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Lesson Plan - Anatomy of Striated Muscles

Using ADAM, the Inside Story Sue Way Target Grade 11th & 12 grade students Advanced Biology or Physiology & Anatomy classes Class is designed for students pursuing advanced biological studies Goals for anatomy of striated muscles evie! of muscles studied by cat dissection" #ransfer information on muscles learned through cat dissection to human body e$amples" %ncluding location Physical relationship to other muscles Physical relationship to other body parts Objectives Create study sheet for e$ams &ie! the placement of muscles on human sample using soft!are &ie! the scientific names and correct spelling of muscles #echnology helps students visually see these relationships on human body e$ample #echnology'Soft!are allo!s student to revie! specific muscle locations and relationships to rest of the body at student controlled pace !ith re( enforcement of muscles names and locations )offering the find feature* Lesson Plan for anatomy of striated muscles using ADAM, the Inside Story Students have previously studied the structure and function of striated muscles Students have been introduced to list of muscles+ insertion & origin of muscles and their actions" Students have completed striated muscle unit of cat dissection" Students have used A,A- for basic human body study activities" Lab Re !ire"ents# ./ station PC or -AC computer lab ADAM, the Inside Story soft!are Internet $%&lorer Activities# 1" 0and out 2 sided human body sheet !ith muscle diagrams and cut a!ay

2" evie! orientation of A,A." ,iscuss boo1mar1s providing additional lin1s for muscle identification by locating origin & insertion points and muscle actions" Also site for cat dissection 2ui3 for revie! 4" 0ave students fill out study sheets correctly labeling and spelling listed muscles" -a1ing sure the label feature is off" 0aving students identify muscles themselves and using the aid features of eyeglasses or find if needed" 5" ,ouble chec1 ans!ers at the end of class !ith the label feature so students have accurate study guide 6" &isit boo1 mar1ed sites as time permits or to be used for e$tra research at home" 'oo("ar(ed sites# http7''!!!"scar"rad"!ashington"edu'muscleatlas' detail about specific muscles http7''!!!"bio"psu"edu'faculty'strauss'anatomy'musc'muscular"htm cat anatomy http7''bio"bio"rpi"edu'Parsons'8niversal 92/:iles'Studios'1-uscle;ab'1A,-usc"html anatomy help !'A,A-

Adductor Brevis Adductor ;ongus Adductor -agnus Biceps :emoris+ ;ong 0ead Biceps :emoris+ Short 0ead <$tensor ,igitorum ;ongus <$tensor 0allucis ;ongus :le$or ,igitorum ;ongus :le$or 0allucis ;ongus =astrocnemius =luteus -a$imus =luteus -edius =luteus -inimus =racilis %liopsoas %nferior =emellus >bturator <$ternus >bturator %nternus Pectineus Peroneus Brevis Peroneus ;ongus Peroneus #ertius Piriformis Plantaris Popliteus ?uadratus :emoris ectus :emoris Sartorius Semimembranosus Semitendinosus Soleus Superior =emellus #ensor :ascia ;ata #ibialis Anterior #ibialis Posterior &astus %ntermedius &astus ;ateralis &astus -edialis
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