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ABOUT US Horizon Aviation Academy is a Flight Training Organization (GR FTO 021) in Thessaloniki /Greece, approved by Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority, following the highest JAA/EASA standards, to provide professional pilot training and licensing at all levels, the first step for a prosperous aviator career.

WELCOME TO SUNSHINE The all year round sunny skies and weather conditions in Greece, as well as ideal Mediterranean temperatures, offer an uninterrupted training flight program. The Hellenic terrain is beneficial for students, as they are trained over plain fields, sea and mountains, offering them a wide experience.

We are operating at Makedonia International Airport/Thessaloniki (ILS CAT I, II, VOR/DME/NDB, Radar approach) thus providing the trainees with valuable experience in dealing with heavy commercial traffic. The Academy is built by professionals, having served for years in military air force or commercial airlines. Their experience in training safeguards the quality, efficiency and safety of flight and ground training, tailored especially on the needs of each student. FLIGHT TRAINING IS OUR BUSSINESS Horizon Aviation Academy provides quality pilot training using modern European based training methodology and systems, very experienced instructors and fully equipped aircrafts. Tailored programs have been designed for students from all over the world. Our passion for aviation drives us to work hard for our students and prepare them for careers as professional aviators. TRUST THE PROFESSIONALS Flight instructors with thousand hours of flight and great experience in training process and ground instructors with proven specialized skills and long time experience in aviation, are the right staff for your training. Our professionalism, our experience and our devotion to Aviation compose the successful recipe for the successful training, ensuring continuous interest, impeccable professional behavior and communication. TRAINING ENVIRONMENT FOR YOU Horizon Aviation Academy offers an ideal educational environment to our trainees. 360m2 area hosts 3 large classrooms, fully equipped with latest technology, modern briefing and planning rooms, recreation area, free WiFi coverage and reception desk for information and services. We have also established an operations office, located inside the Makedonia International Airport of Thessaloniki, adapted to our trainees needs.

Horizon Aviation Academy offers integrated and modular courses for the Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL) and Private Pilot (LAPL,PPL) licenses as well as the Instrument (IR), Multi-Engine (MEP), Flight Instructor (FI-CRI-IRI), MCC, ELP, ICAO-JAA Conversion Courses, Cabin Crew Initial Safety Training and Type Ratings . Whether you are seeking a career in an airline, in general aviation, or just the pleasure of flight, our goal is to train students in a disciplined, yet friendly environment, providing the highest quality services, according to international safety standards.

CAREER` OPPORTUNITIES According to Boeings estimation, airlines globally will need 466,650 pilots from 2010 to 2029 which is interpreted to an average of 25.000 new pilots per year, for the following 20 years. Aspirants professional pilots, who start their training today, will be on the starting line of a fabulous flying career with any of the most prestigious airlines in the world.

OUR FLEET Horizon Aviation Academy uses types of aircrafts that have trained thousands of pilots. Cessnas 172 trainers with turbo diesel engines and 4 seats, the heavy twin engine Piper Seneca III with 6 seats , are the aircrafts for the primary and advanced training.

Horizon Aviation Academy will provide career planning assistance and guidance which includes advices by senior airline captains from the best known major International and Greek carriers. THESSALONIKI, A CITY OF QUALITY AND FUN
Thessaloniki, is the second-largest city in Greece, the capital of the region of Central Macedonia major economic, industrial, commercial and political centre, and a major transportation hub for the rest of southeastern Europe.

Each aircraft is properly equipped and outfitted with dual navigation / communication receivers, ADF, DME, VOR and ILS, thus providing the adequate capabilities to conclude even the most demanding training program. All of our aircraft are strictly maintained in accordance to the highest airworthiness standards. Flight simulator is used for instrument training in ATPL, IR, IRI,CRI and MCC courses as convertible training device including both single and twin engine aircraft layout, enabling versatile initial and recurrent training for all courses.

Horizon Aviation Academys variety of accommodation solutions, according to our trainees' needs and budget, meet the highest requirements of hospitality and timesaving since they are located close to our facilities and to Makedonia International Airport. LANGUAGE ? NO PROBLEM ! Proficient use of English language is a prerequisite to be a pilot cadet. For trainees that need to study more in order to be competent, we can provide professional help, through specialized associate Foreign Language School, with emphasis given to aviation terminology.

It's easy to fall in love with this city, full of life, activities and warm Mediterranean people.

Horizon Aviation Academy

20th km Thessaloniki-Peraia 57019, Thessaloniki GREECE Tel : +30 23920 29900, +30 2312 209109 Fax : +30 23920 29900 Email :