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1. Finding words and phrases All dictionaries follow alphabetical order from A-Z. 2.

. Dictionary tells the parts of speech (word class) that a word belongs to; abbreviation parts of speech / word class examples n adj /a. adv. v conj noun adjective adverb verb conjunction a black dog a fast car smiling happily You need a rest. You wont pass the exam unless you work hard. pron phr v pronoun phrasal verb She bought it for herself. Hand the books out.

e.g harmless /hmls/ adj not able or unlikely to cause harm: The venom of most spiders is harmless to humans. _ ~ ly adv _ ~ness n [U] 3. Finding the right meaning e.g Read the excerpt and explanation on how to find the meaning of the word forecast in the dictionary. A Report on 2013 Profit_ This has been an excellent year for the company, with sales well above our original forecasts, and the big increase in profits has enabled us to reduce our borrowings from the banks. Most of the improvement has been in our exports to overseas, and this is partly due to better market research. forecast /fkst/ v -cast or casted [T] to predict or estimate (a future event or trend), esp. with the help of some kind of knowledge: Rain is forecast for Scotland [with object and infinitive]:Coal consumption in Europe is forecast to increase. forecast n calculation or estimate of future events, especially coming weather or a financial trend.

Note *there are two separate entries for the word forecast. This is because it can be used either as a verb or as a noun. Each entry is marked with a raised number like forecast and forecast.

Level 1: Parts of speech What parts of speech are these words? Check in the dictionary and write verb, noun, adjective or adverb in the gaps after each word. Note that some of them have more than one function. 1. cheap 2. earn 3. full 4. flat 5. flight 6. guess 7. hard 8. kind __adjective______ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________

2. Irregular past tenses Complete the table by writing in the irregular past tenses of these verbs. Then check your answers in dictionary. Root word 1. bend 2. bleed 3. burst 4. cling 5. creep 6. deal 7. dig 8. flee Irregular Past Form

3. Main meanings These words all have more than one meaning in English. Fill the gaps using the words in the list. Then look in the dictionary and check your answers. 1. base 2. dish 3. fill 4. hot 5. lift 6. pan 7. raw lowest ____________ of something (sth) for cooking / ____________ food make something (sth) ____________ very high in ____________ move to ____________ position container for ____________ not ____________

8. season one of four ____________ of the year

temperature full


cooking higher

part serving


4. Word building: Nouns Complete the table by writing in the noun form of each of these verbs. Then use the dictionary to check your answers.

e.g. correct 1. permit 2. explain 3. arrive 4. depart 5. enjoy 6. sign 7. sleep 8. agree