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Sergio Hernn Kaszczyszyn Based in Buenos Aires.

My goal is to apply my team leading experience and technical expertise to successfully implement interesting projects in a company with true professional development potential.

Highlight of Qualifications

Over 1 years of experience in software engineering! programming! scripting and systems integration. Over " years of experience in managing successful software development teams. #xcellent interpersonal skills matched with a solid educational and professional technical foundation. #xceeded expectations in all previous jo$s through strong work ethic! jo$ dedication! and teamwork. %onsistently delivered positive results in a team environment and on individual contri$utor projects.

Professional Experience &'anuary " 1 ()oday* Engineer +n my role as #ngineer at Away,! +-m currently in charge of design and team implementation of the application-s integration layer with a handful of third(party services. )hose integrations include .oogle Apps interfaces and gadgets! extensions for Mo/illa ,irefox and .oogle %hrome! data services for iO0 and Android applications! services like voice and 0M0 integration for mo$ile phones! different payment systems! and such. On the technology side! the project is an expert(level mix of 121! 'ava! 1ython and 'avascript. Universidad Tecnolgica Nacional &March " 3 ( )oday* Associate Professor )eaching in introductory and advanced courses of the % and %44 languages! as well as %(oriented hardware devices programming for the #lectronics #ngineering career. HRsmar Argen ina S.A. &0eptem$er " 3 5 6ecem$er " 7* Manager of Client Development As manager of %lient 6evelopment! + was in charge of three teams consisting in seventeen people $etween developers of all seniorities and technical leaders. )he teams were focused in supporting the expanding company operation around the glo$e &0outh Africa! 8nited 9ingdom! Australia! Bra/il and %anada* as well as supporting the head:uarters 80 office. + was also in charge of hiring for the entire Argentina office! as well as forming a small development team in the 0outh Africa office due its commercial success. +n that time period! the %lient 6evelopment team grew from three local developers to seventeen distri$uted in smaller teams around the glo$e. 1art of my functions as manager were assignment and supervising of tasks! and on the technology side! + was involved in the development of the training sessions in order to develop the skills of the whole team in different technology issues &0oftware )esting! 6evelopment Methodologies! 1rogramming ;anguages! 1roduct 9nowledge! etc* and the setup and administration of the local network! servers and internet connection. + played the role as a facilitator for other managers! leaders and teams so they can optimi/e their working process and achieve $etter results. HRsmar Argen ina S.A. &March " 3 5 0eptem$er " 3* Lea Client Developer As the first local leader of the %lient 6evelopment team + served as the techincal and knowledge reference for a growing team that started with three developers and grew steadily. + was also in charge of and managing the first implementation for 0outh Africa! the $rand(new company office $y the time. )he implementation included locali/ation of the entire suite! adding the a$ility to switch $etween actual customi/ations and the default system-s functionality. Also added multilingual support to one of the legacy systems! in order to use African($ased languages and dialects! and seamless automatic integration with many region(oriented jo$ $oards! assessment providers and other 2<+0 services.

HRsmar !nc." Ric#ardson" T$. &'une " = 5 March " 3* !enior Client Developer As a 0enior 6eveloper working for the +mplementation department! +>ve customi/ed and developed new functionality in the company>s 2uman <esources flagship products &A)0 and #1M* to fulfull different client-s needs. 6evelopment was done in 1erl or 121 &depending on the product* connecting to a My0?; data$ase. %ustomer re:uirements included external services integration like Background %heck and 1sichometric #valuations! and customi/ations of the core product to match customer-s workflows.

Highlight of "reelance Consulting an Development !ervices

PHP#M$!QL %eb applications &1777(" @* 1roject ;eader and 6eveloper in the implementation of we$ applications with %M0 administration! easily extensi$le to customer needs. )he platform was developed totally from scratch in a full o$ject(oriented scope! and installed on several sever types &from shared hostings to dedicated servers! $oth Aindows and ;inux! without modifying the porta$ility(oriented 121 code*. Technology: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, Flash/ActionScript. 0ome online examplesB www.solution$ !ocial Me ia Development &" 3(" 1 * 6evelopment and customi/ation plugins for the #lgg platform. +ntegration with ,ace$ook! Open+6 and other socialCidentity A1+s. Technology: PHP/ lgg open so!rce social engine. &hite Helmets Commision &" D(" =* ,ull development of administration software for the Ahite 2elmets %ommission! managing volunteers! projects and organi/ations in a single easy(to(use shared environment. Technology: "is!al #asic.$ T/SQL Server R%o &rande Air'or &" "(" E* 0oftware design and implementation for landing sensors control. Technology: "#%/Access, har&'are progra((ing !n&er )in&o's (S)!S (*ra Social &" (" E* 2ealth affiliates management software! including people! companies and payments control. Massive $ulk data processing. Technology: "is!al #asic % / Access, 'ith a later (igration to SQL Server. )am'a+So, &" (" D* .eneral software development for special em$edded server and network security e:uipment. Technology: */*++, Java !-S Soluciones &" F(" D* %ritical e(commerce interface in association with +M0 0oluciones &developers for the ?uilate #<1 0oftware* )his integration platform works under a 121C,ire$ird environment! :uerying large data$ases without replication! managing distri$uted product stock. )he platform evolved to $ecome part of +M0>s product catalogue. Technology: PHP, AJAX, Fire,ir& -ata,ase ngine.

'echnical !ummar$
Advanced usage+adminis ra ion o, #e ,ollowing o'era ing Sys ems B ;inux &6e$ian! 8$untu! ,edora*! 8G+H &,reeB06! MacO0H*! Aindows. Also! strong knowledge of electronics! computer hardware and networking. )ro,icien in #e ,ollowing 'rogramming+scri' ing languages B 121! 1erl! 'ava! %C%44! 8nix shells! 0?; &My0?;! 1ostgress! M00?;* ! 2)M;C%00! HM;! 'avascript! A'AH ;i$raries &1rototype! j?uery*! Actionscript. 0trong knowledge of O$ject(Oriented 1rogramming! )est 6riven 6evelopment and 0oftware 6esign.

E ucation
Universidad Tecnolgica Nacional &177=(" #lectronics #ngineer degree 3*

!ns i u o .eonardo -urialdo &177 (177@* #lectronics )echnician degree &+nformation )echnology Oriented*

,luent in S'anis# and /nglis#.

(elate Courses an Certifications

Courses 'a)en*

0er i,ied Scrum -as er" Scrum Alliance" 1223

Courses +iven* Ae$ applications testing with 0elenium +ntroduction to 121 programming )he 0marty )emplate #ngine )est 6riven 6evelopment using 1218nit A'AH we$ applications using j?uery