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Iype CDG 11

Overcurrenl ond Eorlhloull keloy


ldonlicol limo/curronl
choroclorislics on oll los.

Sol-oworod, no nocossily or
soorolo ouxiliory suly.

High lorguo, onsuring consislonl

liming ovon undor odvorso

\ory low ovorshool.

Simlo conslruclion, oosily


Comrohonsivo rongo o high-sol

unil rolings.

Duslroo drowoul coso ond

lroicolisod inish.
Soloclivo hoso ond oorlhoull
roloclion, in limo grodod sysloms
or AC mochinos, lronsormors,
oodors olc.
Iype CDG 11
Overcurrenl ond Eorlhloull keloy
Generol descriplion
A non-diroclionol hoovily domod
induclion disc roloy which hos on
od|usloblo invorso limo/curronl
choroclorislic wilh o doinilo
minimum limo. Tho roloy hos o high
lorguo movomonl combinod wilh
low burdon ond low ovorshool. Tho
roloy disc is so shood lhol os il
rololos lho driving lorguo incroosos
ond osols lho chonging roslroining
lorguo o lho conlrol sring. This
ooluro combinod wilh lho high
lorguo o lho roloy onsuros good
conlocl rossuro ovon ol curronls
noor ick-u. Doming o lho disc
movomonl is by o romovoblo high
rolonlivily ormononl mognol.
Tho uniguo molhod o winding
lho ooroling coil onsuros lhol lho
limo/curronl choroclorislics oro
idonlicol on ooch o lho sovon
curronl los. Soloclion o lho
roguirod curronl solling is by
moons o o lug solling bridgo
which hos o singlo insulolod lug.
Tho moximum curronl lo is
oulomolicolly connoclod whon lho
lug is wilhdrown rom lho
bridgo, ollowing lho solling lo bo
chongod undor lood wilhoul risk
o oon circuiling lho curronl
Tho lDMT roloy hos on ouxiliory
unil which is oworod by o
socondory winding on lho
oloclromognol lhrough o rocliior
ond os such o soorolo ouxiliory
suly is nol roguirod. Tho disc unil
oorolos ond closos ils conlocls, lho
ouxiliory olomonl connoclod ocross
lho socondory winding on lho
oloclromognol oorolos, ono
normolly oon conlocl o lho
ouxiliory olomonl roinorcos lho
disc conlocl. Two olhor conlocls o
lho ouxiliory olomonl oro broughl
oul lo lho lorminols o lho roloy
(Poor Figuro 4}.
CDG 11
dravn out trom the case
Tho roloy ooroling limo con bo
od|uslod by movomonl o lho disc
bockslo which is conlrollod by
rololing o knurlod mouldod disc
ol lho boso o lho groduolod limo
mullilior scolo.
A high-sol inslonlonoous
ovorcurronl/oorlh oull unil, lyo
CAGT7 con bo illod in lho somo
coso lo rovido inslonlonoous
roloclion undor moximum shorl
circuil condilions ond lo imrovo
discriminolion on limo grodod
roloclivo sysloms.
For ull doloils o lho high-sol
inslonlonoous unils roor lo
rolovonl ublicolions.
Tyo CDG 2T roloy is o singlo olo
lyo CDG TT roloy wilh o
high-sol inslonlonoous unil. Tyo
CDG 3T is o lrilo olo vorsion o
lho lyo CDG TT wilh lhroo
ovorcurronl unils or lwo ovorcurronl
unils ond ono oorlhoull unil in lho
conlro. Tyo CDG T roloy is o lrilo
olo vorsion o lyo CDG 2T roloy.
Iechnicol dolo
Currenl rolings
TA or 5A.
lDMI sellings

50 - 200 in sovon oguol slos

o 25.

20 - 80 in sovon oguol slos

o T0.

T0 - 40 in sovon oguol slos

o 5.

Clhor solling rongos ovoiloblo

on roguosl.
5lorling currenl
T03 - T05 o curronl solling.
Closing currenl
Nol moro lhon T30 o curronl
lnslonloneous highsel sellings

E/F T00 - 800

C/C 250 - 2000

Iime sellings
Operoling lime
0 - 3 soconds or ol T0 limos
0 - T.3 soconds curronl solling.
Timo/curronl choroclorislics givon in
Figuros T ond 2.
keselling lime
4 soconds or T.3 wilh limo
soconds roloy. mullilior
soconds or 3 ol T.0.
soconds roloy.
Cvorshool limo on romovol o
20 limos solling curronl.

Loss lhon 0.05 socond or T.3

soconds roloy

Loss lhon 0.04 socond or 3

soconds roloy.
Ihermol roling

Moximum conlinuous curronl

roling or 0C riso in coil

Wilhslond 20 limos moximum

solling curronl or 3 soconds.
Error closs indox
E7.5 os or 8S T42-T
7.5 os or lS 323T-T5
Frequency error
Timing orror loss lhon 8 or 2 Hz
roguoncy voriolions. Timo groding
unooclod by such smoll orror, sinco
Coroling T 2 3 4 5 7
coil lo
Timos curronl 4.5 3.7 3.2 2.7 2. 2.4 2.2

ligure 1
1ime-current characteristic
inverse time relay CDG11 1.3 sec.
oll roloys oro similorly ooclod.
Iemperolure error
For T0 limos solling curronl, ol
ombionl lomoroluro bolwoon
+45C ond -5C, orconlogo
liming orrors oro os ollows:
3 soconds roloy: -3 ond +4
T.3 soconds roloy: -4 ond
Auxiliory unils ond operolion
Sol-oworod ouxiliory unil will hovo
ollowing conlocl combinolions:
T. S/P-2N/C
2. H/P-2N/C + 2 N/C.
Conlocl rolings ouxiliory unil
Moko ond corry or 0.5 socond
7500 \A wilh moximo o 30 oms/
0 volls oc/dc.
Tho roloy mools lho roguiromonls o
lS 323T-T5/lEC.25- sorios
C-2 k\ or T minulo.
Exlernol ond inlernol circuil
Soo Figuro 4.
3\A nominol
2\A on lho lowosl lo
3.5\A on high-sol lo.
Tyicol imodonco/curronl curvos
givon in Figuro 3.
Cose ond linish
TD vorlicol or 3D vorlicol, horizonlol
coso suiloblo or lush or ro|oclion
mounling ond inishod oggsholl
block ond lroicolisod. Suiloblo lri
isololing swilch ond CT shorling
swilchos rovidod on lho crodlo
ligure 2
1ime-current characteristic
inverse time relay CDG11 3 sec.
Dimensions ond weighls
Moximum ovoroll dimonsions Aroximolo
Poloy Coso Hoighl Widlh Dolh* gross woighl
sizo mm mm mm Kg.
CDG TT/2T TD \orl. 233 T70 203 .0
3D Horz. 233 454 203 T5.5
3D \orl. 524 T70 203 T5.0
* Add 7 mm or moximum longlh o lorminol sluds, ollornolivoly,
2 mm or lorminol scrows.
Tho oroximolo gross woighls givon obovo oro inclusivo o corlons,
mounling oondogos ond lorminol doloils.
Tho roloys comly ully wilh lho roguiromonls o lS 323T-T5 ond oro
suiloblo or uso in normol lroicol onvironmonls.
ligure 3
ImpedanceCurrent Curves tor type CDG relays
2.3-10 AMP 3 VA 30 Cycle Multi-strand Coil

ligure 4
1ypical external and internal connections
tor type CDG 31 relay
lnlormolion required wilh
T. Tyo o roloy (CDG TT, 2T, 3T
or T} ond syslom roguoncy.
2. Curronl lronsormor socondory
3. Curronl solling rongo.
4. Choroclorislic (0 - 3.0 soc. or
0 - T.3 soc. ol T0 limos curronl
5. Corolion indicolor inscrilion, i
. Auxiliory conlocls - hond or sol
7. Curronl solling rongo o high-sol
unil, i roguirod.
8. Coso sizo.
. Tyo o mounling - lush or
Prinlod in lndio.
AL5IOM Limiled Pollovorom Works: T/T, GST Pood, Pollovorom, Chonnoi-00 043. lndio.
Tol: T-044-2382T Fox: T-044-23727 Emoil:
T8 ALSTCM Limilod
Cur olicy is ono o conlinuous dovolomonl. Accordingly lho dosign o our roducls moy chongo ol ony limo. Whilsl ovory oorl is modo lo roduco u lo dolo liloroluro, lhis brochuro should
only bo rogordod os o guido ond is inlondod or inormolion urosos only. lls conlonls do nol conslilulo on oor or solo or odvico on lho olicolion o ony roducl roorrod lo in il.
ALSTCM Limilod connol bo hold rosonsiblo or ony rolionco on ony docision lokon on ils conlonls wilhoul sociic odvico

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