heart. Youll Need: white paper, pink markers, paper plates with washable red paint, paintbrushes, paint smocks (optional), clean-up supplies Say: Jesus blood covers our sins. Distribute the paper and the markers. Then have each child write one or two words to describe something he or she has done that was wrong. No one will see what anyone else writes. Say: These wrong things pull us away from God, but Jesus died so his blood would cover our sins and bring us back to God. Have kids paint red over their words until theyre no longer visible. For an extra reminder of Gods love, they can paint in the shape of a heart.

Discuss: Tell about a punishment or consequence youve Ask: What are ways we can know that God loves us? had when you did something wrong. Describe what you feel like when you do something you What does Jesus death to cover our sins mean to you? Read aloud Hebrews 9:22-26 know is wrong. Read aloud Romans 3:23. by Kristen Kansiewicz from Childrens Ministry Magazine March/April 2014