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The Tao of Badass Everything You Need to Know To Be A Badass With Women Joshua Pellicer Translation / Editing: Mannish
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Introduction ................................................. 5 ........... Interpretation Of The Sexes ...................................... 15 Trust ................................................. 27 ........... The System ................................................ ............ 49 Getting and Opening ............................................ 77 Tests ................................................. ................. 89 Reading Body Language ................................ 97 Creating Feeling ........................................... 123 The Biggest Mistakes You Commits ................... 137 Conclusion ................................................. 147 ..........
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Translator's Note: And ae guys! I'm 20 years old and Mannish. To the PU and almost 4 since joining see much change in the Brazilian community. Formerly the spikes recorded in national forums represented a number vastly inferior to today and purpose of these forums was just helping and sharing idea of these members together. There was this thing of having to pay to access such content pages or having to disclose to have released such material. Yes we were a united community only had order due to uncontrollable increase in new members fruit of the financial greed of some and so do not have the Minimum hope that this "harmonic time" again. However, 're not late for the sake of reasoning a bit. The time ta passing and as it happens more and more women come having access to the tools we use to study and conquer them. Advertise PU has a downside too greater than the positive. The game is for everyone, but not all are for the game and in the background all who do not think only with the pocket know it. Do not use this translation to bring new players. Hug and good reading; D PS: BADASS = Fucker / Bonzo.

All credits go to the Joshua Pellicer and his team. Not profit nothing from this book. The translation to EN this is due the absence of the material in bookstores or other means of trade in the language.
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Anyone has the power to be a Badass with women. Yes, that includes you. No matter if you are a business owner of a powerful million dollar company or a struggling musician who works as a waiter in his spare time. You have the power within to be irresistible to women more beautiful. In fact, there is only one thing that separates the Casanovas of the bad; Lotharios of the losers; and players of posers: men who get along well with sex Ladies just learned how to awaken this inner power, and how to use all the benefits that provide for themselves. I know, I know ... it seems more simple, right? And you believe me? What makes me good at the subject? I spent many years studying psychology, relationships and attraction. Worked as coach relationship; instructor charisma and social dynamics; BL specialist. Trained with Wyatt Woodsmall, NLP and
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motivational speeches, as I was mentor during long Anthony Robbins and member of the first generation of instructors Dale Carnegir. Also recepcionei and I financed the first interview designed to help men get along with women on Maxim Radio, appearing throughout North America through satellite radio SIRIUS XM. Worked quite parallel time with the company of Anthony Robbins and went consultant on the board of Axe Deodorants network. I've trained all types of men: athletes, celebrities and even vendors; students Critters college until you eighty years, and I can te

assert that everything you are about to read this book works. You will never learn a skill more important than this in your life. This knowledge will do everything for you. It will accelerate your business when you learn to understand and influence social dynamics. It will strengthen their friendships. It will help you create friendship with any person required. You will have control of all social and romantic interactions. Are you a man who is getting this book for improve their quality of life, for sure you have a goal in mind, an idea of what you want this newfound knowledge. Maybe you just want attracting beautiful women. Maybe you want to find your future wife. Maybe you want some meetings and know several women. Perhaps you simply want learn how to better deal with people. Irrespective of their intentions now, I can tell you that as soon as you
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learn the skills that I teach in this book, you see improvements in all areas of your life that involves social interaction. Think for a moment on the subject makes you do things you do. What is the motivation that drives you to these actions? For example: Why do you want a good job? Nine of the ten answers to this question will be: "Because if I have a good job, I'll win lot of money. "But what if you could earn a lot of money being a beggar? You would think so satisfying as if I was in a big company that pays you well and take you to a long career? There is evidence beggars in Canada who are earning about $ 60,000.00 per year - $ 400.00 to $ 800.00 per day. If you can win it all this way, why do not you is begging? Why is not everyone on the street asking money other pros? The reason we are not in the streets in style Doobie Brothers is because a beggar does not have any social value. Not have social value may result in an inability to have personal worth (self-esteem), and it returns with meaning that you are not attractive. Make money implies that you are able to take care of a family as when someone depends on you your value increases. That's it.

That's the goal. Do not get confused as to whether you be going to college, having graduated or being working at this job. Everything you do, consciously or subconsciously, is to reach the goal of attracting woman of his dreams and, most often, get a family with her. And if you do not know these techniques I'm about to teach you, nothing will import your studies. No matter what you do. No matter what
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how much you earn. Indeed, it is well just how much you earn. There have ability acumen that will teach you, will with you to live life without the certainty that are going in the right direction and we will be able to get what they want, especially when the subject is women. I know there are several guys that "get lucky" but you and I are not interested in them. You would like to be one of them? You would like to be the kind of man who simply expects to be in the right place and right time, in the hope that something good happen? I will not teach you how to put in that kind of situation where you simply wait for things to happen. I will teach you to create these situations. "Knowledge is Power". I'm sure you had in mind when this phrase was chit. Sure, she's cute but ... completely meaningless. Knowledge is not power. Application is power. You can know anything everything! - But if you do not apply the concept, you will not be or a little more powerful. Let's say for a moment that when you finish reading this book I will give you the treasure map to a million dollars. All you have to do is follow the map and every one million dollars will be there waiting for You. When I give you a map of the money, you be rich? No, you're not rich. You have a million dollars? No it does not! All you have is knowledge about where the money is. You have
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to get up and get motivated to follow the map and pick up the money. That's the key of this material. Knowledge is only one means for application - you are learning from this material so that means can apply it. That's it! If, on the other side you not use the knowledge gained, you will be just taking up space on your brain and you'd better forget everything. 're Watching me in reasoning? Great. Then we back to talking about goals, quickly ... Humans are machines of interest. We have ability to create an idea about anything want and then work to ensure we achieve it. Independent of any other parallel thing 're doing. Regardless of whether what is happening is beyond our control, we we are always behind the goal we have set. By Because of this, it is extremely important to be aware your intentions and goals. Think about it now. Take a break to understand what you want to achieve through this material. I hope. Could? Great. Now make sure that you chose something specific. You need not tell me "I I want a blonde of 1.70 m and 60 kgs "- I do not care with what you want. My concern is for the reason this. Why do you want this? Why are you reading this ta book? You are more subject to achieving achieve your goals specifically explaining to you
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why want to own it, not simply explain what they are. So tell me why you are learning. Think carefully. Whatever you are intending to extract the book, you will earn up to a point. If you fail to expose their true intentions and goals, you will not be happy with what you get. When I started learning this method, I was clear about what he wanted to extract:

"I want to have the ability to attract my wife when I finally find ". The last thing I wanted was to meet the woman of my dreams and stay there, stopped, staring at her not knowing what to say, no idea how to draw it and not knowing how to proceed. Unfortunately, I know several guys who started study without putting your intentions ahead of everything. They studied and applied their knowledge until reached a point that they want to be believed, but they were already there that they realized that not were satisfied yet. These guys had nothing to speak except to say that their intention was to sleep with a lot of girls even. If this is also your intention happen. But problem is when you reach that goal and sees no nothing else to do, nothing new to gain, nothing more high to fight. Your success will begin to emerge and you reach the famous and well known "glass ceiling" that means you can see something desirable there in (metaphorically outside the glass), but have no idea of how to achieve it
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I know several guys who are good in this field - authors popular, renowned trainers workshop seduction, spiked famous - and looks that they are not as Famous as they say or want to be. This is because them settle with the wrong intentions and end lying on the limitations of the glass ceiling. They start thinking "I'm going to learn how to catch a hottie "and now they already have this ability are stagnant in empty relationships with several different women, pretending to be happy, lying to the people of their dayto-day. They can not move their relationships to the next level and the girls end up abandon them as soon as they feel it. Unlike a fruitful relationship, they are forced to change of partner constantly. I'm sure some of you thinking it would be so amazing what they can achieve, but a! - If this is what you want, that's what you want and point! I do not I'm not here to judge or tell you how to live your life. But

make sure that this is really your true intention, because I guarantee, no matter what, you reach. I have taught thousands of men with various styles of life. Taught guys who just entered the teaching average. Taught guys over 70. I have taught
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married guys, guys who were single guys just get divorced, guys who just got out of a dating. I taught strengthen the relationship of guys who are dating. Look at this book as a valuable reference (because it is exactly what he is). Read it and absorb the maximum possible. Keep it close by so you can refer to it whenever you need. There you will find the answers for most situations where you are, been or will be. I will go to the depths of all subjects and in the future there will be loose chapters and other materials that allow you to delve further into topic that interests you. If you learn all there is this book, you will become a badass with women. Pera al - Still not convinced? You keep giving Tattered desculpinha why not born with a natural aptitude to attract girls and think that will never be good? Let me say a word or two about the natural ... Every man who seems "natural" is not actually natural. Absurd, right? Wrong. Even the "natural" had to gain experience somewhere. Nobody born with the ability to attract women - this is learned. Now, they may have learned without pick up a book, but that does not mean that the process of Learning does not happen. Natural acquire these valuable information for mime male figures This admirable in their lives. - May be the father, a
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older brother or any other male figure This - This is the only thing that differentiates you these guys who seem genetically blessed called of "natural" (that is: if you are not one of them). But keep in mind: Natural can not control environment. They do not know why we do what

do - they just make sure you are doing the same as always. They work on a level totally unconscious. This is the true meaning of "Natural," a subconscious way of attracting women. If you do not know how it works, because it is not aware this. Later on it is 'natural' to you. Based on the theory of evolution, this is not a trace adapted. This is not a feature that will help them survive long term. You, in turn, is walking to learn how to have the same level of success, but in a thoughtful way. You will be able to control all their actions, and further ahead will also control of subsequent results. This is much more powerful than if the learning naturally, because when something does not go the way plan, we know how to fix. A natural in same situation would be forced to give up and move on. Think: How many people get into their cars, give starting and drive without even knowing how the system Vehicle runs. Only mechanics, who understand the same subject, know how the car works. Then the What happens when your car's engine pifa (if you
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is not a mechanical)? You have to call someone to investigate and understand fix for you. But what if you is a mechanic and do with a car messed up. You need to simply your hands dirty, check the damage and repair it. In fact, after neat, the car can become even more powerful than tava before breaking down. Many women can not be in the car, but learning as a way of attracting works well similar. If you understand how to interact with them, you will be ready to "fix your car" and attract women more successfully than any other to come compete with you. Learn everything you read in this book. Make notes. Boat all into practice whenever possible. I tested everything that's here countless times and have had thousands of testimonials people who have learned from the same source as me. I used maluquisse infield all I could find in this system. Works. Now without further ado, read and keep open minds during the process because everything you learn here

to the end will change your life. This is the order of all you need to know to be a badass with women.
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(Interpretation of the sexes) One of the most important things you learn from this book is the ability to understand the difference between the role of male and female. There are several reasons Specific why the woman is attracted to a type Specific man, and why you are attracted to a certain kind of woman. In most of human history, people had to correctly interpret their sexuality in all aspects - men had to be where for all men situations and women had to be always female. Fail in time to act as her sex meant you did not survive. Already today, the interpretations of the sexes are changing and they are also the chances of survival. The darwiana idea that stronger survives is outdated. Today in modern society, men who were once excluded from the pre-selection by present weak genes can survive and procreate constitute families results in weaker men.
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Our society places less value for physical strength and more for other abstract qualities. These are the qualities you must develop if you want to be badass with women. To understand the relationship between attraction and interpretation of the sexes, you need to take into consideration one thing: men and women we are interpreting a particular sex, are always attracted by someone who is playing the opposite sex. So if you, as a man, is working with manhood, you will be automatically appealing to women who are working femininely. Now if you are a man and is playing female characteristics (Yes, it is very common), you will attract women showing more masculine attitudes.

No matter if your conscious brain tells you that is the kind of woman you are attracted. You attract unconsciously women who are acting with features the opposite sex. I'll tell you why this in a minute. But what really meaning "interpretation of male" and "Interpretation female"? Let us define the terms so you can understand how to use the Best Actor effectively and achieve attract the kind of woman you are interested. Without this knowledge, you will continue to attract the kind of
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woman after a while you will miss this attraction and interest, giving the feeling that it is below the level you deserve. Understand how the interpretation sex work will open a giant door for you, you allowing many women to know that you never thought one day be able. Let's see what the interpretation of the sexes is not. Traditionally, according to the interpretation male, the man who is supposed to have to be the provider-protector. It is the responsibility of man hunt and bring food for your family, and it is also his duty provide security for them. The man has to be large, dominant and powerful to achieve this. The women, according to the conventional interpretation of female, are a fragile importance. Your objective main is to give life and take care of the children until they reach sufficient age to live alone. Even though this is a simple summary of a very complex subject, you may already realize that the ideas about gender changed its interpretation of the law drastically. How many attractive women you know think that not having children at the moment? Probably a lot! And how many guys scrawny until even in the face of weak, get along well with women? Do you know any? Think of the stereotype of a "reckless rockstar". Usually these guys are unattractive partners
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infidels and feature uncertainty to provide and protect

accordingly, yet are still considered attractive for millions of women. Why? What makes this Attraction happen? What has changed to make it before was unacceptable to be normal? The answer is: society. The society and the laws it impose just changing the meaning of being a "Provider-protector" and a "weak-important." Today days, with the intention of filling the interpretation male, man has to be a registered provider and social protection. Have nothing more to do with hunting and defend the family of a subsequent attack. A man does not even need to have money to be a social provider efficient. Being a registered provider means others need you or they like very of you who want to give you ways to help your survival. This is much more important than having money. Analyse this question: Why women are attracted by rich men? This is a very common question with a very important answer. Be sure to look closely, for there is only one correct answer. What does it mean to be rich? Well, superficially, to be rich means having lots of money. But how to make lots Money? If in case you do not have the treasure map that we
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talked about before, you would have to occupy a powerful position. If you have a powerful position, you probably are a director of something. Being the director requires you to be a leader, and leading means to have followers; If people you follow, they get a value type to be at your round. Simply by sitting next to you, they acquire more value and therefore are happier. So when a woman sees a man who has money, it automatically assumes that he has this money because he appreciates many other people, and she would value be if they were together. A feature that allows making money is more important than money itself. Unfortunately, this is no longer a concept 100% sure. With the invention of internet, came the ability to make money online without having to interact with other people. Soon the money is no longer an accurate indicator to tell

whether or not the man is a social service provider. Women are learning to abandon the superficial idea that they want rich men, beginning to understand that the Money was hardly a core indicator of quality they found attractive. Now they seek men who give value to others, it makes other people feel good and important. Following this sense, women are extremely talented in tracking down the man who is talking to she has that quality - or at least the potential for get it. He did not need to fill this demand because it already understands that he has the ability to enhance their value
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to others around him, the quality that all rich have. Then again, the person who heads off to wealth is more important than wealth itself for them. Now that you've seen how the male interpretation evolved, let's talk about female. Women do not need to be just another breeder because there are nannies and other people willing to take up the service. Already men find women attractive when the cycle of interpretations of the sexes are empathy - a person you feel what others feel. The most important thing to remember: if you work with his portrayal of sex, you will attract a woman has the completely opposite its interpretation. Thus, it is likely that you get success a relationship because you can balance the interaction between. If you do not interpret their gender, or not allow it to interpret it, there will be a opposite interpretation, but before I explain about it want to talk about the ambiguity that exists within each man. There are two basic parts of his personality: the boy and man. It is natural to want the little boy live his life based on feelings. However, as just talk, be open emotionally makes us fall within the realm of feminine interpretation. So that means say that just because you are a man destined to
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interpret and act according to the norms of sex you is not allowed to feel?

Of course not. What you should never do is take decisions based on their emotions. If you start make emotional decisions, women who are with you feel that they can not take that kind of decision. Two emotional people do not support a healthy relationship! To compensate, they will begin to replace their feelings by logic, and thus lead the relationship. The reverse interpretation occur: you will be forced to develop women's role and she male. None of the two will be satisfied with relationship dynamics, and you will blame each other lack of happiness. To avoid this situation, make sure that the little boy inside you never take decisions without having the approval of man. You can feel, but can not let these feelings influence the process of their decisions when you are in a relationship. Be logical when making decisions that make your relationship better in the future, and let they focus on emotions and use their skills to you leave happy. At this point you must be wondering how ta correctly interpret your gender to then avoid
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all kinds of problems I mentioned. It is vital that you Always keep in mind the image you are going through. Let's say you are walking in a park Public aiming to meet as many girls possible. Have you adopted an interpretation and attract women with their interpretations contrary to this. So if yours is some females, women who intend to work in the same frame just does not attract by you. In fact, you will attract women who decided to act in males and it is obvious that they will not be attractive for you. So you need to always be aware of demonstrate masculine interpretations. To recap: If you lose control of your emotions and fails to demonstrate masculine interpretations, they do not feel safe to lose control of your emotions near you, and besides, they have the right to act as females and find empathy or not

a sense inhibition. A woman playing the own Sex feels great next to a man who makes when feel feminine woman. Turns out she thinks she has to abandon these feelings to seek arguments on logic and lead the relationship, she lose this feeling of being feminine and end the dating someone or become cold and stressed, blaming you lack of happiness. And is it really their fault, it is your job as a man, make sure you are Always playing the male so she can feel comfortable to act femininely.
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It is also rewarding role of men by women be playing the female. Whenever a woman wants to feel small, fragile, weak, or protected anything else that is important to the Best Actress, her role is to accept and support it. Allow it to fill the wishes of his interpretation that automatically you will feel good about being acting on its own too. You will be more attractive for her and your relationship will strengthen. Do not forget - you're just in the first chapter this book. At this level, you do not have to worry about try to feel what she is feeling. You are not yet trying to create a level of connection with it. This is a more advanced skill that we will discuss later. By now, think of love as if it were a trick Magic. You are magical. It is your job to make the rabbit desparecer over and over again, and her work is like and marvel for not knowing or not wanting to know how you do it. You can also think of female behavior as if it were "chasing a butterfly ..." Let me explain ... Think about it: You're in a field full of butterflies, and all women who are emotionally open and acting with the feminine interpretation are following these butterflies. The only job is to run behind them butterflies and appreciate its beauty. But what if they would focus only the butterflies eventually not paying attention in
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direction we would be going. They could end

stumbling over a stone, stepped in a hole or even fallen from a hill. This means that it is your job to remove them all the way - to get rid of stones and fill the holes - so they can feel safe while following the butterflies. A woman can feel open until one reaches point where it can begin to bother her. If it 're feeling begin to have negative effect to you or pro relationship, then its role will be cut. However not interfere until then. One of the biggest misconceptions that men make is thinking that they and women speak same language. I hate to tell you this, but women do not speak the same language as you. They speak the language from the point of view of someone who plays female. The things they do not need to speak much sense and you also do not always need agree with them. You need to understand that the woman speaks a different language why she wants a result different from what you want for yourself. There are things you do that give you that reassurance of masculinity. These things do not make you feel good as a woman and there are things she does that reaffirm their femininity that are useless to you as man. Many women like to watch soap operas or shopping, just that there is a great chance for you Do not like the same things, and there's nothing you sort so wrong. The truth is to pretend like the
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same things she opens wide like a weak and manipulative trying to get into her heart. Rather than do this, you must take your masculinity, take the new definition of interpretation the male and refuses to change even when is tested by them. And believe me, women will test you constantly to see if you are really able to interpret males. If you are approved in test, she will feel safer to be a woman. Now if it fails, you'll find yourself in an inferior position and heading toward the reverse interpretation. You will notice when being tested: it begins to take control of things, activities and cordenar lead the relationship. Thus automatically she will assume the duties que Normally would be his. By

does she do it? Because It Is Necessary That You to Know will act and take the male interpretation even though she 're Doing this instead. If both try to act based on logic, your relationship will fail. The same will happen if the two try to play with gender Ladies, through the emotions. If you pass the assessment's not, it will continue to playing the male and you automatically begin to interpret the female. If so, you will open hand of power que makes you feel like a man.
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The craziest part is: she does not want that to happen. Can opinion que women love to be the powerful relationship, but in reality this is not quite the truth. She wants to trust the man que it is Controlling the relationship, because she que way feel safe and quiet to give 100% of himself. If you are not filling the interpretation male, if you retreat every time someone challenges you, she can not trust his protection. insecurity The will assume the male position and, well, you already know the Consequences of reversing the roles.
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Of course, all women are different in Their particularities, but When It Comes To "What They find attractive in a man, "they are more similar you think. Ask how many you want and 'll Notice something in common in the responses: all men love confident. It is a great mistake to believe que men are confident for being attractive - in fact, it is the otherwise. Men are attractive because They are confident. But if trust is the number one factor of attraction for women, why are there so many guys who have not can understand the true signifcado confidence? Most pessaos sees trust as a cliche

surface que was taught by her (intensionadas well,

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However Misinformed) mothers: "Be yourself!"; "Not be afraid to be who you are. " These councils were good when you were a kid (or if you're like me, because even back then I Could Not Hear Them), but this phase of your life They are useless. So what is trust and why women find it so attractive? E the question of million dollars, "How get there? " Remember our conversation about the money in the last chapter? Let me refresh your memory: It is commonly Believed que women are Attracted to money. The reason women seem to love rich guys is Given to the fact of the human race operate in what is called the "mindset Tumbling "means the process of our follows the pattern of thought "that is because of that. " When a woman sees a man with money, it automatically think: "Hm ... Could be it. I may have whatever you want and it will be well treated. " But subconsciously, there is very more going on than mere thought "I have a good life of grace." After all, there several guys who treat her well - Beta Could Be The One more romantic and caring boyfriend she would - but she probably will not get Attracted to him due to other Arising factors in this situation.
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Women understand que having money Indicates outas que desirable qualities give value to man, including confidence. Think about it we were discussing previously: if you have money, why is you probably work. If you receive a lot of money, is why you Should Have a powerful position where people depend on you. Women find attractive the idea of man to be able to handle extreme pressure responsibility. Women also like men who occupy positions leaders, because it Implies que people follow them, You

trust them and value Their opinions and ideas. A man these are able to make other people feel valued just by being there with him. Trust Essentially, it is the possession of the ability to Improve value of others around you. This is why guys who not have the money but who demonstrate this quality are able to Attract beautiful and confident women. So knowing how to exude confidence When women? Before we talk more, we have que examine what is going on in the mind of a woman the first meeting where she will decide how much Attract for you. 's she assesses you? How she is able to read your you just as you are reading this book? There is only one thing we can all read superficially in all we know: language body (or BL -> Body Language). I will not go far
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into detail about it now, why BL is a matter of utmost Importance and I devoted an entire chapter about it further ahead, so for now know que human BL instantly read and make countless suggestions based on the information gathered in the first moments. Why do we put so much faith in BL? Would not that be something extramamente easy to pretend? Actually, no. The BL Occupies a huge space in your unconscious, Which means you is not always aware of the message it is broadcasting. Your subconscious is Also the home to Their emotions, just anything you feel like any time that is, the tendency is That It is Their exposed through BL. Only few people can learn to control BLs Their perfectly then it is a source of information valuable and reliable on someone. With this comes another question IMPORTANT: If BL is controlled by emotions, then what controls emotions? If you could understand what controls your emotions, You Could this master strength and direct it consciously to control these emotions? Would not it be amazing if you had the power to choose never get nervous, frustrated or angry? And if Could you always be happy, confident and in control of

situations? Sure it would be wonderful! Believe it or not, this is entirely possible. For this to happen, you
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will have to learn to get in his own mind and make your brain work for you. What controls your emotions are your beliefs. If you Believe that it is confident you soon will be. If you believe you're in control, you are. If you believe que deserve, if you think your value is high, the other Also people believe. If you not believe the has high value, BL will design your negative messages. Your BL is controlled by your emotions and your emotions are controlled by Their beliefs, women read to Their BL Their beliefs have access to, so make sure your que beliefs are not limiting your success. I will not lie to redefine and reinvent your system beliefs will be an easy task, because for many it is neither a bit, but will be one of the important things mies you will make in your life. To be badass with women, every man needs to gain control of your emotions so its BL aligns with Them. Imagine you're walking down the street. 's the man confident, you Recognize That You have a range of qualities that make you be irresistible to women. In other words, you're hot as hell and you know it. The follows the walk, you notice a set four attractive girls coming in his direction. The moment you pass through Them, to talk to. You still the not give a damn about Them, and When They are a few steps behind you perform que They start to laugh. naturally What would be your answer to that? If
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you believe is attractive, your emotions will line with your belief and you will feel even more attractive. You They started laughing think why were nervous When You looked through it and wanted to earn Their attention. Their beliefs lead to positive emotions AND THEIR BL reacts exactly agree. You will stay with posture, smile, look at the girls keeping eye contact strong. Voila! You are a powerful and confident man and this ends up being the man showing course

all qualities Which Attract women. The most interesting is the que women not read BL and Their Whether immediately decides They are Attracted to you. Do not get me wrong - it happens very fast, but the woman Their reaction is usually wait to the occasion before make a real assessment. If she can put you in the situation where somehow you are being tested, Evaluating she is your BL and so will make sure That You is acting through a direct connection to Their emotions, Which are connected to Their beliefs, to then show whether or not you are fit. Returning to example of four girls walking down the street que Attracted to you because of your BL. Evaluate They you fit or unfit for your reaction to the silence and laughter of Them, not by your initial BL .. Now let's imagine que the same situation happened one little different. still You're walking down the street and
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undergoes the same in September Only this time, instead of Believe that you are attractive, you think that is the most or less well with females. When the girls start laughing behind, what would your natural response? Why you not believe that is the attractive, you will feel disappointed and rejected. Maybe even angry and think as if it had just been attacked. Your BL will instantly reflect all Those negative feelings. sloppy and show you Maintain its low with his eyes fixed on the ground head. You will try to decrease the size of your body the maximum possible until you can fade and Prevent more attacks pscicolgicos. It is your duty to choose the decision to be powerful and have a positive belief system que will cause Them to Attract. 's not If you commit to it, nothing more than you will learn how to import. Would you read this book a million Thus times and still be in trouble. The "no" is right until you decide to trust and believe may be attractive to Them. Women trend to be more perceptive than men and so are best in identify lessons, then They will see through you if you are pretending. It will be much more effective to create a new system beliefs to himself. I Remember When I first tried this

concept. I was living in this city where he Studied psychology. I was beginning to apply a lot of psychological concepts in my everyday life. The
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information was taken directly from the books I used to study and always tried to put theory into action after classes. que One idea has been tested to que our minds create the atmosphere and not the atmosphere Establishing our minds. que What I meant was I was heat while I controlled my beliefs, I would able to control the atmosphere surrounding me some steps (I did not know exactly Which tool to use to be able to control it.) If That was true, then I Could I create an atmosphere que was aligned with my positive belief system. It did not take and I tested my theory. September my goal and I started thinking That was attractive, I soon saw the effects of this belief in my life. There are some stages que everyone has to go through When decides to create a new belief system. In the first, you have to convince yourself que this new belief is true. Then, you have to act based on this new belief and convince others of it. Then you will have of this belief to be something pretty solid so that there will be no doubt in your mind That this is a fact. Even if you are faced with contrary evidence more forward, you must rely on belief and never abandon. Even if you encounter evidence opposite, we need you to be very confident in your belief. On second thought, that to abandon something que works in your behalf?
Page 35

The actual creation stage of belief are: Challenge - If you want to change a negative belief the positive, first you need to challenge the validity of it. I Often I use the type of deduction of reasoning biased to make it look like this: "Well, if I do not I am not an unattractive, it means NOBODY in que WORLD draw it for me somehow. Is it really so? ... No I think not. By having SOME women who are Attracted to me, even to I most unattractive. So I am able to generate

attraction, but the girls are not playing for me (for while) ... So I'm not appealing to all. Soon is Like I was and was not attractive at the same team. And if I could pick one to believe, Which of the two would make me feel better? Well, if you think I'm attractive at least feel better! " Acceptance - Once your old belief has been challenged, you will have to accept the new one to replace it. In this case I choose to believe I'm rather attractive incapable of a loser to this will improve my chances tradado to be That Way. That's when most people use this technique called "statements" of Which are very effective and help the person accept quite this new belief. However, they still will not do this belief come true ... yet.
Page 36

Clarify - After believing in his new belief, you will have to pay attention on the consistency of Their actions and Whether say there is congruence between Them and Their beliefs. Then you are ready to make clear his belief in all That You discuss common issues. You have to consider it the fact and not just opinion or if you can not finish falling on the insecurities of others will involve que her submissive process beliefs ... which is too bad. Feedback - After expressing his belief, you will have to calculate the reaction of others. They look at you with curiosity? They usually act as if They Knew his belief que from the beginning? They discuss with you Themselves without showing angry or emotional? They disagree with You? If you see surrounded by people who do not agree With Their belief, how do you react? 1 - Note que not yet totally believe her? 2 - You notice has not 100% internalized this new belief and needs more time to modify it? For example, if you tried to install the belief That All blondes want to jump on you, soon you will find the feedback resistance of other people while there will be lots and lots of blondes who do not go be Attracted to you making you be more honest and specific to this belief that "blondes seem almost always be more Attracted to you for some reason. "
Page 37

Interpret - Finally, When you have the feedback

enough and people heeding your new belief, you aceitrar it's FACT. Thereafter, you need LOTS of evidence and convenience to then reconsider his new belief. The first review I did with this system I Convinced que I was very attractive for only I refuse to focus on anything else was against this belief system. If I deparasse with any que situation made me go against my belief - HB did not think I attractive, for example. Or if I were me feeling weak and unwanted - I had to believe That situation was the one exception of Rule: I'm hot as fuck! The next stage was to see if i could convince others que I was attractive. One day - I remember perfectly que day ... - I was talking to this girl who was just my friend (I had serious trouble getting out of the comfort zone que at time), and for some reason I said something to little arrogant. I had never done that way before, so she stopped and said, "Dude, you are think the hottest in the world right Badass? "I stopped for a moment, then I said, "Yeah, I ... am ". And she laughed! She laughed at me for two or three minutes. I just stood there and let her enjoy the team. I held back because I knew that the worst thing
Page 38

what would happen after que, it was still me not find me attractive, and was not even que Considered the "loss." And then ... it Seemed like she's be laughing for twenty minutes ... Haha. que I think was a moment of great pressure for me because I remember every second. It was a bit tense! For the first time in my life, something strange had happened. que While thinking she's be laughing at me ready to say "Do not be a jerk. You is not so beautiful, "she paused for a moment and said "you know, until it's hottie is ... you." That was the best damn thing all my life. When I I understand que Could I get in my own brain, coming into my own belief system. Was the

That moment propelled me to study what today I'm teaching. In fact, be aware That You can control its value only believe being attractive is a powerful concept que he alone will give you much success in the short team. Although not selfsustainable, it can still be a turbo for your Badass with skills related to women. Finally, women want a man who has the greater value than it had before, and it will be valuable tomorrow than today. Then again, not think about money. que Focus on the idea you're worth more / deserves more. A man who's good with women have a high acumen for its own value. The guys who think They are Improving every day are the real men attractive world. This is a super system, powerful mega to create.
Page 39

So if you want to be attractive to women, I suggest you create que belief system as well you will be more attractive with each passing day. If one HB and leave you not find you attractive in one day, then your chances are better on Next. Who loses They are, because you will keep the evolution, and the next time They see you, you will be a much more attractive man than before. This Implies Also the idea you're que walking forward Becoming exact who you want to be as a man. If in case you not the can understand the meaning of it, is because you not yet thought about who really want to be! Keep in mind que insecurity is not only attractive When You hide or ignore. You will have Overcome Them eventually, since this is part of make someone with greater value. They only become something bad When You try to conceal or pretend They Do not exist. If it is approached, and is Constantly the correcting and topping, you will display another quality attractive male. Embrace your insecurities, but Always keep in mind That You work

Constantly having Fewer of Them tomorrow. Create a new belief system to get rid of excess insecurities and you become someone else confident in the areas you feel inferior, is the Key to Becoming fully with the Badass women, but that is only one piece of the puzzle head. You Should Also learn how to read the value of other people. There is a method for and simple to understand the level of people's value que surround you, and I'll teach you que right now.
Page 40

The best way to read the value of someone's pay attention on specific types of actions it takes, and examine the intentions behind the actions. There are four main types of values, including we Distinguish by numbers: Six, Seven, Eight and Nine / Ten (Nine and Ten are in the same group). How to locate the Six? Six One person is someone with entreating dynamic, someone who Constantly buying things for other people in exchange for attention. These are the guys who buy drinks for women in bars, women They Do not know or care. Paying drink for a woman That You Do not know is one of the biggest mistakes a man can the. If you already have some sort of friendship with her, not Any problem to demonstrate que paying the drink or two, but you pay for the girl only to have her attention is subconsciously to say: "I do not 'm Important or attractive enough for you to leave me, then I'll buy you que drink in the hope you corrupt making you stay here longer because
Page 41

so you will feel guilty if I leave. "Why would anyone guy would date a girl who just okay with it because she que must feel something? Spending time with someone Should be fun, not a chore! This is a way totally horrible to begin an interaction - the will be the man seen anything away from trust and attraction will die immediately. No woman wants the guy who is needy or let your life be controlled by Their fears.

Page 42

I know what you're thinking: Why are Nine and Ten the same thing, When Six, Seven and Eight are separated? The essential difference lies in the way we see the que thereof. If you consider yourself to Nine, soon Recognize We Can Still Improve. If you consider yourself a case Ten, so you are limited to grow and Improve. If you stop growing, soon become less attractive. You can consider the people who are around you a Ten, but it is important That You are always striving to Improve its value. Now that you understand what these different types of the people, it is important to know why They did this. What makes someone a Six? cur Why Eight this way? There is something That All pass called Inversion of Poles of the Trust, or POIC (Polar opposing Insecurity Compensation), occurs when a person Focuses on something
Page 43

she does not want, for be / have determined the que thing passe unsafe. In an attempt to feel que she / she overcame this insecurity, he ends up Becoming A Thing totally contrary to what was. So if you are Unsafe for being too quiet, for example, you become very inconvenient and arrogant, because at the end of day, you would look at yourself in the mirror and say, "No one Could accuse me for being quiet today because I was so noisy and They will never arrogant que reason for that. " For this type of compensation is always born of a desire NOT to be something - not to be shy, not be exaggerated, not being weak, is not unattractive - the person who experience these things, just change the extreme to another instead of finding a balance healthy between the two. Instead of solving the problem, exchange of this type of bipolar personality Indicates that you is not willing to face Their insecurities. In Actually, this exposes Them to an absurd way! If you focus only on what you want to be the not, you can not be confident and attractive. POIC destroy its value the it forces you to make Decisions based on your fears and you submit a remarkable need to conform to the limiting the type of your personality. Aiming to

become truly confident, it is Necessary to expose and Overcome Their insecurities without having to go to either extremes.
Page 44

So how to deal with people of different values? As talk to the Six, Seven, Eight or Nine / Ten? The first step obviously is: you need to access the actions que person to determine what dynamic she operates. Once you are able to designate her level, you need to identify Which is the motivation to act in such a way. What do they want? Finally, once you have discovered, you assign the value. Let's say you decide it is dealing with a Six person. They always want to be accepted, then what the? Simple - you accept Them As They are, and gives attention They desperately want. This can be the simple as saying, "You know ... I like you. You are a nice guy. " Have the Seven unfortunately are harder to manipulate. They need to feel respected for Their strength. They want feel like they've done something to Distinguish Them from Six, so all was once the Six Seven one day! Neil Strauss (Style) Owen Cook (Tyler Durden) call these guys "AMOGs." People become skittish now because one day were pleading. Isa surly be a form of selfreaffirm que They are no longer the weak or Those people from low value They used to be. POIC, remember? Be careful not to devalue one Seven newly transformed into (either verbally or any other form). Focus on respect him, No Matter How Difficult it is. Seven can be frustrated When interacting with others, then it is essential you understand que que
Page 45

probably will not act easily, because it is so They are. They do this in order to you the respects to be powerful. They are Also Often insecure and frightened because They believe have Reached the limit of its values. fears not The Seven can become more valued and Therefore Tends to bring all down in order to paste it into the top position. A common method I usually use to make the

Seven to feel respected is the comment he is frank. It Simple, but effective. The next time you find Seven one, just say, "You know, a lot of people to not expose Their ideas and I admire people like you, who say que think without fear. " The dynamics of the Seven is one of the most Difficult to handle, but you will find que Whenever accept the Seven and show him some respect, he fully become another type of person. In fact, if him feel accepted by you and consider you a guy high value (Which would be nine or ten, with one turn dynamic cooperative), it will automatically see you the ladder to the next level. To show appreciated, it will change your attitude and you will begin to help. This brings us to the Eight. People with a dynamic seek to gain competitive somehow. They want They feel as if it can defeat the Badass'es . any It's a very natural progression to be Seven: if You're feisty and walking with a bunch of guys
Page 46

quarrelsome, eventually you will feel as if he had to be the most aggressive guy there and eventually arranging competition. The most Appropriate way to deal with the Eight is exactly identical to cope with Six and Seven Give Them What They Want. But how can anyone think who won without it look like you lost? You want the Eight feels valued, but not want to be in the supplicant or jumpy When doing so. To satisfy an Eight, you need to make him feel his que eyes now see with value. Respect it, show admiration for his strength, and speak in a way sub-communicate que que he won something. If it fails and you feel you missed Eight, it will again be a Seven, and you have a person still harder on your hands. Now if you succeed, one positive frame is created by the interaction and then imposed it will stop trying to get over you. If all goes well, he become a Nine or Ten Then finally you will see Noves and Dec, it is well Simple, They will make you feel more valued When You are with Them. So it will be something mutual and They Also will be happy. Telling kids, is the ability to meet you different levels of values and calibrate your personality

to deal with each and turn you and the person fascinating. Understood Once you have this, you can control the level of trust while helping que holds others feel more powerful by his side. When you are available to add value to the lives of other
Page 47

people, They Began to follow you and make you a leader. If a leader can bring benefits like promotion at work, Which consequently brings you more money. I was surprised when i discovered que good portion of the guys who've been teaching (plus or minus 30% of) received promotions and grew in other aspects of life soon after my course. You will not only Badass with women - you will Badass professionally and in other areas Their social life.
Page 48

Many guys see Their success with women That's something just happened in Their Lives. Pay attention to the way They talk about it and you see what I'm saying. Phrases like "... getting lucky" and "Getting fri ..." - even the idea of "if love "- imply all that the occurrence was a accident. If you've been paying attention, you know que not I do not you have any interest in being the kind of guy Which is in good conditions. We are of the type que Those creates good situations. Women - I'm sure it's not a surprise operate in a different way from us. Instead of always call Responsibilities for Themselves, They prefer have what is called "reasonable excuse." They like to explain the situation saying "just happened. " This Allows Them to control a part of what is happening and gives room for the excuse que Whatever happened, it was by accident of fate. Try to go to the bar and ask for the girls you know the reason for Them being there. It is rare to find a girl who says, "I'm just here to meet guys and
Page 49

fun! "Often they'll say" I came with a Girlfriend! "Or" To here to talk with my colleagues "or event "I'm here to drink!" But if we stop to think the bar is not a good place for these activities. If you want to hang out with your friends, you probably go to another more quiet and relaxing place to have a . quieter talk And you can safely - and the price will probably be lower - feel at home. Many of the women not want to admit que They are there to meet men. This is the team goes into que plausible excuse action. Women need a reason to explain the Why They get in some situations, and it is your work give answer que for Them. This attitude would Considered unacceptable for a man, but it is to Them Normal is the super Within the standards of the genre female. In order to act in the male interpretation is must abandon the idea That You have no control under his lack of success with women. The first thing que must be done is to stop using terms like "dei luck "or" unable to get the fri "because if keep talking about these things end up perpetuating Their situation. A Badass with women que know this is not Something That happens by accident, then start controlling Controlling what your mind says. You are Responsible for Everything That happens to you, good or bad. If you have
Page 50

success is because he created this situation. If you fail, then you are Responsible. Do not be alarmed - this is not as intimidating as it sounds! In this chapter, you will learn the system That You teach you everything you need to know to be a big dog, getting into before you meet the girl, having tips on how to develop any kind of relationship. There is a secret psychology que 99.99% men on the planet unaware. Took forever to I could meet you, but then what happened I started studying and Found Out que this information would be Difficult . to find What you are about to read - called "Interaction map" - is the version most accurate and complete I Studied this knowledge. The map of the interaction is much like a map of

road. When you use the road map? Always who decide to go to a place you know not of how to get. You start looking for directions, and then checks Constantly while driving to make sure que is on track. If you get lost, just get the map again and find to be able to return to Their destination path. Rather than give you directions to locations, the map interaction outlines how to handle social situations. going b takes a while for you to learn to dominate control - or "calibrate" - this in a way That You Allows you to do something we'll talk later called que
Page 51

"Seeing the matrix", so this is a valuable tool invaluable to have. This map is composed of four stages: Attraction, Rapport, Seduction and Relationship Swing. Humans are through all these stages with everyone They Know (Which is only course When You meet a guy, you jump the stage "Seduction"!.) You can skip any stage you want, but if you will be there the consequncias. Fortunately these consequncias are predictable. If you skip the step of Attraction you will fall directly on the FZ (Friend Zone). If you skip the stage Rapport will find a lot of resistance and any relationship will evolve in the future suffer trust issues. If you skip the state of Seduction find a relationship without passion or excitement and Lastly, if you skip the step of Swing Relationship, you'll always jumping from one to other and will never find a steady partner. Now that can understand how the system works, you can intentionally break any stage because you will have the ability to return to any stage you want fix. Being Badass with women means knowing que you can fuck the whole scheme and still have the power to fix the situation. Now that we have all this clear, let's go back to first phase:. Attraction There are three stages in the Attraction, called Introduction, Statement of Value and Qualification. We will address each stage in detail detail.
Page 52

Many guys think that means walking on Introduction direction of the girl and say "hi" Following the presentation. This stage is called "If present," In Introduction. In fact, it skips the phase Attraction and point you directly to the phase of Rapport. The Introduction begins even before you open your mouth. Introduction is the moment you become "Beep in radar "of the person you are interested. It is when the person passe aware of Their existence. Suppose you know not of my friend James. You did not know he existed before, but now that I'm talking him, he is on his radar. Do you know of its existence. You can not know anything more about it except That It Is My friend and his name is James, yet he was presented to you in some way. This happens because the human subconscious is extremely intelligent. We are able to look at situations over which we do not have much information and make accurate and powerful Affecting Them reviews respect. At the beginning of an interaction, we watch people from near and reap all information possible so we can begin forming concepts it. Men and women trend to focus on the local different, but the process is the same. When information is collected, we make a review instant recall of "prejudging". Prejudging is not so beneficial because the concepts may be formed Constantly wrong because the opinion on the same subject Differs between people, but we humans the
Page 53

this naturally. prejudgment The que has been tested and PROVED personally can only be called "Judgment." There are different sources of human subconsciously use to gather information During this process. pair We read BL identify if someone is dominant or submissive. Read the level of need person. Decipher Whether the person is trying to get something or if someone is trying to capture the truth. We read the value of a person and determine if it is a Six, Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten Also have audited the vocal tone and verbal content of the conversation. Any detail has powerful effects que allow the person can decide whether or not Attracted to you

Within the first moments of interaction. Due to the urgency of the decision process is require you to have the state's Their attractive default state. His BL, for example, must always be sending the signal That You are dominant, without exaggerating and end up looking insecure. Let's talk more about it chapter in the BL, but for now keep in mind que everything starts before you submit or make contact look on the girl. The second condition que Occurs During The attraction phase is called "Statement of Value." There are some methods que call this "DHV (Demonstrating High Value = Statement of higher value), and You Should not Use Them. DHV que assumes the person you are talking has more value you. So if you see
Page 54

an attractive woman and run to demonstrate higher value, this will mean que Their thought processes is something like this: "Well, she's pretty hot and I 'M just a Nivaldo Jose, so why would she want go out with me? 'I better try to convince her that i am attractive. "Thinking this way is like trying to Constantly sell for females and When you do this, your image is identical to the Six. As you saw in the last chapter, have to plead dynamic is the lowest category of social levels. So what's Statement of Value? We will analyze word for word. "Statement" means displaying something the way que does not require any verbal explanation. All verbal content que Occurs During the phase of Attraction is to keep it with the conscious mind occupied. Use Talk to hold her attention, so you can focus on other communication using the BL. We humans are great at lying with words, but we are not at all good at lying using our bodies. So women will rely more on Their BL que in his words at the beginning of the interaction. This means que if you went there to talk to her, it's good That there is a rich discussion on this content first moment. Talk about a fun way. This is the delicate part que many end up fucking. Since you started reading this book, I know there have been times que where you had problems with DHV. Many men

Their spend entire lives trapped in que part of the attraction, then
Page 55

I'll tell how to Overcome this in a simple way, so you're always exposing your top value without having to look needy. The "Members Only Are", I reveal the rest of my secrets and techniques will give you que Which many amazing tools I used to show personally just for my students. "Demonstrate" those we have discussed, means "show" and "Value" in this case means to be Dec. It may seem impossible to prove That You are in a situation to Ten where you not know of anyone, but finally, since the beginning, all you wanted was to demonstrate That It Is needed. This is a double-edged sword for many guys, since many fall into habit of thinking: "I do not want be needed, so I can not show much interest. " This, as you must have Understood, is reversing the poles of trust (POIC) and this causes Them to present lack of Their confidence through BLs. The combination of positive and negative BL is the tool Perfect to show que're interested, but not needed. Unfortunately, your body speaks a language different from the verbal and most people know not the how to translate it, even if it is always being used. If you are Involved in an interaction with a woman, will be hard to convince her he is not Attracted que if you 're Still around, smiling and staring while trying explain! Whenever you try to convince the girl to that is not Attracted to her, but is still showing signs contrary through your body, you become a victim
Page 56

incongruence. Whenever your BL and language verbal send different messages, you incongruous. And women fleeing it - inconsistency is the major killer of attraction point! Demonstrate your value is the most effective way to avoid this problem. verbally To do this, the mentioned earlier, you need to focus on having conversations without very content. Anything that makes you smile or give a quick laugh are examples of games que Increase your success with women. For natural, joke

verbal it is the ability absorbed subconsciously learned through sources such as parts of movies and things said by family or friends. See the society and the people around you the inspiration, then collect Their favorite phrases and acts and make your own! When you bought this book, you may have noticed que had Your email enrolled in a membership program. There has various information for you, like a list of several Canned success. Them I collected over the years research and invented a few myself, but keep in mind soon you'll be creating Their own materials and this will cause the interaction is more natural, light and Funny. Here are some tips for having a happy conversation: Copy some lines from movies or other influences situational. Do not scroll negative issues - the goal is
Page 57

be funny. Having a positive speech and balance it with BL negative. The reason you want to avoid topics sad or disgusting is que later, When You are at the stage of Rapport of you not create a negative rapport with her. Negative rapport building can create a hostile situation or undesirable in Which the girl turns her problems in you. Keep experimenting until you find the playful style fits que Their personality. After having Demonstrated value, you are ready to Following pro next stage, Which many men end jumping does not know it exists. The guys who administer Their understanding about it viewed gods for women, while not Those Who the study end stuck in the same situation where the rest of his life. That ground state is called Qualification. Qualification has two meanings: you can qualify for somebody, and qualify someone for you. May qualify for some que mean you're trying to brag about Them and this is something that never works! When you qualify the person, you cause Them

feelings of desire and will to follow you. Would not cool to be able to sit and relax while several girls looking for you? For que to happen, you have to be ready for: A) Qualify a woman who has not yet described to you, and B) Recognize When a woman qualifying course is for you. guys Many who Studied with me, gave to the guy on the wall When
Page 58

arrived at stage que, que As They drew upon not women were already qualifying for Them. Some way, They did not believe women would follow que or would be interested, then this blindness had que understand women were qualifying for Them. It is very important to be able to Recognize When this happens naturally as is Also important to be able to apply When needed. You can tell the woman is que qualifying When You pass the stage to demonstrate value and it does something in the interaction That Should be awesome. 's not You need to really impress with it, but you Recognize this as a good thing. She is trying to te say something positive about her. Imagine you are in the middle of a free discussion with a content girl. You are talking about silly things, fun and superficial and nothing she says: "By the way, I I graduated from Princeton. "Surely this is not part of conversation, because it has content. Mention it Studied at Princeton is a kind of mention it if you think smart. His message was: "If you think me clever, I'll feel as if he had won his attention. " This brings us to another important point: women They need to feel Gained have our attention. If you's not give it to her, her chance to follow you, it does not will be interested in you. In fact, most Women will feel and what you think is not worth it, Thus, They soon lost Their attraction for you.
Page 59

But what if the woman is not playing? Things to Do if she does not qualify after demonstrating for you Their value? There are two occasions where you may find this situation. The first is That You not shown

enough value and the second is que she's afraid risk. que She feels you will not accept it if she does, and this is not a risk que she intends to run. Now you will to induce her to qualify for you using some of the techniques that'll teach you. The first technique is called matter of qualification. The question of qualification is a classic way to qualify someone using the type of questions - or, being more specific, a single question and answer. This method Allows the woman to qualify naturally in the real environment. example The most this common question (and you can use it to change que suits you) is "If you had to say three of Their dominant and strongest qualities, what would it be? " The question of qualification is extremely powerful for so the more you use, the more you'll notice the People will tell you specific answers. Women respond in the same Manner several times. Well once in When You hear something shocking, but most will the same responses. These responses can be put in three categories: Fri, Logical or Intelligent, Emotional. Sexual responses can be about something bad or over the adventure, the logical answer may be something intellectual and emotional response can be friendly and genuine, and loyal.
Page 60

If a woman answers the three categories, it is a sign All you have to move on to the next level. This does not mean the hard work has que over, but that means things are going well far. If, on the other hand, you get answers are biased to one side of a single category, is sign That You are leading her down the path specific. sexual If all means are in team you are probably putting in a frame Therefore sexual and it feels way to your que side. Get only logical and emotional responses without not a sign of sexuality is an indicator That You is heading toward the area of friendship with each step giving. When you find yourself in this situation, repeat state to demonstrate value, but for you to come back with success, continue with the silly talk some more. It is important to know That You Should make the question qualification at the very beginning of the interaction - it has to

happen at the very beginning, where you are at the peak of fun. The attraction happens very fast, but Also die very fast, so it is important que this program law. Attraction is none other than curiosity in the long term. Not There is nothing magical about it. It is always curious. Understand que attraction is the same curiosity que Allows you to put the perspective of the type of personality you need have to Achieve the goal of being attractive. Women need to be curious about you; They must want
Page 61

learn more. Everything you of at the beginning of the interaction constructs que curiosity. Women trend to be more curious about Certain things Which men are not so much, and we use the most logical side of our brain, we think the way most obvious of conquering Them is acting like them. So if you act like it, it's easier to relate to, right? The this problem is to act like it makes you look effeminate, and this will end the attraction. Depart for que tactics I teach you and you will be Prevented this problem. One of the most interesting things about the question qualification is que the answers are always adaptations que match the person who is asking. So if I asked you what your three most dominant qualities, you would think "Ok, well, Which dominant qualities does this guy ta I'm thinking? "And then you say que the three thinks I admire most. For women it is the same. Whenever you use the question of qualification, They Will ask Themselves "What would this guy find me more attractive? Which my quality this guy would consider dominant? "She begin to open up to you of course! When you get the answer, to accept any quality she give him. 's If you not, she might think you did not like it and then leave for another. Even the simple "Ah, that amazing," works.
Page 62

Also it is important to remember always to the question of qualification with a fun attitude. The

times has no problem shifting gears - the needs to be so much fun - but not transform conversation in an episode of the national newspaper. Papo de heavy or deep content is extremely broxante. If all this makes sense to you, then we are ready to move toward the second technical qualification called "prophecy of self-qualify" If you find Explanations or we need more examples, visit the "Members Only Area" and learn more. To use the prophecy of self-qualify, you need to choose the quality, or several, that you want in a woman. You can choose a quality she has already Indicated, or may choose to give you a quality acceptance without wonder if she really has. 's The way you this is a bit complex, but I'll explain everything now in a simple way que will allow you to test the infield next time in October Suppose you're in a crowded bar, finally sitting next to a girl who spent most of the night with her friends. She is with you in one of corner of the bar, and you say "You know, I do not know why I this impression of you - and maybe this is not a true - but for some reason I have this feeling That You are a single person. I feel like I Could try new things without caring about anything, because I feel as if you were the same type of person and I que comforts me greatly. I see a lot of people can not
Page 63

do this because They are afraid to open. I do not know if you doing this on purpose, but what matters is que I like it to. Its purpose is to say que qualify it (the frank; open) with the quality you want it to be through this conversation. She can not argue with you, because you made it clear That It was just an idea of Their feelings. Who Argues with feelings? If she tries, just point - "well, it was just a feeling I had Which may be true or not. " Maybe you have not noticed que During this technique I built several emergency exits if I am necessary. They are called "backdoors" because They are ways out of the conversation escape if necessary. Many these are things like "You may find this consistent or

on, "or" I do not know why, but I had this feeling. " Phrases like these allow me to have a defense if it descorde or not to end up wanting to qualify. After planting the quality, not wait for the reactions. Many guys do it, That It is only a mistake. Carry Just talking. Keep telling you she likes to have que . quality For a moment: "Really made me more will, and it's great to go out with someone like that. "In this When You separated from all the other girls common. It feels special and worthy, and even I you know she does not have this quality, or did not
Page 64

que expresso have nothing. All you need to do is meet the quality standards for her. If she agrees, she only need to nod in the form of "yes" and ready, she Qualifies. That is the beauty behind the art of prophecy Self-qualification. As I said before, this method is a little more advanced, but it works like a charm. You will find much success with it and once you have completed the qualification - Whether it happened naturally or if you had to ask - you can follow to next phase: Rapport. Many guys make mistakes When Starting phase of rapport. But you're not these guys, then I'll teach you how go through this phase Correctly! Rapport has four substages: mild rapport, rapport broad, deep rapport, and release. Rapport light is the state In which you seek potential for emotional connections. That's it! is This Something That people live in Their day-to-day. Put the conversation an example of the rapport light that never evolves rapport is broad: Hi, how are you? Ah, to great. And you? So well. How's work?
Page 65

Maybe you slept while reading this dialogue. The goal of a conversation like this, who lives entirely the empire of light rapport is to Recognize someone and show you care spending minutes of your day talking to him. If this is your goal, great. But

conversations like this to not build any attraction in women. A useful aspect of rapport is to take questions During this stage, the this Allows you to gather information about someone. You can use this knowledge to understand Them how to connect with on a deeper level. The main purpose of communication is to build rapport, Which can be defined as a direct emotional transfer one person to another. If your goal is to transfer emotions, Should you proceed to the second level of rapport, ample rapport. Ah, well ta. And the family? Are all well. Great. Well, we'll talk later. Ok, bye.
Page 66

Wide rapport is the state you see the connection emotional potential with someone. faster The she answers the question, the more you are sure que found the connection. The way I like to do this is asking her "What did you do before coming today here? "Simple, huh? She will then start talking things we did. Everything she says is a potential issue to Achieve deep rapport, but we have no time que enough to see in this book, then go to "Members Only Area "to learn more about it. It is a subject complex, but very fascinating. Having gathered her information During the rapport wide and have found potential for connection emotional, you are ready to use this knowledge and connecting. It will take place at deep rapport, the third stage of the phases of Rapport. Deep rapport can be a little bad for some people because it requires all Involved in interaction become vulnerable, but relax, this is the essential step to create love. Let's talk about it a more detailed way in another chapter, then for now let's move on to the fourth and the final stage Rapport: Liberation. During the release, You Should Stop talking about the matter who built rapport and forget the connection

just created. I know this is a bit stop contradictory - why work hard for something que will leave? After the deep rapport, you jumped the
Page 67

back pro light or wide rapport rapport and starts process again, because every time you this pattern, More and more you Reinforce the bond. The greater the bond is, the stronger the love you ta be creating. When meets a woman who stirs enough interest and you Makes you want to create a strong relationship with her, has in mind That You are building rapport. Form to During this phase strong connection will keep her away from Their idea of Avoiding calls, moves on to next guy or betray you. This is the largest investment emotional in the relationship. Now you went to the favorite part of all Men:. Seduction There are several texts about seduction by there, but none of this information is the magical the Many guys think. Seduction is nothing more than the overload the emotional side of your brain and lack or weakness of the logical side. The two sides of your brain does not work together. Instead, it is the opposite, They are almost always fighting for control of the brain sources. When your emotional brain is under control, you take emotional Decisions and is more prone to distracted by emotions. You will also find it more Difficult feel an emotional response. Have the other hand, your logical brain is eager to have the que and overall influence your emotional brain is Defeated. Seduction in contrast is presented in Which situation: A) The emotional brain of a woman is strong and logical side is weak. B) Some forms of sexual attraction
Page 68

are added to the formula. Seduction = fri + Reply emotional. There are several features to make this process happen you will find more information on "Members Only Area "- so I will not detail everything detail here. I want you to be smart with a very common thing called "red zone response ". The red zone response Occurs Whenever the

logical brain of a woman (or any other person) weakens, strengthens and emotional, to the point que the logic of the trigger reacts with the red zone. The trigger the red zone is a welcome response from your logical brain que Prevents you from making purely Decisions based on Their Decisions. Women have Their place Red and strengthened, and in men it is even more strong. If not for the red zone, many people eventually make terrible Decisions. If your goal is not to find a way to get around the area red; Your goal is to find a way to keep the area red in activity. The more emotional confidence you build rapport type, lower is the extent of the zone Red and her brain will permit the party emotional take command. So it will link with You further ahead, it will begin to feel more Also and more willing to trust you. If so, you have minimal response of the red zone, but if you
Page 69

fail to build rapport or try to skip this step, she present an extremely strong resistance. You went through the end stage of the interaction map: Swing Relationship. The balance of the relationship is the idea of the four major factors interlaced to form sustainable and comfortable balance in your relationship. These four components are: power, leadership complacency and lack value. Power, very simple, is leadership Within the relationship. If you are taking the most Decisions in the relationship, you are the one que has most power. Analysis is where your priorities are. put You the priorities of Their friends Their above, or you prioritizes its? Value is how much you "worth it" or the people outside of the relationship need You. And grace is its investment in the relationship, the how much you invested in the person you are dating. One important thing you Should always remember on the four aspects of the relationship is que "Complacency" is almost always an indicator que there an exchange of power and "grace" almost always Indicates an exchange of values. So for example, if you are promoted at work, you'll probably find your que value grows out of the relationship. Meanwhile, you

que may notice the shortage falls or rises suddenly. The change may seem to come from nowhere, but in fact is just a natural response because its value has increased. Adding, if you do something positive type
Page 70

make a good decision for the couple, you may notice the rise or fall of complacency. It can start the more things for you as well she can get the the fewer things for you. Finally, in the matter where your power and complacency are the scale - all What really matters is you are always aware of the local of each of que scale. Here is where communication comes. relationship In Communication is the presentation of your power level, the complacency, value outside the relationship. Any team you have a problem, You Should Start map the areas where it Occurs to try to solve it Maintain and subsequently the balance in the four areas. Until great relationships fall even if this Occurs. Let's talk about how to use the map of interaction now you understand what it is composed. I know I said before That You Should Use It Whenever you see needing direction, but at the same team, you not the want to have to think about it ever wants to leave. The ultimate goal, as I mentioned earlier at the beginning of this chapter, is being able to "see the matrix" Seeing the matrix it is be prepared to see at what stage you are while acting, and the ability to know how to continue to que phase follows. This leads us to another critical issue: "Which stage more important? "
Page 71

Many people consider the attraction to the most important because They think it is she who takes the Their rapport and interaction pro magnetudes. Rapport Also is a crucial stage because it is he who leads the connection and love. You can say que seduction is crucial because it is she who creates passion in the relationship, or the balance of the que relationship is the most important to always allow you to connect with someone to get a pension comfortable with the person who loves you. The real answer is the simplest: a phase more

important is the stage where you are. Regardless of que stages are near or have already passed the stage you are at any time that is is the most important because it can keep you going well or lose everything. que Why it is essential you know exactly the state In which you are operating. If you can not identify the state you are in, you will not know how to go to next, and if you not in the know-how carry on, you will not know how to climb enquiry.c conversation or keep the interaction going. When you have learned how to navigate the map interact enquiry.c, nothing is more "luck". Whatever Will Occur Reasons for specific, you control Their complete interactions.
Page 72

Also another thing is ask me "How do you know how to act in each phase? "Well, the way most easy to learn how to act in the interaction map is thinking about each phase as if it were a different ruse of his personality. During phases of attraction, Which Should standards be united unless you are in the business situation or anything else que number a different attitude, you owe your mindset to the the boy. You Should be more fun and playful, and avoid any serious or controversial thing. During phase of rapport, You Should Focus on being a friend and nothing more que, because that's When You build comfort emotional attraction, Which is required to resume the relationship. In this phase of seduction, you're a man. You need to get rid of all that big boy attitude and replace the simple fun for a new sense of sexual fun. With practice, you will learn to shape Their share of Corresponding to the character stages you you are. You can not be the man in the attraction. 's not You may be the boy During The rapport. You can not be During the seduction friend. When you begin to confuse So you create incongruence between what you are doing, and is acting like he is saying. To help you stay on the right path, we use the map of the interaction again. But now, I love you give some signs That You Can Use to Recognize Their current state.

Page 73

The first step in attraction is the introduction, I had the said. que You Should assumes everyone already has the idea ready about who you are. You already "presented" to the girl before beginning to start the interaction, then you want make sure that is always acting so dominant and attractive. This Also Applies in conversation with his brothers, because women are always watching, even when you're with your friends. 's You not want missing an opportunity to create attraction. During the second state of attraction, demonstrating value higher, keep an eye on her positive BL. It will be a good sign if you finish it with the body facing toward you: feet, knees and shoulders facing you. Will Also be positive if she smiling, start the conversation When the subject die, or Constantly touch you fight back your kino. Receiving any of these warning signs, it means que Correctly you are demonstrating your value. Then again, these are only indicators That It Attracted attraction is and is just a curiosity, then showing some signs does not mean que she is wanting to go home with you. The attraction it may be just a interest to know more about you. Why is learn how to navigate these situations is Correctly need to understand the interaction map. When you qualify a woman, she will try her best to impress you, Often through conversation.
Page 74

Recognizing this is easy - pay attention in the wake of que conversation and realize there is a kind of component positive in it. Notice That It begins to tempt you printing. Difficult It Is Not if you know what to look for. During light rapport, Which is the first stage of phase rapport, have a curious content in conversation is a sign positive. You are asking one another to open this time. Is your work is first to open she can feel more comfortable with the idea of opening for you, then it is essential to be available to Recognize When You are at que stage. You know you're in Rapport Broad because many Specific issues will be discussed. It can start

spell October Certain things, or you will take the Talk to a few different issues without making the Deep Rapport connection. The moment you feel you can leave for the Deep Rapport, you know Rapport that is in ample. Physical responses are the best indicators of Rapport Deep. During this stage, the woman will lean to Their ahead and keep a solid eye contact. que It will Appear everything around you disappears and assumptions of what is called of "we" or "us" will appear. Also You'll notice something called "access to visual clues": she will look you Constantly, and then look down or anywhere else.
Page 75

In the last stage of Rapport, who is "Liberation", the two Should leave the emotion That You created. A sign to Indicate did this happen Correctly When is one of the two is sit. This is a physical reboot que Reflects the mental reboot That the two are going through. This takes you to the stage of seduction. During seduction, woman will look very down. You'll notice pupils dilated and heavy breathing. She may also want to go to Constantly bathroom. If a woman is experiencing a response from the red zone, it rather try to do what we call "state of break, "or simply withdraw from the state of seduction you placed it. If she goes to the bathroom with During The frequency state of seduction (or any other occasion que stop you, is a sign something else is que happening ...) so she's probably trying to break state. She does this because you have not built enough rapport. They are Also very sensitive to conversations Sensual During the seduction. matter Any Involving feel something physical - touch, see, smell, hear, feel, taste produce a strong response. The Way That You identify in the Balance Zone Relationship When is a woman stops to ask you Tests of congruence, or will in a way less frequent. que You have proven your confidence is not false and will have built a deep and strong rapport with her,
Page 76

so the tests are no longer required and she will accept you completely. Now you know the entire system! A pat on his back for having come this far. The remainder of this book is Intended to help you use these system to control attraction, rapport, seduction and balance relationship. Excited? great. Let's move on ...
Page 77

If you are operating the system and still not know how to position the level you meet and then you can move forward, it is impossible to go to next part. In this chapter I will address you this matter directly and be sure That You know everything you need to know about Getting and Opening. We do not just talk about what you and the When You approach what to say or how to do any of these things - we Also we will discuss how to get rid of fear que weakened known as Approach Anxiety, or "AA" (Anxiety Approach). Men who play woes have the we call the approximation mechanism. This is the
Page 78

natural course que makes you want to chat with the girl you're Attracted to. If a man has a mechanism strong approximation, it is Considered confident, and address women immediately and will Attract a large number Them. Women - unless They are playing the male - does not have a mechanism approximation. If a woman does not have a mechanism good filtration, it can not Attract the kind of man she feels good. So what happens if a man has a mechanism weak approximation? The guy with this mechanism is Considered weak or submissive than others have a mechanism for stronger approach. If the woman in turn have a weak filtering system, she will think que always attracts the same kind of relationship to Their life is over and over again. The difference between these two mechanisms Explains why men are Considered eaters among Themselves If They can sleep

with several women, and women are Considered Sluts If They sleep with several men If the guy is a come-one, he is seen as if it had the mechanism for poor approximation, that means it Attract or is unable to get a woman properly. Failing these aspects Affect the man in two areas: Social and romantic. For, sleeping with multiple women expensive means she has a filtering mechanism bad. This Also Affects the social and romantically.
Page 79

Each of these weaknesses leads to disaster. If you have approximation mechanism for the poor, you will never know the type of woman you want, and never have the Experience Necessary to be able to Attract women you wants to Attract. Women who have weak filters will never be able to sift through the right men for Them and it never are willing to Attract the kind of man who Could Make Them Happy and Provide value. The condition of having a poor approximation, the already mentioned before, is called AA, or the fear overwhelming That You will get rejected at que girl que Appears When You just decided to talk with her. Some women have a condition called filter failure, but we are not too concern with it in this book. Symptoms include extreme nervousness AA, one complete lack of concentration and an overload emotional. You Also use the creative process excuses, Which means you're starting to invent countless desculpinhas to justify why you did not go or can not get the woman. The problem, as you know, is you can not que the operating any decision on your emotional side. To compensate, your emotional side will begin to mimic Your logical side so you feel balanced and control of this situation. Their Reasons This feed is not get the woman and say you will not have the logical content to do this, and sounds like something
Page 80

sensible under the Circumstances, including your logical brain Believes. I've heard various excuses, and none of Them is something

nice. "I can not reach it. 're Cold as hell. " "Gee, the place're too full." "I did not drink enough yet. "" I can not reach her because she just walks with tall guys. "" She is very beautiful. "Whatever the sorry, the only truth is Involved in the Process excuses Is That They Will Prevent you from reaching the girl and will cause you to miss valuable opportunities. The reason your body react this way, just exposing Their negativity, and this mechanism is called AutoProtection. Self-protection is a technique That All using human bodies to Maintain survival (for That sometimes Refers to it as a mechanism for survival). This keeps you out of situations que Could be a potential threat to Their wellbe pro or your belief system, giving you Reasons Should you saying never get into que situation. So what do you do When this happens? 's you exceeds the natural process of getting rid of AA? Well, there is only fuck the way to get rid of it: keep the job constant. 's not If you practice, your AA back. Think about your social skills like the muscle. Their social muscle is identically equal any other muscle in your body - if you knit it, he strengthens, and if not from you, it weakens. 's not If you
Page 81

have spotted him for a long time and suddenly you decide to start exercising, the muscle starts to hurt and you get tired. It's like, if you not get in people's for a long time and suddenly you decide to try, you process feel the lack of productivity of the muscle. It will hurt so much que you'll feel like you're not able to move on Pain manifests itself to an emotional discomfort, making rejection hurt more than usual. I know this not seem the least bit cool, but it is an occurrence . ordinary and natural Put in a positive frame: Thus You'll be exercising your muscle of social skill and walking towards the overcoming of AA, Which is the great thing! The fatigue comes from this drilling que Appears the physical fatigue. After talking to several people about various subjects and be well sociable, you are exhausted. Of you not expect to go to the gym after 3 years and

120kg pull, wait? to Achieve this goal, you will to work out every day and Increase slightly cadence the weight of the machine until you get the weight Desired. Their share in muscle is different. If you begin to socialize after a long time without being social, you find it Difficult to lift the weight Which social before you were accustomed. At first, expect not to get into the super hot girl at the bar without medinho one and end up having success in the interaction. The process does not happen que way. intimidating Be in
Page 82

first impression, but once you have created the que belief system surrounds your social personality, Their skills Began to change. Remember when we Talked about how BL is controlled by your emotions and your emotions are controlled by Their BL? The emotions you experience When approaching a Beautiful girl are anxiety, nervousness and fear, right? These feelings Occur due to the existence of a que belief system controls this kind situation and tells you you're not the right kind of guy she would be interested; you are the kind of introverted guy and chokes her own feelings. This belief system controls your emotions, then you have an emotional response When acting in a way That contradicts the belief That You want to Impose. Such emotional response Should not be productive if you're trying to get the girl, but can be very useful other situations. If you believe you may be hit to cross the street without looking, you will have an answer Emotional immediately every time you cross the street without checking her movement. AA is The exactly. A simple answer que warns you is not acting According to Their belief system. All you need to do to get rid of your AA to once and for all is to change your belief system. You be and doubtless aware, that you're the kind of guy who anyone who comes to awaken curiosity. When you become this guy and start addressing
Page 83

women who say "why are you talking to me?" you will not see her the way the question

devastating rejection as the day you've ever seen. Does the Instead, you'll see how perfectly the question Also legitimate and respond with a legitimate answer: "Well, I always do that. I always talk with Those of Which I become curious. "This simple answer you will Which pierce barriers many guys end balking. But how? que How to become kind of man? Creating this new belief system? To create a new system, you need to kill the hesitation. Aiming to kill his hesitation, you need to pass by the creation of beliefs process ... remember the chapter before? The first stage is the challenge and then acceptance. You must say to yourself "This is who I am" up his mind to accept it the truth. One way of of this is to use affirmations. Affirmation is the concept of que if you say something positive about you Constantly, it will come true eventually. Say to yourself "I approach all that arouse me curiosity. This is who I am. " Once you have accepted this thought process, you need to make this new belief something public, telling other people how you feel. Start telling your friends and then go to strangers, and keep practicing until you feel comfortable to say to anyone. After
Page 84

complete the second stage, you are ready to test and receive feedback. Keep testing until not work. So you see he ta not working, reap all the information you acquired it did not work out and change to perfection. All are a potential source of feedback for each person reacts differently to Their approach. Testing on a variety of people you will learn how to remain safe in your new system belief under any Circumstances. The end stage is submission. Hand over your new system beliefs to your brain and use it to replace the old system. Follow these steps, and you will win the AA. Keep in Mind That You Constantly receive feedback from external sources even after you have built your new system on the concept itself, so you need to have

que sure your environment is always aligned with your belief system. If your environment has anything that is contrary to your system - like, you're not the guy Which addresses the woman just because she woke you up curiosity - you need to go back and force to address until you have the kind of results will Enhance que Their beliefs. There are two types of reinforcement: External Reinforcement and Reinforcement procedure. External The Consists of the feedbacks That You read the other people, and the internal happens to the stage Early in the process we are analyzing the "Acceptance". Be you grabbing its beliefs
Page 85

regardless of Whether other people believe Also . Them or not You need to have two forms of reinforcement; is not just a nice to have. If you just accept the feedback from others and does not consider Their own opinions and beliefs valid, you Constantly will seek the approval of others. If, on the other hand, you rely Solely on Their Own and not have the approval of anyone else, you will always be in conflict and not will be able to connect with the people who interact. If That You find you have much of a way of strengthening and only slightly from each other, you need to re-calibrate all in order to balance the two and then return to the belief system. I've heard many guys say "But I'm introverted. I'm not the kind of guy who goes out there talking to the general All the time. "If That excuse sounds familiar to you, I have an important message for you! A man named Wyatt Woodsmall taught me this concept. Wyatt Woodsmall was mentored Tony Robbins, one neurolinguista famous programmer and speaker Inspirational Thought you might already have heard. Wyatt Woodsmall once told that me to have a high improvement is Necessary to make anyone different from who you are now. You can not say "Oh ok, this is not me. would I not. 'm not that kind of face. "You can not have limiting beliefs like this

If That happens because, you than not evolve.

Page 86

To become someone of value, you need to stop being You. When you are willing to become someone other you, you will get improvements Constantly until evolve into the best version of yourself, Which is the ultimate goal. The first impulse you presence What motivates you to get the woman is blocked by fear of approaching the first two seconds. If you arrive before this happens, you trollar its brain and will unnoticed by the hesitation factor. If Within the you not act que period, the process of excuses your brain begin to take action. The Team takes to create your emotional brain an excuse and send pro brain logical seeking approval delay occasionally only two seconds three seconds, then the address When before. You Should always be the winner before this race que throws you against your own brain. You also need to go through the process of being one little more callous as to rejection. The only difference between guys who are successful with women and guys que not, is collegues of Those Who have not bother both the rejection of Those Who have not bother.
Page 87

The guy who is Badass women with 100 tackles and Them takes 50 outs. A guy who does not take much for something like 5 is rejected and covers about 2 or 3 times. que The problem is the guy who does not consider as good only had two or three positive reactions, while the Badass had fifty. Even you to see it as a mere game numbers, the guy who is sensitive to rejection ever

meet the woman of the dreams quickly the the the guy who is not affected much, then the whatever it takes to Overcome your fear of rejection. One way to get rid of this fear is having devastating intentions clear. What do you want that interaction, and why you got it? For now, your reason to get in girls is to test your skill and find out what not works so that you can Improve your effectiveness in attracting Them. That's it. Them You are not getting to have some positive reaction. One of the biggest differences I noticed between the guys learn my lessons fast que and take forever is That It Has to faster development with the intention of addressing to Overcome and Improve the search for the things que not Work. The biggest goal of Them is to learn to use the skill, nothing more! They do not try to build attraction or take a girl to bed. Guys who try to always have the specific result end up screwing all the time because They become dependent on results. Dependence results kills attraction. A guy who is very focused on results discusses women only
Page 88

que to prove he is capable of doing Their desire to results happen, not in a real interest in her. A and selfish attitude eventually que a great job giving further ahead. Do not be that guy. Keep up with the intention addressing to find out what does not work until you reach the point where you will have to strive to ruin everything! When you arrives at point que with a woman, you can not forget everything you have learned about how to get women and start doing naturally. The only thing required of li forward will be exercising social Their muscle, so this feature never weaken. Remember we Talked about the car right there in very beginning? Learn how to get the woman is about the same as pushing a car. At first, will be very difficult. palaces The first are always the most Difficult and you will be tempted to give up. But once you have the car moving, it will keep moving on forward by virtue of its own momentum. Now you have two options. If the car is taking you minimal effort and you push for it, he

eventually ends up stopping. Likewise Which you allow yourself to relax and think, "Ahh my FINALIZED job. I did everything I needed to create the ability arriving in women successfully, "your progress stagnate. When you stop pushing your car starts and stops When You stop learning, you need to make much effort to rebuild Their social muscle.
Page 89

Then select the second option. Make sure you is Constantly working on Their skills, and he is doing what is Necessary to Keep Them, since They are perfect. Will have much more on this in Member Only area, so check it out!
Page 90

Women pride Themselves on the ability to select Certain types of men and examine to see Them If They are really confident. Yes, as you may recall, is filtering mechanism called. Many men have learned how to lie about Their confidence levels, but women developed countless tests determine if the man really has the confidence strong or is just lying to hide his weakness and insecurity. They filter for a reason. They need to learn how look beyond the talent of a man to show more confident than he really is, or she will always Attract que men she has disappointed. These tests Appear During The attraction because They advantage of this to decide whether or not They are Attracted to You. This means que if you are paying attention and reading enquiry.c the situation, the occurrence of the test medium interaction Indicates that she is interested in you. If you can not understand the test and she Noted That You surprised, she will know That You are not accustomed
Page 91

with female tests. If you are not accustomed to women testing you, then you're not used draw Them in, and if you're not used to Attract Them, then you are not worth her team. Why is super important to learn to understand When the test is

coming and how to handle it when you arrive. Before you start thinking That All women are cruel test for men que way, consider this:. They Do not consciously of it This is just an effective method to Their subconscious minds found to separate men men with potential wk. Some guys have no idea why, but since you are a man with interest ever Improve, you must know how to Recognize these tests and just so you Appear more confident and able to look deeper into the female reactions you get. Many women have tested me countless times at the beginning interaction. If I had not learned the things que I'm teaching, I sure would not pass and Them never have the wonderful success I have today with the women. There are two types of tests That You need to learn identify: allegiance test and test of congruence. The Typically submission tests are in the form of orders you to do something. Women are used to see if it will allow you to have what Them you want. If you are a man of high value, then Submitted for your tolerance will be very low and you not the
Page 92

will do anything she says. For example, if she says "me buy a car, "you will not give in and say" what? " If she says "Buy me a drink, 'you will not ask "What's your favorite?" What if she says "Stay here and wait for me, "do not you go planted afraid go out and hurt her. If you are very submissive, Especially in the beginning, she know you not confident truth, and so you loses the attraction she had for you. But if you are not so submissive, it may seem as if you not interested, then you need to find the perfect balance. But now, the not bother to show her That You are not interested because there is in testing. Only if Correctly bother to react to submit tests. You can Recognize these tests because the woman you are talking to will ask you or have you Which do something you A) Do not want to do or B) not have to do. If she's sitting right next drink

and asks you to serve, and to you, then you failed the test submission. That does not mean you refuse if she has to ask you to serve her drink When she is away from the bottle, then it is important que you are able to Recognize the difference between test submission and legitimate claims. Will not be long until you understand. Just take this bit and ask yourself "do that makes any sense
Page 93

logical? "And does not attempt to give desculpinhas fails the test, type "I'll be a fool if I do not." It is better be a sucker in this situation than a submissive banana. Women want to forgive you for being a bit aggressive, because you are a man and you're acting through the male interpretation. However They Do not think of you if you forgive 're A sissy! The second type of test is called Testing Congruence. use this Women test to see if you are so confident as it seems, usually through generalized insults. Failing or not congruence test is based on its reaction. If you insult a woman verbally (Te teasing, by example) or to offend you by acts how to turn your back, you will pass test is not reacting to it. answer Not show her That You are fed up women trying to test you to see if you're really confident. Both tests are signs the woman que is Attracted to you, then as soon as you Note these tests in the conversation, you know you're doing everything right so far. Just do not react in Way to ruin all your chances! Pass the test Submission is simple - the not obey Let que super
Page 94

a woman told you "Wait here while I go to the

bathroom! 'll be back! "What do you do? You can not expect by it, will make you look like a thick, but if you do the she is sending, you will be obeying. There are several ways to get rid of this type of situation while you remain in dominance. Option number one is you add your own terms to the agreement. If she ask you to wait, say, "Actually I'm going to the bar. I I'll probably be there. "Now you added your own end and sent a message That You will make you want, but you're still interested in it. Another option is to add logic to the discussion questions. Logical questions mean to ask "Why do I have to stay here, why can not I go there? "This is not the best technique, but if nothing else works then it passe acceptable. If she has a very logical reason for Which Should you wait there like "My purse is here and I 'M scared if I take someone que Out, "in this case okay do what it ta asking. Otherwise, go back is option number one and add your own terms again. The third option is called swapping submission. Exchange Submission means to give her a bit of submission in addition to the submission que she tries to give you. Say, "Okay, I'll wait here, but only if you dance a little for me. " Or "Only if you give me a kiss on the cheek." When you take the approach que way, she has to win submission to you then her test has more
Page 95

. effect same She's not telling you what to do you are doing something for her to an exchange for something she has done for you. The best thing to do When you give a guy with a allegiance test is to convince the woman to give her before Do you give. A great example is you ask her yourself buy you a drink. Women are very accustomed to ask drinks for men, but They are neither somewhat accustomed to things happening in reverse direction, then this is a very effective way to "Swap scripts." When she says: "You will pay me to drink or not? "Answer" I was about to you asking the same thing. "She will be caught totally surprise. Also congruence tests can be mastered in

several different ways. The simplest tactic is to ignore any insult she will do. Do not hesitate - even que for a second - or she will know That It Has effects on You. Act as if the insult had never happened and treat it exactly the same way as before. Another thing you can do is be ironic, the already discussed to demonstrate higher value while to disengage from negative BL. Another common form of so is the saying "Wow, you're trouble, get out!" or "Stop flirting with me, get out!" Shortly after the turn back for a short while team smiling. If you do it During the test to see if you are
Page 96

confident, give her an opportunity to escape, collect insult back and not worry about it. The last technique to pass the test of congruence is called Erroneous Interpretation. Wrong Interpretation That means any time a woman comes to the congruence tests, you "accidentally" plays Wrong like a sexual breach. If she says "Where did you get these horrible shoes?" Or "You always comes to the bar to hit on girls? "She giving you a test of congruence. complicate She wants to you to bit. Respond with "Look, I just met you, not start with this little chat to give up on me. (Playfully) "It will end up being surprised at the interaction, and you will pass the test successfully. Now that you know how to pass the test, you need to know how to Recognize When It fails errors. If got already thinking "Okay, sure, I think I'll give the bit "when facing a test of submission, you failed. And if you think "Why did she say these things Stupid me? "Then you spoke to the test congruence also. You will receive 100% of these tests the most fucking girls you find, so practice these methods of how to beat them! Understand the Real Reasons Women test men que way. Knowing how to Correctly react to these tests will Prevent you from Attraction killer.
Page 97

- Reading body language If you want to read Body Language (BL = body language)

As a professional, you have to understand the "why", the "what" and "how" of BL: BL why it is so important; the When you're reading someone looking at how and BL you do it. Being able to read the BL is one of the most crucial aspects of the interaction of success. I Studied Assunte this extensively, and it gave me the ability to speaking in another language. Before i could gather all this knowledge, I felt like I was traveling to a country where I Could Not communicate with anyone because I did not understand Their language, but I can now communicate with anyone, regardless of which country the person is or what verbal language she speaks. que The only thing differentiates verbal language of BL is: everyone can speak it, but almost anyone can read it. We're always saying some thing with our BLs; Whether we are aware or not. If you can read body language, you'll get information from people who are not aware They are
Page 98

transmitting something. Sometimes you can learn more about the people than themselves. So let's start from the beginning (a great way to start, then I said.) What is the purpose of reading BL? As said before, the reason to speak at the beginning of everything is to transfer emotion, not information. Communication functions of BL in anyway. Communication brutally BL is 60%, 20% and 20% verbal vocal tonality. que This means you not speak of matter -. but as you talk When you try convey a message to someone via BL, the emotional transfer que Occurs must have an effect on BL others. que If you notice someone is not BL sending signals que you expect, then your not started in the correct mannered. You may think you're saying one thing, but other people are reading. You have to take responsibility for the messages your body transmits, since you can have greater control under Them studying the way her BL works. When you are talking to a person, your work as a speaker does not end When the words leave your mouth; Their work only ends When the message enters the person's brain. Never tell me

You Have Reached your goal of presenting somewhat because what really matters is the way que people see you. People around you may not see you just as you are seeing, even if believe you get past the image of desire
Page 99

correctly. If anyone reading this image Incorrectly, you will be blamed for the mistake, not Them. Let's talk about it in terms of attraction. Attraction comes down que to know someone is Attracted to you - the goal is not you feel attractive all the time. While this is importantly, the ultimate goal of attraction will never be Achieved until the woman is That You are interested Attracted by You. The reason you need to use to build Their BL attraction is que BL subconsciously creates attraction. Attraction pierces your subconscious and conscious brain will straight to the emotional part of it. If you feel the that is drawn, then it will soon be. We humans begin to learn how to read BL yet the children. We have not developed a mind strong at que conscious acts, so most things Within our learned que matures mind unconscious. unconscious The mind is the part of home your emotional brain. que This means When You is talking to a woman using the BL, you can cause her emotions. This ability is more powerful que cause simple logical answer, because attraction is based on emotions. Humans are experts When It Comes To BL, then it is always good que the messages your body sends are honest about your feelings. If They are not - if your body says one thing and your mouth says another - you APPEAR incongruity.
Page 100

There are two schools of thought discussing interaction of the body with the emotions, the two see the study of NLP. que I believe both are effective. Of According to the first, your body is influenced by Their emotions. If you control your mind, or the mind of someone, the body will respond in a Manner Consistent to with emotions que he witnesses. When you are in the negative mood, for example, you have a tendency

natural to always look at the ground, Avoiding eye contact and be sloppy. The second school of thought goes against the idea of First, if you lead the body, the mind will follow. That That means if you control one's body in the Somehow, the person's body will adapt to it. que In case, if you are in the same bad mood, conscious and leaving her shoulders in a better posture, taking his eyes from the floor and making eye contact with the people, you will feel better. Learn how to control your own body is a skill invaluable. If you use the dominant BL, you feel more dominant. If you use the BL submissive, you feel more submissive. Why your logical brain and Emotional does not work very well together, you can When your body control it is very emotional for Also control your mind and the opposite, you can control your mind if you find you can not control her body. You must learn to handle the independently of the other two then When You
Page 101

losing control in one, you can use the other to be Prevent end screwing Their social situation. BL can be daunting because it is a huge subject and may seem like an ambiguous concept, so I'll share it into two categories for you. If you understand how to read both of these categories, you will be able to read someone's mind. You know how the person feels and why she feels That way, even They know neither que Themselves. The first category is context - the context this que . in the message The second category is content - that . really means message Here's an example: if someone react negatively every time you say the specific word, you know it is the word that is Causing this negative reaction. The negative reaction is being content and When is it Occurs with the context. que The knowledge tells you there may be insecurity or some kind of negative association with the word. You can Also be used to determine the content if the person is submissive or dominant. If They are you crisp passing messages of power, then They are (or

at least want to be) owners BLs dominant. If They Constantly you send messages to you que que indicar They are weak or smaller, They tell you They are either want to be submissive. Read the content and context for make sure and get a note if They are unsecured or Competent.
Page 102

Personally, I've caught myself looking for a woman confidante and submissive (not conditional, but submissive There is a big difference!.) She was looking for a confident and dominant (but not domineering!) face. We were both looking for specific features potential partners, so I had to make sure que was confident and would spend this message Clearly to others. Whenever I Could show the woman that i was dominant not domineering, I was able to build strong connections and create the level of attraction I had in mind So how to read the BL? Here are some techniques you internalize will need to be a super fuck reader and BL use your own in your behalf First thing: I fraciono BL in four categories. The categories are door Access View, Walking, Sitting and Talking. The most basic situation for BL sends signals que Indicate submission or dominance. Decide Which type of Attract woman you want to, because you need to use the BL to show you is the opposite of it. If you show Their submissive to BL, you will probably Attract women dominant. If you show dominance, probably eventually attracting submissive. From the moment you Believes que, its natural state is usually this. Typically, if you are playing the gender male, you need to present dominant BL. Not confuse "dominant" with "domineering" or "aggressive" one has nothing to do with each other. Since most,
Page 103

if not all, have in mind to interpret the genre male, so I'll just focus on que until the end of chapter. Let's start with the door Access Vision. That first part is summed up in the very way you need anyone to read, looking at the several different directions

Indicates that you are Accessing different parts of your brain. Much can be said about this, but I just I will address the three main directions in my opinion are why I think you should know and interpret. Also We will talk about the combinations Them, and a well known trigger que you can use to cause a girl to kiss you or perform When Someone wants to kiss you. Before we delve into this subject further, I need que warn you occasionally women can disapprove and this is called Access Lane Reversal Vision, However this is not an exact science. 've seen some instructors teach the very intelligent NLP opposite of what I'm about to teach you here, so it important That You test each of Track Access Vision que each has. You can do this with questions Certain type to get specific answers and then examine Which direction the person Focuses. In general, the person who is looking to the left, is Accessing the creative side (or "conceptual") of the brain and the person who is looking to right are Accessing memories. que Note I said about right and
Page 104

Their left, not yours. You must learn to read access view of the slopes backwards. The right one is a left and vice versa. Many people think que if the person is always looking in the same direction, she is lying, but que does not matter. You can not determine if someone is lying or not just because the person is Accessing the side creative and conceptual brain. All of this particle visual moment que means is this person is going By That Time the process of creativity. Let's move on to the next directions: up and down. frenquetemente Looking up with That means the person is Accessing the visual side brain. In other words, she's visualizing something. Not Whatever it is - colors, words, pictures - you can classify this person as a visual thinker. Look at Below is related to access to emotions, so it is vital to be able to tell When one looks far to low interaction. When you notice that is happening, you know que person has the

emotional attachment to everything you speak (or more Specifically, They all think.) You can tell something like "I really like the Rolling Stones" and the woman you are chatting with may think her father you used to listen to the Rolling Stones When She Was a child. This leads us to access combinations of visual clues. The Which means if she look up and to the left? In theory, if it has regular access to the slopes of view, it
Page 105

access the visual / conceptual brain. que This means it 're Viewing Something That Could probably never . before One way to test this is to ask her: "What color is the house lived That You When You were little?" That question will result in one of two situations: either you might notice que she looks up and tries to remember color of the house, or she can look down to associate emotions que house. Independent of the way she looks, if you look slightly to the right, it means the que point of her memory is on the right. What if instead she looks to the left, it may mean que she uses hand creative brain to trigger the memory. Some people are very similar to slot machines slots, since They use the creative brain to wander among the different options que They imagine to find the right person who engatilhe memory or an emotional response. Then They use this option to remember what color the house. People do it Often When You are trying to remember things passed at a good time. This tactic is not 100% accurate, but it is a method That You can use to determine Which direction the woman uses to the various visual clues access. To be more need, you can ask the question: "Do you remember what color were the walls of your room? "If she look in the same direction again, you can be reasonably confident que this direction is That It uses to remember.
Page 106

There are other visual cues que follow the standard access logical. And then look up to the right Indicates that person is using your visual memory and look down and Indicates that it is left Accessing the brain emotional, that means she is feeling something new

or afraid to feel anything. The last combination is looking down and to the right, Which Indicates emotional memory. This is a super powerful trigger because Indicates that you are dealing with something the person is que emotionally attached. Being able to elicit emotional responses will ask you if feel very powerful, but it's not abuse! 'll Ever Become a Badass with las chicas if you are always trying to make Them feel emotional. Success is not so simple. If it were, I would not be writing this book! A productive way to use this skill is to examine runway visual access of women and determine if it is being associated with you emotionally. For example, the One of the biggest indicators que someone wants to kiss you is the combination of visual cues to access call triangulation. Triangulation, as you may already have guessed, is a combination of three movements of the eye. When the late stage of rapport, you may Notice that the woman is staring at his lips the you speak. Look at his mouth will make Accessing emotions, and Those emotions then associate with collegues look at your mouth. Often, she'll look up consciously try to avoid looking desperate, and
Page 107

will then focus on his eyes. Looking for an eye and then to another will cause her to feel burdened by emotions, so she reverts to her look and her mouth then repeat the process. switch these steps results in triangular pattern. When You See That this is happening to the girl, you must immediately unless pro from KC more important than any other circumstance Prevents you (Like When it happens to a friend of his girlfriend!). If wondering what to say and how pro from kissing? The best way to get in my opinion is to be direct. Tell ' her "Okay." When she asks: "Okay what?" say: "You can kiss me, I also want to relax." This has been one of the most phenomenal sentences I have ever I used. Whenever I get the first triangulation of the woman, I say this phrase and roughly 80% of Them myself Kiss in the act. When I started, only 20% responded with a kiss, so I kept changing my practice and methods until I received a positive response of 30%.

So I persisted a little longer and turned 30 in 50%, then eventually I was able to optimize the sentence to she stays que way. The reason this works is due to the fact of giving acceptance to woman show her que I'm also interested. Saying, "Okay, I want to kiss you" of you feel better and away from the Possibility of rejection. Rejection is the biggest fear of all, in the matter if you are man or woman, so it is important to make the
Page 108

person feel stabilized with you. If you Eliminate this fear, then you will Eliminate many of hesitation she might have to kiss you. This is a simple technique amazing and powerful. Here's another concept that i want to play this jumble: the difference between positive and negative BL? They depend on the direction you're looking. If you 're Staring at the woman directly, you are showing BL is the que positive reward for something she did. Playing with the combination of positive and negative BL you lets look interested while you're free from the appearance of need. Most of all This should happen at the stage of attraction. At the beginning of the interaction with a girl, you not the must face her directly. If your body is completely turned toward her, the design you picture of grace and she will feel as if he had nothing Attract special to you, because you do it with any another to give you space. There are many theories to avoid this. You face and then look at something else? turn You your back? You stand aside and look over your shoulders? Keep this default rule, the approximation More effective is to make a positive impact BL logo beginning of the interaction and then immediately withdraw the BL. Lean quickly or just turn the other way one bit. que Make sure you are moving with the legs, not with your top of the body, or you look like a chickenshit who is afraid to take a slap in the
Page 109

face! You can not rush or recede while talking. If you want to project a negative BL, lean on your walking brings. Now if you want

project a positive BL, put your whole weight on the foot of front. Another massive difference between positive and negative BL is position of the shoulders. Women are able to identify and interpret the male posturing just to repair the que direction your shoulders are in a way much more faster than you. So you must always be changing it. Roughly once every ten or twenty seconds you must move your shoulders, just a little, That way you not deliver the BL of her positive free. You Should Also keep your eye out of touch When she is showing her shoulders for you. If she you begin to face With Their lips, feet and face Especially if she is with loose hands, arms relaxed and create a direct physical connection communication between her chest and her - she's giving you indicators Super strong interest. This is key if you are wanting to build attraction. guys Many overlook this and end up losing great opportunities! BL BL dominant and submissive are simple things: a person dominant conquers space that is just for your way, and a submissive person tries at every moment decrease the point of wanting to disappear. que It is very important you keep the default to show the two types of BL to the girl When she gives you the first positive signs
Page 110

because as I said before, show a lot of interest as soon man will imprison you in the friendship zone. From now on, I'll teach you a little about how walk, sit and talk of dominant way of an air te confidence and attraction without making seem forced. Many guys fuck this part because They feel dominant When You suckers are actually going through. You can generate attraction for being a sucker, because it means que you are not a nerd retracted banano - women today day are so desperate for attractive men and confident que end up associating with idiots only by collegues They are not bananas - but this is far from optimal path. Let's start by Walking. I made it clear in chapter 4 (The System) que the first stage is the stage of Attraction Presentation. Presentation happens When a woman you note, When You start talking, then it is

Likely que your first experience with it will come through his walk, the way you sit or remains standing. The way you walk, sit or stay, influence the attraction que she can come to feel. To walk in a confident and dominating way, there three key items you need to keep in mind. The first is to walk in stride. strides and Well keep it up. The goal is to make you reach your destination with the fewest possible steps. If you gives short steps, you send a subconscious message That You are the type of man who leaves his fears
Page 111

take charge of your life. 's not You give more strides Why They Can Be risky and You Could end falling, right? A person who is afraid of falling is actually the person who fears the humiliation They are not fully confident. A woman does not feel safe beside her if she sees you walk in short steps. If you are not able to trust yourself, why she would? The proper way is to walk you extend your leg until your heels touch the ground. heel Should Your always touch the ground before his fingers. And without appearing to you're marching, let your foot touch the ground Whenever fully They Walk. Be sure to give the second step. You can make mistakes, you can even fall, but this is the price you pay for being confident. If all this sounds confusing, check the Members area Only to see demonstrations! When you begin to walk in long strides, you will note que people look at you more. Both men and women encararo you, Recognizing increase increasing its confidence and attraction. You will have a little more pressure social under you, but get used to it - it is a good kind of pressure! Respond with your head forever erected (stop looking at the ground ... there is no money there) and always keep Eye Contact. looked down once to create a basic understanding of the landscape. So you know where to step. Now look up throughout the route of his journey.
Page 112

The ultimate step to win the more confident way

floor is to keep your shoulders down. Throw Them back up you feel the neck pull, but be careful not to make your chest get equal que of a pigeon. noticed I more positive results by Following this pattern of I used to have in past times. 5 The average is women staring me up and down by block When before the average was 5 per month. Sitting and standing are two things with atmospheres is totally different active teams. Obviously you can not go long if steps are not moving, then exhale the reliable? One of the ways is to occupy much space to the possible. Notice the position his shoulders - there will be down your space and you MUST occupy it entirely. You can occupy more space even more distancing When sitting legs. Take care not to overdo it, or you'll look like you're forcing comfort. When someone is sitting beside her, straighten only if the person needs space. If you have space enough for both of the not close your legs. Do not give space Extra For That person just because she's there. Another important factor to be Considered is the position of your head. Realizing Many people without just lowering the head while talking to another person. Lower head design submission and subconsciously weakness for the person you are Attracted or deterred. So if you are intimidated by a beautiful woman, you
Page 113

naturally lower your head as if saying "I'm not a threat to you." Learn to keep your head up all the time while talking. Should The only time you break This rule is the time to build rapport. During this phase you can even lowering his head slightly to express something like influence for some excitement. mental or The weight Their emotional feelings will manifest Themselves doing you feel like your head heavier. In any another situation, keep your head at the same height everyone around you and always keep your spine straight. Be sloppy with the posture is a very serious offense. This feature is not only in subject broxante attraction, but it is horrible for your back, it subcomunica you want to be lower in the conversation. Their I know Should back hurt. It must hurt, must be weak, must're

fatigued, but not to make excuses! Cross your legs and take less space if needed to be able to sit correctly. Sitting enquiry.c have precedence over rather than taking space. Homes are confident sloppy about the position of Their bodies; They Use Their Own attitudes to design que confidence! There are several ways to train enquiry.c how to sit, but the best of all that found was monitoring my body and force me to sit where was curving me. Form a list of everything we say in this chapter: "My steps are wide? My head is held high? My shoulders are lowered?
Page 114

I am the occupying much space do I want? I ducking my head or I'm with her held high? To my vision cues are saying? "You have not the to think more about it, but Should be aware of messages your body sends. The last factor is to be attentive to the voice. His voice has two main sources:. throat and the stomach Talk with your throat results in a higher tone and the upper range. The benefits of talking to her throat are: you can speak faster and can design a fuller sound, but it does not resonate with people. When you use your voice from your stomach, people can feel the vibration of his voice, so it resonates emotionally and physically. This is a powerful distinction. If the interaction you talk to her throat During the attraction phase you disarm the people, feel comfortable making Them When near you, but if your voice is coming from During his stomach the attraction stage, people can end up feeling subpoenaed. Use the right tool for the right job. When you are trying to que people feel comfortable around you, Especially if you're being friendly and fun, Should you employ your voice presence - the voice que comes directly from his throat. You can notice the difference, because your throat will vibrate too much and your stomach or so at That Time, and you will notice your diaphragm que Also vibrate When You Use the voice comes from que stomach. The voice from the stomach will cause Also
Page 115

external vibrations and your voice will be deeper. This is the his voice seductive. It's harder to hear, but it is more powerful and dominant When You are at the stage of seduction. Another important concept That You must always Their attention is how sentences expire. Finish sentences without an end makes Them Appear questions. naturally When We do this not know the subject we are talking about, then you subcomunicando que just do not have much property in you're talking about, even though. Instead, try Their finish sentences with words finishers. Finish closing sentences gives the topics covered powerful and positive impression. If you are wrong, all you need to say is "Oh, I was wrong. Sorry. 'You still remain confident and sure of himself. % 90 the men not bind it and this is what the Majority decides cases if the woman will or will not accept the beings Them dominant and confident. If you look like the guy who is questioning, of course she will ask you Also! Eliminate the "hmm" and "ahhh" of his conversations. We use these words fill sausage because we fear the que else run us over with another subject. The problem this strategy is a complete negative effect - the People Know That When there are words filled sausage They have the freedom to take control of the conversation want, so most of the time these words end up creating disruptions rather than avoid Them. Always
Page 116

of you not know how to continue the conversation, relax a bit and let the silence happen. It may seem strange at first, but in fact the silence is a powerful element of human communication. In the group he can build tension, anxiety or a strong sense of urgency or attention. One by one, the silence Allows the other person to have a Thus absorption and you have not mastered the conversation in an unpleasant way. Even if you have something important to say, a moment of silence is over feasible for multiple words filled sausage. The last thing can seem to be alert clich, but bear with me. The power

laughter is extraordinary! Laughter true only happen When we are next to people of Which We feel comfortable, because this is an experience vulnerable and personal. near If you laugh strange people, They understand que you are very confident and does not care to be vulnerable. I usually compare it to the arts martial. The most frightening positions and Those are advanced martial arts fighter in Which the Practically invites the opponent to attack him. Think you're in a fight and your opponent turns his back to you, completely helpless and without vision of Their movements.
Page 117

His position tells you virtually "take advantage and attack me now. " This is a moment of tension, because you know que if he took que position is because he expects his attack. Right now it displays an immense confidence, They remain there Indicates that he is prepared and ready to counterattack. Their People look for skills social the same way. If you laugh even with a stranger nearby, you will be vulnerable. Our instinct Survival makes us assume any que stranger is a threat to us, but once you have developed confidence to be vulnerable with Them you will see the que reactions are positive. que The truth is They will not attack you, because your confidence scares Them. The Most people have an emotional shield to protect, so When You see a guy who simply connects to fuck all that shit, he's a Badass complete. And nobody wants to argue with a Badass! If you ever screwed a lot, try to be a little vulnerable. It Likely you are to fuck less. Things may even temporarily worse, but remain consistent and continue with the work. que The truth is we always think we have more control of things than actually have - we are all in vulnerable situations social, Even When we do not perform. If you show Comfortable to laugh and always be in an environment social where people feel scared all the time, show how powerful you are.

Page 118

I hate to be the guy who brings the bad news, but it has how to avoid potential attacks. You will still be wholesale teams, and it will be kind of boring and painful, but happen less and less over time. You 'll Notice que people will help you more When It happen because your way will have earned Them. Increase Their social power to strangers laughing and designing BL positive. Proceeding. Correctly You are sitting, keeping Appropriate eye contact and using voice for the situation. How do you know if the girl is yours? Should You always believe in your subconscious que says every woman draws for you on some level. Assume Attraction helps you more than keep asking if the girl or not drawn, but there are several other signs where you can Specifically Noted que the girl is interested really. For simplicity, I made a list of 10 signs most important attraction of Which I myself learned infield. * Number One:. Looked down If the girl looks down When You During the first sections or conversation (even if she smiling while doing so), then you have an indication of interest from her.
Page 119

* Number Two:. Abuse touch the hair Many men interpret wrong this indicator of female interest, the there are several Reasons for a woman do that. One such reason may be her trying massage the scalp itself, Which means That It Is bored and losing attraction for you. If she doing it and stow while engaging in conversation, May Be That It Is getting sexually Attracted while chatting. sensory stimulation The linked to the head (Particularly the back) is highly sexual and full of emotions and triggers for anchors. Stir in the hair helps blood to flow and feel the sensation of connection with the body, so if you Notice that the girl is pulling the hair of a slower and more concentrated form while talking, do you have a signal positive. * Number Three:. If you tilt Most women will not tip in your direction unless you are interested in, then this is a fantastic way to judge the level of attraction in a woman. Remember que attraction is just curiosity, so it's not because she leaned toward her que she wants to sleep with you.

* Number Four:. Triangulation We've already covered this subject in the Access to the slopes of view, so I will be brief. Triangulation is the pattern of eye movements and Also a strong indicator que woman wants to kiss you or feels fri near you. She will look for his one eye, then another, and then her mouth. She repeated this gesture. Kiss it as soon as you notice this pattern happening.
Page 120

* Number Five:. Starting or climbing Kino She is playing you every more and more? She gets his touches last a long time? It you rings even before you touch it? All of these show signs of Kino her interested. * Number Six and Seven:. Testing The woman puts you in testing congruence or complacency is Attracted to you. guys Many of the not understand this and think it is insulting, but the truth is que only women test men of Whom They are Attracted. * Number Eight: positive BL. happens Positive body language When the woman sees you, Especially with your hips and shoulders. Go the Members Only Area for more information on this subject. * Number Nine:. Start the conversation If a woman start a conversation with you, Especially if it's nothing, then she is interested. * Number Ten:. Qualification If she finds you attractive you will notice That It Themselves will be exposing to you. She will try to impress you in some way, Especially list of qualities That You might like. When you notice this happening, accept it immediately.
Page 121

If you notice some of these signs, or even if it is only one, You Should que assumes the girl is Attracted. There is danger in que to assume she finds you attractive, However it is more dangerous not to Recognize this situation. To recap, the main signs of attraction are: You will be able to read the BL as a professional if able to memorize all of these items. Study Them, practice Them and Them Gradually perfect. That way you will be Badass of the ladys.
Page 122

- Creating Feeling. Fall in love with someone is Considered an experience Magic by Those Who Do not know how to manipulate. que In Chapter I gonna learn how to create this attractive emotion known as love. It may seem somewhat unusual, believe me, I'm not

playing. I will sketch how it happens and how to create it, so if you're into the idea que is a love story Gorgeous fairies, then go to the next chapter. In my opinion, it is very important to learn how to create That Feeling When You que find the person right, be ready to make a deep connection without having why bother with any situation. guys Many of the not
Page 123

think about it, and When we finally learn to create it, end up disappointed with the ease of doing it. There is a system to create love, and it does not depend on how hard you try, how much you are special or any other type of thing. It's all a matter of Following some steps of When We That We Like someone. Once you have swapped the order or skipped a step, it can fail to be interesting, but is That You will have control and will always be able to create Whenever you want love. What do women want most in your life is the man able to create the love for it. 's not If you know how to do it is possible That You end up going for needy and force rapport too soon. Try an instant connection can end the attraction and close the issue you making losing control of the interaction accordingly. I see this happen with some frequency, so teach you to avoid this situation. You need to make a direct transfer of Their emotions for the woman you are interested. When Speak System, I explained That You need to become wound at a Certain Time. This is not the time to be fun and joyful event. It'sa serious stage from Which you is amateur, the one to be screwed yourself. Being Badass is how to manage and run your own rapport. Luckily, there is a formula rapport to assist you. This formula will guarantee que emotional connection was established, even if you not in the know-how to prepare it.
Page 124

It begins Rapport During The Light. Rapport Take is When You ask questions like "What did you do today before coming here? "The woman will give you a list of Answer: "I was in the market and bought some eggs. There I came home. I fed my dog. I took the super

breakfast. Then I went for a walk. had I work today, so I went to the park and read a book food supplements. After I went home, took the bath, got ready and came here. "All these things make this conversation seem "normal", but it is not - in fact, it is through conversations like this you must create rapport. Que is to happen, you need to employ the powerful Rapport formula. This formula says que When You want to build rapport you will love the feeling of born to follow in her footsteps and have in mind the purpose to create a real connection. 's not so If you think, Creating this feeling will be allowed into the background. This is a nice skill to have if you please the tunnel with no way out and the not know how to proceed with the interaction. The first step is to follow the formula acceptability. From to realize That You accepted what she said, even though is only with an "Oh, cool!" short phrases like "Wow, this is awesome "or" Dude, that awesome! "Are perfectly acceptable. que You are showing her Clearly you listened. If you skip to the formula without even know what she said, It May Appear That You only been
Page 125

Their waiting turn to speak. This is like a flag red for women because it does not feel like you Could you trust. Once acceptance has solidified, you can moves on to the next step. Many of us use what we call "Your Perspective". You use the "Your Perspective "when he says things like" You know when you go the market and find noodles - and you love noodles then you buy some packages and home runs, dying to cook it. You know how it is? "We use this technique because the woman always ends and passe Involved wound before us, They are out on the prowl waiting to be accepted. But It May Be That this technique does not work because of lack the perspective of rapport. When you use the "Your Perspective ", you ask the woman to lower the shield first. Sorry guys, but you need to make things in a different way so that your chances of successfully grow. If you want to be a Badass, you need

que understand there are rules Which Should never be broken, and this is one of Them. You may not walking much, but the reality is - you need to lower your shield before you expect it to lower hers. Is to happen, start with "I know this not the how to you, but for me ... "then start your story. This way, you are forced to use the variable of the same technique, However called "My Perspective". Use "My Perspective" in the example of noodles causes
Page 126

be more or less like this: "Whenever I go to market and see noodles, I'm so crazy to purchase I just ran with the rest of the shop just to arrive soon at home and eat everything! "Is a silly example, but it is a discussion based on a much stronger rapport. When you use the "Your Perspective" people tune with you and immediately begin to ask "do I really am so? Would I short pasta that much? "To make a connection emotional, you can not have constant objections and distractions joining the conversation, even if They are subconscious. When you report something about yourself, nobody can get you counter, so instead of staying wondering Them "Am I really so?" They will accept what is being said and put in Their place. This is crucial Rapport is construction. Now that you have spent part of "I do not know how to you, but for me ... "are you ready for" Where I _____ I feel _____ . " That goes for any subject you choose. Suppose you chose to go to the store to buy eggs. To build rapport in this matter, start saying "Ahh this is amazing." Did you understand what was told by the woman, and can follow up with "I do not know how with you, but sometimes when i go to the store all I most want are eggs, I feel as if in the mini tour. know I not find eggs or I'll end up buying nothing else to do. Or maybe

Page 127

end up dropping the eggs accidentally having to pick another chart later. It's like a mini adventure for me! This is exciting! Note that i said "Whenever I go to the market to I'm happy to buy eggs. "Avoid using words with the sentimental expression happy, sad, angry, etc.., the They Do not help us at all. If you want to build a emotional connection with someone, You Should not rely on effect of these words. simply People ignore. Many guys make this mistake because They Believe that if they say "Oh that's cool, I also love this "rapport will be built automatically, only the Actually it only ends up putting Them in a position common. On transfer of any emotion, because we not generate emotions through the terms we use to Them sets (such as happy, sad and angry.) Words are used to communicate emotions, not to feel Them. What really matters are the events que bind us to emotions. que This means you need to describe this event and does not explain the emotion itself. If you get the next step is to gain a bit of confirmation (Called a Confirmation Number One) where the woman is Follow everything you say. All you want, she says "Yes" or nods. Write to her simple question like "Do you understand?" and pause - if you give her time to answer, she will respond. If she is already shaking his head, then you know it
Page 128

Following you and you is not the need to activate the "Confirmation Chase. " After Confirmation Number One, you are ready to create rapport. A powerful way to create rapport is tell a story Involving Their childhood. Whenever we hear someone counting the Things That Happened to They When were children, we Reminded of our automatically childhood and associate all the emotions

que period in our lives. This is us feel closer to others. In our example, you need find a way to relate the "go to one venture out to buy eggs "with something from his childhood. Example: "This I reminds me when I was little. I woke up and thought he was a ninja. I hiding behind the trees in the neighborhood and watched the passing cars. Or climbing the trunk and threw bits of twigs in people, They then looked to the side who was looking. Able to do all Those things led me in a great liberating experience. 'm sure all me saw, but I was just a little boy and he drew not. I felt invisible! Were great times. "Now report
Page 129

everything you said with the experience of buying eggs: is "It almost the same thing when i go to the market " When you make the connection between the story of rapport with your childhood, you will need a second confirmation before proceeding (unless, of course, she is already Consenting to everything you say). Check this to her again -? "Do you understand" "Yes" que means you are ready to go, but if she says "No" you need to find a new subject for rapport. Followed If it is not, it is not because of you Correctly Transferred emotion for her and so will be I need a new attempt. After receiving the confirmation number two, you need connect the story of his childhood to the present, Which is done in the form of lesson. You probably were not very concern with most of life's lessons When was a child, then the lesson is learned through story and not experiential way. Essentially, you learn the lesson while he Explains. Your next step is the "since." Start a sentence with "And since then," and proceed with anything like "Every time we Participate in an adventure like going to market, it is as if he still Knew exactly what being the child, the event now an adult. I can live

this beautiful experience of make-pretend I'm still Small and apply it in my day-to-day. This is amazing. " Connect today with past experiences and allow the woman to see the entire journey of change, makes
Page 130

her to feel part of Their history. This is effective if you make learning enquiry.c, because the process of association on the first date with a woman will que opinion she has a better understanding about you. It is important not to lie to the woman at que stage. She will a connection with you based on what you're saying this connection will lead to the feeling of love later - So if you lie, it will connect with the person que does not actually exist. To Lies That lying is not are productive, and confidence only serves to help us? The last step is the ultimate confirmation. When you finish all steps of the formula, ask "That made some sense to you so far? "You can modify this phrase as you see fit, but I tested several other and all, this is the most effective. The good of this question is que it is completely open. If what you said made any sense to her, even if it was small, she will tell "Yes" and that is the end of rapport. The true meaning of this question is "Did you receive transfer my emotion? "If she says" yes ", you Should notice an immediate change in the way she port. You Should Also feel the difference because rapport is a two-way hands. Even though you are in control the whole situation, you can not help but feel something more deep for her as it does to fall for you. That does not mean That You will fall in love with her too, but it means That You Will Like most of the moments share with her. She will no longer be just one more.
Page 131

In my opinion it is Necessary to do this with all you girls October You may not use exactly this formula, but you will by the process to build deep rapport by explaining what Happened When You were little and Transferring emotions. You can change the formula Whenever you want, Prevent or make it so that if you build rapport course, but I know it works because both my

students and I have great results with it. Now that you have all the cards in the manga, I I would like to talk about how to start the process of rapport. This is an area on the map where the logistics of the interaction passe the problem. rapport To start, it is advisable que You are always only interacting with one another. If it's in a group with friends, simply say "Come here" and take her to a more private place. She can trust you, but can not feel at ease in prove vulnerable in front of the group. Make Sure That You are leaning over the process and watch it do the same thing. During the of attraction You Should never lean, but During The rapport is important because it shows interest. Access Their emotions With Their eyes also. If you can not create an emotion, try to look down and think about this emotion. que Remember your body leads your mind. When you're not looking down, it is important to Maintain eye contact to assist the flow of emotions. We receive a large portion of emotions
Page 132

through eye contact, so if you're looking for several different directions, the woman did not receive Their emotions. The last thing I want to teach you is que there are 3 types different rapport, and you need to learn to choose . more conducive for the moment The 3 types are: Rapport About Anxiety Affairs; Rapport Negative Subjects Rapport Affairs and unexpected. Rapport Anxiety happens When a woman says something emotionally charged Rapport During The Broad, by example, she is talking about what she did that day. Anything loaded with emotions she mention is the matter of Rapport Eager. When a woman brings these issues, They expect you to take the rope conversation. It is more or less telling you exactly how to build an effective rapport. Two types of girls use Rapport Anxiety. Why are some use needy and desperate to make a connection while other use for testing Whether you are trying to make the connection quickly. A man who is not interested in the conversation, you're not taking advantage of the her company or just trying to get in your pants

it will be Identified When trying to skip this type of conversation. Do not do this if you plan to succeed. A woman will enter the Rapport Negative Subjects Whenever she says something bad que happened to her (or, any other negative) matter. Two things will happen if you decide to build rapport on negative issues. The
Page 133

first que is now she will associate you with something negative, and second is That It will feel like you have to keep telling you negative things to feed rapport because she knows she will be accepted even if you say something awful, she think que way you two have a connection more strong. Is there someone in your life who always unloads all the problems you? Which is always negative and is always complaining? He acts this way because you created a negative rapport with her. Refuse to create rapport over negative issues going forward. The third and most important is the type of rapport Rapport Unexpected. This kind of rapport stems from issues unexpected que mention women and not expect the you build a connection through Them. Suppose the woman said "I went to work, came home after and amused myself watching a program on TV. "The best thing to do in this situation is to choose the rapport unexpected through this part: "I went to work" Build rapport que small part first, then you can Rapport Affairs Eager to proceed with "me ... Fun watching one on TV progam. " On rare occasions, you will find the room type Rapport Rapport Forced called. This type When one of you happens the subject of Which are you who has to explain about. For example, if a woman say "Today my mom died" you can not just ignore and move on with the interaction. You need to Log at least say something like "Oh, sorry" and then
Page 134

quickly change the subject to the possible to avoid Build a matter of negative rapport. Using the formula of deep rapport over your knowledge about the different forms of rapport can result in you ability to create the feeling of love with anyone you want. Has more stuff on

this subject in the Members Only Area, so if you have any questions, please feel comfortable to ask Them there and Badass of the entire team will answer. Test these tactics, post here what you think and have fun, but please understand que use the knowledge so Gained wrong you bring serious repercussions. Build rapport with People that you care, and you will be able to create the feeling as well as control the intense connection of emotions with anyone who is.
Page 135

The Biggest Mistakes You Comete The last thing I want to address is the top 10 biggest mistakes we commit men to women. Prior to founding my company, I used to do a lot street work. guys I took pros bars, restaurants and parks - wherever there were women! - And watched As They approached the girls, and so I Evaluated Their performance. I learned a lot doing this Work That I can now walk into a room full of students and say what are the 3 biggest problems que each one will have. I call it "Show Closing of Problems "because even if you make just one, you spoil the whole interaction. We leave to the list. que The first mistake most Men concedes is "scratching". 'm sure you saw this happen countless times in bars and clubs. "Ciscar" is leaning to speak with the woman and the Deskew finished, then lean again to hear what she have to say again and Deskew When It Ends. You look like a chicken pecking corn on the ground.
Page 136

I do not care if you can not hear what she says. At the beginning of the interaction does not matter what it is saying. The attraction is not based on verbal content, it is based primarily on BL. When you do enough effort to approach a girl to the point of quiter what she has to say right off the bat, you projects the image That You will do whatever it takes to she pay attention to everything you have to say, for you are not worthy of others' attention. You pass the que the impression his words not have much value, then

you agree to do all the work for her. Instead, if you can not hear the person, lean perpendicular to it. lean left or if she's staring right at you directly, and talking toward your ear. Thus it is who needs lean for you to hear. Remember the phrase "Lead your body your mind will follow? " In this case, the woman will begin "to scratch you," and from this it will Attract more and more for you. 's the bonus, all the other girls who are close and see this happens you will find confident, attractive and good with women. The second item on my list is to be needed During The beginning of an interaction. You can not afford the needed under any Circumstances During the period of attraction. If you get the girl and she Walk Out, fuck NOW! There's nothing more to it! Still has 10 more girls sitting at the bar you can have. You can not invest
Page 137

interaction until it Reaches the stage of rapport, so check que every interaction you get with a girl like nothing but fun. You have nothing to lose the person you know not of, so fuck if it is although before hearing you. The only time you can is lost When It Comes time to build rapport and you fuck it. Do not be dependent on Results! Be Free of Them. Focus on time to be a man, to be attractive in progress through the different stages of the interaction map. The third big mistake que men BL is the excess positive show early on, or the so without having to reason. guys come in. Many women They Do not know and face immediately with a spooky air, or are other positive signs with Their bodies. That Designs "I am desperately interested in you and

I will not make you follow me. Here I am. Take it or leave it. 'If you give the her these options, They Never "will catch" The "catch" is massively commitment. Take frequent changes in its BL to avoid this. lean to the right or left, look over shoulders, lean back if you're keeping EC.
Page 138

Do not lean forward - if you have to lean on, support all the weight on one leg. You can find descriptions, pictures and videos on this topic Members Only Area. Leaning back creates some distance between you and the girl you are talking to, indicating to her That You are ready to run if the things not work out or if she did not accept his standards. When a woman has in mind That You can abandon her, she'll give you lots of positive BL. Take care not to be reciprocal. You can even give her back her Occasionally. During the attraction interaction, You Should be fun and funny, try to make jokes Fast and When she's laughing to take a few steps away from her while she laughs, then back at her with a smile. This will Increase the attraction through BL very quickly. Also you can not have positive BL When the woman do something to not like you, even if it is playing. Let's say you're joking and says "Come here, I'll take you. You can be my sister "and she says" Cool, I'd love to be your little sister! " Should you turn your body to the side and say in response "Okay, you can get the my sister and might be upgraded and become a distant relative or friend from afar. "Can you play with it, but not give the Positive BL while it is being negative, even she purports to doing it as a joke.
Page 139

Next: number four. bonzo Do not-arrogant play, because if you play the super selective only to not have to talk to girls, Also you have to play the bonzo selective to stop hanging out with Them as well as will have

bonzo afford to let fuck Them. You are not all this going for me, so stop acting que way. If you spend all night hunched at the bar waiting for women arrive to flatter you just because you are the next James Bond, you're making a mistake . giant Women are hyper-intuitive - They Know you are living in a fantasy world, and it is not attractive. Do not be too self-centered to the point of not being fun and playful in the attraction stage or you will never get anywhere. Believe me, it does not work. I love you teach if it worked. But instead, I'm te saying to lower the ball, be fun and open. Be the best version of yourself During this process. The fifth biggest mistake I see men make is not touch the woman, or to not play it the way correct. Trying to play too fast ends with the attraction, but not touching one bit means the attraction never que event started. This forces you to the Friend Zone. Make That You follow the advice of touching women way that is described in this book until you understand and need not refer to it more. The next biggest mistake is to ask permission. Example: ask the phone number instead of saying what you want, or ask if she is interested in sitting down with you
Page 140

in another place instead of saying "Let's sit over there," When you ask permission for anything, this Indicates you are not able to take Risks. A man who asks permission is expecting the woman to take all Decisions not because he wants to be Responsible for Them. If you do this, you are not filling the interpretation male and she did not draw for you. Do not think so Should mean you force her to do things! As discussed before: attractive faces are dominant, not dominators. Whenever she does not want to do something or you I say stop, stop, but the not ask permission. Number seven is the submission fails tests and congruence. These errors are totally harmful. If you can not pass the tests, you will filter women. Simple as that. The filtering system because there is works. The guy who does not pass the test not girly deserves to be with her, then you will have to work hard to learn how to pass. Luckily for you, you have

all information in this book. The eighth mistake you can make is not buying attention or the team of someone. The guys who buy drinks in bars for girls in most cases are not the same guys who take them home at the end of night, and If They are, just because They were so drunk que nor cared for anything more. That's not power, it is weakness! This is only a hole que will always put you in problems that is far from worth it. Buy anything for women is acceptable only if you have
Page 141

built rapport and established a connection with her. If you have passed the qualification test, feel at ease to buy what you want for her, because now she mean anything to you. Hesitation is number nine. falter We all, is a natural process, but you need to make an effort conscious effort to not hesitate. The best way to kill hesitation is not giving much time. Stop thinking about get the girl and simply arrive! You can use Also a few motivational facts you know has passed or the fuel for action. What are two or three things That You simply say to feel more motivated? Early on When I was in Instead, learning these techniques, I said to myself even things like "Be a man!" and "Do not be a idiot! "Whenever I hear these things I kept hesitation and acted. The last big mistake men make que is to create a imaginary relationship. Do not let your mind excited When You meet someone soon. It does not matter if you just closar her at the bar. No matter if she returned your call or answer your SMS. Stop thinking her all the time and imagine her to his girlfriend. Those men create imaginary relationships because They want sorry que happens. Your mind does not know his thought belongs to his actual memory of the imaginary thinking, then you sit there wondering When someone or a situation
Page 142

your hand frequently, your brain will keep these thoughts in a similar folder Memories

real. You begin to feel like you have more connection emotional about it than actually have, or find que you two have a history together. When you discover she is not the same vibe, you feel devastated and will want to save the rest of the interaction, but eventually destroying everything. What You Should is the match investments. soon Tell in the beginning she has several options. If you know not of, you have several options with women, Especially if you are polygamous (several at once and handle all know applicable) so you will not create imaginary relationships, because you have many other women to think. If you have this mindset que your options are limited, you'll scare the women who are interested in you try to move quickly through the stages of relationship. You're not dating until there the conversation and both sides come to a consensus. So how to stop thinking about her? Unfortunately there an easy way to do this. All you can do is Force yourself to think of something else. If emotional, think of something logical, if logical, think of something emotional. Keep your mind occupied with other Clearly things until you are in the relationship or have built rapport with both her you know what she thinks about you all the time.
Page 143

Congratulations - you now have the power to release the Badass interior of any man! Using this new knowledge you Improve your business, Improve Their friendships and get along with women. If you apply the skills learned in this book, you will see improvements in all areas of your life que Involves social interaction. You will face your life with confidence que knowing everything can be yours. Before leaving, I want to talk a little about the word "Badass." We use a lot of all the 30,000 words of this book, but what it really means? How can you be a Badass if you know not exactly the does that mean? Of course all this book was dedicated to define the term, but let's take a look at Gross definition: Bad ass (baed aes) Slang

It is man who is able to succeed and all Improve aspects of his life to create good situations rather than
Page 144

let fate offer chances and be dependent on luck. He is many things, but here are 25 features one: The Badass plays his own Fri. A woman who is playing the female always Attract the Man who plays the male. A long time ago, interpret the male was summarized to Provide safety and survival for the family. In times of Today, the man needs to be social. Women test us Constantly men to see if we really are social, so the Badass know he would never, under any Circumstances, fail to interpret fri male if he wants to be attractive to women. The Badass is firmly confident. Building trust does not is a simple job, but it is an essential step to Badass one life. A Badass discovers each of his insecurities and the effort outweighs without yielding or giving up. Insecurities are not only attractive When They take account for most of his life. Courage and determination to face the insecurities is a attractive feature, then the Badass extinguished Their limited beliefs and replacement by a new system more powerful and positive. The Badass can identify the value of the other. All you know may be ranked on a scale values such as Six, Sevens, Eights, Nines, and The Ten Six has dynamic pleading, the Sevens exhibit dynamic combinativas and Eights show signs of dynamic
Page 145

competitive. Nines and Ten has dynamic cooperatives, Allais, the Nine people always believe to give Improve the believe the Ten have Achieved perfection. A Badass is charming because he is able to Recognize the level of the value of each person he knows and calibrates the mold your personality into it, and is Also the leader because he is fully able to add values to others. The Badass never pay for attention or team. No Should man pay for things for women -

Mainly beverages - in an attempt to persuade to Them stay with Them. Do not waste time with people who leave They feel with you because Obliged to do so, not Why They Like your company. The Badass can browse the map of interaction. That Map is in four stages: attraction, rapport, seduction and balance of the relationship. Jumping takes you to a phase predictable consequncias: omit Attraction makes you into the zone friendship, rapport means omit further obstacles omit seduction means a relationship without feeling and omit balance of the relationship will make you jump from girl to girl never enter into any solid thing with someone. A Badass is subject to skip phases or screw it up, because he knows he has the skills to fix any situation que may give wrong.
Page 146

The Badass can see the matrix. Which It can identify stage he is at any time and he knows how to follow forward to the next phase. The Badass can handle with cunning of the map interaction, demonstrate high value (value not Exceeding!) and qualify people. Rapport has four sub-stages Take called Rapport, Rapport Broad, Rapport Deep and Liberation. Seduction is part Merely logic of the female brain, being conquered by the party emotional, with an additional sexual attraction. And the balance of Relationship it is built by four complemtentos: Power / Leadership, Submission, and Value Grace. The Badass outperforms Approach Anxiety (AA). A man with a damaged engine approach is Considered weak and submissive, so the Badass Focuses on finishing with his AA. The girls soon arrive in two or three second, it does not allow your brain to create a give some excuse or reason not to go. The Badass know que attraction is just curiosity. When a woman is Attracted to a guy, the feeling

experience That It is more than curiosity - the desire to know more about it. A Badass plays with this situation and does not reveal everything about him so soon, and says / does things feed even more curious. Also He uses his own curiosity as a powerful motivation - it is insurance the que to know he is the kind of man who anyone who comes to awaken curiosity.
Page 147

The Badass does not ask permission. Asking permission is a sign submission. banking Badass The only evils, and then takes over the the dominant relationship. He ventured, sees opportunities and assumes responsibility. que Always remember there the fine line between being dominant and domineering. Badass does not project the sentimental grace. Grace is broxante extra something for women. Do not try keep the interaction Clearly that is moving to the end. Do not call her Constantly. Not Convinced That She's your girlfriend if you not the Talked to her about it yet. The Badass is congruent. Inconsistency is a killer massive attraction for women. The body of a Badass always says the same things his mouth. The Badass mesh Their social muscles. No, this does not say he spends three hours a day in the gym it means he knows que que the social skills need to be spotted to the muscles. Exercise your They grew and social muscles stronger, and not the you feel weak. Discuss new people more Often, then your muscles will be social gritting. The Badass Specializes in BL. A person able to read the BL it is able to gather information from people who's not imagine being revealing Them. In fact, Should Badass know the person better than herself! BL can be
Page 148

or dominant or submissive and even positive or negative, and is divided into four categories: visual access trail walking sit and talk. remains the dominant Badass The BL all times and employs a combination of positive and BL negative to have the female interest. The Badass accepts responsibility for the life you lead. If

he got hit with the ladys que he knows this only happens thanks to himself. If an interaction is poor, Also he Know That the fault is his alone. The Badass is just lurking waiting for the ten signs of attraction. To determine if the woman is Attracted to him. The Badass is always watching these signs: look down, move much in the hillock, slope, triangulation, commence / kino escalate, congruence tests, testing submission, qualification and positive BL. The Badass is a master at building rapport. There are four different types of affairs where rapport can sprout: Subjects anxious, Subjects negative Subjects unexpected and forced subjects. When a woman brings any subject with a great weight of emotions engaged, she wants you to build rapport que subject. This fits in "anxious subjects." The subject of negative rapport happens When She tells the sad story she has passed. If you build rapport on negative issues, she will begin to associate you with negative feelings with the goal of Establishing a connection with you. Rapport unexpected issues Things That are the woman Believes in telling you
Page 149

surprise. And Those matters are forced rapport que neither you nor she can escape due to the seriousness of Them, If They are added to the conversation. The Badass learned to create the feeling of love. When he finds the woman of dreams, he will be able to create a connection with it regardless of the situation que They have met. The Badass is indifferent to rejection. One of the biggest differences between the badass and the rest of the men who has success with women is That It is fully immune rejection while the other men fall and suffer for it. Another may seem clich, but there . many fish in the sea If you are rejected by one - or five - or twenty - thousand or two - there will always be more women to reach out and create the connection. The Badass woman is ready for the test. The

submission and matching tests are common, then the Badass is always prepared. que He knows if he is barred at the team, the woman who is the testing will know he is not used to being tested - and if it is not actually, he's obviously not used to Attract women. Congruence tests show for women if you really are the man who is claiming to be or is just a fraud who wish to have such characteristics but not have. The balance needs to be maintained when in the allegiance test - submit too soon indicar is needed from you and not trust yourself.
Page 150

The first assumes the Badass vulnerable position. Many men try to force women to be vulnerable even before they open, but que bid will only destroy the interaction. This can be avoided if you have the effort to use the "My Perspective" instead of "Your Perspective." The Badass commits no errors we list the ten in the previous chapter. Do not Make Them - end of story. The Badass always Improves and discovers what does not work. Over time I taught, and I noticed several several times que men who succeed are more Those Who Are always seeking to learn more different skills. Others who are dependent on the specific outcome (such as "eating the girl") have a learning much more turbulent. que With in mind ... The Badass Constantly tries. everything It tests until right thing to no longer work or fail, so he reaps information learned from the failure and use it to Their hone skills. Every person you meet and talk is a possible source of feedback, so use a variety of reactions available to you for you learn to be effective in any situation. que After will need an effort on your part to make things can go wrong. Once you reach this point, you can Stop worrying about all the information this book and start doing it naturally. Look for learning at all.
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The Badass has recalculated its value with each passing day. The most attractive men in the world today have their values

They had higher than yesterday and tomorrow will be more valuable than today. If you are Constantly Improving, crescendo always us two sides (Personality / professional) and striding to become exactly who you want to be as a man, you will be irresistible to women. Follow all the hints, tips, tricks, lessons and warnings who have this book, you will have full control of interactions. "Good Luck" will in the longer exist in Their vocabulary, que for everything good happens to you eats through its initiative. You already know everything you need know to change your life. Remember That this book is an independent reference Now you read it, keep it close by so you can refer to it anytime you want or need. Enter the Members Only Area and get your other 4 Bonus chapters ... They teach my ninja techniques in Subjects: Stay Away From The Friend Zone, Succeed In Exit With More Than A Woman, How to be 100% Security Of What You Will Never Betrayed and How Finish Something Like A Man (a skill you need to know when que team comes). You Also have new lessons, videos, audios and seminars where your skills will be turbocharged. The Members Only Area you force to apply the concepts of this book. Understand, you purchased this book to exercise the techniques you learn
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therein. enter the site and your partner growth to continue. There have a whole team of Badass waiting to help you have the kind of success you chose que. Do not forget: application - is not knowledge - is power! Knowledge is a wonderful gift, but it is only direction to apply the concepts you learned for you . The powerful So Carpe Diem Badassium friends - follow ahead and conquer a great day. Subscribe to The Members Only Area. Have your chapters Bonus now and continue with Their aid items (video, audio and personal training with me and my instructors) you pay for it, so make sure to use and

abuse! I believe everything is possible in your success with women. 'm Proud Brother! All the best, Joshua Pellicer
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2 Translator's note: Before everyone had a development group like mine, where to win more and others less, only que in the end are all together adding everything together. Only people who live this science Call PickUp know really enjoy what it offers. Do not use this translation to recruit new members. Mannish, Pack!