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The Devil in Disguise: How to defeat the False Jesus 1

Chapter Nine:
The Devil in disguise:
How to defeat the False Jesus

This chapter is a short introduction to spiritual victory over the

forces of evil, particularly as they imitate Jesus, the Holy Spirit
or the Father. It represents only a shard of Satan's devices -

Over the years I have encountered many false representations of Jesus

from the one world religion guru to the black activist, African Jesus,
and everything in between. These false philosophies have their
equivalent in the spiritual realm too, as evil spirits can and do take on
aspects of Christ's image or character to imitate Him, or the Holy
Spirit or the Father, as well as imitating Angels and Saints.

Here is a list of some of the Jesuses you may come across in

modern culture or even in modern churches
The muscle bound Health and Fitness Jesus

God’s Detective Chapter Nine

Aðalsteinn Eaglehawk
The Devil in Disguise: How to defeat the False Jesus 2

The Cosmic Hippy Jesus

The Black Jesus
The Aryan Jesus
The Pacifist Jesus
The Gay Jesus
The Communist Jesus
The Female Jesus
The Mad Jesus
The Ignorant Peasant Jesus
The Social Worker Jesus
The Confused Jesus
The Sexual Jesus
The Pathetic Jesus
The Identity Crisis Jesus
The God Hating Jesus
The Lucifer Betraying Jesus
The Joking Jesus
The Bigot Jesus
The Anti-Semitic Jesus
The Drug Induced Jesus

Here are some of the more supposedly Christian Jesuses

The Weak and Ineffectual Jesus
The Silent Jesus
The Money Mad Jesus
The English Middle Class Jesus
The American Right Wing Conservative Jesus
The Pentecostal and Charismatic Jesus
The Laid Back Non Religious Jesus
The Never Condemns Anyone Jesus
The Party and Alcohol Jesus
The Forgot About You Jesus

There are two other Jesuses

The Bible Jesus
The Spirit Jesus
These last two are one and the same.
God’s Detective Chapter Nine
Aðalsteinn Eaglehawk
The Devil in Disguise: How to defeat the False Jesus 3

All of the above Jesuses have a spirit to go with them. Only the
last Jesus, the Bible Jesus has the Spirit of God.

As there are Jesuses so there are versions of the Holy Spirit and the
Father, such as the Stern and Vindictive God... Also, versions of the
Gospel, such as the Gospel of Lifestyle, rather than discipleship.

There are also artistic images of Jesus. Some of these reflect the views
of past centuries. Usually Jesus is handsome but serene, often blonde
and usually white. European culture and the British Empire gave the
world a European Jesus. In some Christian Books and Bibles for
Children this Jesus is still clearly seen. Most characters in many of
these Bibles are white, including Adam and Eve from whom all races
descended. Fortunately, today we also have an ordinary looking
Hebrew Jesus depicted for children. This is a small but significant clue
to a cultural shift. Some people want to know Jesus as He is - not as
others would like Him to be.

The Devil is a Shape Shifter

We can see from the above lists that the false Jesus is a chameleon
melting into its surrounds and accommodating to peoples'
misconceptions. It has the power to shape shift and is slippery as a
snake. It is not one but many like the mythological hydra of the
Greeks: Chop a head off and another will grow! This hydra has so
many heads they are uncountable but there is a weapon that can
destroy it.

“...the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God”

[Ephesians 6:17]

This weapon will destroy the false philosophies and any ugly head that
rears its evil self up against us!

Similarly there is the Non Existent Devil, the Personification of Evil

Devil and the Little Red Devil. These are fabrications of the devil -
the devil of the Bible. As there is an intelligent and real Jesus so there

God’s Detective Chapter Nine

Aðalsteinn Eaglehawk
The Devil in Disguise: How to defeat the False Jesus 4

is an intelligent and real devil. We need to defeat his disguises.

How to defeat the false Jesus:

Discipline under the Bible
Know your Bible. People will tell you the Jesus of John the Apostle is
not the Jesus of Paul the Apostle and the Jesus of the Gospel of John is
not the Jesus of the Revelation written by that same John. Then again
modern theologians will tell you that John is not the same John... As
the Bible is trustworthy it reveals the true Jesus. The best way to
defeat the False Jesus is not primarily by spiritual discernment, as few
believers have enough, but by discipline; by knowing and studying the

For example the person who believes Jesus when He says,

[Luke 16:13] “You cannot serve God and Mammon”
(The god of wealth), is hardly going to accept the Money Mad Jesus
or its gospel of Get Rich Now I'll Show You How.

The second way to defeat the false Jesus is by spiritual

All genuine believers have the Spirit and therefore all have some
degree of wisdom in spiritual matters and therefore too, the ability to
judge, weigh, discern the things of God and their opposites. You may
not have enough discernment to do it alone but with the Bible and the
discipline of its application to your life this makes a formidable
weapon against the devices of the devil.

The third way to defeat the devil in disguise is by faith in prayer

By praying to God you may ask for spiritual light or intelligence upon
these matters. You must pray in an attitude of trust and with a view to
changing your mind! Think about that.

Regular prayer along these lines,

God’s Detective Chapter Nine

Aðalsteinn Eaglehawk
The Devil in Disguise: How to defeat the False Jesus 5

“I am not infallible. Please show me my errors, and where

the devil may have deceived me, in the Name of the Bible
Jesus, Amen.”

Such prayers prayed seriously and regularly really do help in the

renewal of your mind and in keeping you alert. God really does
answer too, so be prepared for a few shocks!

Make God alone your Lord

Finally, as this is merely a brief introduction to the subject, do not
trust in human wisdom, yours or others, especially if they are
prophesying over you! Here is one of those Bible verses you really
need to remember and pray over,

“So says the Eternal, 'Cursed is the man that trusts in man,
and makes flesh his arm (strength), and whose heart departs
from the Eternal.'” [Jeremiah 17:5]

A warning
All Christian cults and mainline churches teach some form of spiritual
discernment. Many teach on the subject of combating evil spirits. All
Christian cults in particular claim to have spiritual gifts and revelations
exposing the works of the devil. They do have some truths too, but
not about the delusions they are bound with or that they will bind
you with. Make the Bible your authority in matters of doctrine.
Experientially, cling to the Lord alone: That is study the Bible Jesus
with the Spirit of the Bible Jesus.

Beware of extremes
This is a difficult time for Christians to live in as there are so many
denominations and sects and even more teachings. Everything I teach
has versions by other spiritual writers and by cults- and all originate in
the Word of God. When you read of the false Jesus or any spiritual
thing, there will be true and false versions. Among true versions there
will be errors of emphasis. Among many false versions there is

God’s Detective Chapter Nine

Aðalsteinn Eaglehawk
The Devil in Disguise: How to defeat the False Jesus 6

often a lot of truth that acts as the sugar to cover the arsenic of
deception. In dealing with the various forms of Jesus you meet in the
world or in churches it is good to be gracious, humble and
accommodating to a point. Many people are sincerely trying to follow
God. I am not of the ones that want to cry against them over their
errors but to encourage them to greater enlightenment. Let us
consider then the greatest false Jesus there is in the world.

The Iconic Jesus

In Europe and the East Christianity has tended to standardise Christ so
that he became meek and mild, very human, serene, and idealised.
The representation of Christ lost his zeal for God, his power and his
deep spirituality. He also lost his certainty and his deep animosity
toward sin. The Iconic Jesus, who is literally seen on icons, is
therefore not so much God incarnate as Religious Humanism
incarnate. If he were real and you met him no doubt he would be a
beautiful character, a true saint; but would he be able to cast out evil
spirits, performs signs in the Heavens and many other wonders?
Would he return again as the world's conqueror? I am making this
distinction to point out what is missing. It does not mean, as many of
you I am sure realise, that I think Jesus is to be a hyper character who
is casting out demons all the time- it is just one of several of the
characteristics left out of the Iconic Jesus.

Out of all the false Jesuses the Iconic Jesus is the one closest to the
truth and the one the world loves. The Iconic Jesus lives in the hearts
and minds of multitudes and is the present dominant religious Jesus in
the world. The great distinction with the Real Jesus is this: The world
did and does today hate the real Christ. That's why He was crucified
by the religious and pagans together.

Jesus is hated for this reason in His own words:

“The world cannot hate you but it hates Me; for I testify
of it, that its works are evil.” [John chapter 7:7]

The Spirit of Christ continually witnesses against what is evil within

mankind. In response there has never been nor can there ever be a

God’s Detective Chapter Nine

Aðalsteinn Eaglehawk
The Devil in Disguise: How to defeat the False Jesus 7

man more hated, defamed, abused, slandered and attacked than the
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God.

Jesus is holiness itself and to come into his Presence is to come into
the Light and that Light blinds the eyes – until they see. Jesus is Love
and mitigates against everything that is selfish - and humans by nature
are Self-ish: That is, what the Bible calls 'fallen nature', as there
remains an ability to repent and come into the Light.

How many of those who love the Iconic Jesus would hate the
Real Jesus?
The answer is quite simple: By loving the Iconic Jesus they do hate
the Real Jesus. They are rejecting Him in favour of an inferior
impostor created out of human tradition.

God’s Detective Chapter Nine

Aðalsteinn Eaglehawk