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Rodriguez 1 Alan Rodriguez Psychology 1100 November, 21, 2011 The first aspect that !

ould li"e to tal" about that is in Ant!one #isher$s life is the fact that he !as in fact abused by his foster parents and some friends and family, especially %izz Pic"ett& Ant!one suffered from all "inds of abuse, all four of them if 'm correct& (e suffered from physical, neglect, se)ual and emotional abuse& %izz Pic"et e)ecuted !hat !e "no! of Authoritarian and neglectful parenting, of course causing the most damage to him, he psychically beat him, even to a point of unconsciousness& *e "no! that a child needs a loving mother that cares for him to teach him emotional control and for him to be able to build a secure attachment !ith !hoever the caregiver is, he needs to feel loved and feel li"e he can trust the caregiver, something that %izz pic"et lac"ed !ith most of her children& %r& Pic"et the foster father that Ant!one thought !as his biological father !as a very reserved man and didn't say much, especially to Ant!one !ho tried to see" acceptance from him, but most of the time he +ust e)perienced neglect from him and it hurt him because he didn't have connection !ith any elder of the same se)& n real life this ma"es sense because !e "no! that a child having a father figure prevents a lot of stress or relieves stress in infants and small children& ,ne thing that really bothered me is the !ay that %izz Pic"et controlled everything in his life and did not offer him choices, she controlled everything from his allo!ance, though he had to steal most of his o!n money that she "ept a!ay from him, but also even controlled the food he ate and could eat, !hich !as not much&

#or e)ample, !e need to give children choices, !e have to let them have choices so !hen they mess up, and they !ill, they !ill have lesson learned and !ill be !ritten in their boo"s of mista"es for them not to do again& All of this control and selfishness from %izz Pic"et made him be more aroused in the amygdala, !hich is the center of control for emotions that made him e)press many of his emotions

Rodriguez 2 negatively, thin" this !as especially true for his foster sibling -!ight& #rom all of the abuse that he suffered throughout childhood, Ant!one made it a habit to "eep his head do!n and thin" that he !as less than others by the !ay he tal"ed and put his head do!n, this continued for a long time throughout his life& .ome of that name calling that %izz Pic"et said to him and his foster brothers !as by calling them /niggas0 !hen she herself !as one, brought confusion to them and !ith it brought the initiative vs guilt concept& That led him to believe that his color !as bad, and that people of a lighter s"in tone !ere better than him, all he !anted to feel is !orthy and to feel that he !as good enough, but because of this and his situation he could not overcome it for a long time&

.ome of the reasons that you could blame for him being abused are the fact that he in fact did have a mother that !as a teenager !hen she gave birth to him, another being the lac" of education that her mother did not have and also of the Pic"ett's& 1ast but not least being the fact that !here he lived, in the Pic"ett's home lac"ed a safe environment for the children, especially Ant!one, and lac" of good day care& #or e)ample a child needs his basic needs met and a loving home and family, doesn't matter ho! the family is built, but !hat matters is the function, and that is something that !as not met by the Pic"ett's& The fact that all the people that "ne! that he !as e)periencing abuse and sa!, but never did anything about it could have been in some serious trouble for not reporting it to the authorities, even some of the case !or"ers, they "ne! something !as !rong and that he might be e)periencing abuse but did not report it& .ome of the effects of the abuse he e)perienced caused stress and maybe even disrupted some brain development& #ish internalized his problems but also e)ecuted pretty good emotional regulation during these and upcoming years at the Pic"et's house&

(e had t!o good foster siblings !hich he did get along !ith pretty good, their names are #lo and -!ight& (e established a healthy relationship !ith both of them, even though they had ups and do!ns +ust li"e if they !ere biological signings or not& (e got along better !ith -!ight because they

Rodriguez 2 !ere close of age and also shared the same room, than"s to -!ight, Ant!one had someone to practice emotional regulation and empathy not consciously "no!ing it but of course did help in his development& *e "no! that children especially boys practice rough and tumble play that help them all in !ays of e)pressing their emotions throughout their time together and also another !ay of being able to practice emotional control&

.chool, it !as one of the things that little Ant!one loved and could not get enough as soon as he started it, not +ust because of the learning and friends he made, but also because it became a sanctuary for him, a home a!ay from home& At school he could spend his time playing, something that is essential and almost necessary for him to be healthy develop better moor s"ills& (e did not have the privilege to play at home& (e !as accomplishing some sort of self3esteem in his middle childhood, through his artistic talent, and he accomplished some because for the one and only time %izz Pic"ett ac"no!ledged his !or" and praised his talent& #or e)ample !e "no! for a fact that for a "id to be able to build some sort of self3!orth or self3esteem, praising and support from the parent figure is something that they need& This only lasted a short time for Ant!one because of %izz Pic"ets constant abuse and harassment and did not let him build nor have momentum building his self3esteem nor his self3concept during his childhood years&

n the end Ant!one #isher became a good man and against all odds and statistics, because he !as in fact abused as a child in more than one !ay& (e became a good father and not abusive husband that statistics !ould other!ise say he should be& All because he !anted to prove people !rong and to feel self3achieved& (e had to go through %aslo!'s hierarchy of needs to fully achieve his status of satisfaction and happiness that he has today&

References: Invitation to the Life Span. By: Kathleen Stassen Berger

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