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LESSON PLAN Subject: Class: Level: Enrolment: "ate: Time: Theme: To-ic: 0ocuse! Skill: 2ntegrate!

Skills: Language Content: Content Stan!ar!: English Language 3 Tekun Low English Proficiency 2 stu!ents 3 st #arch 2$ % &#on!ay' (%$ am ) 2(%$ am &*$ minutes' +orl! of ,nowle!ge .nit * ) Pet/s +orl! 1ea!ing Listening an! S-eaking 3ocabulary 2(2 ' 4y the en! of the *5year -rimary schooling6 -u-ils will be able to !emonstrate un!erstan!ing of a variety of linear an! non5 linear te7ts in the form of -rint an! non5-rint materials using a Learning Stan!ar!s: range of strategies to construct meaning( 2(2(2 ' 8ble to rea! an! un!erstan! -hrases an! sentences in linear an! non5linear te7ts( 2(2(9 ' 8ble to a--ly !ictionary skills to locate wor!s( &a' entry -oints( Learning :bjectives: &b' e7it -oints( 4y the en! of the lesson6 -u-ils shoul! be able to: a' "ifferentiate between -ets an! non5-ets animals by grou-ing them( b' 1ea! the te7t with correct -ronunciation( E!ucational Em-hasis: Previous ,nowle!ge: #oral values: Teaching materials: c' 8nswer the worksheet -rovi!e! with the correct answer( 3alues an! Citi;enshiPu-ils have alrea!y learne! about animals in their -revious learning session( +e shoul! care an! treat animals nicely( PowerPoint Presentation6 0lashcar!s6 Picture Car!s < +orksheet


Contents Sample Question: ' Tell me what animal !o you know> 2' +hat is the soun! ma!e by the lion> 3' 2nform everyone on the basic characteristics of animal(

Teaching Learning Activities ' Pu-ils are given a brief e7-lanation on the general information of animal( 2' Each -u-il is aske! to mention on an animal that they know from their e7-erience( 3' Pu-ils will be aske! on the soun! ma!e by the animal an! the basic characteristics of some animals(


8rouse the -u-ils/ interest ?etting attention from the -u-ils

Set Induction &= minutes'

' Pu-ils are shown on some -icture car!s of animals( 2' Pu-ils are aske! to name the animal -ictures that are shown Picture Cards: Pre-Reading & % minutes' 8nimals to them( 3' Pu-ils are aske! to categori;e the animals on the suitable animals to become their -ets by -asting the -ictures on whiteboar!( %' Pu-ils are aske! orally to justify why they choose those animals Whi e Reading & @ minutes' Story Text: Pets to become their -ets( ' Pu-ils are going to listen to teacher/s rea!ing of the te7t of the story on -ets( 2' Pu-ils are going to rea! after the teacher( 3' Pu-ils are !ivi!e! into several grou-s( %' Each grou- of -u-ils nee! to 2 "evelo- the -u-ils/ sensitivity towar! visual image an! its meaning( 1ecall the -u-ils/ schemata by !is-laying the -icture car!s( 2ncrease the -u-ils/ skill on rea!ing the sim-le sentences an! com-oun! sentences( Enhance their

rea! alou! their res-ecte! sentences that have been given by the teacher( 9' Stu!ents are aske! to i!entify on the wor!s that they !o not un!erstan!6 list it !own an! fin! the meaning in their !ictionary( ' Each -u-il is given a worksheet of sim-le com-rehension Auestion base! on the story of the -ets( 2' Pu-ils nee! to answer all the Worksheet: Post-Reading & % minutes' Sim-le com-rehension Auestion Auestions by choosing the correct answer -rovi!e! in the worksheet( 3' Pu-ils nee! to e7change their worksheet with their -artners( %' Pu-ils are going to !iscuss on the answer with the teacher an! they will !o the cross checking on the worksheet of their -artners ' Pu-ils are aske! on the -ets that they have learne! in the C osure &= minutes' lesson with making the soun! of the -ets( 2' Pu-ils are aske! on their favourite -ets an! their reason for choosing res-ecte! -ets( ' Pu-ils nee! to answer the sim-le Auestion base! on the Remedia story in the lesson by following the instruction state! in the worksheet given( ' Pu-ils are aske! to write a short Enrichment -aragra-h on why they choose res-ecte! animals as their -et( 1ecall what have been learne!( rea!ing skills with correct -ronunciation an! intonation(

2m-rovise the -u-il/s skills on answering com-rehension Auestion base! on the te7t given( 2!entify the -u-ils/ knowle!ge in i!entifying the correct answer of the Auestion given(