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Internet Resources for Pronunciation Teaching Holly Gray and Sharon Alayne Widmayer TESOL 2 All right reser!


Don't panic! Strategies for overcome tech-related problems: Problem web site is down Bring a back up lesson plan. Plan lessons that could be carried out on more than one site (watch Strategy

movie clips on the Screening Room or Video Link

computers don!t have the right plug"in to listen to the clips you!ve selected #ry out your activities in the lab be$ore class to make sure the plug"ins work. %hoose sites o$$ering more than one $ormat (Shadow theater&

there are not enough computers in the lab $or all students in a class See i$ it is possible to plug ' sets o$ headphones into each computer (sometimes it is ( have students work together on one machine. #his is especially e$$ective i$ they can work on the listening activity together ($or e)ample& work together to write a summary or write *uestions $or another pair . Students are having problems accessing the video+ audio. ,nly some are able to. -ou probably have too many students trying to listen+ watch the same thing at once. Plan lessons that involve more than one clip (students choose a clip to summari.e& students watch a series o$ short clips to prepare $or a discussion so that di$$erent groups can be listening to di$$erent clips. #here is only one computer in the classroom. /$ there is a lab students can use outside o$ class& you may want to save /nternet listening $or homework activities. /$ your computer has good (( load speakers & you may want to choose an audio clip ( play it $or the entire class. /$ you have access to a computer pro0ector& video can also be shown to the whole class (but video *uality is normally not good on a large screen Plan a variety o$ listening activities in small groups& including one using the computer. 1uring the lesson& have students rotate to

di$$erent stations to do di$$erent activities. Video stops or slows down in the middle when using RealVideo. Students are not staying on task ( are 0ust 2sur$ing the net2 #he sound isn!t working. 4ake sure that the speakers are turned on ( the volume on the speakers ( headphones is turned up. %heck the volume control on your computer (in 3indows 56+57& click on the little speaker icon in the bottom right ( the volume control will pop up. 8verything is going wrong ( / give up. 1on!t give up9 #echnology takes patience. /n case o$ a real emergency (your lab loses power& your /nternet connection is down& etc & :L3:-S bring a non"computer"related activity with you that you can use in a pinch& such as a peer dictation e)ercise. 1on!t 0ust stand at the $ront o$ the classroom. 3alk around the classroom $re*uently to make sure students are on task. #he website is probably pretty busy. #here!s not too much you can do about this. Be Patient.

A list of useful websites (#hese sites were active as o$ 4arch ;<& '=== Sites for pronunciation Sounds o$ 8nglish"">swidmaye+sounds.htm: Sharon!s page with diagrams and .wav $iles #he 8SL Pronunciation Page"";.html 8nglish Pronunciation"";a"inde).htm Phonetics and Phonology"">phoneme+pronunciation.html 8SL /ndependent Study Lab"">krauss+toppicks+pronunciation.html /nternet #8SL ?ournal!s list o$ Pronunciation links"">itesl0+links+8SL+Pronunciation+ @olly!s Beginning 3ord Stress"">hgray+stresschapter.html

Rhymes on 8nglish Pronunciation"" not a sound page& but a charming poem on the ha.ards o$ pronunciation and spelling correlations

Aoreign :ccent :rchive""$oreignaccent.html: not $or 8SL per se& but a great resource $or e)amining accented 8nglish and predicting pronunciation problems

Sites with general ESL listening activities /L%P /nde)"/nteractive Listening %omprehension Practice ( BB% 3orld Service " Learning Bone @ome Page ( : #his site has changed recently& but it!s still great $or 8SL Randall!s 8SL %yber Listening Lab (http:++www.esl" : Lots o$ great Real :udio * good $or a variety o$ levels #he 8nglish Listening Lounge ( @olly!s Listening %omprehension Page (>hgray+listen.html Sites with Authentic Materials /nterviews and news Real:udio: Cational Public Radio ( BB% 3orld Service " @ome Page ( #he :uthors Speak ( ""long interviews with many di$$erent authors. Somewhat accurate transcripts provided. %ar #alk ( @ollywood ,nline "4ovie#alk ( ""Short interview clips with movie personalities #he 3orld ( : public radio international news show Cightline (:B% news ( : Video clips o$ current events in Real:udio. @as some transcripts. %CC video select ( : Video clips o$ current events in Real :udio 3eather Listen to the weather throughout the E.S.

Radio 1rama #he Shadow Real:udio Radio #heater ( "$eatures a di$$erent episode $rom the old radio show each day Speeches Freat Speeches"""Presented by 8lycia!s Real :udio and the %hicago Law Cetwork(http:++www.chicago" ""the name says it allG decades o$ historic speeches and sound clips 3ebcorp!s :udio :rchive ($r.htm "" sound clips $rom speeches& very short (mostly .wav and .au Ailm and #V Screening Room (http:++www.$ ""movie trailers& video clips Sein$eld sights and sounds in Real:udio (http:++ncoha$$eld+ ""has the complete (yes& complete audio $or lots and lots o$ Sein$eld episodes ?onny!s Star #rek Site ('.html "" Huicktime short clips Iena Huick#ime Library (http:++www.)ena$*uicktime+ "" Huicktime short clips. Songs Poetry #he :cademy o$ :merican Poets ($st.htm "" :rchive o$ Poetry with both te)t ( audio usually read by the author . Billboard #op ;== (