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Michael Conner The United States government over the years has found a need to check behind another

person to ensure this person does not lead themselves into corruption. However, as we look into newspaper headlines we can see corruption is at its highest with more to come. So the question is if checks and balances are really working or is those in charge doing their job in implementing the check and balance system. The means of all legislators having to hold their governments bureaucracy accountable to its legislature comes from a system of checks and balances. This system offers rewards and punishment to those within the governments official position. This system was put into place to balance a need for trust among government official in how they make their decision. With corruption at the forefront of every citizens minds trusting a public official is slim. Over the years the number of officials being involved in a corruption while in office has increased leaving citizens to wonder if their needs are being met by those they elected. There has been mentions of administrative accountability within the last several years. Administration accountability is an aspect of administrative responsibility by which officials are held answerable for general notions of democracy and morality as well as for specific legal mandates (S, p.). The debate is how to handle this accountability. Should it be handled internally or externally? If handled internally the responsibility will rest on the authority that resigns over that section of government to ensure the government officials whom are under him or she will perform their job effectively for the people not themselves. This could lead to problems, which will ultimately end with corruption. Who would be to blame? It takes two or more to create a bribery, therefore, more in house corruption could conspire without the external officials like the legislative could maintain control while ensuring there is a balance of power. However, the drawback of this is people doesnt always giver their best with an authority figure breathing down their neck every day. Other things in the system of checks and balances is the scrutiny that comes to officials from official auditors. An official auditor is not the only problem, there is the community watchdogs, the media who has their eye on each official, and the whistleblowers. Each of these people are waiting and watching for officials to either deliver or not deliver on the promises he or she made during their election campaign. These methods are just some of the methods used to keep an honest man honest while removing those who has entered a world they couldnt handle without falling prey to the loop holds and the easy fixed of the slide of the hand. This is why checks and balances are important to establish. There is a need for improvements within out government. A change is needed so those who are elected can remember and understand why they were elected and who is they are serving. Like Thomas Jefferson wrote, The purpose of government is to enable the people of a nation to live in safety and happiness. Government exists for the interests of the governed, not for the governors.