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Let ,s Me Introduce To Mithila Publisher & Distributors,Established in 2012, is known for quality academic, professional professional and general publishing & distribution. It is also Indias leading Distributors of books from across the World, partnering world's leading publishers in Computer Science & Technology, Management, Humanities and Social Sciences. At any point of time, Mithila thila has more than 10,000 titles on its shelves in varying subjects. It has a strong network of channel partners consisting of sub sub-distributors, distributors, booksellers and Institutes vendors spread across the country. Mithila is a regular supplier of books to librar libraries of leading universities, IITs, NITs and privet institutions in India. Its marketing campaign through subject subject-wise printed catalogues and e-broachers covers over 20,000

institutions.Currently, Mithila is operating from Delhi & Bihar. Mithila is always adopting cutting-edge technologies and using them to enhance the productivity and improve upon quality. Mithila believes in following ethical business practices. Over the years, it has built credibility and trust, both with customers and business partners which is essential for growth.We Are Indias leading Book Seller,Books Publishers,Books Suppliers,Books Distributors,bOOKS Exporters, Library Books Suppliers Of

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Address : 64, Street No-27/28, 27/28, Block-A1, Block Bengali .olon/, Sant Nagar, Burari, Delhi - 11 84, !ND!A "hone : #$1 $$$ 177%8 & 'ail : 'ithila(ooks)g'ail*co' in+o)'ithilaonline*in ,e(site:---*'ithilaonline*in