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SUBJECT: Human Resource Management




In the name of Allah, the most beneficent and merciful

I would like to acknowledge and thank the following people with the help of whom this project was completed: Our Parents Mr. Muhammad Abbas (Course Instructor) All the group members who worked really hard in Accomplishment of this report

Our Friends who helped and gave their valuable time for drafting this report.

Referral : Mr. Usama Toor Mougis Ahmed Khan (Manager Subscriber Management) at Zong Hasnain Ahmed Malik (OD Specialist HR) at Zong

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Telecom sector have undergone a radical change in the recent years. Once operating in a non-competitive environment similar to utilities, it is now facing true competition not only from domestic but also from international competitors. In order to keep themselves up-to-date, telecom sector members have improved and strengthened their internal as well as external policies. As a result, they are spending more on advertising and branding concepts and at the same time continuously improving their workforce. A very important factor of skilled workforce in an organization is that it reduces the cost and also helps to maintain an unbreakable and long lasting relationship with the various facets of consumer behavior. Now the companies have realized that by concentrating more on their workforce, they can achieve better efficiency and higher profits. Although HR department has been ignored in Pakistan for many decades, but now it has been proved from the experience of other companies that without applying HR policies, no organization can achieve efficiency and perfect labor force.

Talking about ZONG, it is the first International brand of China Mobile being launched in Pakistan. It is meant to empower and liberate the people of Pakistan in every nook and corner of the country. It will become a part of their hearts, their minds and bring about a change in their lives that every one desired but few thought would be possible. The core essence of ZONG is to allow people to communicate at will without worrying about tariffs, network coverage, capacity issues or congestion. ZONG will be supported by ground breaking communications, trend setting customer service and an unmatched product offering which will redefine rules of the game and establish ZONG as a serious competitor for the number one spot. ZONG offers its customers with entertaining & innovative value added services and empowering them by giving a wide variety of products, services & content to choose from. They are honored to be the revolutionary country introducing this brand with others to follow. And their aim is to make ZONG a success story for others to try and reproduce. With ambitious plans to provide to the fastest growing Pakistani market and to win over the ever demanding Pakistani customer, it will be offering extraordinary coverage, voice and data services as well as a wide range of tariff options to choose from.

CMPak's edge comes from the experience and expertise of running the world's largest telecom service and the commitment they make to setting quality and customer relations standards. CMPak is geared to offer neatly packaged VAS products that will benefit the individuals, corporate as well as small businesses. Led by a team of professionals from the field of cellular communication, CMPak is determined to make its mark in the Pakistani market and to change the way people communicate. China Mobile Pakistan (ZONG) is a 100% subsidiary of China Mobile. So far CMPak has invested more than US$ 700 million in the telecom sector in Pakistan and an additional US$ 800 million has been invested till the end of year 2008. These largest investments by CMPak act as ambassador of friendship between China and Pakistan. CMPak will invest more investments to enhance its services and bring innovation to sustain its leadership in the Telecom industry of Pakistan. ZONG is having its operative roots in China and Pakistan, so we can regard it as an international telecom company, having its parent company CMCC in China. With the help of globalization, HR management has an advantage of having a bigger pool of workers to be chosen from.


to our employees attentively is the responsibility of ZONG HR.

Your feedback will be kept in a bs o l ute c o n f i denti a l l y by bei ng s ent o nl y t o H R Oper a ti o na l E x cel l enc e T ea m. W e e ns ur e the facilit ation of the process in the best interest of the Company and the Employees! Zong Human Resource Department that has the capability of performing functions such as job analysis, recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal, setting compensation policies and providing safety and health to their employees. This report covers all the aspects of the human resource management concepts presently applied in ZONG. On the basis of observation it has been extracted that Human Resource in ZONG is highly motivated due to the perfect conditions provided to them.


"Mission Statement"

To be the number one cellular operator in Pakistan


"Vision Statement" To deliver the best network services with value added services that is in reach of common person.


tregths: Backup support

Value-added services Ever-increasing subscribers Ever-increasing coverage area

eaknesses: Late entry into the market

Least count current subscribers Low area coverage (so far)


pportunities: Covering such areas where

others have not yet reached Quality services to obtain customers loyalty Lower tariffs

hreats: Security threats to towers

Threat of competitor strategies for tariffs and packages.








Financ e







Chief HRM Officer

Director HRM

Senior HR Manager

Regional HR Manager

Assistant HR Manager

Team Leader




Employmen t planning & forecasting

Recruiting: Build a pool of candidates

Applicants complete application form

Use selection tools; tests to screenout applicants

Candidate becomes employee

Director or department head interview final candidates to make final choices



Policies for Recruitment and Selection as experienced at ZONG are:

Recruitment policy:
Objectives: The policy is meant to ensure an effective and efficient method of recruitment and selection. It is aimed at hiring without any discrimination based on race, colour, sex, nationality, ancestry, religion or disability.

Policy guidelines:
The recruitment policy must abide by regulations set out by the Government of Pakistan. The Sources of recruitment for different job vacancies in ZONG shall include: Internal Advertisement. Databank. Advertising. Head hunters/executive search organizations. Walk in candidates. Colleges and Universities

a) External Recruitment:
Under the age candidates will not be considered. Candidates are considered on the basis of their qualities & qualification to strictly discourage conflict of interest, like hiring of close relations (brothers, sisters, first cousins, brothers/sisters in law and friends etc.). Although candidates falling in this category who have extremely good qualifications may be considered. Final decision is up to with the concerned Divisional Head who will verify that there is no conflict of interest. Human Resources will give advice to Department Heads regarding salary range which is to be offered to the applicant keeping internal and external equity in viewpoint. Minimum qualification must be a Bachelor degree or equivalent. For call centre/support staff, A-Level or equivalent may be considered though approval of VP Human Resources & Administration will be required. This criteria does not apply to technicians/riggers and secondary staff.


b) Internal Recruitment:
ZONG employees who have completed one year of service and those who are exceptionally good are considered. Selected candidates will join the new job/position after getting clearance from existing line manager. Hiring from vendors, franchises, and clients is discouraged. Exceptionally where offers are made to employees of these entities their prior consent must be obtained.



All recruitment will be done through the Human Resource Department in consultation with the Officers and Heads of the concerned Department. An applicants knowledge, skill and aptitude related to the position shall be judged according to a range of factors including:


Education (Academic / Professional). Experience. Profile and Psychometric Tests Interviews. References.





Applicants may apply online by registering with the web based recruitment gateway. Though for a specific position, they will be required to fill the standard application form of the Company. All applications will be kept on HR database for a period of 6 months only.


Conditions for selection

Request forms for hiring and transfers must be forwarded to HR department for signatures. In order to gets appropriate candidates information regarding qualifications and job description should be forwarded to HR department. At least ten working days should be given for selection of candidates. Firstly internal advertisement would be placed for suitable candidates or shortlist for databank if no suitable candidates found than external advertisement is referred. Screened CVs are than provided to departments and theyll conduct an interview with the immediate Supervisor / Department / Divisional Head or his / her nominee and any job related selection tests after that short listed candidates are interviewed finally by HR department. To check suitability Human Resources Department may conduct Profile and Psychometric Tests for the selected candidate. Two Reference checks will be completed for the selected candidate either before hiring or during the probationary period. Appointment will be subject to satisfactory references being received.


On Selection the following information will be forwarded to HR to be kept in the Employees Personal File: a. Interview Evaluation form b. Passport size Photos. c. Any other special clause. d. References. e. Copy of N.I.C. f. Copies of degree(s): Bachelors and above only and copies of experience certificates. g. Duly filled application form

In the Case of Consultants the Company will sign a contract with the Consultant for a duration ranging from 3 months to 1 year. The Human Resource Department shall prepare and deliver the Employment Letter to the Employee and take signatures on a copy. These were the practices but what actually are the practices for Recruitment and selection at ZONG. Lets explore.


Practices at ZONG regarding Recruitment and Selection

Practices regarding the recruitment and selection are in accordance with the policies formulated by the HR department. According to employees following were the recruitment practices. Two types of Recruitments: Internal and External.
Sources of Internal Recruitment Employee referrals Internal advertising Sources of External Recruitment Job fairs University Hunts Advertising Emplacement Agencies Walk in candidates All recruitment and selection process is handled by the Human resource department. Applications for jobs are mostly made via internet. A selection criterion is totally based on merit. A series of interviews are conducted followed by a panel interview and a group discussion. Only deserving candidates from a lot of applicants are considered.


Critical Review on Recruitment and Selection Process

References are used everywhere to get a job and so are used in ZONG too. Tough it's not a positive parameter in the recruitment process but people use it as an entry point. In study we came to know that there are number of employees who were hired in ZONG on the reference basis. But on the other hand retaining or keeping a job is way different then getting a job. ZONG is using the online system for the Recruitment and Selection process, which is a very positive sign. With the growing factor and use of Internet, its much economical in terms of time and money to fill an online application. And also its easier for a company to organize their data electronically, which does not only help in organization but provides easy access, longer stay and remotely accessible. This has surly reduced the stress of physical offline requirement and the company can build a good impression to their consumers by using the latest technology.


Training needs assessment Policy at ZONG
Objective: To Identify the most appropriate solutions to performance problems. Procedures: All Company Heads should differentiate between problems that require training and problems that require coaching or other solutions. Generally, about 20% of performance problems require

training solutions and remaining 80% is handled by the quality of supervision and other work environmental factors (rewarding good performance, punishing poor performance, and removing obstacles to good performance).

Developing a Company Wide Management Training Plan

Objective: Identify the needs, by management level, for the whole Company. Employees are also Facilitate with Short Management Courses from time to time.


A total-company plan after coordination of HR Department is finalized and its implementation process starts after a follow-up with Department Heads. After focusing discipline need of an individual, plan is to design schedule to assemble the total-company training need. The trainer should be under the headcount of HR so that adequate training sessions can be planned and conducted nationwide. Requirements for training an employee are made on supervisors recommendation in the appraisal form or if it is not mentioned in performance appraisal than requirements can also be forwarded by the supervisors.

Training Practices at ZONG

By getting information we have found that ZONG mostly use On Job training technique with its employees which means employees are get trained by their performance in assigned job with supervisors guidelines how to boost up their efficiency regarding work. ZONG Internees are trained in various departments with basics of everything and most of them are hired by ZONG itself.


Types of Training in ZONG

On a general basis the training done in ZONG can be divided into two categories: Soft skill training Technical Training Soft Skill Training: Training based on strong knowledge regarding personal lives to increase productivity and lessened their distraction. Soft skill development courses in areas like personal finance and childcare can help your team better manage the most important areas in their personal lives. This may include the following things for e.g. Conflict management training People management training Communication skills Anger management Time management training Teamwork training etc


Critical Review on Training at ZONG

ZONG provides good professional development to their employees by several training opportunities. Company has policies and procedures defined for trainings, assessment, their needs and the application process. Different units can apply for the related training through HR. e.g. Finance department in ZONG gets a training in customer services and so on. Training is a compulsory factor in the organization and is open to everyone, related to his/her field or unit. Some organizational training is offered and practiced often like supervisory skills training and conflict resolution management etc to achieve a quality and practice good business habits. More focus in training can be paid by addressing different levels. Like these training are more helpful for managers or supervisors but may not develop the related skills for the lower level employees. Though company provides many opportunities and surely if these were asked, then must have been provided for other levels too.


Adoption Towards Organizational Change

Telecom industry is a change oriented industry which should modify itself with time and ensure that whether it is change in tariffs or an internal change it should be flexible to an extent to accept that change. Usually topdown change is applied by management so that change is not restrained by employees. Changes are clearly planned to ensure maximum benefits available from the change.

Performance Appraisal System

Policies at ZONG for Performance Appraisal
Objectives: The basic purpose is to evaluate and improve the actual performance of employee (current/past) towards performance standards and also future potentials of ZONG.

The Objectives of the Performance Review Program are: To measure work performance To motivate and assist employees in improving their performance and achieving their personal/professional career goals To identify employees with high potential for advancement

To provide objective information for making decisions on salary increases, promotions, bonus and transfers. To identify employees training and development To provide a solid path for career planning for each individual

Practices at ZONG for Performance Appraisal

To meet companys performance standards ZONG conducts performance appraisal in order to evaluate their employees current performance or past performance. To eliminate this deficiency ZONG try to adapt the performance appraisal so that employees should aware of their performance, also get feed backs from their supervisors and from getting incentives and development program they could increase their performance. There are many performance appraisal methods. ZONG uses the computerized performance appraisal method. ZONG conduct its performance appraisal of employees in December. Performance appraisal sheet has been developed by the HR Department and has downloaded it on the intranet of ZONG so that the supervisor may evaluate their employees. After completion of evaluation it is forwarded to employees for confirmation and if employee doesnt agree with supervisor


he will not sign it and when HR Department get that within due date than problems are identified and solved.

Critical Review on Performance Appraisal

For the performance evaluation different ways are adopted like online 180 degrees and 360 degrees. In the past only 180 degree methodology was adopted for the performance appraisal but they have moved to online 360 degree evaluation. Adopting this new strategy is quite supportive and is appreciated by the employees because if an employee is happy with the performance evaluation of this head then he or she may challenge it for the review.



Telecom industry is full of competition therefore ZONG has focused on career management of its employees so that they might understand better and develop their skill for their interest as well as for organizations benefit. A thoughtful process through which someone becomes aware of personal skills, interests knowledge, motivation, and other characteristics; acquires information about other opportunities and choices; identifies career related goals and establishes action plans to attain specific goals. Career development is the lifelong series of activities (such as workshops) that contributes to a person career exploration, establishment, and success and fulfillment.


ZONG gives promotion of their employees on the performance basis. The ZONG HR department develops the employees career development plans in which the HR department predicts the next logical step for their employees within five years.

Motivation of ZONG employees is based on two factors, intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic due to fast growing image of ZONG and Extrinsic due to attractive pay scale together with basic facilities such as medical play important role to keep the employees motivated. ZONG keeps its employee motivated by fulfilling the five hierarchical needs of physiology, safety, social needs, self esteem and ultimately self actualization needs.




To motivate employees in every level Management frequently takes steps. Due to this management use technique of job enlargement by increasing the number of subordinates and giving extra span of control.

Job Enrichment:
At the same time job enrichment tool is useful to boost up the skills of employees and discover their talent which motivates them to do something extraordinary.

Job Rotation:
Tool to motivate and expand their skills, knowledge, interest & abilities. It can be either horizontal or vertical. In Vertical employee are promoted to a new position and in horizontal jobs are rotated among same statuses. After this it is easy for a supervisor to evaluate reliably. ZONG is doing a vertical job rotation at a very low level usually.


Rewards System
Policies on Reward system at ZONG:
ZONG reward policies have lists which are both Intrinsic and Extrinsic followed by policies:

Objectives: The purpose of this policy is to have salaries subject for review in January of each calendar year in the light of merit and inflation. An employee with his/her specific job title will receive salary relevant to his position. Policy Guidelines: The Company will pay salaries and other compensations during office hours and on the job site as follows: All New Employees have to open bank accounts in specified banks prescribed by the Company to get their salary every month. Upon termination of service (end of service), the employee will receive his / her salary within 15 working days from his last day. Upon resignation, the employee will be paid his / her dues during a maximum period of 15 working days from the date he / she left the job.


Besides there are other intrinsic and extrinsic awards that leads towards one objective only to motivate the employees to achieve organizational goal.

Other intrinsic and extrinsic rewards include: Medical care Life insurance Vacations Relocation Credit advance policy/provident policy/advance against provident fund EOI Recreation Club Policy Travel Mobile phone Business mobile phone policy


Practices on Reward systems at ZONG:

Reward system policies are strictly practiced at ZONG. Employees are paid when they are supposed to pay. Other rewards are also fast but they are mostly tenure based rather than performance based. Policies shows that rewards are totally performance based but in actual this policy is not followed strictly. Mostly rewards are determined by the organizational membership and seniority. Promotion is given on the basis of performance, as well as tenure.

Critical Review:
Reward system at ZONG is quite complicate. The reason for this is that there are many intrinsic and extrinsic, direct and indirect, compensating and non-compensating rewards. There is even a department that looks after the motivational aspect of the employees. How motivation level of employees can be kept to a level so that they can be more productive. PMO (Project management office) introduces many club memberships, game shows, lunch arrangement and many more for employee to be motivated. Similarly, there are special achievement awards at each individual level. Then there are even team awards, department awards and division awards.


One thing to mention is criteria for rewards. As mentioned earlier in policies, rewards are performance based. But this is true only in case of achievement awards, group awards etc. If we observe basic pays and increments then those are not performance based. Those are more of tenure based. ZONG does say that all rewards are performance based. However, it is not the case in practice.



Maximum jobs of ZONG are not hazardous to health so, there is no such need of health measurements. Though everybody wants to be safe and thats why when you visit some ZONG office to meet someone of a high designation level. You need to fulfill various safety measures.


ZONG has a strong HR system. That is the reason we didnt found much discrepancies in what management says, what policies state and what employees say. 90% of the times they were same. However, there were some discrepancies that need consideration and their alteration can make this HR system best in Pakistan.

Following are some of the recommendations based on those discrepancies:

1. Delegation of authority: Human resource department is not fully authorized to take all the decisions. Despite the fact that, HR department claims to have the overall management of the company but actually it doesnt happen. There are numerous HR decisions that are taken by the other department. So, delegation of authority should be clear regarding decision making for HR department.

2. Lack of information: Through this project we come to know that ZONG employees were not aware of the in depth policies due to lack of information regarding formulation of policies. This happens due to complications in understanding those policies so; ZONG should simplify them for its employees.

3. Power dissonance: Managers are responsible for promotions & hiring with its pre-required goals but firing is concerned with Boss but this can cause dissonance among employees for


4. Enhancement in recruitment sources: ZONG should increase its recruitment sources. During an interview, we asked the same question and he answered thats what policy says; on ground level we do use as many sources as possible. If this is the case then we recommend ZONG that it should adjust policy accordingly.


From all the mentioned aspects our group has learned a lot from this study and research. It made us easy to understand almost all the aspects of the presented topic. As far as ZONG is concerned, generally the conclusion is very easy to comprehend that ZONG HRM Department has to cover some aspects in order to compete with its competitors UFONE, TELENOR, MOBILINK, ALWARID, so they have to formulate some new techniques for training and development.