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April 11, 2014 Issue 1 Volume 1

Celebrate America
Registration Reminder
Are you ready for the next big Lakeland exercise challenge? Last year, more than 2,000 associates joined us as we Walked to the Island. Now were inviting you to Celebrate America. Partner with a team of colleagues over a 10-week period to complete different exercise activities that total 1,000 miles! The registration deadline is April 20. First, well venture to the Statue of Liberty in New York before heading to the Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania. Our tour will conclude in Washington D.C.

myHealth: Commit to It!

2015 Program Guidelines
Dont miss your chance to earn your myHealth incentive! This years goal is to inspire each and every associate to commit to making positive changes to improve or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Please go to myLakeland to access the following forms: 1. 2015 PCP Form: Completed by you and your primary care provider and returned to Lakeland Care. 2. Action Year 2014 for 2015 Program Summary: Provides information to help you better understand our biometric goals and explains what action is needed if you do not meet them. 3. 2014-15 Health Standards FAQ: Provides information to help explain the 2014 voluntary program requirements for calendar year 2015. Check your Lakeland email for a schedule of upcoming myHealth informational sessions.

Meet the Lakeland Wellness Committee

See the team, who we are, and where were from!

OurWellness Why
Hear from a fellow Lakeland associate about why health and wellness is important to them.

Associate Spotlight
An amazing story about small changes making a big difference!

Health & Wellness Tips

Try out a great family friendly recipe, learn more about the Employee Assistance Program, and check out our quick health tip!

Exercise Challenge Rules: Teams of 6-11 associates will travel from St. Joseph to Washington D.C. (964 miles) Teams of 12-19 associates will travel from St. Joseph to Washington D.C. and back (1928 miles)

Health & Wellness Trivia

Coming Soon!
Check future issues of OurWellness for our trivia spotlight and a chance to win great prizes!

This competition is open to ALL Lakeland associates. Register your team and read the challenge guidelines on myLakeland by searching Celebrate America.

Health Bites Family Friendly Recipes

Banana Swirl
Submitted by: Erin Wright
What you need: Ripe bananas Food processor or blender

Associate Spotlight
Amazing Weight Loss Success Story
Three years ago this May my world changed forever. My husband was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension, which is characterized by increased pressure in the arteries and causes a variety of physical symptoms. It was a sobering moment made all the more real when I considered my own weight had ballooned to 384 pounds! We have been married for almost 10 years. When we met, I weighed 160 pounds. I knew after his diagnosis that I needed to make a change. The changes have been small, but the difference has been huge! I started walking every day with my dogs. I also began using more spices on my food and decreased my portion sizes. Im down to 268 pounds! I still have a ways to go to achieve my goal, but its a start. I wanted to share my story to inspire others. Also to let them know that if they find something that motivates them to keep at it. For me, its my dogs, grandchildren, and, of course, my husband. Hes the love of my life! By now I would like to be down to 225, but I will keep going until I get there. I have the motivation! -Christina Meek, Administrative Secretary Emergency Department, Lakeland Regional Medical Center, St. Joseph

The recipe of life: My daughters are at the age where they want to help with everything, and, of course, are always asking for snacks. Recently the snack plea came up, and we started to talk about healthy options. My older daughter wanted to make Banana Swirl, which she saw Daniel Tiger make. (Daniel Tigers Neighborhood is a great cartoon on PBS check it out if you dont watch it already). I took her lead and said, Okay, youre the cook! What do we need to do? Three simple steps: Peel the bananas and place them directly in a freezer bag or cut them into 2 pieces and place them in the freezer bag When completely frozen (we left them in the freezer for about 3 hours), remove the bananas and place in the food processor or blender and mix until smooth Pour into bowls and enjoy!

This is an excellent snack and completely kid-friendly. Plus the texture is just like ice cream! I hope you have as much fun as we did making and enjoying this delicious Health Bite! Erin is a mother of three daughters ages 4, 2, and 9 months and a Wellness Committee member.

Coachs Corner Healthy Living Tips

Make sure YOU get moving every day! If you cant find the time, make it. Schedule it on your calendar. Think about it. There are 24 hours in a day. If you exercise for 30 minutes, you still have 23.5 hours to do whatever you want!

What will you do today?

Top of Mind Mental Health Advice

Lakeland HealthCare Wellness Committee
Terri Albers, Clinical Staff Educator Rita Brandt, Manager Associate Health & Wellness Tracy Brown, Director Human Resources Linda Beushausen, Vice President Life Transition Services LeeAnne Carlson, Health Educator Meg Gallert, Communications Specialist Laurel Gaudin, Volunteer Coordinator Doris Glowacki, Clinical Performance Coordinator Melissa Hahn, Manager Lakeland Care Mae Hunter, Buyer Assistant Debra Johnson, Executive Director Acute Care Niles Laura Landrey, Clinical Dietitian Kristi Peden, Family Medical Leave Coordinator Mark Russell, Manager Outpatient Rehab Brenda Schalk, Registered Dietitian Chad Simcox, Professional Recruiter Raelene Stickney, EAP Coordinator Janice Travis, Supervisor Nutrition Services Erin Wright, Manager Recruitment & Onboarding

At the end of the day, make a Got er Done list, which should include all that you accomplished and the things you feel good about. We usually leave work with a sense of frustration because we were not able to do everything we wanted. Making a list of accomplishments provides balance and reminds us to look for the good in each day. Lakeland HealthCare Employee Assistance Program (EAP) EAP is a benefit that provides confidential counseling to Lakeland associates and their families at no cost. Find help for lifes challenges or just take some time to enrich your life even more. Heres how EAP can help you: Explore your life and career aspirations Learn techniques to improve communication with a challenging co-worker Get encouragement for your new weight loss efforts and discover strategies to help you better manage your stress

OurWellness Why
Wellness is important because I want to be a good steward of my body, caring for myself through proper diet and exercise to have the highest quality of life. -Kathy Snyder, RN Clinical Data Abstractor

How to Contact EAP: Lakeland HealthCare Employee Assistance Program 3888 Niles Road, St. Joseph (269) 428-0022 (800) 428-6216