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Napoleon Bonaparte

Savior or Destroyer?

Scarlett Ramos AP European (3) Mr. Adair

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The French revolution was time of great turmoil in European history. The 3 rd estate was tired of being mistreated and demanded for changes to be made in the French government. Many struggled on a daily basis to make enough money to pay the bills and let alone food, while others feasted away. They decided to take measures into their own hands and fight with fire. After many reforms, and new enlightened ideals the revolution was finally over. To control e ecutive responsibilities, they created the directory. Though it technically had no legislative control, the directory abused their powers and transformed France in to what they stood against. France was saved by !apoleon who in a short amount of time made France into one of the most powerful countries in Europe. !apoleon metaphorically helped France get out of "uick sand but by doing so he not only protected the ideals of the French revolution but he also destroyed them. Through our European history !apoleon #onaparte was viewed as an enlightened despot by fulfilling and destroying significant ideals of the French evolution. !apoleon protected and diminished the ideals of the French revolution because he believed in the e"uality of man, supported economic prosperity and essentially demanded absolute power. To preserve the ideals of the French revolution !apoleon began reconstructing France, by creating a new system that stated all men were born e"ual under the law. The $ivil code of %&'( commonly known as the !apoleon code provided the framework for the French legal system during napoleon)s reign. According to *enneth +earl, author of $racking the A+ European history e am ,the code enshrined the e"uality of all people before the law and safeguarded the rights of property holders- .+earl %(3/. The !apoleon code had a huge influence in France. 0t established the right to choose your own

profession, e"uality before the law, and freedom of religion. 1nlike previous laws, this code was uniform throughout the country. The $ode reaffirmed the right of all adult males to vote as well as the sanctity of private property. #y creating the civil code napoleon enforced the concept that all men are e"ual. 2uring the French revolution many people fought for e"uality. !apoleon supported the many ideas of the French revolution by embracing and enforcing the idea of e"uality by eliminating feudalism. Feudalism is when a certain class of society has special privileges, like ta breaks. 0n the hand out Napoleon Brings Order to France it claims that ,old order .privilege based on birth/ was dead- .Adair/. !apoleon once again enforces the concept of e"uality in all men towards the nobles, leaving them powerless. #y doing this he preserves the concept that all men are e"ual, whom many people died fighting for during the French 3evolution. !apoleon believed in the e"uality and by doing so he helped protect the ideals of the French revolution. !ot only did !apoleon help protect the ideals of revolution by believing in the e"uality of man but also by supporting economic growth. 4ince %5&6, France was been wracked by turmoil. !apoleons primary goal was to restore France. According to !athan #arber , author of the complete idiots guide to European 7istory ,he claims that !apoleon ,created a #ank of France to tackle financial problems and over several years the economy started to turn- . #arber 8('/.!apoleon decided to create the first bank of France to collect ta es for a more stable income for France. The bank of France also loaned money to help improve the economy and make more 9obs. 2uring the revolution many people wanted a government that was fair and economically prosperous to improve living conditions. #y altering the structure of the government !apoleon was able secure

many of the hopes and dreams of the French revolution. #esides creating #ank of France napoleon also make changes in France)s currency. According to #arber a banker would be very affirmative on how !apoleon had truly helped France in its economic problems he claims that ,7e made the franc the most stable currency in Europe- .#arber 8('/. 0n order to improve France)s economy napoleon decided to create a new currency. The franc helped !apoleon protect the ideals of the revolution because the main purpose of the revolution was to have a prosperous and fair nation and the franc was everything related to prosperous. #y reconstructing the government to make a more prosperous nation !apoleon was able to make France into the ideal country. Although !apoleon protected some of the ideals of the French revolution he also destroyed them by demanding absolute power. 0n %566 France adopted a new constitution appointing !apoleon as first council with numerous powers resembling those of a dictator. According to #arber 8 years later France adopted an updated constitution he claims that ,the constitution of year : made napoleon first consul for life- .#arber 8('/. 0n the %;th century France was ruled by a monarchy but during the revolution the monarchy was replaced with a republic. <hen !apoleon declared himself % st council for life he destroyed the some of the ideals of the French revolution because 0 a matter of days he removed a policy that needed a revolution to occur in order to recogni=ed. !apoleon destroyed ideals of the revolution by demanding absolute control over France. According to #arber, he claims that ,!apoleons men discovered a #ourbon plot against him. 1sing this plot he proclaimed himself emperor in %&'(- .#arber 8('/. #y proclaiming himself emperor of France napoleon he essentially demanded total control over France. The purpose of the French revolution was to remove monarchy and replace

it with a republic and by !apoleon crowning himself emperor he stood against and destroyed the principals of the revolution. !apoleon not only protected the ideals of the revolution he also destroyed them by essentially demanding total control over France. 2ue to France)s unbalanced government France was in complete turmoil. !apoleon not only saved France from complete destruction but he also helped France into becoming one of the most powerful countries in Europe. !apoleon was an enlightened despot he saved and destroyed the ideals of revolution because he believed in the e"uality of man, economic growth, and demanded total control over France. Though some people believed he destroys the ideals of the revolution while others believed he saved them napoleon did both by reconstructing France)s government.