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PROBLEMS INDICATED FOR WHICH GEM THERAPY IS SOUGHT About marriage and love problems. PLANETS PRIMARILY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PROBLEM AREA I have analysed your birth chart with regard to your query. The analysis indicates that you are a wise, clever, practical person and your lifes mission is to fulfil your duties and responsibilities. Your assessment, analytical and decisive powers are commendable. You are always aware of your actual strength and weakness and never overextend yourself. Needless to say, your powers of persuasions and logic could be very

effective in changing the opinion and attitude of others. Above all, you are a down to earth person and capable of measuring the usefulness of everything in terms of its impact on everyday life. Further analysis indicates that the lords of the houses governing spouse, marriage, domestic peace, marital bonding, profession etc. and the significators of wealth, mental peace, romantic pleasures etc. are weak in strength in your birth chart. Such planetary weaknesses often result in emotional setbacks, difficulties in enjoying domestic bliss/long lasting romantic relationships, delay in solemnising marriage, ups and downs in career or rise in unforeseen expenses. Above all, you might remain under stress and your alliances are likely to deceive/mislead you quite frequently. In order to overcome the above-mentioned weaknesses, you should remain careful regarding your health, personal life and select your partner rationally. It would be further beneficial to observe patience, keep a tab on expenses and stick to a suitable job or field as long a s possible. Above all, you should avoid cropping up differences with the higher ups and remain careful from your alliances, since your closest friend or relation may deliver the fatal blow. Such an effort on your part would be advantageous for enjoying adequate peace, prosperity and satisfaction from achievements in your personal life as well as professional career. GEM THERAPY RECOMMENDATIONS The strategy for gem therapy is to strengthen your supportive and auspicious planets further to make them more effective to neutralize the effects of the inauspicious planets in your chart. After careful consideration I propose the following gem therapy for you. Final recommendations It will be beneficial for you to perform Katyaayani Yajna for gaining marital bliss in life. You can use the link below to know more about the yajna: Mars is lord of your 4th house, the house of domestic bliss. You should strengthen the planet Mars by wearing Red Coral weighing 6 to 7 carats in size. It must be mounted on a gold ring and worn on the ring finger of your right hand. The gem must be put on first on a Tuesday morning. Moon is lord of your house of marriage. It is placed in the 11th house, the house of fulfillment of desires, but is debilitated. You should wear Moon Yantra. This is a lifetime recommendation for you. In order to know more about the remedies given above, please click on the links below: Red Coral: Moon Yantra: On behalf of CyberAstro.Com Pradeep Kumar Sr. Astrologer
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