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This project is prepared with the Combination of theoretical Knowledge as well as Practical Knowledge and a blend of advices and Suggestion from the Research Guide of the Project. Various books helped me out in extracting the theoretical ingredient. For doing anything right, it is necessary that on follow the correct method otherwise he wont be able to achieve his goal properly. Hence how you do things is very important than have you done the things? & how fast have you done things? While marking this Project it was while marking this project it was important to give due importance to the method of Collecting the data for achieving the goal. This Project is a research based Project & the information Presented in the project is collected with the help of primary & secondary data.

Technology plays a vital role in effortlessly and transparently integrating the various arms of the company to deliver to the customer and organization the corporate envisioning. To improve their technical proficiency by upgrading their information support by developing strong research and development department in their respective organization. Further, in an era of high customer expectations constant efforts of increasing services through the use of technology become imperative (vital). IT has to be used effectively to tap (strike) the potential market. Information technology provides business value by enabling more efficient execution of the insurance business capabilities, enhancing the role of protecting deposits and improving the safety and soundness in our nations banking system. The purpose of this business technology strategic plan is to document the future technology vision for the insurance and to identify strategic imperatives to achieve that vision. The plan fuses information technology capabilities and strategies with the business capabilities and strategies of the insurance.


- Introduction To Insurance - Introduction To IT

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Literature Review Field Study

- Purpose & Need Of Insurance - Functions Of Insurance - Kinds Of Insurance - Evolution Of Information Technology - The Earlier Business Model - Application of Information Technology (IT) in Insurance (The New Business Model)

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- IT Applications In Functional Areas - IT In The Insurance Sector - The Role Of IT In Insurance - The Need For IT - Insurance & Electronic Commerce E Insurance - International Trends - Life Insurers On The Web - E Insurance In India

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- E Insurance Business Challenges - Technological Challenges - Assessment Of Priority - Faster Claims Settlement - Benefits To Policy Holders / Prospects - Benefits To Agents - IT Department In a Insurance Company - What Will IT Be Like In The Coming Years - Future Scenario - Field Study (IT and LIC) - IT in LIC For Service to Policyholders - AIG E Business Risk Solutions - Analysis Of Survey Report

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Findings, analysis and interpretation Conclusion

- Conclusion of project - Suggestions

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