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MBA OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SEMESTER 4 OM 0017 ADVANCED PRODUCTION AND PLANNING CONTROL -4 CREDITS (BOOK ID B1342) ASSIGNMENT-60 MARKS Note: Answer allquestions. Kindlynote thatanswers for10marks questions should be approximatelyof 400words.Ea hquestionisfollowedbye!aluations heme. "1. A lar#e number of fore astin# methods are a!ailable. $is uss the ate#ories% lassifi ationoffore astin#methods. (Opinion and judgmental (Predictive) methods : Explanation- 0.5 marks !ethods under this categor"- # marks$ %ime series methods or &uantitative methods Explanation- 0.5 marks !ethods under this categor"-5marks) "&. Explain howe onomi order quantity anbe al ulated by'odel1: E(" with )niform*ateof$emand and+nstantaneous*eplenishment. (%"pe o' model and ho( it is developed-) mark *ssumptions o' the model + , marks -raphical representation o' the var"ing inventor" level (ith time (along (ith explanation)- . marks /ormulae 'or(%otal annual inventor" cost$ %otal annual ordering cost $%otal*nnual 0olding 1ost)- , marks 2eterminationo'EO3'or!odel)+,marks) ",. -he priority rule is a systemati pro edure for assi#nin# priorities for awaitin# .obs. -he ommon problem fa ed in most of the ompanies is assi#nin# priority with respe t to the .ob on hand for produ tion. /hen there is a set of orders to beexe uted0 the questionof prioritisin# arises. 1riority rules #i!e the solution to the priority problems fa ed by ompanies.Explain inbriefaboutpriorityrules fors hedulin#2 (!ajor criteria 'or selecting priorit" rules- ).45 marks classi'ication o' priorit" rules + ).,5 marks de'inition o' major criteria rules- #.5 marks de'initiono'priorit" criteria rules +,.5marks) "4. A 3lexible 'anufa turin# 4ystem 53'46 is a manufa turin# system omprisin# a set of similar and%or orrespondin# numeri ally ontrolled ma hines0 whi h are onne ted throu#h an automated transportation system./hatare thefundamentalbuildin#blo ksand benefitsof3'42 10 marks 10 marks 10 marks 10 marks

Summer 2013
(5orkstations.(explanation and list o' various (orkstations) + , marks *utomated !aterial 0andling and 6torage s"stem.(explanation and 'unctions) + , marks 1omputer 1ontrol 6"stem.(explanation and 'unctions) + , marks Potential 7ene'its (tangi7le and intangi7le) o' esta7lishing/!6-# marks) "7. 4upply hain mana#ement is essentialforthesu ess of e!ery ompany and to satisfy ustomer demand. 4upply hain mana#ement plays a riti al role in the su ess of the ompany. 4upply hain mana#ement is equipped to deal with anythin# from flow of produ ts to unexpe ted natural disasters. 4upply hain mana#ement dia#noses the problem and inno!ati!elyworks around theproblems. Explain theimpa t4upply hain mana#ementhas onbusiness. (Explanation o' impact on 7usiness 8educe operating costs + . marks 9mprove 'inancial position- . marks :oost customer service + . marks conclusion-) mark) "8. 49$(:/; ,($"":"< := >?+:"?> $= $ @8;=/?1$/:3 4)*3?== /K$/ 10 /)$"=($/?= marks /K? quality poli y into measurable ob.e ti!es and requirements0 and lays down a sequen e of steps for realisin# them within a spe ified /:1?+)$1?.AEB4($:" /K??(?1?"/=$==*3:$/?>C:/K -9$(:/;4($". (Explanation o': 5hatneeds to 7e checked; +,marks 5hat is themost suita7le (a" to check; - ,.5 marks 5hen should the check 7e carried out; + , marks 5ho should 7e involved in the checking;- ) mark 5hat &ualit" materials should7eused;-,.5marks) 10 marks

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