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Industry Assignment

Holiday Inn Express and Suites Interviewed Sanam

Sang Won Jeong
Value: 15% Due Date: November 11, 2013 at the beginning of your particular class period.

Requirements: Assignment needs to be typed, double spaced and submitted in hard copy form. Appropriate sentence structure, grammar and spelling are required. Assignments that are turned in late will be penalized 1 mark per day.

Assignment Content Conference Service Managers play a key role in the sales and execution of group business within a hotel. Describe their role in the servicing of a group within the hotel. Create a detailed job description. What skills do they need to possess to be successful? Prepare a list of questions to ask a current CSM within the Toronto area. Interview them to determine what their perception of their position and the value of what they do is to their employer. Find out what skills they think are important to their success, how training and continuous learning impact their performance. Describe how they got started in the industry. Determine whether this position would be one of interest to you. What skills do you possess that would benefit you in this position? Assignment Inclusions: Role of CSM Detailed job description List of questions, at least 10, to ask the CSM and their responses Script you use to ask for the interview Business card of the CSM you have interviewed and the notes you have taken during the interview

Role of CSM: The main job function of the convention services manager is to ensure that all events run as planned. Convention services managers reserve conference rooms and coordinate services for groups and organizations holding meetings, conventions and other events on hotel grounds.

Detailed job description: Must possess computer skills, including, but not limited to, use of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Delphi. Knowledge of sales skills, revenue management, training, and motivation of peers. Knowledge of hotel features, benefits, and competing hotels within the market. Ability to execute appropriate action plans. Knowledge of hotel operations, including marketing plans, security and safety programs, personnel and labor relations, preparation of business plans, repairs, maintenance, budget forecasting, quality assurance programs, hospitality law, and long-range planning. Ability to work effectively under time constraints and deadlines. Command of the English language both written and verbal. Questions:

1. What are your roles your position?

2. What skills are involved that made you successful in your career?

3. How training and continuous learning impact your performance?

4. How did you start your career?

5. What kinds of educations are needed to be in your position?

6. What are the biggest obstacles you faced during your career?

7. Are there many business group come by and stay at your hotel?

8. What kind of business group normally stays in your hotel?

9. Do you value your job?

10. What do you see in your job in the future and will you be still working in this industry?

1. Since the hotel is small hotels she take cares of corporate accounts, also meetings. 2. Have to be very organized, detailed oriented, punctual, and easy to be communicate with. 3. She went to school for it and had an idea. She gets trained and does courses online once in a while. 4. She was first started in the front desk and went to sales and became sales executive. 5. She went to university of Ryerson and had experiences in food and beverages for many years and also travel agencies. 6. She has to be calm no matter what happens to deal with the customers. She gets stress sometimes but, in the end of day she solves the problem. 7. They are very busy in the week and half of them they just use the meeting room and half of them stay in the hotel for the night. Most of the customers come from Quebec and Montreal. Some international groups come by the hotel also. 8. Corporate groups that came for the training. From different parts of countries mostly in Canada and US. 9. Yes, she does value her job because she got the job not easily and she was having trouble to get jobs after she graduated. She enjoys working in hotels. 10. She wants to work in bigger hotels and resorts in the future. My thoughts: No, its not my job that I can do professionally because of the responsibility and the problem solving skills have to be professional. I dont think I have that responsibility and the skills to do

my job as a CSM. I wouldnt benefit from this job because I might drop the revenue of that hotel because of my lacking skills as a CSM and not meet the requirements of the job. Student Name: Sang Won Jeong_________________________________________

Evaluation: 35 Marks Content: 20 Marks Job description Questions Script Your thoughts 5 5 5 5 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1

Layout: 15 Marks Organization/layout Inclusions Grammar, sentence structure 5 5 5 4 4 4 3 3 3 2 2 2 1 1 1