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FORMAT FOR PROJECT PROPOSAL (Two copies must be submitted to the Study Centre with the project proposal)
1. Name of the programme 2. Name of the Student 3. Roll Number 4. Exam nat on Reg !trat on Number ". Mob le Number of Student #. Name of Stud$ %entre &. Name of 'ropo!ed (u de ). Mob le Number of (u de : MBA; : : : : : : :

Specialization: Marketin



"# $nstitution % &r anisation where the uide works: '(# Title o) the *roject :


Title : A study on Custo e! S"tis#"$tion in online Ret"il S%o&s NEED FOR T'E STUD( This increases the importance o) our research work and the need to study the online shoppin in $ndia ie) www#snapdeal#com+ www#ebay#com+ www#easypurchase#in This study has enabled us to ather the ,iews o) online customers in $ndia with respect to what they e-pect and what has made them remain loyal or satis)ied to the product or ser,ice# RE)IE* OF LITERATURE $n order to de,elop a )ramework )or the study consumer beha,ior it is help)ul to be in by considerin the e,olution o) the )ield o) consumer research and the di))erent paradi ms o) thou ht that ha,e in)luenced the discipline# .s described here+ a set o) dimensions can be identi)ied in the literature+ which can be used to characterize and di))erentiate the ,arious perspecti,es on consumer research# $t is ar ued that consumer beha,iour itsel) emer ed as a distinct )ield o) study durin the '"/(s0 and is characterized by two broad paradi ms+ the positi,ist and the non1positi,ist# The positi,ist paradi m encompasses the economic+ beha,ioural+ co niti,e+ moti,ational%trait%attitudinal+ and situational perspecti,es0 these perspecti,es are re)erred to as the traditional perspecti,es as they pre1date the de,elopment o) the non1positi,ist paradi m# The positi,ist paradi m+ which is still the dominant paradi m+ emphasizes the supremacy o) human reason and that there is a sin le+ objecti,e truth that can be disco,ered by science# This paradi m re ards the world as a rational and ordered place with a clearly de)ined past+ present+ and )uture# The assumption o) rationalism is there)ore )undamental to the traditional perspecti,e# The opposin + non1positi,ist paradi m+ en,elops the interpreti,e and postmodern perspecti,es+ which ha,e emer ed more recently durin the period post1'"2( to date# The proponents o) this emer in perspecti,e ar ue that positi,ism o,eremphasizes the rational ,iew and the ideolo y o) a homo enous social culture and thereby denies the complesocial and cultural world in which consumers li,e# This paradi m instead stresses+ the importance o) symbolic and subjecti,e e-perience and the idea that consumers construct meanin s based on uni3ue and shared cultural e-periences+ and thus there can be no sin le uni)ied world ,iew#

4nsurprisin ly+ the two paradi ms di))er in their ,iews on the bene)its deri,ed )rom consumption and the objecti,es that underscore consumer research# The traditional+ positi,ist perspecti,e takes a ,ery utilitarian approach to the bene)its )rom consumption# 5hile the non1positi,ist perspecti,es place much reater emphasis on the symbolic dimensions o) choice# The objecti,e o) non1positi,ist research endea,our is to achie,e a better understandin o) consumer beha,iour with no speci)ic intent to in)luence consumer processes# Con,ersely+ outcomes o) positi,ist research are directed toward ad,ancin the oals o) marketin practice P!edis&ositions +,e#o!e Pu!$%"se.ccordin to Thorelli et al ('"67)+ the prospecti,e buyer possesses a certain stock o) co niti,e content+ includin his own personality or sel)1concept+ attitudes and opinions both in eneral and on speci)ic products+ and stored in)ormation and past e-perience# This stock has been )ormed as a result o) his interaction with his en,ironment o,er time+ and it will help determine the en,ironment in which he places himsel) in the )uture as well as in)luence his perceptions o) that en,ironment# P!odu$t Need: .s a result o) either co niti,e acti,ity or some en,ironmental stimulus+ the buyer reco nizes a need which is capable o) bein satis)ied by a product or ser,ice# $n other words+ the need is o)ten tri ered by internal or e-ternal stimuli# Some authors also take this need reco nition sta e as the entry point# Chaston (8((') ar ues that the potential consumer will not implement any o) the other steps in the buyin process until need reco nition has happened# E.te!n"l Se"!$%: Thorelli et al ('"67) describe that this sta e represents all search o) the e-ternal en,ironment )or alternati,e solutions as well as )or in)ormation help)ul in e,aluatin these alternati,es# The search )or in)ormation occurs on an internal and e-ternal basis (9ilbert+ '""")# The internal search )or in)ormation )rom pre,ious e-perience mi ht be rele,ant to the present purchase situation# The e-tent and nature o) e-ternal search )or in)ormation likely in any i,en purchase has been the subject o) a reat deal o) research# 5hen searchin )or in)ormation in the e-ternal en,ironment (e# #+ )riends and )amily)+ consumers )ocus on those rele,ant attributes that are a,ailable and are dia nostic (Dick et al#+ '""()#

E/"lu"tion o# Alte!n"ti/es: This sta e consists o) the physical and co niti,e acti,ities in,ol,ed in comparin alternati,es on the basis o) in)ormation athered )rom e-ternal search abo,e# .ccordin to :otler (8((()+ the consumer arri,es at attitudes toward the ,arious brands throu h an attribute e,aluation procedure and most buyers consider se,eral attributes in their purchase decision# These attributes used by consumers )or e,aluation are also called choice criteria# ;obber (8((') has made a ood summary o) these choice criteria# $n )act+ consumers attempt to optimize the trade1o)) between product bene)its+ product costs+ the desired personal utilityies and other ,ariables#

Pu!$%"se A$ti/ity: *urchase acti,ity in,ol,es the actual )inal decision and physical acti,ities in,ol,ed in makin (or not makin ) the purchase# This sta e includes the actual transaction# <owe,er+ as su ested by :otler (8((()+ percei,ed risks o) a consumer can hea,ily )actors that mi ht pro,oke percei,ed risk in in)luence his decision to modi)y+ postpone+ or a,oid a purchase decision# There)ore it is necessary )or marketers to understand consumers and work out solutions to reduce that# Post Pu!$%"se ,e%"/iou!: This step is concerned primarily with the buyers use o) the product purchased# .)ter purchasin the product+ the consumer will e-perience some le,el o) satis)action or dissatis)action which will in)luence a consumers subse3uent beha,iour# Dissatis)ied consumers may abandon or return the product+ they may e,en complain to the other roup (:otler+ 8((()# $t is clear that satis)actions and dissatis)actions created by product per)ormance will be important determinants o) attitudes and in)ormation stored as inputs to )uture purchase decisions# P!edis&ositions +A#te! Pu!$%"se "nd Use-: This sta e su ests that )ollowin the purchase process+ the buyer (or non1buyer) is le)t with

co niti,e content which may be 3uite di))erent )rom that which was present at the be innin o) the process# =uyers may chan e their attitudes+ in)ormation and e-perience due to reasons o) time and e,ents# .ll o) these may ser,e to chan e substantially the nature o) the decision process )or )uture purchases o) the same type#

PRIMAR( O,JECTI)E The &!i "!y o01e$ti/es o) the study was To study and analyze academic and empirical research in the area o) online customer satis)action in $ndia# To de,elop a 3uestionnaire and conduct 3ualitati,e online sur,ey in order to understand the e-pectations o) $ndian customers )rom online shoppin # To study about the comparison o) > online shops in india ( www#ebay#in+ www#snaldeal#com+www#easypurchase#in)


The se$ond"!y o01e$ti/es o) the study was 4tilization o) ?ikert scalin + simple random samplin tools and @*S (@et

*romoter Score) model to analyze the obtained data )rom 3uestionnaire Ainally we will come up with some conclusions and recommendations )or the online sellers on the basis o) the 3uantitati,e and 3ualitati,e data analysis and results o) our thesis work#

RESEARC' MET'ODOLOG( D"t" Colle$tion The *roject describes the o,erall procedure used to collect data )or the thesis work# Arom the Marketin point o) ,iew normally we use the combination o) 3ualitati,e and 3uantitati,e research# 2u"lit"ti/e Rese"!$% Bualitati,e research consists o) some technical procedures# These procedures are essential )or the sur,ey response# There are many )actors in,ol,ed in the 3ualitati,e research# Aollowin is the description )or 3ualitati,e data collection#

2uestionn"i!e Desi3n Arom )irms perspecti,e customer satis)action dimensions such as a,ailability+ responsi,eness+ timeliness+ completeness+ and con,enience need to be measured by 3uestionnaire# .,ailability should be the de ree )or which customer could contact the supplier# There where the supplier could react promptly accordin to the re3uirement o) the customer )ul)ils the responsi,eness dimension o) customer satis)action )or e-ample constantly response to the customer )eedback recei,e ,ia website# The time )rame )or the deli,ery o) oods or ser,ices is another dimension o) customer satis)action# Airms ha,e to make sure that the job is )inished and customer is satis)ied o) the completion o) his demand or re3uirement# Airms also need to enhance their pro)essional beha,ior and manners to keep their customer satis)ied and retained+ )or e-ample o))erin customized solutions thus makin ,irtual purchase a con,enient method o) shoppin LIMITATIONS &ne can )ind numerous statistical and economic studies on customer satis)action and loyalty with re ards to physical store shoppin # =ut this research on measurin the customer satis)action and loyalty o) online shoppers in $ndia is rare o) its kind# This increases the importance o) our research work and the need to study the online shoppin in $ndia# This study has enabled us to ather the ,iews o) online customers in $ndia with respect to what they e-pect and what has made them remain loyal or satis)ied to the product or ser,ice# EXPECTED DELI)ERA,LES The online customers o) $ndia are satis)ied with their local websites+ security in online payment and the 3uality and timely deli,ery o) oods# .lso+ )or security purposes+ most o) the $ndians pre)er third party mediation )or their online payments# $ndians do not e))ecti,ely make use o) the online customer ser,ice%support )acilities in case o) incon,enience# This shows that they are not encoura ed by the online sellers to make e))ecti,e use o) ser,ice and support pro,ided on online shoppin websites# $ndian online shoppers hesitate to pro,ide )eedback about a product or ser,ice purchased online# This is ,ery important )or both online sellers and buyers# =y i,in positi,e )eedback+ the customer is indirectly recommendin the product to prospecti,e buyers# &n the other hand+ ne ati,e )eedback helps the online sellers to impro,e the 3uality o) products%ser,ices thus attractin more people towards online shoppin # There)ore+ online sellers should encoura e customers to pro,ide )eedback )or their entire online purchases#

REFERENCES ,i0lio3!"&%y ,oo4s 8((6+ &!CD Science+ Technolo y and $ndustry scoreboard: $nno,ation and per)ormance in the lobal economy+ p# ''8 C ''D# .rmstron + 9 E:otler+ * 8(("+ Marketin .n $ntroduction ("th ed#)+ *earson *rentice <all+ @ew ;ersey# =arker+ F E.n elopulo+ 9 8((/+ $nte rated or anizational communication+ ;utaE Co# (*,t) ?td+ Cape Town# =arnes+ ;9 (8((/)+ =uildin your customer strate y: a uide to creatin pro)itable customer relationships+ ;ohn 5iley E Sons+ @ew ;ersey+ * '6182# =est+F; (8((7)+ Market1based mana ement: Strate ies )or 9rowin customer ,alue and pro)itability+ *earson *rentice <all+ @ew ;ersey+ * 618(# =lack+ : 8(("+ =usiness statistics: )or Contemporary Decision Makin (/ ed)+ ;ohn 5iley E Sons+ 4S.+ p# >D># =uttle+ A 8((D+ Customer relationship mana ement: concepts and tools+ !lse,ier =utterworth1<einemann+ M.# Carroll+ ; E=roadhead+ F 8(('+ Sellin online: how to become a success)ul e1commerce merchant+ Dearborn Trade+ Canada# Cha))ey+ D 8((8+ !1business and e1commerce mana ement: strate y+ implementation+ and practice+ *earson !ducation+ !n land+ p#/# Cha))ey+ D+ Chadwick+ A!+ ;ohnston+ : E Mayer+ F 8(("+ $nternet marketin : Strate y+ implementation and practice (D ed)+ *earson !ducation+ !n land# G *e0sites : www#snapdeal#com www#easypurchase#in www#ebay#com