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Frankenstein Research Paper Rubric Rubric Made Using: RubiStar ( http://rubistar.4teachers.

org )


Information is organized with a clear and logical flow. Paper exhibits wellconstructed paragraphs, fluid transitions and is thesis-driven. Presents a clear, thorough, and cogent thesis. Demonstrates rhetorical prowess and insightful observations about the text. Writer exhibits the ability to understand complex ideas and concepts. Makes consistent and logical arguments. Introductory paragraph presents the subject of the paper in an interesting and effective manner. Body paragraphs lead with clear topic sentences and contain clear arguments with compelling primary and secondary evidence. Final paragraph skillfully concludes the paper with a concise summation of its content. Writer implements appropriate literary terminology, shows authoritative use of advanced-level diction, and expresses own unique style of writing. Paper contains little to no errors in spelling,

Information is organized with well-constructed paragraphs. Transitions and flow are adequate with only minor issues. Follows thesis.

Information is organized, but paragraphs are presented in a somewhat confusing manner.

Information appears to be disorganized. There is no fluidity to the construction of the paper. Does not follow thesis.

Critical Thinking and Analysis

Writer presents a clear thesis. Demonstrates adroit ability to analyze the text. Makes logical arguments.

Thesis is underdeveloped. Writing makes superficial observations about the text. Argumentation is often inconsistent.

Thesis is misguided or wholly irrelevant. Writing consists of predominantly summarized accounts of the text. Argumentation is weak and unconvincing.

Paragraph Construction

Introductory paragraph presents the subject of the paper clearly. Body paragraphs lead with topic sentences and contain strong argumentation and support. Final paragraph adequately summarizes paper content.

Introductory paragraph presents subject of the paper somewhat unclearly. Body paragraphs show basic levels of argumentation. Conclusion is hastily composed.

Introductory paragraph is confusing or presents an irrelevant subject. Body paragraphs contain disjointed arguments with little to no supporting evidence.

Grammar and Language

Writer implements appropriate literary terminology, shows excellent word-choices to emphasize points, and expresses an accomplished style of writing. Paper contains very few errors in

Writer does not include literary terminology, shows repetitive sentence structure, and expresses a basic syntactic variety. Paper includes many errors in spelling, grammar, and/or punctuation.

Paper shows limited writing abilities. Sentences and phrasing are informal, awkward, or confusing. Paper includes frequent errors in spelling, grammar, and

grammar or punctuation.

spelling, grammar, or punctuation.

punctuation throughout and may be difficult to understand.

Secondary Sources

Paper incorporates at least 4 scholarly sources (2 print, 2 electronic). Excerpts are masterfully selected to support the writers arguments. Sources are presented in context and cited according to MLA formatting.

Paper incorporates at least 4 scholarly sources (2 print, 2 electronic). Good selection of secondary evidence. Sources are cited correctly according to MLA formatting.

Paper incorporates at least 4 sources. Secondary evidence is acceptable/relevant. Sources are cited correctly with little to no errors.

Paper does not incorporate at least 4 sources. Evidence offers weak support of arguments. Sources are not cited correctly.