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BULLETIN OUTLINE Chain Reaction: The Matter of Giving and Receiving Part 2 Philippians 4:18-23 04.06.

14 Tom Oyler, Lead Pastor It makes a difference. (v.18) It pleases God. (v.18) It provides true riches. (v.19) It is all about God. (v.20) It creates a chain reaction. (vs. 21-23) LOOKING BACK Chain Reaction: The Matter of Giving and Receiving Part 2

Philippians 4:18-23

This draws to a close our study through Pauls letter to the Philippians. What a dynamic reality! Chain Reaction - we are the current link in the chain. This whole thing started with the gospel and the matter of giving and receiving. Simple, yet so profound and powerful. The question is, how will my life be different as a result? Thinking It Through

Riches enlarge, rather than satisfy appetites.

~Thomas Fuller ~Seneca

Money has never made anyone rich. He who waters, will himself be watered.
~Proverbs 11:25

If one first gives himself to the Lord, all other giving is easy.
~John S. Bonnell Working it Out 1. What are the issues of your heart when it comes to your relationship to money and material things? How was it handled in your home of origin?

2. How does faith enter into the matter of giving and receiving in your life?

3. How would giving increase your faithand draw you closer to God? Next step?

LOOKING AHEAD Who is This Jesus?

Matthew 21:1-17

What a great question to be asking especially during the Easter season. This is a truly unavoidable question. Many disagree on the answer. How do you personally answer this question? How does the answer impact your life? Over 2,000 years ago this was the question that many were asking as Jesus rides into Jerusalem in what is called The Triumphal Entry. This event launches the Christian calendar of Holy Week and is identified as Palm Sunday. Matthews narrative reveals substantial truths that are vital to answering the crucial question being asked that day and every day since, Who is this? Looking It Up Read and reflect on verse 1-5. 1.) What all is happening here in these verses and what does this tell you about Jesus? 2.) In what ways do you think Jesus entering the city to be hailed as King is different than how other earthly kings would enter a city? Read and reflect on verse 6-9 3.) What do you think is significant about the way the crowd responds to Jesus? 4.) If you were in the crowd that day what do you think you would know about Jesus up to this point that would lead you to respond this way? Read and reflect on verses 10-17 5.) How does the crowd answer the question, Who is this? 6.) How do you think the actions of Jesus cleansing the temple for the second time and the healings that follow help answer this question? 7.) Why do you think the chief priests are so indignant? 8.) Why do you think Jesus responds to the chief priest the way he does?

Preparing your Heart - As you reflect on this narrative with these questions, end by reflecting on one final question Who is Jesus to You?