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CHEMISTRY One hour and a half hours

SECTION A [ 15 marks ] Four suggested answers labelled A& '& C and Choose one correct answer. are given for each question.

A compound with the molecular formula CH3CH NH!"C##H e$i%t% in two %hape%& 'hat i% it called( A ' C )%otope%& Ci% * tran% i%omer%& #ptical i%omer%& +tructural i%omer%&


'hat rea,ent i% u%ed to differentiate the followin, compound% -elow( CH!#H #H

A ' C

.romine water Car-on dio$ide Ethano/l chloride 0iluted h/drochloric acid

'hich reaction %how% the propa,ation %tep durin, the reaction -etween methane and chlorine in the pre%ence of li,ht( A ' C H 1 Cl! CH2 1 Cl1 CH2 1 Cl1 CH2 1 Cl HCl 1 Cl CH3Cl 1 H1 CH31 1 HCl CH3 1 HCl

( 'hich car-on atom can mo%t ea%il/ -e attac3ed -/ an electrophile( A CH!.r H3C 0 . ) C#CH3 C

'hich one of the followin,% will -e produced throu,h the reaction -etween phenol and chlorine %olution(




C #H



#H Cl


* | 'hich compound can chan,e the C = # ,roup in propanone to | A ' C Chlorine ,a% 4ho%phorou% 5" chloride +odium chloride 0ilute h/drochloric acid | C Cl ( |

#ne component of -ee%wa$6 which i% u%ed a% a car poli%h6 ha% the formula CH3 CH!"!2C## CH!"!7CH3& 'hat are the product% of the acidic h/drol/%i% of thi% component( A . C 0 CH3 CH3 CH3 CH3 CH!"!3C##H and CH3 CH!"!7C##H CH!"!2C##H and CH3 CH!"!8C##H CH!"!2C##H and CH3 CH!"!7#H CH!"!2#H6 CH3 CH!"#H and C#!

'hen -romine water i% added to phen/lamine6 the -romine water i% decolouri%ed& 'hich %tatement e$plain% the o-%er9ation a-o9e( A ' C 4hen/lamine o$idi%e% .r! into .r :& The NH! ,roup in phen/lamine i% %u-%tituted with .r!& The NH! ,roup phen/lamine react% with .r!& .romine %u-%titute% h/dro,en in the -en;ene rin,&

A%partame i% an artificial %weetener which ha% the %tructural formula a% follow%< # # == == H!N CH C NH CH C #CH3 . . CH ! CH! | | C##H

'hich functional ,roup i% no/ found in the a%partame molecule( A C $# E%ter Car-o$/l ,roup ' Amino acid Car-on/l ,roup

The repeatin, unit of a pol/mer i% a% follow%&

'hich of the followin, can produce the a-o9e pol/mer( A



'hat are the %imilaritie% amon, %olid enantiomer% optical i%omer%"( $ " % A ' C Relati9e molecular ma%% >eltin, point Chemical propertie% $ $&" "&% $&"&%


'hat are the compound% produced when -utan:!:ol i% reflu$ed with acidified pota%%ium man,anate 5))" %olution( $ " % A ' C .utanone .utanoic acid .utanol $ $&" "&% $&"&%


'hat i% the t/pe of reaction that will occur to the compound -elow( CH3 C# CH3

CH ? CHCH 3 $ " % Electrophilic addition Nucleophilic addition Electrophilic %u-%titution

A ' C $ $&" "&% $&"&%


A part of a pol/mer %tructure i% a% follow%< ANHC# CH!"2C#! CH!"!NHC# CH!"2C#! CH!"!: 'hich %tatement% are true a-out thi% pol/mer( I " % A ' C )t can -e %/nthe%i%ed from C)C# CH!"2 C#C1 and H#CH!CH!NH!& )t i% a pol/amide and al%o a pol/e%ter& )t i% re%i%tant a,ain%t al3aline h/drol/%i%& $ $&" "&% $&"&%


There are %aturated and un%aturated pol/mer%& 'hich pol/mer %" decolouri%e %" an acidified %olution of pota%%ium man,anate 5))"( $ " % A ' C 4ol/ !:meth/l-uta:1 63:diene" 4ol/ ethene"& 4ol/ phen/lethene" $ $&" "&% $&"&%

SECTION B [15 marks] Answer all questions in this section. 16

a" 0raw the %tructure of the maCor product of each of the followin, reaction%& 012 :'r 3 NH% Ethanol

0112 0CH%2"C'r" 3 NaOH i" CH3CH!>,.r ii" H3#1

[3 >ar3%]



-" The %tructural formula of an or,anic compound i% a% follow%< H# CH!CHCH3 #H 0raw the %tructural formula of the or,anic product %" formed when the compound react% with each of the followin, rea,ent%< i" ii" iii" i9" %odium metal An aDueou% %olution of %odium h/dro$ide& An al3aline iodine %olution& A hot acidic pota%%ium man,anate 5))" %olution& [1 mar3] [1 mar3] [1 mar3] [1 mar3]


a" i"

7 Ethene react% with -romine 9ia electrophile addition mechani%m 'hat i% meant -/ electrophile( EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE& EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE [1 mar3] ii" 'rite a -alance eDuation for the reaction the reaction ta3in, place& [! mar3%]


The formulae of pol/mer% F and G are ,i9en -elow&


'rite the %tructural formulae of the monomer% of pol/mer% F and G& [3 mar3%]


+tate the t/pe% of pol/rneri%ation in9ol9ed in the formation of pol/mer% F and G&


[! mar3%]

SECTION C [30 marks] Answer any two questions in this section.


a" )dentif/ the t/pe of i%omeri%m %hown -/ !:-utanol and -utenedioic acid& E$plain wh/ the%e compound% e$hi-it i%omeri%m& 0raw the pair of i%omer% for each compound& [ 6 Marks]

-" An or,anic compound 4 ha% the molecular formulaC 5H1!# 6& 4 to form H ha% a chiral car-on atom and decolouri%e% hot6 acidified pota%%ium man,anate 5))" %olution& .oth 4 and H form% a /ellow precipitate when reacted with an al3aline iodine %olution& H form% a /ellow precipitate with !62:dinitrophen/lh/dra;ine& 0etermine the %tructural formula of 4 and H& E$plain the a-o9e o-%er9ation% and write the appropriate eDuation% for the reaction%& [9 Marks ]






'rite the mechani%m of the reaction when 1:chloropropane i% reflu$ed with aDueou% %odium h/dro$ide& Name the t/pe of reaction in9ol9ed& [3 marks] +tate and e$plain how the rate of thi% reaction chan,e% when 1:chloropropane i% replaced -/ 1:-romopropane& [3 marks] 'rite the eDuation% to %how how /ou would chan,e 1:chloropropane to !:chloropropane& [5 marks]


Catal/tic crac3in, i% a proce%% where lon, chained al3ane% are -ro3en into mi$ture of %hort chained molecule%& i" ii" E$plain the importance of the catal/tic crac3in, proce%% in indu%trie%& [! marks] +tate the condition% reDuired for thi% proce%%& [! marks]

"# +u,,e%t how each of the followin, con9er%ion% can -e carried out& )n each ca%e /our an%wer %hould include %ucce%%i9e %tep% of the con9er%ion and al%o rea,ent and condition u%ed in each %tep& a" -" c" d" Ethanol to propanoic acid [4 marks] 14propanol to !4propanol [3 marks] !4-romopropane to propanone [3 marks] 4ropane414ol to !4meth/lpropanoic acid [5 marks]