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SECTION 4 : LV SWITCHBOARDS 4.1 GENERAL Switchboards cover the scope of work for the main electrical distribution board, sundry distribution & sub-distribution panels. The ain !" Switchboard shall be supplied at #$%", #-phase&', (% )*. from the transformers havin+ neutral solidly earthed and a part of it shall be supplied at #$%", #-phase&', (% )* from , backup emer+ency +enerators via a series of automatic transfer switches in the case of losin+ power supply from transformer. -n restoration of the normal supply and after volta+e and fre.uency have been maintained at nominal levels on all phases of the chan+eover e.uipment for a five minute period /ad0ustable from 1 to 1% minutes1, the automatic chan+eover e.uipment shall se.uentially operate to transfer the load back to the normal supply, e2cept that in the event of a failure of an emer+ency supply the transfer shall occur without delay. 4.1., 3ross references General 3omply with the General requirements worksection. Related work e!t"on 4efer to the followin+ worksections5 Electrical General Requirements, Adhesives, Sealants, Fasteners, Fire Stopping, Service Trenching, Acoustic & Vibration Control, !drants & osereels, "umps, Air andling "lant, Split Air Conditioning, Fans, Chillers, #echanical Controls, "o$er Cables, #otor Starters, Electrical Commissioning% 4.1.# Standard 4.1.4 4eference documents General To 6S (4$7. 8lectrical work5 To 6S 9791 & 6S (%,$1-1-1&, :83 7%4#;-1 3ontrol+ear. <ssemblies. Factory-6uilt <ssemblies of !ow-"olta+e Switch+ear and 4e.uirements for Type-Tested and =artially Type-Tested 4.1.1 Functional description

:83 7%(,; >e+rees of =rotection =rovided by 8nclosures. :83 71741 8nclosed !ow-"olta+e Switch+ear and 3ontrol+ear <ssemblies ? @uide for Testin+ Ander 3onditions of <rcin+ due to <n :nternal Fault. 4.1.( :nterpretations De#"n"t"on =roprietary assemblies5 !ow volta+e switch+ear and control+ear assemblies available as a catalo+ue item, consistin+ of manufacturerBs standard layouts and e.uipment. 3ustom-built assemblies5 !ow volta+e switch+ear and control+ear assemblies manufactured to order. 4ated currents5 4ated currents are continuous uninterrupted current ratin+s within the assembly environment under in-service operatin+ conditions.

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A$$re%"at"on TT<5 Type tested assemblies. 'TT<5 'on-type tested assemblies. =TT<5 =artially type tested assemblies. 4.1.7 >esi+n General The ma2imum available areas are indicated in the attached Switchroom 8.uipment layout drawin+s. The 3ontractor shall take note of these and every effort shall be made to keep the overall si*es spaces allocated for them. The system supply volta+e shall be #$% volt, # phase and 4 wire plus earth with solidly earthed neutral. :t is a re.uirement that the !" Switchboards are fully assembled, interconnected and tested at the !" Switchboards SupplierBs works. <ll protection, control circuits and associated relays in the !" Switchboards shall be interconnected by installin+ temporary cablin+. The protection control and monitorin+ si+nals between the !" Switchboards and other e.uipment includin+ emer+ency +enerator control panel, )" Switchboard systems shall be simulated durin+ test. -n completion of the testin+ the cablin+ and all fi2in+s shall be disconnected and packa+ed for transport. <ll temporary inter-connectin+ control wirin+ shall be disconnected and removed. The 3ontractor shall provide wirin+ and termination drawin+s for all e.uipment and devices detailed in this Specification. This includes the re.uirement to interface the protection, control and interlockin+ of the e.uipment and devices in the !" Switchboards and the control panel for the emer+ency +enerator. The 3ontractor shall provide the +eneral arran+ement layout and sin+le line drawin+s for the !" Switchboards. The Supplier shall submit all Cas builtD drawin+s to reflect any chan+es durin+ the construction and testin+ of the switchboards. Volta&e The low volta+e switchboard and the associated e.uipment shall function correctly between the system steady state volta+e and fre.uency tolerances detailed below5 "olta+e5 #$%" nominal &1%E, -1%E Fre.uency5 (% )* nominal F(E Further, low volta+e switchboard and associated e.uipment shall be able to function throu+h the followin+ short-term transient variations. "olta+e5 nominal &1(E, -,%E Fre.uency5 nominal F1%E The Total )armonic >istortion will be (E. La'o(t =osition e.uipment to provide safe and easy access for operation and maintenance. 3onsider functional relationships between items of e.uipment in the layin+ out of e.uipment on the assembly. Ser%"!e !ond"t"on 'ormal service conditions. Rated !(rrent

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4ated currents5 inimum continuous uninterrupted rated currents within the assembly environment, under in-service operatin+ conditions. )a(lt le%el 4ated short-circuit currents5 a2imum prospective symmetrical r.m.s. current values at rated operational volta+e, at each assembly incomin+ supply terminal, e2cludin+ effects of current limitin+ devices. <ssembly short-circuit capacity characteristic5 4ate main circuit supply and functional units as follows5 6ack-up protective device not provided5 4ated short-circuit current for 1 s. 6ack-up protective device provided5 4ated short-circuit current for the ma2imum openin+ time of the associated protective device. Tested levels5 >o not operate e.uipment at fault levels hi+her than tested levels, unless provided with fault current limitin+ back-up protection. Se*arat"on @enerally5 Form 1. For panels +reater than 1%%% <, Form 4, modified5 =rovide forms of separation meetin+ Form 4 construction re.uirements, modified as follows5 Separated compartments of the assembly5 !ower forms of separation are acceptable for identified compartments. oulded case circuit breakers5 separated subsection. otor starters, rated H ,, kI5 Ihere motor circuit protection is mounted elsewhere on the assembly, mount G 4 functional units within a common Form 1 separated subsection. Ihere motor circuit protection is mounted with its associated motor starter, mount G 4 functional units within a common Form , separated subsection, by means of barriers or shroudin+ of incomin+ conductors. oulded case or miniature overcurrent circuit breakers rated up to 1%% <, connected to circuits for li+htin+, +eneral purpose outlets and small sin+le or multi-phase electrical accessories5 ount any number of circuit breakers within a Form 1 separated subsection, provided the circuit breakers are mounted on an approved multi-pole busbar chassis assembly, concealed with an escutcheon panel and removable door. De&ree o# *rote!t"on inimum5 :=41. :n plant rooms5 :=4,. <ssemblies for outdoor use5 :=(4I for e2terior surfaces and :=41 for interior operatin+ face. S*are #a!"l"t"e =rovide at least ,%E spare pole capacity. :nstall the bus bars to allow the additional circuit breakers to be installed in the future. +o(nt"n& Floor mounted5 <ssemblies +enerally. Iall mounted5 Front access assemblies with frontal areas G , m,. Conne!t"on ount G 4 functional units within a common

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:ndoor cable entries5 Top and bottom. -utdoor cable entries5 6ottom ATS Lo&"! -n power failure, all automatic transfer switches /<TS1 will transfer as soon as +enerators are operatin+ and stable. 4., -.ALIT/ Not"!e @ive notice so that inspection may be made at the followin+ sta+es5 Fabrication and paintin+ completed. Factory assembly completed, with busbars e2posed and functional units assembled. <ssembly ready for routine testin+ and dispatch. <ssembly installed and connected. <cceptance. 4.,.1 :nspection

4.,., =re-completion tests T'*e te t Testin+ facility5 <ccredited by '<T< or re+istered with the <ssociation of Short3ircuit Testin+ <uthorities /<ST<1. 0rod(!t"on te t 3arry out the followin+ tests5 <ssemblies5 8lectrical and mechanical routine function tests at the factory usin+ e2ternally connected simulated circuits and e.uipment. 4esidual current devices5 Test usin+ apparatus which displays the trip current and trip time of each device. >ielectric testin+5 'TT<s and =TT<s5 ,.( k" r.m.s. for 1( s. Functional testin+5 -perate mechanical devices, relays, pro+rammable lo+ic controllers and lo+ic controls, protection, interlockin+ and alarm e.uipment. =rotection relays5 =rimary current in0ection tests or, if approved, secondary current in0ection tests, to verify timeJ current characteristics and settin+s.

S"te te t 3arry out secondary current in0ection tests on ad0ustable trip circuit breakers after installation and before ener+isation, to verify timeJ current characteristics and settin+s. 4.,.# Submissions General Submit type test certificates for components, functional units and assemblies includin+ internal arcin+-fault tests and factory test data. Cal!(lat"on @eneral5 Submit detailed certified calculations verifyin+ desi+n characteristics. Standard5 To <S #$7( and <S 4#$$.

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T'*e te t data @eneral5 "erify that type tests and internal arcin+-fault tests, if any, were carried out at not less than the desi+nated fault currents at rated operational volta+e. <lterations to TT<s5 Submit records of alterations made to assemblies since the tests. 0rod(!t data #or *ro*r"etar' a Submit the followin+5 Types and model numbers of items of e.uipment. -verall dimensions. Fault level. := ratin+. 4ated current of components. 'umber of poles and spare capacity. ountin+ details. >oor swin+s. =aint colours and finishes. <ccess details. Schedule of labels. e1$l"e e1$l"e

S2o* draw"n& o# !( to13$("lt a Submit shop drawin+s showin+5

Types, model numbers and ratin+s of assemblies. 3omponent details, functional units and transient protection. >etailed dimensions. Shippin+ sections, +eneral arran+ement, plan view, front elevations and cross-section of each compartment. =ro0ections from the assembly that may affect clearances or inadvertent operation, such as handles, knobs, arcin+-fault ventin+ flaps and withdrawable components. Fault level and rated short circuit capacity characteristics. := ratin+. Fi2in+ details for floor or wall mountin+. Front and back e.uipment connections and top and bottom cable entries. >oor swin+s. 82ternal and internal paint colours and paint systems. Kuantity, brand name, type and ratin+ of control and protection e.uipment. 3onstruction and plinth details, ventilation openin+s, internal arcin+-fault ventin+ and +land plate details. Terminal block layouts and control circuit identification. Sin+le line power and circuit dia+rams. >etails of mains and submain routes within assemblies.

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6usbar arran+ements, links and supports, spacin+ between busbar phases, and spacin+ between assemblies, the enclosure and other e.uipment and clearances to earthed metals. >imensions of busbars and interconnectin+ cables in sufficient detail for calculations to be performed to T3' ,%L1;$4. :nternal separation and form of separation and details of shroudin+ of terminals !abels and en+ravin+ schedules.


0RO0RIETAR/ General =rovide for each apartment or sole unit. +od"#"!at"on 3arry out to the ori+inal manufacturerBs standards and methods of construction. Door =rovide lockable doors with a circuit card holder unless enclosed in cupboards.

4.4 4.4.1

C.STO+3B.ILT ASSE+BL/ 3onstruction General =rovide ri+id, ventilated, insect-screened enclosures consistin+ of panels, doors,or both, +ivin+ the desi+nated enclosure, separation and de+ree of protection. TTA and 0TTA 3onstruction methods5 "erified by re.uired tests to at least the nominated fault level and temperature-rise limits and internal arcin+-fault containment and ventin+. NTTA Fabricate from sheet metal of ri+id folded and welded construction. -btain approval for non-welded forms of construction. La'o(t 3ompartments5 Separate shippin+ sections, subsections, cable and busbar *ones, functional unit modules and low volta+e e.uipment compartments by means of vertical and hori*ontal steel partitions which suit the layout and form of separation. Form 1 enclosures5 Separate into compartments by means of partitions at 1.$ m ma2imum centres. 8.uipment mountin+ hei+hts above floor to the centre line of the e.uipment5 To++les and handles of circuit breakers, fused switch units and isolators5 Iall mounted assemblies5 (%% - 1;%% mm. Floor mounted assemblies5 ,%% - 1;%% mm. 3ontrol switches, indicatin+ li+hts, meters and instruments on doors5 Iall mounted assemblies5 1 - 1.9 m. Floor mounted assemblies5 ,%% - 1$%% mm. =ush-button emer+ency switchin+ devices5 $%% - 17%% mm.

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8.uipment on doors5 Set out in a lo+ical manner in functional unit +roups, so it is accessible without the use of tools or keys. <utotransformers5 !ocate each motor starter transformer in a separate, ventilated compartment. >e+ree of protection5 En!lo (re Steel enclosures5 @eneral5 inimum 1.7 mm thick *inc-coated sheet steel, coatin+ class N,%%. -utdoor assemblies5 3oatin+ class N4(%. In e!t *roo#"n& 3over ventilation openin+s with non-combustible and non-corrodin+ 1 mm mesh. Vent"lat"on )an =rovide ventilation fans where re.uired, such as for electronic e.uipment, variable speed drives etc. E5("*1ent 1o(nt"n& *anel @eneral5 Stron+ enou+h to support the wei+ht of mounted e.uipment. 3onstruct with minimum # mm thick metal or non-metallic board with heavy metal an+le supports or plates bolted or welded to enclosure sides. 'on-metallic boards5 To T3' ,%L1;$4. Front accessible cable *ones5 4(% mm minimum width. E5("*1ent #"6"n& Spacin+5 =rovide sufficient thermal, mechanical and electrical clearance between e.uipment to ensure proper functionin+. =rovide (% mm minimum clearance between busbars for lifts, fire services and buildin+ emer+ency servicesO and +eneral installation services, busbars and e.uipment. ountin+5 6olts, set screws fitted into tapped holes in metal mountin+ panels, studs or proprietary attachment clips. =rovide accessible e.uipment fi2in+s which allow e.uipment chan+es after assembly commissionin+. :nstallation5 For li+htwei+ht e.uipment, provide combination rails and proprietary clips. Eart2 !ont"n("t' 8ffectively bond e.uipment and assembly cabinet metal frame to the protective earth conductor. Strip painted surfaces and coat with corrosion resistant material immediately before boltin+ to the earth bar. =rovide serrated washers under bolt heads and nuts at painted, structural metal-to-metal 0oints. L"#t"n& *ro%" "on For assemblies with shippin+ dimensions e2ceedin+ 1.$ m hi+h 2 7%% mm wide, provide fi2in+s in the supportin+ structure and removable attachments for liftin+. S(**ort"n& tr(!t(re =rovide concealed fi2in+s or brackets to allow assemblies to be mounted and fi2ed in position without removin+ e.uipment. Wall31o(nt"n& inimum :=4M. ountin+ rails5 To T3' ,%L1;$4.

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4einforce at bolt holes. For flush or semi-flush assemblies, provide an+le trims of the same material and finish as the enclosure. )loor31o(nt"n& =rovide mild steel channel plinth, +alvani*ed to class N7%%, with toe-out profile, nominal 9( mm hi+h 2 4% mm wide 2 7 mm thick, for mountin+ complete assemblies on site. >rill 1, clearance holes in assembly and channel and bolt assemblies to channel. 4.4., 3able entries General =rovide cable entry facilities within assembly cable *ones for incomin+ and out+oin+ power and control cablin+. =rovide sufficient clear space within each enclosure ne2t to cable entries to allow incomin+ and out+oin+ cables and wirin+ to be neatly run and terminated, without undue bunchin+ and sharp bends. Co%er and &land *late 3over plates5 =rovide 1(% mm ma2imum width cover plates butted to+ether and coverin+ the continuous cable entry slot. @land plates5 =rovide removable +land plates fitted with +askets to maintain the de+ree of protection. aterials5 1.( mm thick steel, ( mm thick composite material or laminated phenolic. 7 mm thick brass for : S cables and cable +lands. 4.4.# >oors and covers W"dt2 a2imum5 ;%% mm Door w"n& <t least ;%o Door ta' @eneral5 =rovide stays to outdoor assembly doors. <d0acent doors5 Space ad0acent doors to allow both to open to ;% o at the same time. Con tr(!t"on =rovide sin+le ri+ht an+le return on all sides and fit suitable resilient sealin+ rubber to provide the de+ree of protection and prevent dama+e to paintwork. Han&"n& =rovide corrosion-resistant pintle hin+es or inte+rally constructed hin+es to support doors. For removable doors, provide sta++ered pin len+ths to achieve pro+ressive en+a+ement as doors are fitted. =rovide # hin+es for doors hi+her than 1 m. =rovide restrainin+ devices and opposed hin+es for non lift-off doors. Door 2ardware =rovide the followin+5 3orrosion-resistant lever-type handles, operatin+ a latchin+ system with latchin+ bar and +uides stron+ enou+h to withstand e2plosive force resultin+ from fault conditions within the assembly. >ual, ed+e mounted, corrosion-resistant CTD handles with provision for key lockin+ cylinder. 3aptive, corrosion-resistant knurled thumb screws.

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Lo!k"n& @eneral5 :ncorporate cylinder locks in the latchin+ system. Pey alike. 'umber of keys5 , per assembly. Door 1o(nted e5("*1ent =rotect or shroud door mounted e.uipment and terminals to prevent inadvertent contact with live terminals, wirin+, or both. Eart2"n& aintain earth continuity to door mounted indicatin+ or control e.uipment with multi-stranded, fle2ible earth wire, or braid of e.ual cross-sectional area, bonded to the door. Co%er a2imum dimensions5 ;%% mm wide and 1., m, surface area. Fi2in+5 Fi2 to frames with at least 4 fi2in+s. =rovide corrosion-resistant acorn nuts if the cover e2ceeds 7%% mm in width. 4est cover ed+es on the cubicle body or on mullions. >o not provide interlocked covers. )andles5 =rovide corrosion-resistant C>D type handles. E !(t!2eon For doors enclosin+ circuit breakers, provide escutcheon plates as barriers between operatin+ mechanisms and live parts. E !(t!2eon *late @eneral5 =rovide plates or removable covers with neat circuit breaker to++le cutouts allowin+ interchan+eability of 1, , and # pole circuit breakers. =rovide corrosion-resistant liftin+ handles or knobs. =rovide unused circuit breaker to++le cut-outs with blankin+ in-fill pole covers. a2imum dimensions5 ;%% mm wide and 1., m, surface area. 4.4.4 Factory finishes E6tent <pply protective coatin+s to internal and e2ternal metal surfaces of assembly cabinets includin+ covers, e2cept to stainless steel, +alvani*ed, electroplated, or anodised surfaces and to ventilation mesh covers. )"n" 2 !oat Thermoset powder coatin+ or two-pack li.uid coatin+. 0a"nt !olo(r Standard5 To T3' ,%L1;$4. 3olours5 4.7 :ndoor assemblies5 Sky blue. -utdoor assemblies5 <vocado +reen . 4emovable e.uipment panels5 -ff white . <ssembly interior5 Ihite.

B.SBAR General

4.(.1 6usbars

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=rovide main circuit supply busbars within assemblies, e2tendin+ from incomin+ supply terminals to the line side of protective e.uipment for out+oin+ functional units and for future functional units. Standard To T3' ,%L1;$4. De#"n"t"on :ncomin+ busbars5 6usbars connectin+ incomin+ terminals to line side terminals of main switches. ain circuit supply busbars5 6usbars connectin+ incomin+ functional unit terminals, or incomin+ busbars where no main switches are included, to out+oin+ functional unit terminals or out+oin+ functional unit tee-offs. Tee-off busbars5 6usbars connectin+ main busbars to incomin+ terminals of out+oin+ functional units. +ater"al )ard-drawn hi+h-conductivity electrolytic tou+h pitched copper alloy bars, desi+nation 11%. Te1*erat(re r" e l"1"t 3 a!t"%e and ne(tral !ond(!tor a2imum rated current temperature rise limits5 7( F 1.(o3 by type test or calculation to <S #97$ or <S 4#$$. a2imum short-circuit withstand current temperature rise limits5 17% o3 by calculation to <S #$7(. Cro e!t"on 4ectan+ular with radiused ed+es. S(**ort @eneral5 Sufficient to withstand thermal and ma+netic stresses due to ma2imum prospective fault currents. aterial5 'on-hy+roscopic insulation capable of holdin+ busbars at 1%(o3. 02a e e5(en!e For main busbars and connections to switchin+ devices, set-out phase se.uence for phases <, 6 and 3, from left-to-ri+ht, top-to-bottom and back-to-front when viewed from the front of the assembly. Colo(r !od"n& @eneral5 =rovide ,( mm minimum width colour bands permanently applied to busbars at (%% mm ma2imum intervals with at least one colour band for each busbar section within each compartment. <ctive busbars5 4ed, Qellow and 6lue respectively for the <, 6 and 3 phase. 'eutral busbar5 6lack 8' link5 @reen-white and black. =rotective earth busbar5 @reenJyellow. 4estrictions5 >o not provide adhesive type colour bands. B( $ar ' te1 Type5 ulti-pole proprietary busbar assemblies or busbar systems, verified for short circuit capacity and temperature rise-limits by type tests. C(rrent !arr'"n& !a*a!"t'

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<ctive conductors5 Take into account thermal stresses due to short circuit current, assumin+ ma+netic material enclosures located indoors in wellventilated rooms and ;%o3 final temperature. 'eutral conductors5 Si*e to match incomin+ neutral conductor current carryin+ capacity. =rotective earth conductors5 Si*e for at least (%E of the rated short circuit withstand current for 1%%E of the time duration. Tee3o## $( $ar !(rrent rat"n& For individual out+oin+ functional units5 8.ual to ma2imum frame si*e ratin+ of the functional unit. For multiple functional units5 8.ual to the diversity factors of tcn ,%L1;$4, based on frame si*e ratin+. +EN l"nk 8' links R 1% mm, in section5 6olted removable busbar links stamped C 8' !:'PD, located in the incomin+ compartment, between neutral and earth busbars. )a(lt !(rrent l"1"ter 4ate busbars connected to fault current limiters to 1%%E of the indicated fault current limiter circuit breaker frame si*e or fuse base ratin+. B( $ar l"nk For current transformers, provide removable busbar links 4(% mm lon+. Ca$le !onne!t"on #la& @eneral5 =rovide and support busbar fla+s for e.uipment with main terminals too small for cable lu+s. =rovide fla+s si*ed to suit cable lu+ termination, with current ratin+ of at least the ma2imum e.uipment frame si*e. =hase isolation5 =rovide phase isolation between fla+s where the minimum clearance distances phase-to-phase and phase-to-earth are below the component terminal spacin+. )(t(re e6ten "on =re-drill the main circuit supply busbar for future e2tensions and e2tend busbar droppers into future functional unit locations. 8o"nt"n& Type5 )i+h tensile steel bolts, washers and nuts, with lock nuts or lockin+ tabs /no sprin+ washers1. >o not use tapped holes and studs or the like for 0ointin+ current carryin+ sections. B( $ar "n (lat"on <ctive and neutral busbars and 0oints5 Select from the followin+5 =olyethylene5 <t least %.4 mm thick with dielectric stren+th of ,.( k" r.m.s for 1 min, applied by a fluidised bed process in which the material is phase coloured and directly cured onto the bars. 3lose fittin+ busbar insulation mouldin+s at least 1 mm thick. )eat shrink material5 -nly on rounded ed+e busbars.

Taped 0oints5 <pply non-adhesive stop-off type tape, coloured to match ad0acent insulation and half lapped to achieve a thickness at least that of the solid insulation. >ama+ed insulation5 4epair dama+ed insulation before ener+isin+.

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LIN:S Ter1"nal =rovide terminals for future circuits. 'umber of terninals for neutralJ earth must be more than live terminals so that each neutralJ earth line could be connected separately. L"nk <ssembly capacity R #7 poles5 =rovide neutral and earth links at the top and bottom of the circuit breaker section. <ssembly capacity #7 poles5 =rovide links at the point of entry of incomin+ supply cables. 'umber of terninals for neutralJ earth must be more than live terminals so that each neutralJ earth line could be connected separately. ountin+5 ount neutral links on an insulated base. 3ontrol circuits5 =rovide separate neutral and earth links. !abels5 =rovide labels for neutral and earth terminals. Ca$le ; 1< 11, =rovide bolts or studs.

4.7.1 'eutral and earth links


INTERNAL WIRING Ca$le t'*e %.7J1 k" copper cables. =rovide "-;%)T insulation where directly connected to active and neutral busbars. Ca$le "nter!onne!t"on @eneral5 For the main circuit supply, provide cable interconnections as follows5 1.( mm, /minimum1 internal cables, with minimum "9( insulation ratin+ with stranded copper conductors rated to T3M> ,(L1;;1. =rovide cables with current ratin+s suitable for the internal assembly ambient air temperature and for temperature rise limits of e.uipment within the assembly. 4un cables clear of busbars and metal ed+es. =rovide cables capable of withstandin+ ma2imum thermal and ma+netic stresses associated with relevant fault level and duration. 4un cables neatly. =rovide slotted trunkin+ si*ed for future cables or tie at 1(% mm ma2imum intervals with ties stron+ enou+h to withstand ma+netic stresses created at the specified fault current. >o not provide adhesive supports. 8nsure wirin+ for future e.uipment can be installed without removal of e2istin+ e.uipment. :dentify power and control cables at both ends with neat fittin+ rin+ type ferrules a+reein+ with record circuit dia+rams. ark to T3M> ,(L1;;1. Terminate control cables and motor control circuits in tunnel terminals or, if necessary, provide suitable palm type lu+s and correct crimp tool. For e.uipment mounted on hin+ed doors run cables on the hin+e side to avoid restrictin+ the door openin+. 6undle cables with spiral wrap ="3.

4.9.1 Iirin+

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:f recommended by device manufacturers, provide shielded wirin+.

<d0acent circuit breakers5 :f suitable proprietary multi-pole busbar assemblies are available to link ad0acent circuit breakers, do not provide cable interconnections. Ca$le ; 9 11, Terminations5 Tunnel terminals5 Sin+le cables. -ther connection points or terminals5 , cables.

>oors5 >o not run cables to hin+ed doors or removable panels. Supports5 Spacin+ at enclosure5 H ,%% mm from a termination. Spacin+ +enerally5 H 4%% mm. Stren+th5 3apable of withstandin+ forces e2erted durin+ fault conditions.

Sin+le core cables rated S #%% <5 >o not provide ferrous type metal cable saddles. arkin+5 Terminate marked cables for connection to e2ternal controls in correspondin+ly marked terminals within the assembly. Control and "nd"!at"on !"r!("t @eneral5 =rovide conductors si*ed to suit the current carryin+ capacity of the particular circuit. inimum si*e5 1 mm, with #,J%., strandin+. Ca$le !olo(r 3olour code wirin+ as follows5 < phase5 4ed. 6 phase5 Qellow. 3 phase5 6lue. 'eutral5 6lack. 8arthin+5 @reen-yellow

4.9., Terminations S($1a"n > l"&2t and *ower !"r!("t 3onnect direct to the circuit breaker terminals. Ot2er !"r!("t 3onnection to circuits 17 mm,5 =rovide >:'-type tunnel terminal blocks. 3onnection to circuits R 17 mm,5 =rovide stud-type terminals ( mm diameter, si*ed to continuously carry the load. 3ables R 9% mm,5 Stud type terminals, fi2ed to a >:'-type or @ rail. Tunnel terminals5 =rovide insulated sleeve ferrules to fle2ible cables terminated in tunnel terminals. :dentification5 :dentify cables at both ends with neat rin+-type ferrules. Type5 Screw-ti+htened, clip-on, #( mm >:'-type, fle2ible, non-flammable and, as a minimum, suitable for the insertion of a screwdriver blade.

Atelier Management and Design Consultancy (Vietnam) Co., Ltd SW !C"#$A%DS&'4


Shrouded terminations5 Form 4 separation 5 3ut and shaped polycarbonate solid sheet ri+idly fi2ed into position, with cable cut-outs to underside. >e+ree of protection5 :=,M minimum.

!ocation5 !ocate terminals to provide ready access to out+oin+ terminations. ountin+ rails5 Screw or rivet mountin+ rails to assembly at (%% mm centres. =rovide sufficient len+th to accept a further ,%E terminals or # terminals, whichever is the +reater5 <rran+ement5 Terminate internal wirin+ to one side of the terminal block, leavin+ the other side for out+oin+ circuits. @roupin+5 =rovide separate terminal +roups for final subcircuit and control wirin+. =rovide oversi*ed barriers between each +roup of terminals havin+ different volta+es and terminal si*e. Terminals for power wirin+5 # phases or sin+le phase and neutral. 3ontrol terminals5 :n alphabetical or numerical order of wire identification, with the lowest number or letter ne2t to the power terminals.

Shippin+ breaks5 =rovide terminal blocks for interconnectin+ wirin+ on each side of shippin+ breaks. 4.? E@EC.TION )"6"n& 6efore makin+ interpanel connections, fi2 assemblies and meterin+ e.uipment enclosures into position, level and plumb. 4.$., <ssembly entries Ca$le entr"e @eneral5 'eatly adapt one or more cable entry plates, if fitted, to accept incomin+ cable enclosure. =rovide the minimum number of entry plates to leave spare capacity for future cable entries. >o not run cables into the top of weatherproof assemblies. Sin+le core cables rated R #%% <5 =ass separately throu+h non-ferrous +land plates. >o not provide metal saddles. Ca$le en!lo (re 3ontinue cable enclosures to or into assemblies and fit cable entry plates so that the := ratin+ of the assembly and the fire ratin+ of the cable are maintained. Ca$le (**ort Support or tie mains and submains cables within ,%% mm of terminations. =rovide cable supports suitable for stresses resultin+ from short circuit conditions. B( tr(nk"n& ' te1 entr' =rovide entry plates with close tolerance cut-out to accommodate busbars, fitted with a flan+e bolted and sealed to assembly enclosure to maintain assembly := ratin+. 8arth busway enclosure to assembly protective earth conductor. Fit busway flan+es at assembly manufacturerBs premises and retain for transportation. 4.$.# 4ubber mattin+ 4.$.1 <ssembly installation

Atelier Management and Design Consultancy (Vietnam) Co., Ltd SW !C"#$A%DS&'*


4ubber insulation mat 7%%mm wide 2 1%mm thick, re.uired for the full len+th of the switchboards to be spread on the floor in front of the main switchboards and in electrical risers. 4.$.4 3ircuit schedule S!2ed(le !ard @eneral5 For +eneral li+ht and power distribution boards, provide schedule cards of minimum si*e ,%% 2 1(% mm, with typewritten te2t showin+ the followin+ asinstalled information5 Submain desi+nation, ratin+ and short-circuit protective device. !i+ht and power circuit numbers and current ratin+s, cable si*es and type and areas supplied.

ountin+5 ount schedule cards in a holder fi2ed to the inside of the assembly or cupboard door, ne2t to the distribution circuit switches. =rotect with hard plastic transparent covers. S"n&le3l"ne d"a&ra1 3ustom-built assemblies5 =rovide sin+le-line dia+rams. Format5 'on-fadin+ print, at least <# si*e, showin+ the as-installed situation. ountin+5 8nclose in a non-reflective +la*ed metal frame and wall mount close to assembly. 4.A CO+0LETION @eneral 3arry out the followin+ tests5 4.;., 8lectrical operation. >ielectric. 4.;.1 3ompletion tests

aintenance @eneral @eneral5 3arry out the followin+5 onthly inspections and maintenance work to maintain the assembly, includin+ battery systems. 4ectify faults, make ad0ustments, and replace consumable and faulty materials and e.uipment within ,4 hours of notification. Standard5 To T3' ,%L1;$4.