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aprendiz: KARIN ANDREA BUSTOS CERQUERA No de Identificacin:1120871847 Programa: TECNICO EN SEGURIDAD OCUPACIONAL En esta gua trabajaremos varios ejercicios de lectura, vocabulario y escritura. 1. Lee el artculo sobre Penlope Cruz y contesta las preguntas. PENELOPE CRUZ Penelope Cruz is a beautiful Spanish actress and Oscar winner. She is in more than 40 films and Vicky Christina Barcelona is one of her best films. It is about two young American women in Barcelona and the director is Woody Allen from New York. It is a brilliant film and is now available on DVD. Penelope Cruz is also a trained ballet dancer and is fluent in Spanish, French, Italian and English. She is 1.63 m tall. She is a vegetarian and her hobby is dominoes. Penelopes family is from Alcobendas near Madrid. Her mothers name is Encarna and she is a hairdresser. Her fathers name is Eduardo and he is a car mechanic. Her brother is also called Eduardo and he is a singer. Her sister Monica is an actress like Penelope and she is famous on TV in Spain. More great films with Penelope Cruz are Captain Corellis Mandolin and All the Pretty Horses and in Spanish Belle Epoque and All About My Mother. Her next film is called Nine. Penelopes friend is Javier Bardem and he is also a famous international film star. He is in the film Vicky Christina Barcelona with Penelope and he is also an Oscar winner too. Javier is in more than 25 films. One of his best films is No Country for Old Men. His Oscar is for this film. He is 1.83 m tall and his hobbies are painting and rugby. Javier is the son of famous Spanish actress Pilar Bardem. His brother and sister are actors and his grandparents too. Other great films with Javier are Before Night Falls, The Sea Inside and Mondays in the Sun. Questions 1 Who is the director of Vicky Christina Barcelona? The director is Woody Allen

2 How tall is Penelope Cruz? She is 1.63 m tall

3 Is she a vegetarian? Yes

4 What is her mothers name? The name of his mother embodies

5 What is her fathers job? El nombre de su padre es Eduardo

6 Is her sister also famous? El nombre de su padre es Eduardo

1. Escribe en las casillas las nuevas palabras que hayas encontrado en la lectura. NEW VOCABULARY ESPAOL ENGLISH Mas hairdresser Disponible Painting ballet inside fluido great

ENGLISH More Available Ballet fluent

ESPAOL Peluquero Pintura Dentro gran

2. Escribe un prrafo acerca de ti (debes mencionar tu nombre y apellido, edad, gustos, idiomas que hablas, el lugar donde vives y estatura) anexa al prrafo una foto tuya. El prrafo debe tener de 3 a 5 lneas.

My name is KARIN BUSTOS, I have 18, I like to swim, walk, eat, watch television, shower, dance and listen to good musica.Mi Natural language is Spanish. I live in Puerto Lopez (Meta). My height is 1.58 m.

3. Escribe un prrafo acerca de tu familia (debes mencionar sus nombres, edades, ocupaciones y la relacin que tengan contigo- mam, pap, hermano, etc-) anexa al prrafo una foto de tu familia. El prrafo debe tener de 5 a 7 lneas.