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Welcome to Instant Transportable Ofces. We are a leading West Australian based manufacturer and hire company providing a complete range of transportable building solutions. Instant Transportable Ofces has unique manufacturing proceses and product technologies which have been developed over time to assist its customers with overcoming project challenges in the West Australian environment. Instant Transportable Ofces has a wealth of successful design and manuacturing experience which sets us apart from others within our industry.

complete range of transportable buildings and portable site ofce solutions

Instant Transportable Ofces is a privately owned Western Australian company and with the management team having been involved in the manufacturing industry for more than fourty years. The business has a strong foundation of customers to whom our products are provided with many on-going supply contracts that span in excess of six years. Our portable building solutions cover all industries and applications. We take pride in customising each project to suit your exact needs and providing solutions to project challenges for our customers.

We can create a transportable building solution to meet your requirements. We design and manufacture all of our own products in house. So when you talk to us about your project you can expect a team of individuals who have the knowledge and ability to understand your needs.



Instant Transportable Ofces has designed, constructed and successfully delivered and commissioned hundreds of transportable building solutions throughout Western Australia.


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With our previous experience of design, construction and installation of customised transportable building solutions we believe we have the proven ability to manage your project successfully.


Instant Transportable Ofces operates its own manufacturing facilities north of Perth spanning in excess of ve acres. Production of your transportable buildings will move quickly thanks to our large stock holding of componentry used within our manufacturing process. We also operate an off-shore manufacturing facility in China where we produce many of our own custom components. The range of transportable buildings we build is essentially unlimited. More common types of transportable buildings we manufacture are Site Ofces Crib (lunch) rooms Ofce Complexes Toilets & Ablutions Commercial Kitchens Accommodation units Mobile crib facilities Power sub-station buildings Communications and IT buildings Laboratories Change/Locker rooms First aid buildings Sales/Marketing suites




DELIVERY AND ONSITE COMISSIONING Instant Transportable Ofces can provide a complete turn-key solution for your project including delivery of any products we manufacture. Upon completion of the manufacturing/build process we can manage the complete delivery, installation and commissioning of your new transportable in any location throughout Australia or off-shore. Delivery of transportable buildings is a specialist operation often requiring more than just basic transport services. Ensuring your building arrives to your site on time and without hassle is the responsibility of Project Managers. Co-ordinating our logistics partners and in-house work force to setup and commission your buildings onsite is all part of the complete service we offer to our customers. Our high production volumes ensure we can provide highly competitive transport and logistics costs to our customers. Handling your project from end to end and providing a complete solution will also give you peace of mind that the project will be ready for your use without issue. BUILDING RELOCATIONS At the end of your project we can arrange the decommissioning and removal of your transportable buildings for sale or relocation to another site. We offer our customers the ability to store and re-sell buildings on their behalf.



In order to provide complete transportable solutions there are a number of additional services we provide our customers. Our service offering includes, LOCAL AUTHORITY PLANNING AND BUILDING PERMITS Instant Transportable Ofces can manage all local authority approvals for your project on your behalf. In 2012 Western Australia adopted a new building act and as such the approvals process has undergone its biggest change in more than 50 years. In order to gain approval from your local authority there are a number of steps that may be required. Please discuss this process with a team member who will inform you further of the requirements and how these should be planned for in your project timeline. TEMPORARY SITE SERVICES Project sites often require the use of temporary services to commence operations. To meet the demand of our customers through our sister company Instant Products Hire we have access to an extensive eet of hire equipment to provide temporary services in any location. These include power, water, waste storage and removal along with temporary site facilities. PERMENANT SERVICE CONNECTIONS Connection of completed projects to service infrastructure such as power, water, sewer or telecommunications is never a problem. Instant Transportable Ofces can manage the approvals process for the infrastructure connections on your behalf.



Transportable Site ofces are open plan buildings which can be used for a variety of purposes. Site ofces are available for hire in a selection of standard sizes. Our most popular sizes are held in stock. POpULAR SIZES IN THIS RANGE OF BUILDINGS ARE 3.6x3.0m 4.8x3.0m 6.0x3.0m 7.2x3.0m 8.4x3.0m 9.6x3.0m 10.8x3.0m 12.0x3.0m Other sizes are often available and can custom congurations can be manufactured to suit. Both cyclonic and non-cyclonic versions are also available.



Transportable Lunch (crib) rooms are open plan buildings which feature a small kitchenette to one end of the building. Lunchrooms are available for hire in a variety of standard sizes. Our popular sizes are held in stock. POPULAR SIZES IN THIS RANGE OF BUILDINGS ARE 4.8x3.0m 6.0x3.0m 7.2x3.0m 9.6x3.0m 12.0x3.0m Both cyclonic and non-cyclonic versions are also available.



Instants container style transportables have been engineered by our design team with superior strength and manoeuvrability. Our container style portables offer many advantages when compared with more traditional transportable buildings. FEATURES All units are stackable Conventional container style lifting points incorporated into the oor and roof allowing easy transport and tie down on trucks, trains, barges or ships. Forklift pockets incorporated into all oor bases Insulated oors, walls and roof. (unlike sea containers) Fast production times for customised layouts Designed from the ground up in Western Australia as transportable buildings our container-style portables offer unparalleled strength and versatility. Unlike converted sea containers our buildings are not steel ovens. Insulated oors are a unique inclusion as well which are often not found in traditional style transportable as a standard inclusion. SIZES Available in a variety of sizes to match those of traditional style transportable such as 3.6m, 4.8m, 6.0m up to 12m in length. EASE OF TRANSPORT Benet from lower transport and setup costs with greater strength to endure even the harshest of environments. Quick locking points like traditional style sea containers mean fast and easy securing of the buildings for transport.



Transportable Ofce Complexes are typically large, multiple segment buildings available in virtually any conguration that you may require. Based around a standard 12x3m module these multi-segment buildings can be open plan or feature separate ofces, meeting rooms, Reception areas, kitchenettes and so on. Energy efcient designs are a standard feature for all of our ofce complexes. POpULAR SIZES IN THIS RANGE OF BUILDINGS ARE 12.0x6.0m 12.0x9.0m 12.0x12.0m 12.0x15.0m 12.0x18.0m and longer Both cyclonic and non-cyclonic versions are also available.

Transportable accommodation units are available in a variety of congurations to suit clients needs. Accommodation units are manufactured for hire or purchase to specic client requirements. Both cyclonic and non-cyclonic versions are available. COMMON SIZES/CONFIGURATIONS ARE 14.4x3.3m 4 rooms with ensuites 14.4x4.2m 4 rooms with en suites



Transportable toilet blocks are available in a large variety of congurations to suit clients needs. With our sister company Instant Toilets & Showers we have developed a wealth of knowledge in the design and construction of these units. Toilet blocks are available in either self-contained (with in-built waste storage tanks) or sewer/septic connect versions depending on your application. Our unique integrated waste tank technology coupled with our special water saving, low ush toilets using only 500ml per ush give our customers large cost savings when using our self-contained units. Toilet blocks range in size from small single cubicle units from 1.2x1.2m up to 12m in length. COMMON SIZES IN MALE/FEMALE TOILET BLOcKS ARE 3.6x2.4m 4.8x2.4m 6.0x2.4m 3.6x3.0m 4.8x3.0m 6.0x3.0m 9.6x3.0m 12.0x3.0m Both non-cyclonic and cyclonic rated versions. DISABLED ACCESSIBLE UNITS Compliance with the Disability Act and AS1428.1-2009 is easily achieved with our disabled accessible units. We have a range of designs for both single toilet and shower units up to large mutlipan units. WASTE TANKS, WATER TANKS & PUMPS We also stock a complete range of ancillary products such as skid mounted waste tanks up to 6000 litres in capacity along with freshwater tanks, pressure pumps and UV ltration. We provide you with a complete turn-key solution and most items are held in stock.


Transportable ablution blocks provide both toilet and shower facilities in the one unit. With our sister company Instant Toilets & Showers we have developed a wealth of knowledge in the design and construction of temporary sanitation facilities. Ablution blocks are available in either self-contained (with in-built waste storage tanks) or sewer/septic connect versions depending on your application. Our unique integrated waste tank technology coupled with our grey water collection technology, allows us to minimise waste generation and disposal costs for our clients projects. Ablution blocks range in size from small single units from 2.4x2.4m up to 12m in length. POPULAR SIZES IN THIS RANGE OF BUILDINGS ARE 2.4x2.4m 3.6x2.4m 4.8x2.4m 6.0x2.4m 3.6x3.0m 4.8x3.0m 6.0x3.0m 9.6x3.0m 12.0x3.0m Both cyclonic and non-cyclonic versions are also available.



There probably isnt a type of building that we havent constructed. Commercial Kitchens Power sub-stations Communications & IT Buildings Laboratories Change/Locker Rooms (Clean/Dirty) First Aid Buildings Drive through coffee shops

And so on. Absolutely anything is possible with our design and manufacturing expertise. Here is a show case of the more unique buildings from our collection of past projects.


Premium Ofces are designed to make a statement. Giving your brand and company the very best visual representation that a transportable building solution can offer. Instants Premium Ofces will communicate the right image to your clients. Available in many different designs, sizes and congurations from contemporary to modern. All manufactured and nished using the latest high end materials making sure we have the very best Premium Ofces available to complement your projects needs. Whether you require additional ofce space or a sales/marketing suite that conveys the image your project demands Instant Transportable Ofces has the right Premium Ofce for you.



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Instant Toilets & Showers is our specialist division offering a complete range of portable sanitation solutions like no other. As the leaders in Portable Sanitation there isnt a situation that we cant offer a solution for.


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