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PE%&N'&K &M&M 1. Tulis nomor dan nama Anda pada lembar jawaban yang disediakan 2. Periksa dan bacalah soal dengan teliti sebelum Anda bekerja 3. Kerjakanlah soal anda pada lembar jawaban 4. unakan waktu dengan e!ekti! dan e!isien ". Periksalah pekerjaan anda sebelum diserahkan kepada Pengawas

Soal :
%e(t ) #ead this te$t% then answer &uestions 1 to ". 'esterday (r!an went to )ampung. *e wanted to +isit his sister. ,n the !erry he met -r. )ukman who used to be a captain o! the ship. *e used the chance to know more about a ship and its captain% here is their con+ersation. (r!an . /ould you tell me a bit about the captain0s job 1 -r. )ukman . The captain is in command o! the ship% and he is responsible !or e+ery one on board. ,n the ship0s bridge he talks in to a speaking tuber or a microphone to gi+e orders to his men% such as deck o!!icers and the chie! engineer. 2eck o!!icers take turns standing on the ship0s bridge. 3rom the bridge they steer the ship% watch the sea. They also check instruments and chart. (r!an . And how docs a ship lea+e the harbour 1 -r. )ukman . A boat called tug boat pulls the ship !rom the shore to the open sea. A!ter that the captain orders . !ull speed a head. (n the engine room the chie! engineer and his men speed up the engines. They make sure that the engine work right. (r!an . And how to know in!ormation 1 -r. )ukman . There are radio men in the ship. They keep in touch with people on land by sending and recei+ing messages. There are also telephone operators. They take care o! telephone calls !rom cabin to cabin on the ship. The operators can connect calls !rom the ship to !or away parts o! the world. 1. 4ho did (r!an talk with on the !erry 1 a. an e$5captain o! the ship b. the captain o! the ship c. the captain o! the !erry d. the deck o!!icers e. the radio men 2. The deck o!!icers do the !ollowing things% e(*e+t 6.. a. watching the sea and the sky b. checking the instrument c. checking the chart d. pulling the ship away e. steering the ship

3. 73ull speed ahead8% is the captain0s order directed to 6.. a. his chie! engineers b. his deck o!!icers c. his operators d. his tug boats 4. 4hich is not tr,e according to the te$t 1 a. certain passangers may steer the ship b. deck o!!icers take turn watching the ship c. the chie! engineer speed up the engines d. telephone operators can connect calls !rom parts o! the world e. people on the ship can municate with people on land ". The te$t shows us that (r!an 6.. a. is interested in ship b. wants to be a captain c. knows -r. )ukman be!ore d. has known +ery much about ship

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e. !ell boring during his tra+eling %e(t This te$t is !or &uestions 9 to 12. ,nce up on a time% the is reclites were at war with the philistines. The leader o! the philistines was a giant named goliath% who was three metres tall. A spear was slong across his shoulders and a hea+y sword hung !rom a belt around his waist. oliath challenged the israclites to send a leader to !ight with him. 7i! he can kill me% we shall be your sla+es%8 he boasted. 7:ut i! ( kill him% then you shald be our sla+es.8 ;o one e$cept a young shepherd boy dared +olunteer to !ight goliath. The shepherd boy0s name was 2a+id. *e was armed with only a shing. 4hen goliath saw 2a+id% he laughed% 7what18are you the only one they can send to !ight with me 1 why% ( will tear you apart and !eed you the birds < 7Then he charged at 2a+id with his sword. /almly% 2a+id took a stone% put it on his hing and took care!ul ain at the giant0s eyes. The stone struck goliath and he !ell to the ground. 2a+id !reed his people !rom the terror o! goliath. =. 4hat is the writer0s purpose o! writing this kind o! te$t 1 To 6.. a. entertain the readers b. tell a story o! giant c. in!orm an e+ent in the past d. tell the terror o! the leader o! the philistines e. report the war between the is raclites and philistine >. 4hat is the type o! the te$t 1 a. report b. narrati+e c. description d. procedure e. recount ?. 4ho dared to !ight the leader o! the philistines 1 a. a giant b. goliath c. 2a+id d. a ha+e e. people 1@. 4hat did 2a+id use to de!eat the leader o! the philistines 1 a. a spear b. a sward c. a shing d. a stone

e. a belt 11. 7:ut i! ( kill him% then you shall be our sla+es.8 The word 7you8 re!ers to 6.. a. 2a+id b. the +olunteers c. the philistines d. the (sraelites e. a shepperd boy 12. 72a+id took goliath0s sword and slew him with it.8 Alew means 6.. a. cut b. tore c. struct d. !ought e. killed %e(t . This te$t is !or &uestions 13 to 1=. 3lowers are the parts o! a seed plant that contain the organs concerned with se$ual reproduction% including o+ary and stamens. These reproduction structures are usually associated with sterile outher structures that protect them and attact insects or birds who help the process o! !ertiliBation. Aome !lowers ha+e special scents which can attract insects to come. 3lowers basically ha+e !our parts . petals% sepals% stamens and pistils. -ost petals are in bright colour% or sometimes green% as green as sepals. Atamens are the male reproducti+e organs% which arise within the petals. They +ary in number% !rom one to hundreds per !lower. Pistils are the !emale organs o! reproduction% they +ary in structures.

13. 4hat is the !unction o! sterile outher structures 1 a. they ha+e special scents b. they attract insencts or birds c. they protect o+ary and staments d. they contain se$ual5reproduction e. they help the process o! !ertiliBation 14. 4hat are the male organs o! re!roduction 6.. a. petals b. sepals c. pistils d. staments e. o+ary 1". 4hy do sterile outer structures attract insect or bird 1 To 6.. a. protect them

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b. c. d. e.

+ary in structures gi+e their scent help the process o! !ertiliBation pro+ide some plowers with special

19. 4hat is the aim o! the te$t a bo+e 1 To 6.. a. gi+e in!ormation about plowers b. e$plain the pracess o! pertiliBation c. describe the parts o! a seed plant d. e$pose the reproduction structures o! plowers e. report how plowers attract insects or birds 1=. 4hat is meant by the !emale reproducti+e organs 1 a. petals b. sepals c. staments d. seeds e. pistils %e(t / #ead this te$t care!ully. This te$t is !or &uestions 1> to 24. :laksands is a large seaside town. *al! o! the town lies to the morth o! the ri+er black and the other hal! lies to the south. (t is only a !ew kilometres to the nearest highway and just ten minutes dri+e !rom the city o! harstone. Aituated near the beach are lots o! brightly painted hotels% some o! them are +ery old. -any big name department stores% as well smaller shops that sell sou+enirs and gi!ts% are !ound on the main street just out side the town ceilre. The heart o! town is accupied by older houses and many histoucal buildings. (n recent years% some new housing estates ha+e been de+elo+ed to the south o! the town. These are lats o! things to do at black sould. There is a harbour with boats !or !ishing and cruises. There are two beaches which are popular !or +arious wiler e+ents and whole year round swimming. A cinema% a swimming pool% a bowling alley as well as a !airground are located withim the cown. Two parks and se+eral playgrounds are also easily accessible !rom the cown centre and outlying housing estates. 1>. 4hat is the type o! the te$t 1 a. recount b. narrati+e c. descripti+e d. news item e. analytical e$position

1?. 4hat is the te$t about 1 a. department stores b. ri+er black c. the city o! harstone d. blacksands e. harbours 2@. 4hat does paragraph 3 mainly describe 1 a. !ishing b. cruises c. acti+ities d. bowling e. swimming 21. 4hat can be !ound on the main street just outside the town centre 1 a. smaller shops that sell sou+enirs and gi!ts b. many big name department stores c. rots o! brightly painted hotels d. many historical buildings e. some new housing estates 22. 4hat are close to the beach 1 a. bright hotels b. bowling alleys c. swimming pools d. department stores e. historical buildings 23. 4hich o! the !ollowing is %R&E according to the te$t 1 a. blacksands is a big town b. sou+enirs can be bought in suburbs c. hotel near the beach are painted black d. tourists can only swim in the beach during summer e. it takes more than ten minutes to dri+e !rom harstone to blacksands

24. 7Two parks and se+eral playgrounds are also easily a**essi"le !rom the town centre and 6.. C P3 D. 7accessible8 can be replaced by 6.. a. seen b. shown c. identipied d. entered e. presented %e(t 0 #ead this ta$t care!ully and complete it using the sintable words (rrigation is any acti+ity which C2"D 6.. to the e!!orts to obtain water !or the !arm land. 3or

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this purpose people may C29D 6.. reser+oir or a man made lake% use water pump and build dams and ditches. The ditches C2=D 6.. to lead water !rom the resources to the !arm land and drain o!! the e$cess water which is not C2>D 6.. by the crop. 2". a. b. c. d. e. 29. a. b. c. d. e. 2=. a. b. c. d. e. 2>. a. b. c. d. e. relate relates related relating is related make makes made making be made use uses using is used are used use used uses using to use

c. should d. must 32. a. b. c. d. e. met meet meets meeting to meet

33. 2icky . may ( can to your house at = tonight 1 Anne . 6.. ( will be going somewhere with my !riend at that time. a. yes% that0s all right b. yes% indeed c. l0m a!raid not d. not at all e. why not 34. )isa . 2o you mind turning on the !an !or me 1 -ita . 6666666.. a. no% thank you b. yes% ( do c. l0d lo+e to d. not at all e. yes% please 3". #udi . 2o you think it is wrong to hunt animals !or sport% :en 1 :eni . ( 6.. strongly. :esides it0s cruel% it will make them +anished. #udi . ( think you are right% :eni. a. agree b. disagree c. don0t agree d. don0t think so e. am a!raid it0s wrong 39. (! you want to see me tomorrow% don0t come at 1@ o0clock. ( 6.. at that time. a. teach b. tought c. will teach d. would teach e. will be teaching

%e(t 1 This te$t is !or &uestion 2? to complete the letter with suitable words < Tuesday e+ening -arch >% 2@@> 2ear ,lga% (t is a C2?D 6.. to read your letter and to know about the music program at your uni+ersity. (0ll be C3@D 6.. to go with you. -y bus C31D 6.. be at your school at 4 o0clock on Aaturday. (! you don0t mind% (0d like you 6.. me at the bus station. Aee you on Aaturday. -aritha 2?. a. b. c. d. e. 3@. a. b. c. d. e. happy regret nice pleasure pleased sad sorry happy happily worred

3=. 'oyo . 4hat would you do i! you got #p. 1@@@.@@@ 1 2iky . ( 6.. a bicycle. a. bought b. will buy c. had bought d. would buy e. would ha+e bought 3>. )ina . which one is your mother 1 Tata . the woman 6.. the red hot o+er there is my mother.

31. a. can b. will

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a. b. c. d. e.

in with use wear by

3?. 7where are you going 18 *e asked me where 6.. a. ( am going b. ( was going c. Am ( going d. was ( going e. you are going 4@. The parents ask their doughter 6.. her marriage. a. delay b. delays c. delayed d. to delay e. will delay 41. The !urnisure 6.. when we arri+ed. a. sold b. is sold c. is being sold d. had been sold e. has been sold 42. -r. :illy was 6.. that he !orgot his lunch. a. busy b. so busy c. too busy d. such busy e. enough busy 43. -r. -aman said% 7my aunt was seriously ill.8 -r. -aman said that his aunt 6.. a. was seriously ill b. is seriously ill c. would be seriously ill d. to be seriously ill e. had been seriously ill 44. The (ndonesian independence 6.. by president Aoekarno on August 1=% 1?4". a. proclains b. proclained c. is praclained d. is praclaining e. was praclained 4". (ntan . A-A == obliges its students to wear -oslem dress e+ery 3riday. Eoko . (0ll go along with that The underlined sentence e$presses 6.. a. denial b. warning c. pleasure d. certainly e. agreement

49. Adi . Aony% let0s go to )ina0s party. Aony . i! ( had time% ( would go there. 3rom the dialogue we know that 6.. a. Aony goes to )ina0s party b. Adi goes to )ona0s party c. Aony doesn0t go to )ina0s party d. Aony came to )ina0s party e. Aony will come to )ina0s party 4=. ;adia . when did you get this cassette 1 )ia . yesterday. 4hen ( 6.. home% a boy asked me to gi+e it to you. a. walk b. walked c. walking d. was walking e. has been walking 4>. /hoose the most normal position order o! the adjecti+es to complete the sentence below. 7mather bought a set o! 666!urnisure. a. wooden F Eepara F beauti!ul F car+ing b. beauti!ul F car+ing F wooden F Eepara c. car+ing F beauti!ul F Eepara F wooden d. beauti!ul F wooden F car+ing F Eepara e. beauti!ul F Eepara F car+ing F wooden 4?. (! a person want to 6.. in running a business% he must ha+e the !ull support o! his employees. a. success b. succedd c. success!ul d. succeeded e. success!ully "@. #ani . ma0am% e$cuseme 66 you. -rs. ;adia. it0s ok. 4hat is it 1 a. !or interrupting b. to interrupt c. interrupting d. interrupted e. interrupt

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