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April 9, 2014

Eve Adams Member of Parliament, Mississauga-Brampton South

Re: Oakville North-Burlington

Dear Ms. Adams: As you are aware, National Council investigated the concerns that were raised in the letter of April 1 from Oakville North-Burlington EDA President Mark Fedak. You are now in receipt of my letter of April 9 delivered to Mr. Fedak. As a result of the letter of April 1 and subsequent communications, National Council has grave concerns in respect to the manner by which you have conducted your nomination campaign. As you are aware, our Party is in the midst of conducting fair, open and transparent nomination contests in all 338 EDAs across the country. We will tolerate nothing less. National Council will continue to monitor the nomination campaign in Oakville North-Burlington. Without waiving any previous conduct which National Council assesses as inappropriate, be advised that any improprieties will result in a NCSC review, and, if warranted, disqualification. The investigation undertaken has also raised concerns that your nomination campaign, if accounting properly for all non-monetary contributions, may have exceeded your nomination campaign spending limit of $17,721.66. As part of its continued scrutiny of the nomination contest in Oakville North-Burlington, National Council requires that you and your official agent demonstrate that a full accounting of all non-monetary contributions, including the work of professional persons who have not charged the nomination campaign, has been carefully itemized and prepared. National Council requires this full accounting, which can be submitted by your nomination campaign on a confidential basis, be delivered on or before April 18, 2014, at 5:00 p.m. EST. To ensure confidentiality, I would be pleased to discuss the appropriate point of delivery for this full accounting.

In closing, we would also like to emphasise that our Partys backbone is the tireless work and dedication of volunteers. Without their selfless efforts at the EDA level we would not be in government and you would not have a position in the government. The National Council insists that our Partys members and activists be treated with the respect and appreciation that they deserve. In future, when interacting with any members in any EDA please keep this in mind and refrain from asserting any authority or position other than your position as a fellow member under our Partys Constitution. Sincerely,

John Walsh President, National Council, Conservative Party of Canada Cc: Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper, Leader Conservative Party of Canada Simon Thompson, A/Executive Director Ray Novak, Chief of Staff, PMO Fred DeLorey, Director of Political Operations Mark Fedak, President Oakville-North Burlington Conservative Association Michael Lauer, Secretary, National Council