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The field of mechanical engineering has a theme word called CHANGE as its backbone. The new technological advancements and the needs of people have made s think abo t this pro!ect. " r pro!ect is maiden vent re into the field of air temperat re controlling and also deals with h man comfort. H man comfort conditions deal with the conditions of environment aro nd #o $ vi% H"T & C"'(. The control of temperat re of air aro nd s is done b# controlling the o tp t water from the water cooler. " r pro!ect is a novel idea to control air temperat re aro nd s b# the incorporation of cooling s#stem in a single nit. This nit wo ld be an economic tilit# at all places to provide comfort conditions to the people.

)aster$ mightier & smaller is still the ke#word for ever# invention and development. *n da#+to+da# world we concentrate on the compactness and efficienc# of ever# prod ct. conditioner0. H man comfort is that condition of mind$ which e1presses itself with the thermal environment. *n o r pro!ect two rival properties of cool water and cool air are obtained. This s#stem can be sed contin o sl#. 2# sing o r s#stem there is no need of going for ,eeping this in o r tho ght we have designed and fabricated an economical and reliable nit known as -ater C m .oom Cooler/Three in one air

a separate air conditioner or air cooler and water cooler. As both p rposes are served b# a single s#stem$ the cost is also lowered to a considerable level.


The low press re vapo r in dr# state is drawn from the evaporator d ring the s ction stroke of the compressor. condenser cooling medi m. ( ring compression stroke the press re and temperat re increases ntil the vapo r temperat re is greater than the temperat re of


E3A4".AT". C"*'

C" 84 .E9 9E. C"N(EN9E.

CA4*''A.5 T62E

CONDENSATION -hen the high press re refrigerant vapo r enters the condenser heat flows from condenser to cooling medi m th s allowing vapori%ed refrigerant to ret rn to li7 id state.

EXPANSION After condenser the li7 id refrigerant is stored in the li7 id receives ntil needed. )rom the receiver it passes thro gh capillar# t be where the press re is red ced s fficientl# to allow the vapori%ation of li7 id at a low temperat re of abo t : ;< degree centigrade.

VAPORIZATION The low press re refrigerant vapo r after e1pansion in the e1pansion valve enters the evaporator on refrigerated space where a considerable amo nt of heat is absorbed b# it and refrigeration is f rnished.


9imple in constr ction This s#stem is noiseless in operation *t is portable$ so it can be transferred easil# from one place to other place 4ower cons mption is less 8aintenance cost is low


*t does not p rif# air There ma# be changing of coil once in a #ear


(omestic Application "ffice and 2ank Application *t is ver# m ch sef l in College and 9chools