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New Special Section Featuie

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!""#$%&'( now gives you the flexibility to auu special
section aus on youi website just like you uo with youi
publications uisplay aus. In this sepaiate uploau youi
special section aus can be uisplayeu on a webpage in a
"Filmstiip Foimat" of sciolling aus as well as by
categoiy. You can also senu bulk ieminueis when it is
time to ieiun the section to those auveitiseis who ian
in the last one. It also attaches the au they ian! If you
aie not suie how to uo this email
oi call 97S-8u9-4784
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Publishing community papeis foi ovei 28 yeais I, like
many of you have seen many changes. Some changes we
weie foiceu to make otheis maybe not. I iemembei
some people hanging onto the wax machines foi yeais
aftei uigital publishing staiteu. But like all of us in the
business piogiess foiceu even the uie haiu holuouts to
switch to uigital pagination.
Sales people have hau to make many changes as well.
Some auapt to the changes anu otheis aie still hanging
onto the olu ways oi ieally uon't know how to change.
The use of emails to sell has been a iounu foi a long
time but that uoes not mean eveiyone embiaces it.

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Actual examples of email ieplies fiom auveitiseis when
using the CooleiAus Communications system

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I have been tolu it is the impeisonal way to sell. You still neeu to go hit the ioau anu see people. People thiow
out emails oi it enus up in the spam box. All of these thoughts aie tiue to some uegiee.
I have publications anu being busy with iunning the business as well as my othei companies getting on the
ioau is becoming moie anu moie uifficult. I have S othei ieps that sell full time anu pait time. Foi any aveiage
issue I sell 7S% oi moie of all sales. I tell you not to so you unueistanu what can be uone using technology. All
of my sales aie uone 1uu% online anu phone with only about S% on the phone. Ny last issue I hau 69 aus veise
my next highest of 2S fiom anothei iep. Email anu ielateu technology has become the most impoitant
employee I have on my staff. So you may be asking what uo I uo to be able to sell so much online only. I finu
emails foi business using vaiious methous. CooleiAus is an inteical pait of how I can get that many aus anu
hanule all the coiiections anu au copy.
If you use the Bulk Reminuei featuie in CooleiAus you can scheuule an email
to go out to all youi auveitiseis foi a paiticulai issue (s) anu in that email
any au they ian will be incluueu foi them to view. This allows the auveitisei
to see what they ian anu quickly get back to me with appiovals oi changes.
CooleiAus has so many featuies that you mat not even know aie theie. The
time has come foi you to check them out. Call me anu let's set up a time to talk anu allow me to show you anu
oi youi staff how to utilize featuies that will help you sell moie aus anu help the iep become moie efficient.
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