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The Mashiah foundation clinic was formed to cater for the health care needs of the Tundun Wada Community . This is a Community ravage with the chronic effects of exposure to the HIV/AIDS Disease. Initially the foundation in its entirety have respond to the devastating effects of this problem on individual family affected by this virus by providing Quality education to the children and orphans and helping the women involved to empower themselves thereby ameliorating the financial kwashiorkor the disease could have on them . As of January when we resume works on the clinic , attendance was at its lowest ebb . The maximum patient saw when the Clinic Operate is about 8 patients per day. New patients rarely come due to a variety of reasons . This prompts us to organize a free health campaign in corroboration with the Health Campaign subgroup of the NYSC GRADUATES Currently serving in Plateau states. The effects of this one day Health Campaign was astonishing . From an average of 8 patients per day , the clinic began to record an average of 40 patients per day , Mashiah Foundation have become an household name of the entire Tundun Wada Community. However, this lead to fresh challenges which was not anticipated and problems which takes great ingenuity to solve. (1) The patents populations were too poor to afford Quality drugs and Health Facility, this mean that most of the drugs and services have to be subsidized and funds have to be sourced to pay for the poor. (2) The facilities at the Clinic in most of the cases are too poor to provide Quality health care services. The test that could be done are only the most basic investigations and this dissuade effort at making the right diagnosis. (3) The need to balance staff who would be on ground to see patients with those who are to go to the fields to carry out field awareness and campaign and to sort out funds and free drugs from various agencies and government parastatal . (4) Quality staff entrenchments especially in the Laboratory to complement existing staff. (5) Financial Sustainability given the socioeconomic status of most of the recipient of the service Mashiah foundation render. To solve some of this problem, we recommend 1 Additional NYSC Doctor to provide complimentary service. 2 Fully certified Laboratory scientist to help upgrade the standard of the Lab. 3 The need to broadened the services to cover every students in the school. 4 The need to introduce minimal charges to cover the basic investigation and drugs purchased

The Clinic has a great potential not only for those with HIV , but for the entire Tundun Wada Community if fully developed. Thanks

Dr Theophilus Ayodele.