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Fall 2009

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2 Mind & Body Essentials Fall 2009 Mind & Body Essentials Fall 2009 3

The Los Alamos Heart Council What You Need to Know

The Los Alamos Heart Council serves people of all ages with edu-
cational programs in Northern New Mexico that promote heart
about H1N1 Influenza
health and wellness.
The Los Alamos Heart Council Health Fair began in 1986 as Vaccine Availability
y an idea at a Heart Council meeting proposed by Dr. Carolyn
Linnebur and Mahavir Jain. It began with a small number of
booths in Fuller Lodge, then the Community Building was added,
and then it moved to Los Alamos High School. It has been held in
Griffith gym for approximately 15 years. At this time the gym is filled
Compiled by the from information provided by the
New Mexico Department of Health
For the Heart Council
By Megan Pfeffer, RN (Nurse Manager, Los Alamos Public Health Office),
to capacity with over 60 exhibitor booths. Most years there is a waiting Phil Taylor (Director, Los Alamos county Office of Emergency Management)
list for exhibitors to obtain a booth due to the popularity and stellar reputation of this and Ann ReVelle (President, Los Alamos Heart Council)
annual event.
Historically, the roots of the Heart Council go back to the mid-1950s when it was The H1N1 flu vaccine is slowly becoming available. For details, look for press an-
one of several organizations in Los Alamos to be funded by the Community Chest. nouncements or contact the county KAN-DU info line at *311 or from your cell: 662-8333.
The Heart Council in its present form was created in 1984 from members of the Los The vaccine will be distributed according to priority groups defined by the Centers for
Alamos Chapter of the American Heart Association. Disease Control and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices:
Funding from the United Way supports the annual Los Alamos Heart Council
Health Fair, the annual February Community Seminars in both Los Alamos and
Española and heart health related materials gifted to the public libraries in Los Group 1: HIGHEST PRIORITY
Alamos and Rio Arriba County. United Way supported programs specifically for • Pregnant women;
youth include walking clubs in Los Alamos elementary schools, LAPS District • Household members/caretakers of infants less than 6 months old;
Science Fair awards, bicycle safety promotion of free bike helmets for the first 180 • Children 6-59 months of age;
children accompanied by a parent at the Annual Heart Council Health Fair and • Children 5 to 18 years with certain chronic health conditions that increase their risk
a Heart Smart Poster Contest cosponsored by the Family YMCA. Other programs of complications from flu; and
include a Heart Healthy Cooking School, programs related to National AED/CPR
• Health care workers and emergency medical service personnel with direct patient care.
Awareness Week (the first week in June) and National Wear Red Day (to increase
awareness of Women and Heart Disease). Group 2:
Our programs teach YOU how to love your heart. • Adults 25-64 years of age with chronic health conditions,
The majority of our funds come from the Northern New Mexico United Way, • All persons aged 5–24 years of age, and
which serves Los Alamos and Rio Arriba County. In addition, we accept donations • Health care and emergency medical services personnel without direct patient care.
and memorials. We are an all-volunteer 501C(3) non-profit organization with a
Board of nine members that oversees our work and a larger “council” that consists
Group 3:
of committed members who are interested in assisting us in following our VISION • Adults 25-64 without chronic health conditions.
of “Promoting Heart Health and Wellness in Our Communities.” Group 4: LOWEST PRIORITY
Heart Council members cannot always attend meetings regularly, but contribute • Adults 65 years and older.
in significant ways. They are local doctors, nurses, bankers, retirees and teens from
LAHS, Lab employees, LAMC Cardiac Rehab employees, and others who care about As the demand for vaccine in each of the priority groups is met, vaccine will be of-
heart health in our community. The council elects the members of the Board at our fered to the next group depending on which type of vaccine is available, e.g. the Live
annual meeting each November.
attenuated vaccine (nasal flu vaccine) Thimerosal-free is the first to be released and its
For information visit our website at: or contact a
member of the Board. target population is Children without chronic health conditions and it is approved for
So come to the Health Fair on Saturday Oct. 24 from 8 a.m.-noon in Griffith Gym at Ages 2-49 Years.
Los Alamos High School. A limited number of free seasonal flu shots and significant- Since pregnant women are in the highest PRIORITY GROUP, it is important to realize
ly reduced blood work will be available as well as free screenings. There are some why this is the recommendation.
60 booths from organizations and businesses that serve all ages in our community Data from early 2009 H1N1 influenza cases in the United States show that pregnant
promoting health, fitness, nutrition, safety and medical services. women account for a disproportionate number of deaths, making them a high-priority
group for vaccination (see
6736(09)61304-0/abstract). Also, guidance has been issued for clinicians to promptly
treat pregnant women who become infected with the 2009 H1N1 virus with antiviral
drugs (
Note that adults age 65+ are in the lowest priority group 4. This is partly because
their risk is less and because 60+ adults seem to have some degree of preexisting im-
munity. If people 65+ are included in another higer priority group they should get the
vaccine according to that schedule, e.g. household members/caretakers of infants less
than 6 months old, which would put them in priority group 1.
Once public health authorities determine that the H1N1 flu vaccine demand for the
four target groups has been met, local providers will be notified that they can adminis-
ter the vaccine to healthy people ages 25 through 64 years. Then, once demand for H1N1
influenza vaccine among younger age groups is met, vaccination will be expanded to all
people age 65 and older.
4 Mind & Body Essentials Fall 2009

Daylight Delights The best thing

We’re not just Donuts! about our
Check Out Our Tasty Grilled Sandwiches hair products
& Home-made Soups • Daily 11-2
Featuring Green Chile Cheese, Turkey Melt, Grilled Topper, is what we
Hot Italian and many more of your old favorites.
leave out.
Weekly Drawing for One Free Sandwich

No ammonia. No fumes. No burn or itch. No damage.

ACUPUNCTURE & No Banding. No Hot Roots. No Brassing. No Plastics. No Sulfates.


Educated In Both Western & Chinese Medicine
No Parabens. No Animal Testing. No Animal Products.
Just unrivaled color and healthier hair.

Pain Relief, Anxiety and Depression Specializing in hair color, highlights and creative cuts.
Manicures, Pedicures, Ionic Detox Footbaths
The Whole System Approach to
Your Health Care.
Find Out How Today.

“DR. LEE” Li Liu

DOCTOR OF ORIENTAL MEDICINE 1460 TRINITY STE. 7 (Behind Urgent Care) “In memory of Gilbert Roybal, you will be missed”

Services Available Bienvenidos

YMassages starting at $45plus tax
YMesa Couples Select Massage 50min $130
YFacials, Sauna, Salt Scrubs
We welcome you to Open Monday – Saturday
Y Hot Stone massage 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.
taste our delicious dishes
YYoga Studio - Multiple Class Levels inspired by
MASSAGE AND YOGA STUDIO YHerbal Nutrition with Lori Garcia Northern New Mexico. Serving Beer, Wine
& Authentic Margaritas
1318 South Riverside Dr., Española NM (just North of Dreamcatcher Cinema)
505-367-0847 • 214-663-3144 (cell)
Call today for appointments • Gift CertiÀcates Available
Restaurant • Catering • Orders to Go
Balanced Body Nutrition
7 West Gutierrez St. Pojoaque NM • (505)455-2855

Transforming intention into reality! Appetizers • Soups & Salads NEW Vegetarian Menu
Sandwiches Khalsa Special
Fresh Free-Range Eggs Yogi’s Tacos
~Wellness Coaching & Nutrition Counseling
~Specialized nutrition counseling for celiac disease & gluten-free diet
ett from Taos
Vegetarian Tacos
Laura Dudley is a registered dietitian and certified wellness coach
h providing
idi OUR SPECIALTIES Quesadilla
positive support, accountability, and motivation to help you set and achieve Stuffed Sopaipillas, Enchiladas, Tofu Fajitas
goals you would not accomplish on your own. Now serving Los Alamos. or Burritos
Sombrillo Light Combo
For more information: Traditional Plates • Fajitas Super Vegetarian Combo
Kid’s Menu • Desserts Chilaquiles
Telephone: (505) 661-9712 Drinks
Email: Vegetarian Burrito Mind & Body Essentials 2009 5
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Better Health Through BETTER HEALTH

Bio-Communication. THROUGH
Your Body Can Tell What Is Bio-Communication?
If your body could tell you what it needs to be healthy what would it
You What It Needs say? More water? A change in diet? Supplements? When it comes
to optimum well being, your body can tell you what it needs. But
Different Supplements? how do you talk to your body to find out what that is?

The answer lies in a breakthrough bio-communication technol-

More Water? ogy from ZYTO. This patent pending technology asks your body
questions and records the answers. The computer sends your
A Change In Diet? body a question called a digital stressor and then monitors your
response by tracking changes in galvanic skin response (GSR), a
well established biomarker. It’s a stimulus response exchange be-
INTEGRATED HEALTH CENTER tween the computer and your body, and by applying proprietary
Dr. Harold Steinberg formulas to the data gathered we are able to interpret what your
Call for appointment 505-473-0057 body is saying.
3600 Rodeo Lane, Suite B5 Santa Fe (Across from Sam’s Club)

Why Is Bio-Communication
Important To Me?
This exciting new way of communicating with your body has nev-
er before been possible. By choosing bio-communication you al-
low specifics that are important to your health to be very quickly
and easily accessed. It’s an effective way of providing more details
about your current health status. This information helps deter-
mine which clinical solutions will have the most positive impact
on your health in the least amount of time. ZYTO’s technology
does not diagnose or treat disease, but information is a critical
part of healthcare and information about you is the objective of
Before the Holidays!!! bio-communication.
SWEEP AWAY Unwanted Pounds
• Individualized weight Loss Programs What Can I Expect From My Experience?
• Computerized Body Analysis The interface between your body and ZYTO’s bio-communication
Lean Body Mass, Fat and Water Content software is the ergonomically designed hand cradle. You simply
Resting Metabolic, Rate/Caloric Intake rest your hand on the hand cradle while the computer sends
• Reasonable Cost Food Sensitivites digital stressors and gathers your response data. In this way your
healthcare provider is able to gather significant information about
your body that is used to make more effective clinical decisions.
INTEGRATED HEALTH CENTER The whole experience is comfortable and painless; most people
Dr. Harold Steinberg don’t feel any sensation at all.
Call for appointment 505-473-0057
3600 Rodeo Lane, Suite B5 Santa Fe (Across from Sam’s Club)
6 Mind & Body Essentials 2009

y e C a re N e w M e x i c o IN OR OUT?
E ensCrafters in Santa F e Pl a c e M all
Next to L rvices
• Com p le t e V ision Se
C a r e for All ctions Trainers &
•E y e
n t s f o r Eye Infe
• Treatm
I n s urance Recumbents
M o s t
cepted Hours Training
Plans Acnvenient Evening
0-7 DVDs
s d a y & Friday 1
y 10-5
2010 Bikes
in Stock Now
Mountain •Urban
Call for an appointment or Road •Kids
schedule one online today!
505-438-2936 | Freeride

THE Travel Sock Skis


Cool/Cold Weather Outerwear
From All the Best Brands


CB FOX Gradient compression
helps promote improved
circulation to prevent
swelling, varicose veins
and leg fatigue.
524 West Cordova, Suite C, Santa Fe, NM 87505
www.theraÚ (in the Coronado Mall with Trader Joe’s)
Men’s & Women’s Styles & Colors Phone: 505-820-0809
CB FOX/TRAVEL Mind & Body Essentials 2009 7
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Quick, convenient medical care in Los Alamos

The concept of “urgent care” developed as an appropriate alternative to a visit to the emergency room when
the problem does not require the services of a full emergency service. Urgent Care clinics are also very help-
ful when traditional primary doctor’s office cannot be accessed due to patient volume and difficulties with
Los Alamos Urgent Care is staffed by board-certified physicians who are experts in the care of acute prob-
lems. Examples include the treatment of sudden fevers, sore throats, ear aches and respiratory infections. It
also includes urinary tract infections, stomach problems and minor injuries. Urgent Care includes the treat-
ment of cuts that require stitches, fractures and sprains that require splinting and injuries that may require
X-Rays. Patients with chest pain, shortness of breath, penetrating trauma and other life threatening conditions
should proceed to the emergency room, or call 911.
At Los Alamos Urgent Care, we can provide after-hours care to patients who have any primary care physi-
cian. We will have a fax of our medical record on your doctor’s desk, the morning after you are seen. We en-
courage our patients to obtain follow-up with their personal physicians.
If you do not have a primary physician, we will see you without an appointment. Dr. McClees is now accept-
ing adult patients.
Los Alamos Urgent Care accepts insurance, Medicare and the managed Medicaid Programs (Presbyterian,
Molina and Lovelace).
Barbara Medlin, MD, Board certified in family medicine
Robert McClees, MD, Board certified in family medicine
Stephen Corriz, MD, Board certified in emergency medicine and internal medicine.

Los Alamos Urgent Care

Los Alamos Family Health
9am- 7pm, 7 days a week
1460 Trinity Drive

Vein Care of New Mexico

Los Alamos & Santa Fe
1735 Central. Los Alamos.662.2864

Phillip A. Hertzman, M.D., FACP, FAAFP, FACPh
Come by and see us!

Pamela Suhre Mathews LISW

New Practice of Clinical Social Work in Los Alamos

Offering Affordable Help with the

Problems of Being Human
Individual, Couple & Family Therapy
25 Years of Experience Changing the way the world sleeps!

8 Mind & Body Essentials 2009

H1n1 — A Guide for Parents: What to Do If Your Child Has Flu-like Symptoms
The symptoms of H1N1 flu are similar to symptoms of regular influenza. Your child may • The flu is caused by a VIRUS and does NOT respond to antibiotics.
have a fever (temperature of 100°F or greater), as well as: • Give your child acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) as directed on
• Headache the bottle for fevers, headache and body aches.
• Sore throat • Have your child drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. This is especially important if your
child has high fever, vomiting or diarrhea.
• Body aches and extreme fatigue (tiredness)
3. When Should I Seek Medical Treatment?
• Coughing, sneezing, runny nose
Sometimes it is appropriate to take your child to the doctor. Children most likely to need medi-
• Vomiting and diarrhea cal treatment from their doctor for influenza infection are those who are very young or have
2. What Should I Do If I Think It Is H1N1? serious medical conditions (such as cancer or lung disease, or who are on dialysis).
DON’T BE ALARMED If you think your child needs medical treatment, call your pediatrician’s office first. Your doctor
• Most cases of the flu cause mild illness and DO NOT require hospitalization. may want to speak with you over the phone and recommend treatments rather than have
• The majority of patients recover in three to five days with no problems. you come into the office, where your child can infect other people.
SEPARATE YOUR CHILD FROM OTHERS If you go to your doctor’s office, have your child wear a mask and tell the staff immediately that
• Keep your child away from others to stop the spread of infection. he or she has flu-like symptoms so you can be placed in an area away from other patients.
• At home, keep your child away from other people in the house.

Implant Dentistry of the Southwest

• Don’t take your child on airplanes or buses and do not send your child to school, daycare,
church or other public places until your child has without fever and off medications that
treat fever, such as Tylenol or Advil, for at least 24 hours.
• Other members of the household should also stay home if they begin to develop any fever
with cough, sore throat, body aches, runny nose or headache.
PRACTICE GOOD HYGIENE If you are missing one
• Anyone who is sick and everyone around them should wash their hands frequently with or more teeth, why not be a
soap and warm water or use an alcohol-based hand cleaner such as Purell). part of a study or clinical trial?
• DO NOT share eating utensils, drinking glasses, washcloths, towels, beds, pillows, etc.
until everyone in the household has been free of symptoms for five days. Replace them and save money.
• COVER YOUR COUGH AND SNEEZE with the crook of your elbow or use a tissue and Dr. Burt Melton
throw away the tissue immediately.
• Use a tissue for a runny nose, then dispose of the tissue in a wastebasket immediately. /RFDWLRQV
• After using a tissue, wash your hands with soap and water, or with an alcohol-based hand Albuquerque Santa Fe
sanitizer. 7520 Montgomery Blvd. Suite D-3 141 Paseo de Peralta, Suite C
Mon - Thurs 505-883-7744 Mon - Fri 505-983-2909
Breakfast Menu • Breakfast Menu • Breakfast Menu • Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Menu • Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Menu • Breakfast Menu
LosAlamosCouncilonCancer 800 Trinity Drive • Delicious Soups & Sandwiches

• Non-fat, Non-Sugar Frozen Yogurt
 662-3131 this ad for $5 OFF
x HealthFair–SupplementsthePSAscreeningformen Booth#49 • Party Ice Cream Desserts - Bring in
x Seminars–Speakersontimelytopics
x MesaPublicLibrary–BookDonations
Call-in Orders your favorite holiday bowl for us to use
• Party Salads - our container or bring in
x LosAlamosMonitor–ArticleContributions
x BuddyChat–OnlineRealͲTimeSupport D_n_e_’s C_f_
x CancerSupportGroup–Sponsorsatrainedcancerfacilitator
Breakfast Menu • Breakfast Menu • Breakfast Menu • Breakfast Menu

Seafood Boil & Dessert Buffet

Saturday, October 24th • From 6 P.M. - 9 P.M.
Fuller Lodge (2132 Central Avenue, Los Alamos)
All proceeds benefit the United Way
of Northern New Mexico 2010 Campaign 256 DP Road, Los Alamos NM 87544
Tickets are $50.00 per person Phone: 505-662-4185 / Fax: 505-662-4334 To advertise
Fiddlin’ Doc Gonzales & the Orange Blossom Express call 505-662-4185
will play from 8 P.M. to 11 P.M. Publisher: Keven Todd :: Account Executives
Cash bar will be available Editor: Roger Snodgrass :: Julie Smith
Please call 505.662.0800 for additional information Art Director: Rob Lamb :: Lynette Arellano
Advertising Director; Storm Hurwin :: Parry Plisek Mind & Body Essentials 2009 9
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The Heart Hospital of New Mexico.

Number One Cardiac Program
in the State and Celebrating 10
Years as the Hospital with Heart.
The Heart Hospital of New Mexico, located off I-25 near downtown Albuquerque,
isn’t just a hospital – it’s a special place. Our compassionate focus on patient-centered
care and continued investments in technology are why we’ve been ranked as the num-
ber one cardiac program in New Mexico by independent research organizations.
To our staff, it’s not just a job – it’s a calling. And to our patients, it’s not just a visit – it’s
an experience. The Heart Hospital of New Mexico is truly a hospital with heart, with
board-certified physicians and experienced nurses who are invested in the outcomes
of our patients. Since opening in 1999, it’s been our goal for every one of our patients
to leave us with a new beginning.

Here are the facts:

More satisfied patients and more who would recommend us
to others than any hospital in the state.
Not only do our patients experience outstanding clinical outcomes, they also re-
port that they are highly satisfied with their experience. More patients say they would
recommend us to others for heart care than any other healthcare provider in New

More heart procedures than any other facility in New Mexico.

We perform more heart surgeries than any other healthcare provider in the state,
as well as more heart-related procedures such as cardiac catheterizations and stent

5DQNHGQXPEHURQHLQFDUGLDFFDUHE\+HDOWK*UDGHV More heart surgeries than any other facility in New Mexico.
When it comes to heart care, experience counts. That’s why more people turn to
the Heart Hospital of New Mexico for heart surgery than any other healthcare pro-
vider in the state.

Fastest door-to-balloon time in the state and in the top

5 percent nationally.
The key to outstanding patient outcomes in heart care is rapid diagnosis and treat-
ment. The gold standard measure is “door-to-balloon time” – the time it takes from
when the patient arrives at the emergency department door until he or she receives
life-saving treatment, often in the cardiac catheterization lab. The goal is less than 90
minutes and we’re proud to say that the Heart Hospital of New Mexico is in the top
5 percent of all healthcare providers in the nation.
7KHERDUGFHUWL¿HGGRFWRUVDQGH[SHULHQFHG The Society of Chest Pain Centers (SCPC) has awarded our Chest Pain Center a
QXUVHVDWWKH+HDUW+RVSLWDORI1HZ0H[LFR full accreditation with PCI (Percutaneous Coronary Intervention). This distinguished
ZRUNZLWKWKHODWHVWWHFKQRORJ\WRRIIHUWKH “seal of approval” demonstrates our expertise and commitment to quality heart care
PRVWUHFRJQL]HGFDUGLDFSURJUDPLQ by meeting or exceeding a wide set of stringent criteria for acute cardiac medicine
1HZ0H[LFR%HFDXVHLQPDWWHUVRIWKH and completing a rigorous on-site evaluation.
Caring for the heart, close to home.
When it comes to matters of the heart, second best won’t do. Learn more about us at and please contact us if you have any questions.We accept
Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare and Medicaid.
Sources: HCAHPS survey 2007; Volume – FY2006 Medpar data, Medicare only, most recent public data available;
,(;,7'50/.-5$9( _  _ :::+($57+263,7$/10&20 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Hospital Compare; American College of Cardiology, National Car-
diovascular Data Registry, HealthGrades ratings.
10 Mind & Body Essentials 2009

2009 Los Alamos Health Fair

Organization Booth # Activities Booth Sign
AARP Chapter 492 15 Information on AARP Benefits, Medicare, Etc. LOS ALAMOS AARP CHAPTER 492
Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine 32 Information and Education Materials for Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine and Herbs ACUPUNCTURE & “DR. LEE”
Alcoholics Anonymous 19 Literature ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS
American College of Allergy, 9 Asthma Screening ACAAI ASTHMA SCREENING
Asthma, & Immunology
Balanced Body Nutrition - Laura Dudley 38 Information on Healthy Eating and Wellness Coaching BALANCED BODY NUTRITION
Children, Youth & Families Dept. 21 Children’s Crafts - Butterflies with Coffee Filters and Clothes Pins FOSTER OR ADOPT - WHY NOT YOU?
DWI Planning Council 39 DWI information and statistics along with underage drinking facts, giveaways DWI PLANNING COUNCIL
ENT Associates of Los Alamos 52 Ear Checks ENT ASSOCIATES OF LOS ALAMOS
Family Strengths Network 27 Information About FSN Programs FAMILY STRENGTHS NETWORK
Gentle Rolfing, LLC 23 Demonstrations and Consultations GENTLE ROLFING, LLC
Health South Rehabilitation Hospital 45 Fall/Balance Screening, Information and Giveaways HEALTHSOUTH REHAB HOSPITAL
Heart Hospital of New Mexico 60 Literature HEART HOSPITAL OF NEW MEXICO
Home Instead Senior Care 14 Information on non-medical Caregiver and Companionship HOME INSTEAD SENIOR CARE
La Leche League of Los Alamos 40 Educational Material about Breastfeeding and La Leche League, New Mom’s Packets LA LECHE LEAGUE OF LOS ALAMOS
Laboratory Retiree Group 17 Information for Retirees on Health and Pension Problems, Candy Giveaway LABORATORY RETIREE GROUP (LRG)
LAHS Girls Basketball Team 71 Food Service LAHS GIRLS BASKETBALL
LAMC - The Endoscopy Center 56 Colorectal Screening Information THE ENDOSCOPY CENTER
Las Cumbres 41 Information on Las Cumbres’ Community Services LAS CUMBRES COMMUNITY SERVICES
Law Access New Mexico 42 Information on Law Access and the Free Civil Legal Services Provided to NM Low Income Residents LAW ACCESS NEW MEXICO
Los Alamos Cooperative 47 Nutrition Related Educational Materials COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SERVICE
Extension Service
Los Alamos Council on Cancer 49 Educational Materials Concerning Cancer Awareness LOS ALAMOS COUNCIL ON CANCER
Los Alamos County Library System 43 Promotion of the Public Library as an excellent source of health and medical information LOS ALAMOS COUNTY LIBRARY SYS
Instruction in how to access reliable health information online and in print
Los Alamos Family Council, YAC, CHC 36 Handouts, Beanie Babies, Information YOUTH ACTIVITY CENTER
Los Alamos Family Council, YAC, CHC 37 Handouts, Beanie Babies, Information LOS ALAMOS FAMILY COUNCIL
Los Alamos Family Eyecare, 8 Glaucoma Check (Intraocular Pressure Measurement), Eye Care Information LOS ALAMOS FAMILY EYECARE
Los Alamos Fertility Care 20 Helping Women care for their fertility and couples to realize their dreams for marriage and family LOS ALAMOS FERTILITYCARE
Los Alamos Fire Department 22 Information on Services, Blood Pressure Checks LOS ALAMOS FIRE DEPARTMENT
Los Alamos Fitness Center 10 Gym Promotion - Drawings - Bodybuiilding Show on TV LOS ALAMOS FITNESS CENTER
Los Alamos Heart Council 72 Information on Services LOS ALAMOS HEART COUNCIL
Los Alamos Juvenile Justice Advisory Board 28 Information, Literature, Giveaways JUVENILE JUSTICE ADVISORY BD.
Los Alamos Lions Club 44 Glaucoma Screening EYE ASSOCIATES OF NEW MEXICO
Los Alamos Medical Center 58 General Hospital Information and Brochures LOS ALAMOS MEDICAL CENTER
Los Alamos Medical Center 61 Flu Shots FLU SHOTS
Los Alamos Medical Center 62 Flu Shots FLU SHOTS
Los Alamos Medical Center 63 Flu Shots FLU SHOTS
Los Alamos Medical Center 64 Flu Shots FLU SHOTS
Los Alamos Medical Center Rehab Services 57 Information on Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy LAMC REHABILITATION SERVICES
Los Alamos Medical Center Hospital Auxiliary 51 Information on Services the Auxiliary Provides to the LAMC Staff and Patients, Membership Applications THE HOSPITAL AUXILIARY OF LAMC
Los Alamos Medical Center Laboratory 65 Blood Draw BLOOD DRAWING
Los Alamos Medical Center Laboratory 66 Blood Draw BLOOD DRAWING
Los Alamos Medical Center Laboratory 67 Blood Draw BLOOD DRAWING
Los Alamos Medical Center Laboratory 68 Blood Draw LAMC LABORATORY
Los Alamos Public Schools 26 Information on Prevention Objectives Including Tobacco, Alcohol and Other Drugs of Abuse, Diseased Lung, Tar-in-a-Jar, LAPS PREVENTION OFFICE
Death of an Artery, Fatal Vision Goggles, Phlegm Jar, etc.
Los Alamos Retired and Seniors Organization 29 Information on Senior Activities and Services, Brochures, Newsletters, Magnets L.A. RETIRED & SENIOR ORG.
Los Alamos Surgical Associates 53 Promotion Giveaways, Information and Video LOS ALAMOS SURGICAL ASSOCIATES
Los Alamos Surgical Associates 54 Promotion Giveaways, Information and Video LOS ALAMOS SURGICAL ASSOCIATES
Los Alamos Surgical Associates 55 Promotion Giveaways, Information and Video LOS ALAMOS SURGICAL ASSOCIATES
Los Alamos Urgent Care 25 Meet/Greet/ Handouts and Information LOS ALAMOS URGENT CARE
Los Alamos Visiting Nurse Service, Inc. 6 Blood Pressures, Oxygen Sats, Blood Sugar, Pill Boxes LOS ALAMOS VISITING NURSES
Medtronic Diabetes 48 Education on Available Technology for Insulin-Requiring Diabetes, Insulin Pump and Glucose Sensor Demonstrations MEDTRONIC DIABETES
National Multiple Sclerosis Society - NM 12 Information about Bike MS and Regional MS Walks, Services Available, Bike Simulation Video Game BIKEMS GHOST RIDERS Mind & Body Essentials 2009 11

Men 73 1 2 E3 E 4Shaklee 5 6Visiting 7 8 9 ACAAI 10LA 11 12

Tuff Riders United Way To The Walgreens LA Family
Sue Hofmann Vein Care National
Bike Helmets Goldwater Point Products Homecare
Nurses State FarmEyecare Asthma Fitness of NM MS

72 Los AlamosChild YouthLA Fertility Alcohol
2009 Sandia RPEA AARP Home Trinity

Fire Dept Families Care Anonym Hearing Instead Electrolysis

Package 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13
24 25
Living LA Urgent
28 29 30
Rolfing Thru Cancer Care JJAB LARSO YMCA Dr. Lee
Prevent Strengths YMCA
Food Booth

Los Alamos
Law Las La Leche DWI Balanced BodFamily SAGE TOPS Shaklee
Access Cumbres League Nuitrition Council YAC Health Rx
42 41 40 39 38 37 36 35 34 33
43 44 45
LA CountyLions Club Health
47 48 49
LA Coop Medtronic on
Cancer LAMC
51 52
Library Eye Assoc South Skin Care Extension Diabetes Cancer Care Auxiliary ENT

Volunteer Volunteer
Break Rm Break Rm
70 69 Heart
Health Fair LA Surgery
LA SurgeryLA Surgery
Hospital Cross Services Center Assoc. Assoc. Assoc.
60 59 58 57 56 55 54 53


Flu Shots Flu Shots Flu Shots Flu Shots Bld Draw Bld Draw Bld Draw

61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68
Map provided by Los Alamos Heart Council
Northern NM Cancer Care 50 Promotional Giveaways and Information NORTHERN NM CANCER CARE
People Living Through Cancer 24 Brochures, Newsletters, Educational Information, Magnets, Giveaway Prizes PEOPLE LIVING THROUGH CANCER
Professional Skin Care Choices LLC 46 Will Demonstrate Mineral Powder Makeup PROFESSIONAL SKIN CARE CHOICES
Red Cross of New Mexico 59 Health and Safety Information, Upcoming Classes, Prevention Preparedness, CPR, First Aid RED CROSS OF NEW MEXICO
Retired Public Employees of California Assoc 16 Information Regarding Retirement Benefits Including Healthcare LOS ALAMOS/NORTHERN NM CHAP. 97
Sage Integrated Health 35 Information on Massage and Exercise NANCY SAVOIA, DC, HENRY AHLEFELDER DOM
Sandia Hearing Aids 18 Information on Hearing and Hearing Aids. Drawing for a free Hearing Aid. SANDIA HEARING AIDS
Shaklee Partners 33 Samples and Health Questionnaires Rx FOR A HEALTHIER LIFE
Shaklee Products 4 Product Videos and Handouts SHAKLEE PRODUCTS FOR HEALTH
Sue Hofmann State Farm 7 Information, Videos , Free Popcorn SUE HOFMANN STATE FARM
Take Off Pounds Sensibly 34 Exchange System Game/Plate Method Game/Handouts and Prize Drawing TAKE OFF POUNDS SENSIBLY(TOPS)
The Family YMCA 30 Information on Y Offerings and Healthy Snacks, Brochures THE FAMILY YMCA
The Family YMCA 31 Information on Y Offerings and Healthy Snacks, Brochures THE FAMILY YMCA
To The Point Acupuncture 3 Acupuncture Information TO THE POINT ACUPUNCTURE
Trinity Electrolysis 13 Information on Electrolysis, Waxing and Spray Tanning Services TRINITY ELECTROLYSIS
Tuffriders Bike Club 73 Free Bike Helmets, Information CHILDRENS’ BIKE HELMETS
United Way of Northern New Mexico 1 Informational Literature Regarding our 18 Local Agencies UNITED WAY OF NORTHERN NM
Vein Care of New Mexico 11 Information on Varicose Veins and Venous Insufficiency VEIN CARE OF NEW MEXICO
Volunteers Break Room 69 Volunteers Rest Area VOLUNTEERS BREAK ROOM
Volunteers Break Room 70 Volunteers Rest Area VOLUNTEERS BREAK ROOM
Walgreens Option Care 5 Information on Sleep Apnea, COPD, Pulse Oximetry Testing WALGREEN’S HOMECARE
12 Mind & Body Essentials 2009

The Professional Choice for Hearing Since 1959.

Located in Española, Taos, Los Alamos & Santa Fe.

Hearing tests & consultations are

always FREE!
We offer the latest in digital technology.
Now taking appointments for
November 6th and December 4th  6SDFLRXV)ORRUSODQVWR6HOHFW
1, 2 & 3 Gorgeous Floorplans
In Los Alamos at the 
Mary Deal Building, )$51257+6$17$)(/2&$7,21 
2610 Trinity Dr. Suite 22, ($6<)5((:$<$&&(6672/26$/$026 
Los Alamos NM. 

505-988-1984 Cliff Phillips &$//(0(-,$6$17$)(10

Hearing Instrument

SANTA FE’S FAMILY JEWELER a fantastic place to

Celebrate Life!
Life at Kingston includes:
- A dedicated staff that will take care of your
everyday needs so you can have time to
enjoy yourself.

- Enjoyable dining experiences with nutritious

meals served restaurant-style by our friendly

Now at Buơalo Thunder Resort and Casino - Personal health and wellness services for
your specific needs.
“We oơer the best selection, quality & prices on diamonds guaranteed!”
Baume & Mercier x Cartier x Dior x Michele - A community that welcomes you, supports you
Find these great time pieces only at Jewel Mark, and cares for you!
distinctive Ƥne Jewelry and Watches
Kingston Residence of Santa Fe
Master Goldsmith and Graduate Gemologist on Staơ 2400 Legacy Court | Santa Fe, NM 87507
At Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino On the famous Santa Fe Plaza Independent Living Š Assisted Living Š Memory Care
30 Buffalo Thunder Trail, 80 E. San Francisco St.,
Fine Jewelry Santa Fe, NM87506
The Mark of Distinction
Established 1987
Open Mon-Thur 12:30-8:30
Fri/Sat 1-9, Sun 12:30-8:30
(505) 819-2242
Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 820-6304
1 Hour Free Parking at La Fonda Hotel with validation
505-471-2400 Mind & Body Essentials 2009 13

Discovery about biological clocks overturns long-held theory

Newswise — University of Michigan mathematicians and leagues shows that “the old model is, frankly, wrong,” Forg- prevailing views yet, upon further experimentation, turn
their British colleagues say they have identified the signal er said. out to be dead-on,” Forger said.
that the brain sends to the rest of the body to control bio- The true signaling mechanism is very different: The tim- The researchers found that during the day, SCN cells ex-
logical rhythms, a finding that overturns a long-held theory ing signal sent from the SCN is encoded in a complex firing pressing per1 sustain an electrically excited state but do not
about our internal clock. pattern that had previously been overlooked, the research- fire. They fire for a brief period around dusk, then remain
Understanding how the human biological clock works ers concluded. Forger and U-M graduate student Casey quiet throughout the night before releasing another burst
is an essential step toward correcting sleep problems like Diekman, along with Dr. Mino Belle and Hugh Piggins of of activity around dawn. This firing pattern is the signal, or
insomnia and jet lag. New insights about the body’s central the University of Manchester in England, report their find- code, the brain sends to the rest of the body so it can keep
pacemaker might also, someday, advance efforts to treat ings in the Oct. 9 edition of . time.
diseases influenced by the internal clock, including cancer, To test predictions made by Forger and Diekman’s math- “The old theory was that the cells in the SCN which con-
Alzheimer’s disease and mood disorders, said University of ematical model, the British scientists collected data on fir- tain the clock are firing fast during the day but slow at night.
Michigan mathematician Daniel Forger. ing patterns from more than 400 mouse SCN cells. The U-M But now we’ve shown that the cells that actually contain the
“Knowing what the signal is will help us learn how to ad- scientists then plugged the experimental results into their clock mechanism are silent during the day, when everybody
just it, in order to help people,” said Forger, an associate model and found that “the experimental data were almost thought they were firing fast,” Diekman said.
professor of mathematics and a member of the U-M’s Cen- exactly what the model had predicted,” Forger said. Piggins said the findings “force us to completely reas-
ter for Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics. “We Though the experiments were done with mice, Forger sess what we thought we knew about electrical activity in
have cracked the code and the information could have a said it’s likely that the same mechanism is at work in hu- the brain’s circadian clock.” In addition, the results dem-
tremendous impact on all sorts of diseases that are affected mans, since timekeeping systems are similar in all mam- onstrate the importance of interdisciplinary collaborative
by the clock.” mals. research, he said.
The body’s main time-keeper resides in a region of the The SCN contains both clock cells (which express a gene “This work also raises important questions about wheth-
central brain called the suprachiasmatic nuclei, or SCN. call per1) and non-clock cells. For years, circadian-biology er the brain acts in an analog or a digital way,” Belle said.
For decades, researchers have believed that it is the rate at researchers have been recording electrical signals from a Diekman is a doctoral student in bioinformatics, as well
which SCN cells fire electrical pulses–fast during the day mix of both types of cells. That led to a misleading picture as industrial and op-
and slow at night–that controls time-keeping throughout of the clock’s inner workings. erations engineer-
the body. But Forger’s British colleagues were able to separate clock ing. He is a National
Imagine a metronome in the brain that ticks quickly cells from non-clock cells by zeroing in on the ones that ex- Science Foundation
throughout the day, then slows its pace at night. The rest pressed the per1 gene. Then they recorded electrical signals Graduate Research
of the body hears the ticking and adjusts its daily rhythms, produced exclusively by those clock cells. The pattern that Fellow. Forger is an
also known as circadian rhythms, accordingly. emerged bolstered the audacious new theory. Air Force Office of
That’s the idea that has prevailed for more than two de- “This is a perfect example of how a mathematical model Scientific Research
cades. But new evidence compiled by Forger and his col- can make predictions that are completely at odds with the Young Investigator.

The Benefits of Massage

• Alleviate Low Back Pain • Improve Joint flexibility and weak or tight muscles
•Enhance Immunity by Stimulating Lymph Flow • Reduce Scar Tissue and Stretch Marks
Swedish Massage 1hr $55+tax • Hot Stone Massage 11/2 Hr $85+tax
Gift Certificates Available


1460 ste 5 Trinity, Los Alamos • 660-2925 or 662-0547
Connie Valdez LMT

Los Alamos
Heart Council

We teach you how to "Love Your Heart"

for information on our programs visit:
or e-mail us at
14 Mind & Body Essentials 2009

Career Transition?
Early Retirement?
Financial Questions?
We can help you make the best use of your 401(k) rollover, severance or
other lump-sum payment. Review your options. Call us today.
Annuities l IRAs l Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are subject to market risk and possible loss of principal. This and other important information is contained in the prospectus,
which can be obtained from a registered representative and should be read carefully before you invest or pay money. Investors should consider
the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. 505-890-1110 ext 13
Securities & services offered through registered representatives of EquiTrust Marketing Services, LLC,+ 5400 University Avenue,
West Des Moines, IA 50266, 877/860-2904, Member SIPC. Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company+/ Auto I Home I Life I Business
West Des Moines, IA. Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company+/West Des Moines, IA. +Affiliated, and companies of Farm Bureau Financial College I Retirement
Services © 2009 FBL Financial Group, Inc. 356 (5-09) Mind & Body Essentials 2009 15

a l Q uality Dentistry
Up-to-date. tion ks & Feels Gre
cep t L o o at
Ex Tha
Down Have You Ever Wondered
to Earth. If Your Old Silver/Mercury
Fillings are making you sick?

Committed care for women. As a Biological Dentist Dr. Anderson

offers safe alternatives
Dr. Barbara Van Eeckhout Free Consultation for
MD, F.A.C.O.G., Board Certified OB/GYN
Mercury Free and Cosmetic Dentistry
Deborah Benenson, C.N.M. Call Today
Candace Norris, C.N.P.
New Patients Welcome Friendliest Staff In Town
982-4200 Member: ADA, NMDA, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry,
531 Harkle Ave. • Suite D • Santa Fe
Holistic Dental Association and IAOMT, International Academy of • Toll Free 877-236-7027
Oral Medicine and Toxicology

over 30 years serving Los Alamos Families

USA Gymnastics member club in a Àrst-rate, over

Homemade New Mexican, 12,000-sq.-ft. facility with USAG-approved equipment
American and Vegetarian Cuisine Highly qualiÀed, certiÀed staff
Recreational & Competitive Classes (ages 2-18) MíF
After-School Program (includes instructional class daily)
Summer Sports Camp ņ most Àexible program in town
Birthday Parties on Saturdays and Sundays
Call 662-9523 to schedule a free trial class!
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Eye Associates of New Mexico — focused on

Native Santa Fean Dr. Laura Comeau providing the highest quality, state-of-the-art,
is joining Dr. Pat Pacheco’s team! comprehensive eye care for you and your family.
Delta Dental Providers Retinal Disease • Corneal Disease • Cataract & Custom Lens Replacement
LASIK/Refractive Surgery • Glaucoma • Oculoplastics • Pediatric Ophthalmology
Taking emergencies and new patients.
New Friday hours beginning in October. Get your eyes checked today.
Timothy J. Johnson, OD • Angela R. Bratton, MD
988-5850 Celebrating over 30 years of service.
1623 Central Ave. in Los Alamos

Be Healthy. Be Happy. Be Fit.

Try our deLITE® Pizza

We’re building our store at Entrada

Natural • Local • Organic Any Gourmet deLITE® Pizza

Our Crispy Thin Crust. Choose from Chicken

Essential for your body and mind!

Bacon Artichoke, Gourmet Chicken Garlic or
Herb Chicken Mediterranean deLITE® Pizza.

Now welcoming new members

Visit us at
Los Alamos/Arkansas
3801 Arkansas Avenue
Next to Film Festival
(505) 661-7171
7 99
Limit 3. Not valid with any other offer. Valid
only at participating locations. Coupon cannot
be sold, transferred or duplicated. Mind & Body Essentials Fall 2009 17

The Original Fountain of Youth

Our legendary waters have been soothing body, mind and spirit naturally for centuries.

Purchase any 50-minute spa treatment Monday - Thursday and soak for free!
Visit our website for lodging specials, spa packages, restaurant menus and more. Hot springs open 8am - 10pm every day.
New Wine Bar & Lounge in the Artesian Restaurant.


- SpaFinder Magazine


- Spa Magazine

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Spa treatments help provide preventative care

Spa treatments are no longer a luxury experience or a special nerstone of good health. People with health ailments have been
occasion indulgence. Research now shows that spa services may coming to soak in the legendary, healing waters at Ojo Caliente
actually be an essential component to an individual’s overall health for thousands of years. Ojo is the only hot springs in the world
care needs. with the remarkable combination of four different mineral waters
In a society fraught with concern over the rising costs of the including lithia, iron, soda and arsenic. Located at the heart of the
health care industry and medical treatments, preventative care is springs, the historic pump at the Lithia Spring has been dispensing
becoming a benchmark focus for those committed to their well- this unique water since the nineteenth century. Lithium is believed
being now and for the future. to relieve depression and aid digestion. A Native American legend
Many of us are already familiar with the importance of nutrition tells that the giant rock in the Iron Pool guards the place where
and physical exercise. However, in recent years, one’s mental and the ancient people of the mesa once received food and water dur-
emotional wellness has become a concern for healthy living. Stud- ing times of famine. The warm, iron-rich water bubbles up from
ies now show that 86% of all physical diseases are actually stress- the natural pebble floor and is considered to be beneficial to the
related. Incorporating stress-reducing techniques into one’s daily blood and immune system. The rock walls in the enclosed Soda
life are now considered key to one’s overall well-being. “steam” Pool create a soft echo providing a sense of calm and
Spas have been around for centuries, most notably for their relaxation. Water from the Soda Spring is said to relieve digestive
curative and relaxing effects. In fact, the term “SPA” is the ac- problems. Water from the Arsenic Spring is believed to be benefi-
ronym for the Latin phrase, “Salus Per Aquas,” meaning “health cial for relief from arthritis, stomach ulcers and to heal a variety
through water.” Waters and hot springs, especially those contain- of skin conditions.
ing sulphur-free, healing minerals like those found at Ojo Caliente While the scientific community continues to assemble its data
Mineral Springs Resort & Spa in New Mexico, are believed to not on the healing properties of spa therapies, those in the know are
only nourish and heal physical ailments but also provide mental already well-acquainted with the powerful benefits and are actively
relaxation and emotional serenity. Massage and body therapies incorporating these stress relieving and restorative practices into
further enhance these benefits by aiding the release of body toxins their daily lives.
and inflammations and therefore providing a more balanced mind, Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa is located one hour
body and spirit. north of Santa Fe and one hour south of Taos. The hot springs are
While sometimes considered an “extra” incorporating spa into open from 8a.m. – 10p.m. every day. Call 505-583-2233 or visit
one’s health care routine has already been shown to be a cor- for more information.
18 Mind & Body Essentials Fall 2009

Holy Cross Hospital – Great people, the latest advancements and a big heart.

Services and Specialties

Ź More than 80 Medical Providers on-staff with 12
specialties offered by Board-Certified Physicians
Ź 24/7 Emergency Services with Board-
Certified Physicians
Ź Air and Ground Emergency Transport Holy Cross Hospital
Ź Digital Imaging – Mammography, CT Scan, MRI, We are a 47-bed, non-profit
Open MRI
community hospital serving all
Ź Comprehensive Lab Services on-site 24/7, families and visitors in Northern
including a Board-Certified Pathologist on-staff
New Mexico. Holy Cross Hospital has
Ź Surgical Specialties – Orthopaedic, Thoracic,
Urological and General Surgery met the growing demand for quality
medical services with outstanding
Ź Endoscopy
physicians and state-of-the-art
Ź Critical Care Unit/Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
technology that you have come
Ź Cardiology Services
to expect.
Ź Family-Centered Pediatric Care
Ź Pharmaceutical Services
Ź Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center
Ź Physical and Occupational Therapy
Ź Pulmonary Function Testing
Ź High Risk Maternal Services/MOMs Program
Ź New Born Care Nursery (Level 1)


1397 Weimer Road
Taos, New Mexico 87571
(575) 758-8883 Mind & Body Essentials Fall 2009 19
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Heart of Holy Cross


Northern New Mexico Benefits From Taos’

Holy Cross Hospital in a Myriad of Ways
Our First Steps Program, in collaboration

oly Cross Hospital has invested millions Mike Luscombe, BBA, RT (R) ARRT is the
in the latest state-of-the-art technology Department Director. with other local organizations, has created an
available for the Hospital. This commit- ever-growing home visitation program de-
The Holy Cross Hospital Foundation and our
ment to high technology means that we are com- signed to promote early childhood wellness.
Auxiliary’s fund raising efforts have provided us
parable to that of major metropolitan hospitals. First Steps employs trained professionals to
with a new centralized fetal heart monitor as well
provide new families with support, infor-
Northern New Mexico patients, families and tour- as a cardiac monitoring system for the Intensive
mation and access to resources designed to
ists are treated as our number one priority at Holy Care Unit. With the help of matching grants
promote early childhood wellness. Holy Cross
Cross Hospital. Our front-line care givers as well from two private, Chicago-based foundations,
Hospital was recently awarded the prestigious
as our non-clinical staff are friendly and personable we have been able to step-up our technology and
NOVA Award from the American Hospital
as well as highly-trained in their specialties. provide most services to our community without
Association for this highly successful program.
having to leave Taos.
New Technology Updates: Our Diagnostic
The C.A.R.E. Team (Compassionate, Atten-
Imaging Department has just acquired the new- Hospital-based and Outreach Programs: For
tive, Reverence and Empathy) Program offers
est Digital Mammogram equipment to go with over a decade, Holy Cross Hospital has subsi-
services for relaxation which balance the spirit,
the MRI, CT Scan, nuclear medicine camera, dized an outreach clinic in Peñasco which offers
mind and body. These services are offered free-
fluoroscope, bone density scanner, ultrasound and low cost or sliding scale office visits, free medica-
of-charge to all our inpatients.
portable imaging equipment already available for tion assistance and free mammograms and well
patients. woman exams. Patients no longer need to travel These are just some of ways we've grown to
over the mountains to come to Taos for their meet your needs and we won't stop here. New
We are privileged to have Dr. Paul Johnson,
health care needs. Peñasco Clinic has the same technology is always on the horizon and we
Board-Certified Radiologist and Medical Direc-
expert physicians and medical staff employed at will keep up with your demands. Holy Cross
tor of Diagnostic Imaging and Dr. Geilan Ismail,
Holy Cross. Hospital, – Great people, the latest advance-
Board-Certified Cardiologist and Chief of Staff
ments, and a big heart.”
oversee all aspects of the department. Dr. Ismail Other free programs are offered such as a com-
interprets and supervises Nuclear Medicine Car- prehensive Diabetes Outreach Program and a
diac Studies as well as Ultrasounds for Echocar- Diabetes Inpatient Case Management Program.
diograms and Cardiac Stress Tests. Dr. Ismail has This education reduces hospital admissions related
earned Board-Certification in Adult Cardiography to diabetes and offers ongoing support through a
from the National Board of Echocardiography. coordinated care model. 1397 Weimer Road
Taos, New Mexico 87571
Visit our website for updates, news and information: (575) 758-8883 (800) 755-6236
20 Mind & Body Essentials Fall 2009
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Relaxation Wellness Rejuvenation

Hilltop House Spa Promotes Wellness
HILLTOP HOUSE of Body, Mind, and Spirit
Touch is Vital To Our Health, Fundamental to Our Well Being

M assage is a great treat for the body. As we all know, a good

massage can decrease muscle tightness, relieve stress, release
endorphins which help to diminish aches and pains, and provide an
hour or more of intense relaxation. But, did you know that a mas-
sage received once a month, over time, can have long term bene¿ts?
Massage performed at regular intervals can reshape and reconstruct
muscles, improve joint range of motion and Àexibility, and increase
circulation. The endorphins released into your system at regular
intervals work to reduce anxiety and depression, energize, and

MASSAGE YOGA FACIALS promote an overall sense of well being. The occasional treat be-
comes a monthly therapy, working towards a healthier happier you.
Hilltop House Spa makes it easy to
SPRAY TAN WAXING enjoy the bene¿ts of a once a month
massage with their unique SpaDebit Program. In addition to receiving a
505-662-1926 monthly massage at a discounted rate,
SpaDebit members can also enjoy un-
400 Trinity Drive Los Alamos NM 87544 limited access to the sauna, mini-gym,
and indoor heated pool.

F acials deep clean, detoxify, hydrate, ¿rm and contour the skin.
A facial provides gentle yet intense exfoliation, leaving skin
smooth. A monthly facial allows your daily skin care regimen to be
more effective. Our products are non-comedogenic, non-synthetic,
and fragrance free. We also carry a line of skin care products which
include Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, and Dermalogica Skin Care.

Y oga strengthens the body, calms the mind, and centers the spirit.
Whether you are a beginner or experienced, yoga has something
for everyone. Classes last about an hour and the ¿rst class is free.

S pray Tanning is a healthy way to bring out your inner glow. For
men and women, spray tanning is fun, fast, and effective immedi-
ately with lasting results. A spray tan is safer than tanning in the sun
or in a tanning bed, and uses only all natural ingredients.

Health Fair 2009 Special

Come into the spa during the event and get
W axing is another service you can take advantage of at Hilltop
House Spa. Hair removal with waxing lasts longer than shav-
ing, and most people ¿nd waxing more convenient. Combined with
Face or Legs done for FREE. brow and lash tinting, waxing can be used to shape eyebrows, pro-
viding a long lasting, maintenance free effect.
Or receive 50% OFF Total Body.
See for yourself why everyone is talking about Hilltop House Spa is located at 400 Trinity Dr, in the Best Western Hotel
The Healthy Way to Tan. For more about our services, please visit us at