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Keeping Life Simpl e

(y) (Complicated)

Tiny Morsels From Lifes Truths

Rigoberto Nolasco

Copyright 2014 Rigoberto Nolasco All rights reserved. ISBN-10: 1497326206 ISBN-13: 978-1497326200

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I would like to give my sincerest of gratitude to my beloved wife. Her love, sincerity, acknowledgement, and, most of all, her encouragement have brought me to this point.

We all go through those moments in our lives when we begin to question everything. We begin to ask ourselves why we ventured out onto the paths we did, and why we made the decisions we made. We ask ourselves why is it we couldnt have seen the forest for the trees. We ask ourselves why is it that we couldnt be superhuman, and averted the countless crisis we delved right into despite all the signs that spelt out doom and gloom. I open myself to you for a glimpse of one persons journey. On the following pages you will read my scribbled thoughts, jumbled and frayed. They may not make sense, and they may seem out of place, but they were my guiding light when all else was dark. These quotes and prose I wrote during trying times in my past, and writing them and then reading them later helped me decipher the meaning of those trying times. May they serve to inspire, and guide you as well.



I Want To Understand! I Think Im Beginning To Understand! Ive Got ThisI think.

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I would like to give a special thanks to my beloved children, my daughters Lilo & Stitch and son Marky Mark. They are what lifes all about. A special thanks to Ms Georgina Alarcon for her help formatting the cover.



I fall prey once again to the talons of chaos, and am devoured piecemeal. Father Time mocks me as he strolls about in half-steps, lingering on forever. Complacency is my house of stone, and my house of cards is my ever-lasting will. I succumb to a feeble reality and take for myself a pseudo life, and name myself HYPOCRITE.

Life has a nasty way of knocking us down when we least expect it. Just the right jab here and there and splat! We find ourselves flat on our backs. We neither have the strength nor the will to pick ourselves up, and would just as well lay there and wait for the end to come. We believe that the end is nigh and give up trying to live a life that we cant fathom as being attainable. We perceive the slightest hiccup as being capable of bringing all our past efforts to ruin, and simply accept it as our fate. Yet we place a faade for the world to see and continue to walk with eyes shut. We make a valiant effort to give an impression of normalcy. Deep in our core we feel very different. We know what we are doing is nothing short of hypocrisy and for the moment were fine with that.

KEEPING LIFE SIMPL(y)E (Complicated)

Such are the subtleties, that one may be oblivious to the end of times.

We see the signs dont we? We see them all around, and yet we choose to ignore them outright. We ignore them and we dilly dally about our lives, pretending all is well inside our bubble universe. We have all been guilty of being ignorant of these goings-on because of their subtlety. We become like the proverbial frog that was boiled alive because the change in temperature was so gradual that it went fatally unnoticed. Bit by bit the frog succumbed to the peril surrounding it and was all too happy in its oblivity. Weve all had moments when we too were blind to changes in our lives. We assumed that this change was such a natural part of our lives that we took it for granted. Little did we realize that events were taking place right below our very noses that would inevitably change our views on life and its purpose. These subtleties, regardless of whether we were aware of them, did fundamentally change us.


Every new endeavor shines a light upon the past regretted, and a lesson learned, and a memory cherished.

Oh, those pesky life lessons. Theyre unavoidable arent they? Really, why do we have to deal with them at all? Why cant we simply just know everything? Well, because we cant know everything. Its as simple as that. But there is a loophole we can exploit throughout our lives, and its called experience. Its about subjecting ourselves to new things and undertaking new endeavors. Here our curious nature helps us seek out these experiences for better or worse. As we go on these new journeys, and trek upon these new paths, we often contemplate the past. We come to a realization that some of our past actions were indeed regrettable. And, so we learn from such mistakes. We come to reinforce our notions of right and wrong and our understanding of life in general and we utilize the subsequent lessons to move forward.

KEEPING LIFE SIMPL(y)E (Complicated)

Though at times the muck be thick and the air putrid and the light be dim, strive forward with fortitude in thine heart and legs.

Once we embark upon a journey we cannot expect sunny skies and a yellow, red, or green brick road to lead the way. On the contrary, it should be an arduous task to undertake. Which is not to say that we should not be prepared. We must be prepared to encounter whatever obstacles and to use the strength of our hearts to keep moving forward. It doesn't hurt to have a strong pair of legs to muscle through either. At some points the path will be smooth, the air will be sweet, and the surrounding light will be bright enough to guide us. Until then we should cherish the gifts that make our paths bearable.


Look straight ahead and glance back only slightly for the enveloping shadows don't easily give way.

Keep your eyes on the prize! I know, easier said than done. The thing is, if we continue to look back at our path we might pause too much and give too much contemplation to issues long in the past. The focus that we need to maintain, to succeed in our future, will likely break. The slightest confusion may cause us to linger for too long. We will create our own purgatory midway through the journey and struggle to create progress. No, we must maintain our focus and look ahead. We should occasionally glance back only from time to time to track our progress. Not to impede it.

KEEPING LIFE SIMPL(y)E (Complicated)

You will be whom you will be. Whether you become inspired by the world, or not, shall be your desire.

Who are you? You are neither me, nor am I you. I was conceived by a pair of unique individuals and was born at a unique hour, on a unique date, in a unique locale, unique to myself. I was raised by a unique set of standards or, depending on your belief system, a lack thereof. My own life lessons? As you mightve guessed, I learned those in my own unique way. Throughout all this I was most definitely inspired by the world because of my insatiable curiosity. I yearned and desired, and it was my choice to do so. I couldve just as easily wished to succumb to lethargy and subsist within a cocoon of my own making. I didnt and am all the more thankful for it. So I ask again, who are you?


Perhaps the careless heart needs to be humbled through sorrow, to remind it that love is not simply a word which describes a single emotion but a life-sustaining force which can bring a man to his knees.

What is love? Perhaps the symbolic white dove embodies it. That icon of purity spreads its lofty wings and touches virgin hearts and icy hearts throughout the world just the same. That is indeed love. No, it is not simply a four-lettered word but an all-encompassing emotion that has uplifted many a spirit and yet crushed many a soul. Whatever meaning comes to mind it no doubt does many things to our emotional being and physical body. Love, real and raw, is not to be trifled with. During the worst of times it can make us fat with ice-cream, dehydrate us from so many shed tears, make us lose our minds, and still we seek it. We do so because during the best of times we feel our cheeks ache from smiling all day, we lose ourselves to the tenderest of touches and kisses, and become complete upon meeting our other half. So embrace it wholly, or push it into the deepest recesses but nevertheless you have been warned.

KEEPING LIFE SIMPL(y)E (Complicated)

I'm just a simple man with simple needs, primal though they be...with simple emotions, raw though they be...with a simple life, complicated though it be.

I never quite looked in the mirror and thought to myself, there is one extraordinary man, who will need so much to make him happy. Au contraire, Ive always felt that the simplest things in life in fact bring the greatest joy indeed. Playing with my children around the yard, having my morning coffee with my wifethese things make me content and calm my soul. Driving up to the Sequoias and planning a nice hike is as complicated as it gets for me. Still, life finds all manners in which to bring forth chaos. It brings into your life all types of twists and turns you dont care to deal with. Theres an acronym I was taught while in Junior High: KISS. Keep It Simple, Stupid. I think that it still holds true today for most of lifes aspects. Lets not over complicate our lives unnecessarily and be miserable, surrounded by turbulence. Let us instead keep simplicity at our core and be happy, and make those we love happy.


Thou I yet be somnolent and my thoughts suffer madness I shant be kept from my destination. I shall trod ever on, in agony and rain, and I shall suffer not the distance nor the forking of my paths, for the road goes ever on and my destiny draws nearer. Still, though my mind be dull and my bones weary I have yet a ways to go before my slumber.

How many times havent we felt like giving up, because the road to our destination seems so damn long? How many times havent we pushed ourselves to keep moving because we know that eventually well get to a point where it all appears bearable? Weve gone down emotional paths where we have no guiding light, where every which way we look there are forks, and we become utterly lost but we keep our feet moving. We keep our head down focused on the terrain and keep on moving. Then we hear the vague and distant singing of birds and know were almost thereanywhere. Sometimes we can be an immovable object and the only person that can remove our inertia is ourselves, no one else. Thats just the way it goes.


KEEPING LIFE SIMPL(y)E (Complicated)

It's just another day...except its not. Choices will be presented and decisions will be made. New paths will be explored and be a source of pain and cause you to stumble or old paths will bring mild serenity. New chapters will be written or old passages reread. Today is not just another day.

Life can seem so mundane at times. Tuesday seems just like Monday, and Monday seems to have the same feel as Wednesday. The thing isevery day is different. We must open our eyes and stop being so transfixed on whats directly in front of us. Every so often we should take the time to look around and discover all the nuances that take away from stagnation. Once we look around we will see how different one day can be from the next. The smallest of choices can take us in vastly different directions. We have so many opportunities in our lives, and sometimes it takes some reflection to remind us that weve come a long way. Make every day different.




KEEPING LIFE SIMPL(y)E (Complicated)

I have studied the world as an entity, with its bountiful personalities, and have surmised that forever shall I be its pupil.

So many people in this world! So many personalities, and so little time to come to understand all their nuances. There was a time, when I was younger of course, when I thought I knew how to read someone. For me, everyone fit nicely into a stereotype. This made it easier to decipher a personality and to assume I knew their nature. Naturally I was wrong, because though some people may seem similar they are so different. You may click with John and butt heads with Fred, while they themselves get along great with one another. This is not to say that you should make great efforts to be anothers friend, but do acknowledge the differences in people. Just as their thought process is foreign to you the same is true of the flipside. We can only take in what is given, and be willing to give as much in return.



We must learn not to repeat history, regardless of whether the outcome was good or bad, 'lest we become hubristic creatures of habit and stumble into an inescapable downward spiral.

Such a simple lesson. Let us remember the past and the glory we reveled in and the mistakes therein, so that we can avoid having a groundhog day. This idea seems simple enough, right? Well apparently not. Many of us struggle with this dilemma. Its as if we suffer from dementia all our lives and cant seem to escape this infinite loop. For obvious reasons we choose to remember the good times, because we felt alive then. The bad times however, we choose to forget those and move on, as if sweeping them under the rug will make them disappear. Alas, lifting up on the corner of the rug we see they are still there, waiting to be blown back out by the slightest gust. We arent necessarily safe from the good times either. Those fond memories sometimes create stagnation because of our wish to repeat those wonderful moments. Well continue to move in circles. So we must make a conscious effort to place our past within a sheltered yet attainable memory, or else we wont be able to move forward.


KEEPING LIFE SIMPL(y)E (Complicated)

When we find that we are obligated through outside circumstances to reassess ourselves, and our impact within our environment proper, we undoubtedly lose the essence of who we once were. We become habitually nonchalant and come to adhere to a newly discovered vanity.

How can we be our true selves when outside forces, other people, are trying to get us to change? We cant. Through others meddling we are not allowed to walk our own paths and thus grow into who we were meant to be. Because of this, it seems, we are molded into someone elses image. We lose the passion that was our own. We turn away from what made us happy and instead endure a muted life. The love we once had for ourselves and our peers becomes dull and we eventually come to relish in it. We cannot allow for this to happen! We must remain true to ourselves. It is our differences in opinion, and taste, and culture that gives us value and provides new experiences to our peers and loved ones. So follow your beaten path, your gravel road, your newly discovered trail for it will not lead you astray.



I am that friend which thou'st summoned and thy husband which thou'st loveth. And for these reasons thy burdens are also my burdens.

As often is discovered when we meet our life partners, the lines become blurred and we seem to become one entity. We listen intently to one another and know, before the words are spoken, what it is our mates are trying to convey. When they struggle for that one word to describe something or finish their thought, we know it. Soon thereafter, they speak it. Because of this bond we will often step up to the plate when needed. We will fulfill, to the best of our ability, every request. When we see our partner slump with the constant burdens of life we gladly carry the load. When trouble arises, we quickly seek to quell it, if simply for love. This does not make us weary of life and love but rather strengthens our resolve, and our bond, and enlightens our comprehension.


KEEPING LIFE SIMPL(y)E (Complicated)

So we come to it...this denial, this reality. How to proceed, how to survive? Shall we travel these paths in solitude, and risk happiness. Or rather should we trod on hand in hand and dare pain to strike our hearts? Thirdly still, shall we break from this pomp and circumstance and turn from the other only to greet the one? Which one? None other than the other. Is it even for us to say?

Risk is everywhere. We find it when attempting to make our dreams come true, when we drive to the airport, when we take that flight, and, yes, when we desire to find love. So how do we go about minimizing it? I suppose we cant. Risk is simply an innate part of our lives. Some of us choose to remain single and find happiness in that independence. Others choose to be in relationships and are devastated when the end comes unexpectedly. Still a group of us venture out, away from the norm. The norm here being that while in a relationship will still seek out others for companionship. Their reasons for all these are vast and complex. Nonetheless we risk in the process. Moments surely arise when we are clueless as to what to do and question if we even have control to make such choices. That should not be something to linger on. The realities of life have to be accepted as such during these times, and we must move on.



The loving husband gives to his wife honest words and because of his love for her knows the truth and expresses it thusly, and he is not blinded but sees farther and clearer still.

This of course may not always be possible; we must implement it as much as possible. I for one when asked, how do I look?, or is my hair ok? I am honest. My answers are often quick and may come off as if Im not really paying attention. The thing here, for me, is that my wifes beauty is boundless and not achieved through some orchestration of make-up and outfits. I cannot help it that I cannot see anything other than beauty nor say anything other than the truth. How else can we respond to our other half when we are overwhelmed with their presence and know nothing else but the truth? The same holds true when our partners seek our advice. We can offer nothing but honesty and sincerity because that is all we have.


KEEPING LIFE SIMPL(y)E (Complicated)

Tis utter bliss surrounding us With love sublime, a cunning albatross Intrepid destiny grants our roles Lady Luck fills our holes. Though this fanciful charity She divvies with exalted disparity.

If we take a step back every once in a while, and not only open our eyes but our minds we can see beauty all around us. From the shimmering dew drops on the morning grass to the glimmering of the suns rays on the rooted crystals on some bare rocks. To the multitude of shapes found in floating clouds in baby blue skies above. It can be quite overwhelming. Often times we cannot see these things due to being wrapped up in lifes chaos. Its a sad fate that were too busy being miserable from a broken relationship, or reaching out blindly for the next big thing, or even wondering where we will end up tomorrow. We come to realize that we have ended up with scraps of time to enjoy the little things. Rely on your skills and instincts, your ethics and morals, and not so much on luck. Luck is an illusion you quickly run out of.



Do not draw your line in the sand with an ocean bearing down. Not only will it be washed away but you too will be cast into oblivion.

Our stubbornness can be our great downfall. We can be very proud people in the midst of adversity. Sometimes thats an undeniable asset, and sometimes its not. We stand fast when we should be agile, and we do it when we are assured the outcome will be against us. Theres no explanation why we do this, but we do and we suffer greatly from these mistakes. Why do we try to change something or take a stand when nothing advantageous will come of it? Our time may be better suited adapting to change or perhaps seeking out a different path, a detour if you will. A slightly altered path which will take us where we want to be with fewer or no repercussions. Let us try that instead.


KEEPING LIFE SIMPL(y)E (Complicated)

If your heart be restless then fall in love, if your soul be restless then wander into the wilderness, if your mind be restless then immerse it in all forms of knowledge, and if all are content then all is well.

First of all be free. Free in mind and spirit. Allow yourself to feel what it is you need, and definitely what you desire. Some of us are perfectly content in life and want for nothing. For those who are happy where they are they have found the path to bliss. Yet some of us grow weary of routine or have a change of heart in some personal matter. If that is the case, then let your spirit roam. Find yourself. Travel on a distant journey, if only in your mind. Dont get me wrong. If you can afford it, then by all means take your physical body alongmaybe youll meet your other half. Restlessness can also occur when we are ignorant. We cannot hope to know all there is to know but we are, after all, curious creatures. We wish to know things, and learn things; we wish to be knowledgeable in every aspect that is important to us. We should consider being restless every once in a while and lose ourselves a little. We may be fortunate enough to discover something new in the process of our renewal.



Verily, I have been deposed from such an eminent throne. No longer do I reign supreme within the kingdom of thine heart. I am but a humbled pauper, displaying my worn rags with tepid pride. I abscond to seek refuge from the cold and gaze yearning for a realm in which to nestle my weary bones.

It is a revelation of drastic proportions when we come to the realization that we no longer hold a place of honor within the hearts of our loved ones. Even as days come and go we often stumble as we try to move on and understand where our place is. We feel there is no light at the end of the tunnel, no moonlight to light our path, no sparkling road to lead us anew because our perception has been skewed. It is only with time that we come to another revelation altogether. That in ways unimagined before we are masters of our own universes, and though the road may be tough, we must eventually build up the valor to move on.


KEEPING LIFE SIMPL(y)E (Complicated)

Lavender petals awaken my dreams. Settling o'er fluttering schemes, Bestowing virtue so it seems. Chaste splendor doth munificently subside. Conceding virtuous standing to a silent night, For the many to subliminally confide.

Those moments when we slip into a wonderful sleep, and ride along into the night only to find a pleasant dream, are priceless. This is when our harried thoughts dissipate and our spirits can be renewed. We know this to be true when we wake to a morning sun and our first reaction to the light flooding in through the windows is a smile and our first thoughts are about our loved ones. Sometimes we feel as though we dont have enough of these glorious mornings. In those cases we can only try to accept things for what they are and our roles in the universe. We should take what we have and make the most of lifewe should live in the moment.



Except it was not sudden at all. Rather, it was foreseen with abundant time. It trickled down upon us day by day, though we bathed in the sun's glorious rays. Oblivious to reality. And yet here we are...duped by a conspiracy of our own creation.

How many moments havent we had when weve felt like weve been blindsided? Whether it was due to financial strain, or heartache, or a simple betrayal is inconsequential. The thing is there are always signs. Some are subtle but others are blaring in our face. Yes, sometimes we are ill equipped to see them but other times we simply choose to ignore them. Choices that we couldve taken would easily have changed the course of events to our favor, but alas hubris blinded us. Hubris is the box we cannot see our actions in, and it can take a great amount of courage just to step out of it. Yet we must. Taking a step back, or three, can give us a greater perspective and allow us to make decisions that will ultimately point us in the right direction.



I think



A wonderful and glorious morning! For we awoke upon this morrow and took in life's breathe for our own.

Indeed we breathe throughout the night, lest we not wake at all, but it is this first breathe when we are fully alert that we should cherish most. It is the indication of a brand new day when we can continue on our merry way or renew ourselves. If we made mistakes yesterday then this new day, with this first breath, can be a lesson learned. We can side-step the rocks in our path with our new foresight. We can take all this new wisdom and utilize it to move forward and surround ourselves with enlightenment. Glorious indeed.


KEEPING LIFE SIMPL(y)E (Complicated)

Oh my friend I do not know much of women Nor of their sensible types Though I've heard their sweet caresses, Though I've felt their siren's call. I simply know of all the gifts: The charm, the companionship. So willingly they part with these Because they fall for man.

Women are complicated souls indeed. I dare not pretend to say I know them, considering the multitude of personalities that encompass them. They are truly a living enigma. I do, however, presume to have been sanctified by the mere presence of them. When I feel her touch my ears are filled with song. Just as when she utters a single word do I feel goose flesh on my skin. There are more days than not when I honestly dont care to solve the mystery that is a woman. I would much rather immerse myself in her charm, and companionship, and love.



Do not succumb to despair my beautiful. For though darkness and twilight envelope this half of the world may they serve to enlighten reflection, not swallow us in sorrow. Ought this only be for a moment, as the muted brilliance of twilight reminds us that at daybreak the sun indeed rises across scenic pastures and majestic mountains to bring forth renewed light.

We worry about tomorrow, and what challenges it may bring, and rightly so. The future is not set in stone but made malleable through the countless choices we are presented with day after day. Lets make the right ones. Lets use the foresight and instincts weve acquired over the years to do what we feel to be true. We should not spend sleepless nights wondering about the what ifs, but instead let us be confident in our abilities to master our lives. The sun will rise again in the west and set in the east, and so must we move forward we our heads held high.


KEEPING LIFE SIMPL(y)E (Complicated)

And as our days come to seem mundane and repetitious and where upon I take my leave every midday, we bid adieu and I stumble upon a pebble as I free-fall in love with you more so than there is imagination.

Those of us that share our lives with our kindred souls know this all too well. We settle upon a routine because it makes our lives easier to deal with. We know what to expect and what is expected of us. A drawback to this is that we also lose the spontaneity that at first brought us together. Though we kiss one another on the left, or right, cheek as we say good-bye for the day we forget to embrace tightly and lift our spirits up. Or though we hug tightly, we forget to look deep into the windows of our souls and take note of the sparkle within. It is not due to malice in our hearts, but because we get caught up in other aspects of our lives. Blessed are those days when we remember it all, and how we came to be. Blessed are those days when we surprise our partners with flowers, a favorite dinner, a long walk with hand in hand, or even a simple love note. Those are the moments when we fall in love all over, without limits.



For though thou hast forsaken my presence, ye hast not forsaken utterly my love. Thus, shall it remain embedded within thy very essence, and ever after be a source of sustenance even unto thine waning years.

Naturally we feel a bit of resentment toward another human being, who at one point was an integral part of our lives and through some happenstance has abruptly left. We send them off, and perhaps deem ourselves blessed to be rid of them. More times than not we curse them, though the curses never stick due to our lack of magic, and wish them an ill fate for all eternity. We convince ourselves that they will wither up and die without our tender care, and what better lesson for them to learn, right? Of course not all relationships end on such a sour note. Again, its very hard to step outside the box and see why things dont seem to workout. It is a wonder how some couples can remain so true in their love for one another for so long, or so we think. The truth is that it is no wonder at all. Those who face adversity and stand the test of time do so because of their mutual understanding and acceptance of the other. It really can be as simple as that. We cannot scour the earth searching for someone who will fit our perception of what perfection is. We will never see any fruit from this labor because our standards will always differ from someone elses. If we truly love our partner we will

KEEPING LIFE SIMPL(y)E (Complicated)

change for them. We will do so willingly because they willingly change for us. Only then will we see how we complement one another so brilliantly and feel how we fit so snugly in each others armstwo peas in a pod



Be an optimist when the outcome is assured, a pessimist when it is not, and have the face of a realist handy when you see the cards fall where they may.

On your mark, get set, go! Every time we are set to begin our days we tell ourselves some version of this. Despite our best intentions we cannot predict how our day will go, because no matter how prepared we may be we simply cannot control others (though with a little finesse we can influence their actions). So we must be prepared in other ways. So must learn to accept that things may not go our way. Naturally when matters come as we expect they should we rejoice, but when we see that the outcome will not be to our benefit we should accept it and move on. We will be the wiser because of this. Still there are times when events come into play that obscure the consequence completely. Even during these times we must be prepared, to face what may be. Be flexible and adaptable, as a teacher once said.


KEEPING LIFE SIMPL(y)E (Complicated)

And your gentle touch brought me down and I was bent on one knee. And your subtle gaze journeyed steadily into my soul and I submitted all my will to you. And your honeydew words pierced past my brick and mortar, and placed tiny fissures here and there. And my once impenetrable fortifications gave way. And you obtained dominion over my being. And ever after did I elect, from the remnants of my free will, to love you. And I do love you I love you.

It seems Im a bit partial to the word and but I digress. This is what happens when we meet that person who brings everything into perspective and provides us with the know-how to piece together all the knowledge weve accumulated over decades to understand our place in life, and theirs. We yearn to be around them all the time, an all-encompassing essence. Even during times when we would rather be alone, we find that soon after we long for their presence. It is a strange thing really. But its alright. We drop our guard and open ourselves up to joy and peril. It doesnt matter much either way because you simply trust, and have learned to do so because of them. We love them even when we hate them, and we worry for them even though we think they deserve a lesson. Such is life. Ever so colorful and vastly more beautiful because of them.



A fractured heart I handed thee, Not unlike a primal melody. Hearkening to curiosity (Timid thoughts still in infancy) I delved into a vivid fantasy. It led me unto a barley field, Not unlike a wooded shield. Whereupon I cast aside The final remnants Of my naked pride.

The need to trust is embedded in all of us. It seems we cant make any important moves until we have that feeling of trust. For many, trust is the most important factor when we make a huge decision that will affect us for years, or meet some new friend or potential lover. These new acquaintances must somehow unlock and cast aside the primal fears weve put in place in order to bring down our guards. They must make all possible efforts to have us eventually open up to them. We need them to do this as much as they, in order to begin a real and meaningful relationship. Only then do we open up truly. We begin to imagine real possibilities, and begin to feel comfortable and safe, and bit by bit reveal our true selves letting loose our inner colors.


KEEPING LIFE SIMPL(y)E (Complicated)

Bring joy to those whom you love through that magnificent manifestation wrought from your lips. Bring ire to those who envy you, for in time they too will come to know you and love you.

Smile! Let us smile with our lips and our eyes and feel blessed that we have friends to partake in our happiness. This simplest of gestures shows us how our peers feel within also. Its also how we express to the world the inner workings of our emotional state. What is it we do when we first catch glimpse of a friend we truly cherish? We smile. With that one, genuine and simple, smile we acknowledge them and we express our affection for them. Alas, no matter how well intentioned we are we cannot make everyone happy all the time. Under the best of circumstances we will always have that one person who dislikes us. What should we do then? Smile. We acknowledge them too, with a smile, a nod, a hello. We change their view of us and gently break down their walls, with a smile. Soon enough well find ourselves on the receiving end when they reciprocate their grace us with this most generous of gestures.



Is love an illusion? I submit to you that an illusion by its very definition is not real. Dreams too are illusions conjured within our minds during a very fragile statewhilst we sleep. From these dreams, the strongwilled create a reality piece by piece a day at a time. From these dreams, the willing grasp at the very fabric of reality and bring to life the illusion. Sufficed to say some dreams are definitely worth our time and effort. Love, perchance an illusion, is worth our time and effort. What say you?

What is it that ultimately makes us happy? Is it our children? Is it our friends? Is it the accomplishment of some great labor? Perhaps its our spouses that bring us the most joy. Perhaps living in solitude, becoming one with nature, gives us that ultimate happiness. No matter the idea that we hold on to, we contemplate and dissect it up inside our busy minds. We flail our arms wildly about trying to catch this perfect dream. Then we realize that it may have been only an illusion. That is giving up too quickly. We cannot allow ourselves to settle for the mundane. Many a dream has been brought into reality through perseverance by people from all walks of life. We all have the innate ability to create from nothing. Its not magic but a very real capacity that will allow us to achieve the joy we seek.



A first generation Mexican-American, and an aspiring writer who relishes human emotion. His current focus is on the highs and lows of that love between a man and a woman; how its vast complexities ruin some of us and make others stronger yet. He is married to a beautiful and supporting woman and is father to three wonderful children, and though challenges in parenthood arise the bond waxes ever on.